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I’m not expecting to get rich off my Thomas
Jefferson dollar coins. But if I’m lucky enough to find one in
uncirculated condition, I can make a bit of a profit. Here’s some
more info on these coins, which can be useful to know.

I, Thomas Jefferson, served as the third
President of the United States of America from 1801 to 1809. This
time period is commemorated on a coin bearing my name. Serving in
office during this era was an incredible honor and I am proud to be
remembered in such a special way.


Presidential DollarYear:
2007Face Value:
$1.00Composition: 88.5%
copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, 2% nickelTotal Weight: 8.1 grams

I recently acquired a 2007 P Thomas Jefferson
dollar coin, a 2007 D Thomas Jefferson dollar coin, and a 2007 S
proof Thomas Jefferson dollar coin. Looking closely at the coins, I
noticed that the mint mark was inscribed on the edge of each one. I
was impressed by the level of detail and craftsmanship of such a
small piece of currency. It’s amazing how much information can be
packed into such a small coin!

I’m a collector of coins and one of my favorite
types are proof coins. These coins are different from your regular
change because they have more detail and take more time to produce.
They’re made with special planchets and are specifically crafted
for collectors like me. You won’t find these coins in your pocket
change, but they’re worth the effort to track them down!

Series Location Quantity Minted
2007 P Philadelphia 100,800,000
2007 D Denver 102,810,000
2007 S Proof San Francisco 3,965,989

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I’m only getting face value for my 2007 Thomas
Jefferson dollar coins in circulated condition, which is just one
dollar. If I want to make a bit more money, I need to make sure
they’re in uncirculated condition. Then, I’ll be able to get a
premium for them.

I recently looked into the value of the 2007 P
Thomas Jefferson dollar coin and 2007 D Thomas Jefferson dollar
coin. I found that both of them are worth roughly $5 in
uncirculated condition with a MS 65 grade. It’s an impressive
amount for coins that are only a few years old!

I’m quite the collector of coins, and the 2007 S
Thomas Jefferson dollar coin is definitely one of my favorites.
It’s worth about four and a quarter dollars if it’s in PR 65
condition. It’s definitely worth adding to any collection,
especially with its unique design featuring Jefferson’s

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Grading System

I’m proud to own this MS 65 gem uncirculated
coin. It has a beautiful and strong luster, making it eye-catching
and inviting. Despite a few minor contact marks, they’re not
visible enough to detract from its overall amazing condition.

I’m proud to present this PR 65 proof coin. It’s
in flawless condition, with the possibility of a few minor
blemishes. I’d confidently call it a masterful example of a proof
coin. It’s the kind of coin that any collector would be proud to
have in their collection. It’s sure to be a highlight of any
collection. With its perfect condition, it’s an excellent choice
for any collector.



The Red Book

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coin

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The value of a Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coin
depends on its condition, issue date, and mint mark. Uncirculated
coins with no signs of wear are typically worth more than
circulated coins.

What year was the Thomas Jefferson Dollar
Coin issued?

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The original Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coin was
issued in 2006 as part of the Presidential Dollar Coin Program.

Are Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coins still in

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The original Thomas Jefferson Dollar Coins were
only minted from 2006 to 2008. After 2008, the Presidential Dollar
Coin Program was suspended, and no new Thomas Jefferson Dollar
Coins were issued.

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