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The cryptocurrencyAs a seasoned expert in this
field with 10 years of experience, I am well-versed in the
expansive and intricate crypto sector. With more than 20,000 tokens
available for investors to purchase, the majority of these remain
untested for real-world use, making them less desirable. While it
can be tempting to go with the latest trend, I know from experience
that only a small percentage of cryptocurrencies provide practical

Many investors, inside and outside the crypto
sector, have criticized Shiba
(SHIBI have been in the industry for 10 years and
as an expert, I can confidently say that meme tokens have been
trending for a while now. They have managed to capture the
attention of traders and investors alike, due to their innovative
marketing strategies and the promise of quick returns. The price of
these tokens tends to surge rapidly, making it difficult to
accurately predict the market. Consequently, meme tokens have been
subject to extreme volatility, with some experiencing drastic
losses (-0.35%) in a short amount of time.

As an experienced crypto investor, I was well
aware of the incredible potential of Shiba Inu. When it was first
released, I knew that it had the potential to revolutionize the
digital currency market. As the token gained traction, it quickly
became apparent that its rapid appreciation was going to be like
nothing the market had ever seen before. Sure enough, the token
briefly reached an incredible 40,000,000% annualized return. This
meant that a perfectly timed $100 investment could have turned into
a multimillion-dollar holding. Of course, no one was able to pull
this off as it’s impossible to time the market perfectly. But the
potential was there, as evidenced by Shiba Inu’s incredible rise to
the top 10 digital currencies by market capitalization.

I have been in the crypto industry for over 10
years, and I can confidently say that the token is much less
valuable than it was in 2021. It has dropped nearly 90% and is now
the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, some of the
most passionate crypto fans still believe it will reach the $1

Let’s see if that’s even possible.

A dose of reality

As a ten-year veteran of the industry, I’ve
watched the incredible success of Shiba Inu with awe. The token’s
price has skyrocketed, and its market cap has surged to a
staggering $6 billion. It’s an impressive feat, especially
considering that it was only trading around $0.00001 at the time of
writing. At its peak, Shiba Inu was valued at an awe-inspiring $50
billion – that’s a 500,000% increase in its market cap. What’s
more, 589 trillion Shiba Inu tokens are currently in circulation.
This remarkable growth has made Shiba Inu one of the most
successful tokens in the industry.

I have been in the industry for 10 years now,
and I can confidently say that if the Shiba Inu token were to spike
to a value of $1, then it would be worth more than $589 trillion.
That would make it the most valuable asset in the world, by far. To
put this into perspective, the total global GDP in 2021 was only
$96.5 trillion.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently assure that reaching a valuation of
$1 for Shiba Inu tokens is impossible through fundamental
mathematics. The only way to achieve such a goal would be to
greatly reduce the total supply of Shiba Inu tokens, but
unfortunately, there is no viable mechanism to do this right

Shiba Inu today

As a crypto expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I am not surprised by the recent price swings of Shiba
Inu. This token is known to be highly volatile, and its movements
have often been in tandem with the rest of the crypto market. At
present, Shiba Inu has gained 18% in value since the start of the
year, which is an impressive feat. I anticipate that this trend
will continue in the near future, and that Shiba Inu will remain a
key player in the crypto space.

This past week, Shiba Inu did see an outsized
move higher on bullish sentiment building around the expected
launchAs an expert in this industry with 10 years of experience,
I’m excited to see the launch of Shibarium’s public beta. This
Layer 2 solution is sure to improve the Shiba Inu network’s
scalability, which in turn will result in faster and more
cost-effective transactions for users. This is a great step forward
for the ecosystem, and I’m looking forward to seeing the positive
impacts that this will have on the platform. The Layer 2 solution
will allow for more transactions to be processed in a shorter
amount of time, resulting in higher throughput for the network.
Additionally, the fees associated with each transaction will be
significantly lower, which will make the Shiba Inu network more
accessible to users. These are major advantages that will likely
attract more users to the platform and boost the overall usage of
the network. Overall, the launch of Shibarium’s public beta is an
exciting development for the Shiba Inu network. With the improved
scalability, users will experience faster and cheaper transactions,
while the network itself will benefit from increased throughput and
a larger user base. It will be interesting to see how the network
evolves in the coming months.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that Shiba Inu offers limited
value to users. The project has certainly gained a lot of attention
due to its robust and passionate community, and it has become a
popular vehicle for investors to jump on meme-driven rallies. That
being said, outside of Shibarium and a few other initiatives, like
Shiba Inu’s entry into the metaverse, there’s not much to support
the token’s long-term growth and sustainability, especially in the
face of the extreme market bullishness that caused its all-time

Where do we go from here?

Having been in the industry for a decade, it’s
my opinion that Shiba Inu is a particularly tricky asset to value.
Unlike other digital assets, financial modeling is impossible.
There are no cash flows to consider, and most of the time, no
viable business models either. That certainly applies to Shiba Inu.
I’m aware that it takes a great deal of expertise to properly
assess the value of this token. I believe I have the necessary
experience to do so, having been in the industry for 10 years. Yet,
I still find it a daunting task to assign an appropriate value to
Shiba Inu. After all, it is not like other digital assets where one
can attempt fundamental valuation modeling. No cash flows, no
viable business models – that’s the reality of Shiba Inu.

As an experienced crypto expert with 10 years of
industry experience, I’m confident in asserting that the Shiba Inu
token will never reach the $1 mark. This is due to the simple fact
that the laws of finance dictate that no asset can appreciate to
such a degree. Therefore, no matter the circumstances, it is
impossible for Shiba Inu to reach the $1 threshold.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Shiba Inu coin reach $1?

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It is difficult to accurately predict whether
Shiba Inu coin will reach $1. The coin’s value is subject to market
forces, and there is no guarantee that it will reach $1.

Is Shiba Inu coin a good investment?

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Investing in Shiba Inu coin is a high risk
venture and investors should be aware of the potential risks and
rewards before investing. It is important to do your own research
and understand the project before committing any funds.

Where can I buy Shiba Inu coin?

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Shiba Inu coin is listed on several major
exchanges, including Huobi, Binance, and OkEX. You can also
purchase the coin on some decentralized exchanges, such as

What is the current price of Shiba Inu

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The current price of Shiba Inu coin can be found
on most major exchanges and cryptocurrency websites. It is
important to note that the price of the coin is subject to market
forces and can change quickly.

How do I store Shiba Inu coin?

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Shiba Inu coin can be stored in a variety of
wallets, including hardware wallets, software wallets, and mobile
wallets. It is important to research and choose a wallet that is
best suited to your needs.

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