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I have been collecting Gold Eagles since their
inception in 1986. Since then, they have become the most popular
gold coin in the U.S. The U.S. Mint created them after the Bullion
Coin Act of 1985, and they are backed by the United States
Government with a face value of the U.S. dollar. Of the various
sizes available, the 1 oz Gold Eagle is the most sought after
because it contains one troy ounce of U.S.-backed gold. Collecting
these coins is an investment I’m proud to have made.

I own a 1oz American Eagle coin. It’s made of
22-karat gold, which was the standard set for gold coins over three
centuries ago. It has a small amount of alloy added to make it more
durable and resistant to scratches, so it can hold its value. It’s
the most widely traded gold coin on the planet, and so is easy to
buy and sell. That’s why I chose it.

I’m an avid fan of the American Gold Eagle coin.
It’s been around since way back in 1986 and I’m proud to call it my
go-to investment coin. It’s a hefty one-ounce of pure gold, and
it’s certainly made a name for itself since its release. Here’s the
lowdown on some of the facts you should know about it. It’s minted
by the United States Mint, it’s in high demand, and it comes in
four denominations. Plus, it’s backed by the United States
government, so you know it’s top-notch quality. I’m sure it’ll
remain my investment coin of choice for years to come!

  • I’m a 1 oz American Gold Eagle, and my measurements are pretty
    impressive. I’m 32.7 mm in diameter and 2.87 mm thick. As my name
    implies, I’m composed of 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of pure gold.
    That’s what makes me so valuable!
  • I’m worth more than the face value of $50. That’s because I’m
    an American Gold Eagle and the value of my gold content is
    determined by the current market price of gold. So, even though my
    legal tender says $50, I’m actually worth much more.
  • I can guarantee that my American Gold Eagle coin is 100%
    authentic. It’s guaranteed by the United States Government to
    contain the exact amount of gold specified on the coin. It’s a
    symbol of purity and authenticity that I can trust and rely on.
    This is a coin that will stand the test of time and is a great
    addition to any collection.
  • Availability: The American Gold Eagle is widely available from
    coin dealers and other sources. It is also eligible for placement
    in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

I’m an investor looking to hedge against
inflation, currency fluctuations, and economic uncertainty. That’s
why I’ve chosen the American Gold Eagle as my go-to investment. Not
only is it a popular option, but it also gives me the tangible gold
I need to feel secure. Plus, I know I’m getting a quality product
with a trusted name behind it. I’m confident my gold eagle
investment will be a sound one for years to come.

Type 1 vs Type 2 American Gold Eagles

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I was ecstatic when President Theodore Roosevelt
asked me, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, to help redesign U.S. gold
coinage in 1905. My Lady Liberty design was seen on the Double
Eagle coins from 1907 to 1933. I wanted to capture the grandeur of
America’s freedom with my design. I included an image of Liberty
walking forward with the U.S. Capitol building at her feet, the
rays of the setting sun behind her and 46 stars surrounding her
along the coin’s rim. The U.S. Mint chose to use my design for the
Gold American Eagle program. Now, my Lady Liberty design will
forever be imprinted on the obverse of Gold Eagles.

I amended my design in 1912 when Congress gave
me the green light to add two stars to recognize New Mexico and
Arizona joining the Union. I made another change when chosen for
the American Gold Eagle, adding two more stars for Hawaii and
Alaska’s addition to the Union.

I created a design of a family of bald eagles
back in 1986, and it was chosen to feature on the American Gold
Eagle coin. It shows a male eagle coming back to the nest with
sticks in his talons, while the female eagle is watching over the
hatchlings in the nest. I’m Miley Busiek, the artist who designed
this image – it captures the majesty of a bald eagle family and
serves as a fitting symbol of American pride.

I’m so excited that in 2021, the United States
Mint completely redesigned the American Gold Eagle bullion coins.
It’s been 35 years since it was first released, and this is a huge
milestone in its history. I’m sure it’s going to be a sought-after
collectible. The design change is sure to make the coin even more
stunning than it already was. It’s a great way to commemorate such
a special year.

I’m looking at this new Type 2 coin with a
picture of a bald eagle. It’s an incredibly detailed close-up of
our national bird, and it’s a symbol of the strength and freedom we
cherish in America. On the flip side, there’s a beautiful rendition
of Lady Liberty, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It really
captures the spirit of our nation.

I’m so excited to be celebrating the 35th
anniversary of the American Gold Eagle with a special new design!
Artist Jennie Norris created this unique piece and the U.S. Mint
has called it a “fresh take on a classic icon,” which is a perfect
way to describe it. This design is a perfect way to commemorate the
special anniversary and I’m sure it will be remembered for years to

1 oz Gold Eagle Mintage Figures

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I’m the collector’s item everyone’s after – the
American Gold Eagle bullion coin! My mintages depend on public
demand, so some years I’m more in demand than others. The first
year I appeared, 1986, was a huge hit with over 1.3 million of me
released. The highest mintage was in 1999, when 1.5 million of me
were made. But it’s when the mintages are lower – like the 108,000
released in 2019 – that I become even more valuable. That’s when
collectors come out in droves to get their hands on me!

The mintages for the 1 oz American Gold Eagles
have been:

  • 1986 – 1,362,650
  • 1987 – 1,045,500
  • 1988 – 465,500
  • 1989 – 415,790
  • 1990 – 373,219
  • 1991 – 243,100
  • 1992 – 275,000
  • 1993 – 480,192
  • 1994 – 221,663
  • 1995 – 200,636
  • 1996 – 189,148
  • 1997 – 664,508
  • 1998 – 1,468,530
  • 1999 – 1,505,026
  • 2000 – 433,319
  • 2001 – 143,605
  • 2002 – 222,029
  • 2003 – 416,032
  • 2004 – 417,019
  • 2005 – 356,555
  • 2006 – 237,510
  • 2007 – 140,016
  • 2008 – 710,000
  • 2009 – 1,493,000
  • 2010 – 1,125,000
  • 2011 – 857,000
  • 2012 – 675,000
  • 2013 – 758,500
  • 2014 – 425,000
  • 2015 – 594,000
  • 2016 – 817,500
  • 2017 – 228,500
  • 2018 – 191,000
  • 2019 – 108,000
  • 2020 – 745,000
  • 2021 Type 1 – 456,500
  • 2021 Type 2 – 665,500
  • 2022 – 850,000

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Gold Eagle Price

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The price of a Gold Eagle depends on the spot
price of goldI always like to stay informed about the gold spot
price, which is the market value of one ounce of gold that can be
bought or sold right away. It’s essential to keep up with things
like market conditions and current events because they can really
affect the price of gold. That way, I can stay ahead of the game
and make sure I’m always getting the best deal when I buy or

I’m looking to invest in gold bullion, and I
need to know the 1 oz gold coin price. The spot price of gold, plus
a premium, is what I should expect. Market fluctuations and other
factors can affect the American Gold Eagle price, such as the
condition of the coin and the fractional size. Plus, if it’s
encased in TEP, premiums can be higher. When considering what to
buy, I must factor in the spread to make sure I’m getting the right
coin that fits my investment strategy. For example, a BU coin in
TEP will have a higher premium than a cull coin, and smaller
fractional coins will have higher premiums than larger coins.

Burnished, Cull, BU, or Graded: What 1 oz
Gold American Eagle Works Best

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As a collector or investor, I’m always looking
for new ways to diversify my 1 oz gold eagles. To that end, I’ve
done some research on the different options available. From
numismatic coins to special edition releases, there’s plenty to
choose from. For example, there’s the traditional 1 oz Gold Eagle,
the Gold Eagle Proof and the Gold Eagle Burnished. Depending on my
goals, I may also want to look into the Gold Eagle Enhanced
Uncirculated and the Gold Eagle Reverse Proof. With all these
options, I’m sure I can find the perfect piece to add to my

  • Burnished:I’m the proud
    owner of a burnished coin! It’s a special type of coin with a matte
    finish struck with highly polished dies. It’s the collector’s
    version of the 1 oz Gold American Eagle and is much rarer than the
    bullion version. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity
    and a protective capsule or display case – super cool! I’m really
    proud to own this special coin and it’s definitely one of my prized
  • Cull:I’m not a collector,
    so I don’t really care if my coins are perfect or not. I’m all
    about the discounted price of cull coins! These coins are worn or
    damaged in some way, so they don’t have the same value as other
    versions of the coin. But, they’re still worth something, and the
    price is right for someone like me who’s looking to save a few
    bucks. I don’t mind the condition of the coin, so long as I’m
    getting a good deal. That’s why I’m a fan of cull coins.
  • BU (Brilliant
    I’m a big fan of BU coins – they’re the
    newest coins to hit the market, but they may have some tiny
    blemishes from the minting process. They’re an awesome option for
    those of us who want to own physical gold but don’t want to pay
    extra for the more sought-after versions. Plus, their imperfections
    mean we can get them for a better price than their perfect
  • Graded:I’m always on the
    lookout for coins that are graded by a professional service. They
    make sure the coin is in good condition, that it’s the real deal,
    and that it’s worth a certain amount. The grade of the coin is
    based on a scale from one to seventy, with the higher numbers being
    the best. Collectors and investors are willing to pay more for
    coins that have been graded as it’s a guarantee of quality and
    authenticity. I’m always sure to factor in a coin’s grade before I
    purchase it.

It’s worth noting that the value of a coin can
vary depending on its condition, rarity, and other factors, so it’s
important to do your research and consult with a trusted dealer or
grading service before buying or selling any coins.

Buy Physical Gold from APMEX

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When you buy Precious Metals, you invest in
assets that transcend the volatile market. Bullion can play an
essential role in a modern portfolio, as it hedges against the
uncertainty investors typically find with other common investments,
such as stocks and bonds. Gold and silver can be a game-changer for
your investment strategy. Explore the benefits of buying gold and

Buy Gold Eagles at APMEX

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If you need assistance purchasing the Gold
American Eagle or should you have any issues placing an order for a
Gold Eagle coin on, we are eager to assist you. Our team
of highly trained customer service associatesI’m the go-to person
for any queries on American gold coins. If you have any questions,
feel free to reach out to me during regular business hours. I’m
more than happy to help you out. Whether you’re looking for a rare
collectible or just want to learn more about the history of these
coins, I’m here to provide you with the answers you need. With my
expertise, I’m confident I can help you find the perfect specimen
for your collection.

You can also sell gold to APMEX by calling our
Purchasing team to speak to one of our representatives or learn
more about how to sell gold to APMEX.

APMEX Customer Reviews

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For 20 years, APMEX has provided customers with
an easy shopping experience they can trust. We pride ourselves on
transparency and consider every customer review to be valuable
feedback. Please take a moment to read our reviewsI always
appreciate hearing from customers about their experiences with
American Eagle Gold coins and more. Your feedback is invaluable to
me, as it helps me make sure my Precious Metals buying experience
is as positive as possible. So keep those reviews coming!

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