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I’m now into my third week of Big Brother’s High
Roller twist and it’s been pretty exciting! All the viewers at home
have the chance to pick their favorite houseguest, and the
houseguest with the most votes will be gifted with BB Bucks! It
could be 50, 75, or even 100 BB Bucks. It’s a great way to show
your support and help someone win!

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I recently had the chance to experience the High
Roller’s room and try my luck at one of the casino games. I chose
to play Veto Derby and was lucky enough to win – just like Kyland
Young did the week before! Afterward, Alyssa Lopez tried her luck
with Chopping Block Roulette and also won, ensuring her safety in
the game. Unfortunately, both of these games have since been
retired. Although I didn’t win any BB Bucks, it was a great
experience and I’m glad I had the chance to try my luck.

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I was uncertain about who had access to the
house for Coin of Destiny, as not everyone had enough BB Bucks to
participate. Some had money from their fans’ votes, and others had
the secret money they earned as Head of Household. It’s been
confirmed that Claire took the power from these conversations in
the live feed. With this new power, Claire was able to take down
the HOH regime this week. Tiffany Mitchell, part of the Cookout
Coalition, won her first HOH reign on Thursday. She nominated Sarah
Beth Steagall and Kyland Young Xavier.

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Murray reveals he was ‘hit by a drunk driver’

I had heard whispers from those watching the
live-feed that Tiffany had been kicked out of the Head of Household
room and the door was going to be kept shut until the end of the
week. It was also speculated that Claire and Tiffany would have the
chance to compete for the next Head of Household.

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I’m up against it this week. I have to win the
competition, but I’m not allowed to have power for two weeks in a
row. This rule is to remain secret, so I can only hope that it all
works out. To find out if I manage to grab the Head of Household
without anyone knowing, you’ll just have to tune into the latest
episode on Sunday, August 29. No guarantees here!

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Who won the Coin of Destiny on Big

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The winner of the Coin of Destiny on Big Brother
was Tyler Crispen, who won the $500,000 grand prize in the Season
20 finale.

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What is the Coin of Destiny on Big

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The Coin of Destiny is an iconic Big Brother
element which awards the winner of a game the power to decide who
will be the last two contestants in the finale. The winner of the
Coin of Destiny is also guaranteed a spot in the finale.

How did Tyler Crispen win the Coin of
Destiny on Big Brother?

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Tyler Crispen won the Coin of Destiny by
competing in a series of competitions throughout the season. He was
the last houseguest standing in the final Head of Household
competition, thus earning him the right to compete in the

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