Super Bowl Coin Odds | Toss Betting Guide And Flip History

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Heads or tails? Betting on those results may
seem like the ultimate in a 50-50 proposition, but millions of
dollars will be wagered on the outcome when the Philadelphia Eagles
and Kansas City Chiefs gather in the center of the field in
Glendale, Arizona on February 12 for the Super Bowl coin tossI’m ready to take a
deep dive into the Super Bowl coin odds. I’m sure you’re just as
eager to learn more about it. I’m going to break it down and look
at every angle. From the individual team’s probability to the
expected outcome of the toss, I’m going to analyze every detail.
I’ll look at the historical data to see what trends can be found
and then I’ll make my predictions. I’m ready to go full-on
statistician here and make sure I have all the facts and figures
before I make my final determination. Here we go!

I have researched the history of the Super Bowl
coin flips since the first Super Bowl. From what I have found,
there have been some interesting trends to consider when placing a
bet as to whether it will be heads or tails. As I list out all the
results of each coin flip since Super Bowl I, you can use the data
to make an informed decision on which side to pick. The odds are
ever-changing so make sure to stay updated on the latest trends and

so excited that I called it right! As the coin spun in the air
prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl 57, I placed my bet on Tails. I
wasn’t sure if I’d be correct, but it paid off. When the coin
landed, Tails was the result! I was thrilled that I had made the
right call and the Chiefs were ready to start the game. It was an
incredible moment that will stay with me forever.

I’m so excited! The big game is almost here, and
I can’t wait. It’s the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Kansas City
Chiefs in Super Bowl 57. To make things even more interesting,
FanDuel Sportsbook has released the Super Bowl coin odds. Both
heads and tails are -104, so I’m sure there’s going to be some
serious competition. If you’re feeling lucky, click on any of the
odds to start betting. Let’s go Eagles!

Sports betting sites will once again be offering
other coin toss prop bets for Super Bowl LVIII’m ready to take my
chances on the coin toss. I’m betting on the winning team, as well
as on the player who correctly calls the opening toss. But I’m also
feeling lucky and I’m betting on the odds that the coin flip will
decide who wins the game. If I’m right, I’m sure to be rewarded! As
for now, the lines for coin flip bets are open, so why not give it
a go?

This week, I’m all set with everything I need
for my Super Bowl betting. TheLines has got me covered with the
best advice and the latest odds. From the latest team news to the
best promotions, they have all the information I need to make the
right bet. Plus, their user-friendly interface makes it easy to
find the right option for me. With TheLines, I’m sure I can make
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get ready to place some bets and make the most of the Super

Heads: 27
times (48%)Tails: 29 times
(52%)Heads longest streak:
5Tails longest streak: 4
(three times)Most coin toss
I’ve got my eyes on six teams in the NFL this season.
The Cowboys are leading the pack with six wins, and the 49ers
following closely behind with five. The Dolphins have four and the
Raiders and Patriots have three apiece. Last but not least, the
Seahawks have three wins as well. It’s been a competitive year and
I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from these teams.

Last year I was rooting for the Bengals, and
when they won the coin toss it was a huge victory in my eyes.
Unfortunately, they ended up losing the game, leaving me and
everyone else who had bet on them to win the toss and the game
disappointed. Heads was the winning call, after the LA Rams had
called Tails. It just wasn’t meant to be.

I’m excited to announce that heads has won the
coin toss in consecutive years and four out of the last five Super
Bowls. This follows tails’ amazing four-year streak during the
mid-2010s. It’s been quite the roller coaster ride for both

I’ve watched every Super Bowl since the start
and I must admit, the coin toss has been a telling sign of the
winner. Out of the 56 championship games, only 25 teams have won
the coin flip and the game. In fact, it’s been 8 years since the
last team to win the toss and secure the Lombardi Trophy – the
2013-14 Seattle Seahawks. A pretty impressive streak, it’s been the
opposite for the past 8 years, losing the flip and then the game. I
guess you could say the coin toss has been a predictor of the

Super Bowl Teams Heads or Tails Toss Winner Super Bowl Champion
LVI LA Rams vs. Cincinnati Heads Bengals Rams
LV Kansas City vs Tampa Bay Heads Kansas City Tampa Bay
LIV Kansas City vs San Francisco Tails San Francisco Kansas City
LIII New England vs LA Rams Heads LA Rams New England
LII New England vs Philadelphia Heads New England Philadelphia
LI Atlanta vs New England Tails Atlanta New England
L Carolina vs Denver Tails Carolina Denver
XLIX Seattle vs New England Tails Seattle New England
XLVIII Seattle vs Denver Tails Seattle Seattle
XLVII Baltimore vs San Francisco Heads Baltimore Baltimore
XLVI New England vs NY Giants Heads New England NY Giants
XLV Green Bay vs Pittsburgh Heads Green Bay Green Bay
XLIV New Orleans vs Indianapolis Heads New Orleans New Orleans
XLIII Arizona vs Pittsburgh Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII NY Giants vs New England Tails NY Giants NY Giants
XLI Chicago vs Indianapolis Heads Chicago Indianapolis
XL Seattle vs Pittsburgh Tails Seattle Pittsburgh
XXXIX Philadelphia vs New England Tails Philadelphia New England
XXXVIII Carolina vs New England Tails Carolina New England
XXXVII Tampa Bay vs Oakland Tails Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
XXXVI St Louis vs New England Heads St Louis New England
XXXV NY Giants vs Baltimore Tails NY Giants Baltimore
XXXIV St Louis vs Tennessee Tails St Louis St Louis
XXXIII Atlanta vs Denver Tails Atlanta Denver
XXXII Green Bay vs Denver Tails Green Bay Denver
XXXI New England vs Green Bay Heads New England Green Bay
XXX Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tails Dallas Dallas
XXIX San Francisco vs San Diego Heads San Francisco San Francisco
XXVIII Dallas vs Buffalo Tails Dallas Dallas
XXVII Buffalo vs Dallas Heads Buffalo Dallas
XXVI Washington vs Buffalo Heads Washington Washington
XXV Buffalo vs NY Giants Heads Buffalo NY Giants
XXIV Denver vs San Francisco Heads Denver San Francisco
XXIII San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XXII Washington vs Denver Heads Washington Washington
XXI Denver vs NY Giants Tails Denver NY Giants
XX Chicago vs New England Tails Chicago Chicago
XIX San Francisco vs Miami Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XVIII LA Raiders vs Washington Heads LA Raiders LA Raiders
XVII Miami vs Washington Tails Miami Washington
XVI San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XV Philadelphia vs Oakland Tails Philadelphia Oakland
XIV LA Rams vs Pittsburgh Heads LA Rams Pittsburgh
XIII Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XII Dallas vs Denver Heads Dallas Dallas
XI Oakland vs Minnesota Tails Oakland Oakland
X Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
IX Pittsburgh vs Minnesota Tails Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
VIII Miami vs Minnesota Heads Miami Miami
VII Miami vs Washington Heads Miami Miami
VI Miami vs Dallas Heads Miami Dallas
V Dallas vs Baltimore Tails Dallas Baltimore
IV Minnesota vs Kansas City Tails Minnesota Kansas City
III NY Jets vs Baltimore Heads NY Jets NY Jets
II Green Bay vs Oakland Tails Oakland Green Bay
I Green Bay vs Kansas City Heads Green Bay Green Bay

This year, I’m wondering which team will call
the coin toss in the Super Bowl. Will it be the “home team” or the
“away team?” The NFL changes the home and away teams every year for
the Super Bowl, no matter where it’s held. This year, the Super
Bowl is taking place in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona
Cardinals. So who will get to call the coin toss? We’ll just have
to wait and see.

I am so excited to be calling the coin toss in
this year’s Super Bowl! As a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, it
is a great honor to be the home team this time around. My fellow
Chiefs captains and I will be proudly calling out ‘heads or tails’
to determine the start of the game. It’s a huge privilege to be a
part of Super Bowl LVII and we can’t wait to get started.

  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Travis Kelce
  • Jerick McKinnon
  • Nick Bolton
  • Chris Jones
  • Tommy Townsend

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