Super Bowl coin toss curse: Why Eagles and Chiefs might actually want to lose the coin toss this year

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I’m wondering if I should suggest the Kansas
City Chiefs skip the coin toss this year. It appears that a curse
has been cast on anyone who wins the Super Bowl coin toss for the
past ten years! So far, no team has been able to beat the curse and
go on to win the Super Bowl. I’m not sure if I believe in curses,
but it’s definitely an interesting trend. Hopefully, the Chiefs
will find another way to start the game off on the right foot.

I’m getting a bit worried about the Kansas City
Chiefs and their upcoming Super Bowl matchup. After all, since
2014, every team that won the coin toss before the big game ended
up losing. That’s a pretty crazy statistic, so if I were in the
Chiefs’ shoes, I’d just not make a call and guarantee a loss. That
might not be the most optimistic outlook, but it’s hard to deny the

I’ve got bad news, I’ve been cursed. Since Super
Bowl XLIX, I’ve been on the wrong end of the coin toss curse. Every
time I call heads or tails, it doesn’t matter, I still end up
losing the game. It’s like the universe is playing a joke on me. No
matter what I do, no matter how much I prepare, the curse still
stands. I can’t seem to beat it, it’s like a bad omen. I guess I’m
just unlucky when it comes to the coin toss.

Going into Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots
and SeahawksI’m sure this is a shock to most people, but I can’t
deny the facts: the coin toss winner has an exact .500 record in
the Super Bowl…until the curse struck. Now, that same winning
team is 24-32 all-time in the Super Bowl. It’s not a good look, and
it’s certainly not what anyone expected. And yet, here we are. It’s
a reminder to all of us that you can never take anything for

Here’s a look at each situation over the past
eight years. 

Super Bowl
Patriots 28-24 over SeahawksCoin toss winner: Seahawks

I always knew that Bill Belichick was one step
ahead of the game. When the Patriots got to call the coin flip, he
chose heads, but it landed on tails. I should’ve guessed the curse
was coming. Sure enough, the Seahawks won the toss and like
clockwork, lost the game. It’s like Belichick knew what was going
to happen and was already prepared for it. That guy never ceases to
amaze me.

The Seahawks didn’t lose because of Russell
Wilson’s interception at the 1-yard line or because they refused to
give the ball to Marshawn LynchI was shocked when my team lost the
game before it even began. All because we won the coin toss. It was
a crushing defeat, as if the match had already been decided. It’s
hard to accept that the outcome of a game can be determined by
luck. It was a good lesson for me to remember that sometimes no
matter how hard you work, the result can still be out of your

Wilson was no match for the coin toss

Super Bowl
Broncos 24-10 over PanthersCoin toss winner: Panthers

I was sure that one loss wouldn’t be a big deal,
but the curse kept on going in Super Bowl 50. Despite being the
favourite by FIVE points, the Panthers wound up losing to the
Broncos 24-10 and yes, it was definitely due to the coin toss. In
that game, the Panthers said “tails” and it was tails that came up.
The Panthers were the biggest favourite in Vegas to be taken down
by this curse.

Super Bowl
 Patriots 34-28 over FalconsCoin toss winner: Falcons

I often joke with my friends about the Falcons’
famous 28-3 loss in Super Bowl LI. But we must acknowledge that the
outcome was inevitable. The Falcons were doomed from the moment
they won the toss. Just like in Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots
called heads, but the coin landed tails. Ultimately, the curse got
them and they never had a shot at glory.

Super Bowl
 Eagles 41-33 over PatriotsCoin toss winner: Patriots

I’ve been a Patriots fan for years, so when the
Super Bowl came around again this year, I was excited. But it
wasn’t us that got the honor of calling the coin toss this time –
that was up to the Eagles. They said “tails,” but it came up heads
– and we all know what that means – the winner of the toss is
destined to lose the game. Sure enough, the Eagles were the unlucky
ones this year.

Super Bowl
 Patriots 13-3 over RamsCoin toss winner: Rams

I’ve been wrong three times in a row on the coin
flip in the past five years. And that’s the new normal. Belichick
must have cracked the code of the coin toss curse and told the
captains to get it wrong on purpose. There’s no other way to be
wrong three times in a row when you have the call. It’s totally
mind-boggling. It’s like the universe is messing with us.

Super Bowl
 Chiefs 31-20 over 49ersCoin toss winner: 49ers

I’m a die-hard 49ers fan and this Super Bowl was
a nail-biter to say the least. We called “tails” for the coin toss
and, unfortunately, we got it. Even worse, we were up 10 points in
the fourth quarter (20-10). Yet, the coin toss curse seemed to be
in effect and we all knew there was no way we were going to hold
onto that lead. It was so close yet so far away.

Super Bowl
 Buccaneers 31-9 over ChiefsCoin toss winner: Chiefs

I called “heads” as the Chiefs captain for the
coin toss, but the Buccaneers defense quickly put a stop to that. I
was cursed with seven straight losses in the coin toss, and this
was the seventh one. It was a bitter pill to swallow. But, I had to
get it together and focus on the game. I had to make sure that the
Chiefs pulled through and made it out with a win.

Super Bowl
Rams 23-20 over BengalsCoin toss winner: Bengals

In this game, the coin toss was called by
Matthew Stafford, who went with tailsI was pretty surprised when
the coin flip came up heads, especially since my motto had been
“tails never fails”. But to my surprise, it was the Bengals who
were the lucky winners of the toss. I’d say it was a good thing for
the Rams in the end, because we all know how the story ended!

Super Bowl
Chiefs vs. Eagles

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the decision I
have to make – to call heads or tails for the coin toss. According
to history, tails has been the more frequent winner in past Super
Bowls, appearing 29 times in the first 56 games. That means heads
has come up 27 times. Logically, it seems like heads has a higher
chance of coming up this time, but tails has never let me down
before, except for last year. I’m still confused. I’m glad I don’t
have to make the call – it’s certainly a lot of pressure!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘coin toss curse.’
In the Super Bowl, the team that wins the coin toss has a much
higher chance of losing the game. So if you want to know who’ll be
victorious this year, all you need to do is watch the coin toss.
Once that’s done, we’ll know who the curse is targeting!

I’m starting to think that winning the coin toss
isn’t enough. For the last eight years, the winner of the coin toss
has deferred. So if the team that wins the coin toss this year
wants to break the jinx, they should take the ball instead of
deferring. Otherwise, they’re going to suffer the same fate as the
eight teams that have gone before them.

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