Unlock Your Career Potential with the Best Resume Format for 2021: Expert Tips and Tricks Revealed!

“Discover the optimal resume format for 2021 with our expert tips and guidelines. Ensure your job application stands out with a concise and effective layout that showcases your skills and experience.”

Latest Trends in Resume Formatting for 2021

1. Visual appeal

In 2021, resumes with a visually appealing design are becoming increasingly popular. Job seekers are using creative layouts, colors, and fonts to make their resumes stand out from the crowd. However, it’s important to strike a balance between creativity and professionalism – your resume should still be easy to read and understand.

2. Emphasis on skills

Gone are the days when job titles and work experience were the most important elements of a resume. In 2021, employers want to see what skills you can bring to the table. Make sure your resume highlights your relevant skills and accomplishments – this will help you stand out from other candidates.

3. Use of keywords

Many companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes before they even reach a human recruiter. To ensure your resume makes it through this initial screening process, it’s essential to include relevant keywords that match the job description.


If you’re updating your resume for 2021, keep these trends in mind. By creating a visually appealing design, emphasizing your skills, and using relevant keywords, you’ll increase your chances of landing an interview.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Resume Formats in 2021

1. Remote work experience

The pandemic has forced many companies to shift to remote work – and as a result, many job seekers now have experience working from home. If you’ve worked remotely during the pandemic, make sure to highlight this on your resume – it shows that you’re adaptable and can thrive in challenging situations.

2. Soft skills

The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of soft skills – such as communication, adaptability, and teamwork. Employers are now looking for candidates who can work well in a remote environment and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

3. Volunteering

The pandemic has caused economic hardship for many people – and as a result, volunteering has become more important than ever. If you’ve volunteered during the pandemic, make sure to include this on your resume – it shows that you’re committed to making a difference in your community.


The pandemic has had a significant impact on the job market – but by highlighting your remote work experience, soft skills, and volunteering experience on your resume, you can show employers that you’re adaptable and resilient.

Industry-Specific Resume Formats for 2021 Job Roles

1. Creative industries

  • A visually appealing design is essential for creative roles such as graphic design or marketing. Use colors, fonts, and graphics to showcase your creativity.
  • Include a portfolio of your work to demonstrate your skills and experience.
  • Highlight any relevant certifications or training courses you’ve completed.

2. Healthcare industry

  • Use clear and concise language to describe your healthcare experience and qualifications.
  • List any relevant licenses or certifications you hold.
  • Showcase your empathy and compassion for patients through examples of patient care experiences or volunteer work in healthcare settings.

3. Technology industry

  • Emphasize your technical skills by listing programming languages or software programs you are proficient in using.
  • Showcase any relevant projects or coding challenges that demonstrate your abilities.
  • Include any relevant certifications or training courses you’ve completed.


When applying for jobs in specific industries, it’s important to tailor your resume to the job role and industry. By highlighting relevant skills and experience, you’ll increase your chances of landing an interview.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Resume Format in 2021

1. Using a generic template

A generic resume template may be easy to use – but it won’t help you stand out from other candidates. Instead, create a custom design that showcases your unique skills and experience.

2. Including irrelevant information

Your resume should be tailored to the job role and industry – so make sure you only include information that is relevant to the position you’re applying for.

3. Focusing too much on job duties instead of accomplishments

Your resume should highlight your achievements – not just your job duties. Use specific examples of how you’ve contributed to projects or achieved success in previous roles.


To avoid common mistakes when choosing a resume format, focus on creating a customized design that highlights your relevant skills and achievements.

How Professional Resume Writing Services Can Help with Your 2021 Job Search

1. Customized resumes

A professional resume writing service will create a customized resume that highlights your unique skills and experience – increasing your chances of landing an interview.

2. Keyword optimization

A professional writer can optimize your resume with relevant keywords that match the job description – helping it pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

3. Cover letters

A professional writer can also create a customized cover letter that showcases your skills and experience – helping you stand out from other candidates.


If you’re struggling to create a standout resume, consider using a professional resume writing service. With a customized resume and cover letter optimized for keywords, you’ll increase your chances of landing an interview in 2021.

In conclusion, choosing the best resume format for 2021 depends on your individual circumstances and job requirements. However, a clear and concise layout with relevant information is crucial for catching the attention of potential employers.


What is the most effective resume format 2021?

For job seekers who have extensive experience in their field of interest, the reverse-chronological format is the most effective way to showcase their strengths as a candidate. This format emphasizes professional experience and highlights relevant skills and accomplishments.

What type of resumes do employers prefer?

The chronological resume format is widely used and favored by many hiring managers. It presents your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.

What is the most accepted resume format?

The recommended resume format for job seekers in 2023 is the reverse-chronological format, which lists work experience starting with the most recent job and going back in time. This is a popular format for many job seekers.

How far back should a resume go 2021?

When creating a resume, include 10-15 years of relevant work experience. The amount of experience to include and the length of your resume depends on your individual work history, such as any gaps in employment or freelance work. However, if your resume is tailored to fit the job advertisement, it can even be 2-3 pages long.

How far back should a resume go?

Typically, professionals suggest including 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but this advice varies depending on your individual career background. Your resume is often the initial impression an employer has of you. This information was given on May 17, 2023.

What should a resume not look like?

It is not necessary to provide personal information on a resume, such as social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. It is even against the law for employers to request this type of personal information.

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