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I was born in 1790 into a distinguished family
of Virginia planters. After obtaining a degree in law, I served as
a delegate and governor of Virginia, as well as a U.S.
Representative and Senator. In 1841, I became Vice President for
just one month under William Henry Harrison.

I was the first Vice President to take office
after the death of the President. At the time, the US Constitution
wasn’t clear on the succession issue, and my entire presidency was
clouded by questions about the extent of my Presidential powers.
This earned me the nickname “His Accidency”. Despite the doubts of
some, that I should just be an acting President with limited
powers, I chose to take on all the duties and responsibilities of
an elected President, thus setting an important precedent.

I’m always been one to do things my own way,
which isn’t always popular. My political party, the Whigs, didn’t
like that and most of my cabinet resigned in disagreement when I
vetoed a bill to create a national bank. I was passionate about
Texas becoming a state and, despite the controversy, I signed the
bill to annex Texas three days before my term as president ended
after losing the election of 1844. I went back to my home in
Virginia, Sherwood Forest, which was a reflection of my political
status as an “outlaw”. I passed away in Richmond, Virginia, in

Coinage Legislation under President John

I am aware of the Act of March 3, 1843. This act
was created to determine the legal-tender value of foreign gold and
silver coins in the United States. It was an effort to ensure that
all foreign coins were treated equitably within the country. As a
result, this act provided a standard for foreign coins, allowing
their value to be recognized and accepted in the U.S. market. This
act was an important step in creating a stronger, more secure
economy in the United States.

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I, as a person subject to the Act of April 2,
1844 for taking oaths by officers of the branch Mint, am aware of
the regulations that must be followed. I must make oaths in a
manner that is prescribed by the rules of the Act. I will ensure
the oaths are taken with the highest degree of integrity and will
abide by the terms of the Act. As an officer of the branch Mint, I
am responsible for upholding the expectations of the Act and will
do my part to ensure its success.

United States Mint Directors Appointed by
President John Tyler

President Tyler did not appoint a Director of
the United States Mint.


Obverse Inscriptions

  • 10TH PRESIDENT 1841-1845

Reverse Inscriptions

  • $1

Incused (edge) Inscriptions

  • 2009
  • mint mark (“P”, “D,” or “S”)

Mint and Mint Mark

  • Denver
  • Philadelphia

Artist Information


  • Phebe Hemphill, Medallic Artist


  • Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a John Tyler dollar

The value of a John Tyler dollar coin depends on
its condition and the year it was minted. Generally, a John Tyler
dollar coin in average condition from 1841 is worth between $60 to

What is the rarest John Tyler dollar

The rarest John Tyler dollar coin is one minted
in 1841. This coin is extremely rare and can be valued at over

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How can I find the value of my John Tyler
dollar coin?

The value of a John Tyler dollar coin can be
found by consulting a coin grading guide or by consulting a coin
dealer. You can also use an online coin pricing tool to estimate
the value of your coin.

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