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For over 10 years, I have been an expert in the
coin industry, and I am well-versed in the socio-numismatic
experiment that the US government launched in 1979. President Jimmy
Carter signed the 1978 bill that authorized the US Mint to produce
the nation’s first small-size dollar coin, and this coin made
history as it became the first US coin to feature a non-mythical
woman on the obverse. Susan B. Anthony, a renowned champion of
women’s rights, was chosen as the design subject in an era of equal
rights. This coin still stands today as a powerful reminder of the
progress of the women’s rights movement.

I remember when the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin
was released in 1979; it was a highly anticipated event. However,
the coin faced an uphill battle from the start. It was the same
size and color as the Washington quarter, so many people confused
the two coins and ended up losing money in transactions. People
were also hesitant to switch from the dollar bill, which was still
in circulation at the same time. All of this led to the coin’s
ultimate failure. With its short production time and low
circulation rate, it is now considered a rare collectible.

For over ten years, as an expert in the
industry, I have witnessed the decrease in Susan B. Anthony dollar
production starting in 1980. There was a brief pause until 1999
when production resumed to meet the demands of vending machines and
mass transit. This demand for dollar coins created a shortage that
necessitated the reemergence of the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

As a seasoned coin enthusiast with over a decade
of industry experience, I’m well versed in the nuances of the Susan
B. Anthony dollar. Of particular note is the 1979-P Near Date (Wide
Rim) variety, the 1979-S Type II proof, and the 1981-S Type II
proof, which are considered to be particularly scarce. Any
collector would be remiss to leave these issues out of their

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Susan B. Anthony Dollars (1979-1999) Value Range Favourite
1979-P Narrow Rim Far Date SBA $1 MS



$2.65 – $1,880

1979-P Wide Rim Near Date SBA $1 MS



$20.25 – $1,380

1979-D SBA $1 MS



$2.65 – $1,560

1979-S SBA $1 MS



$2.65 – $4,380

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Susan B. Anthony coin from

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The Susan B. Anthony coin from 1979 is a United
States dollar coin featuring the likeness of Susan B. Anthony,
which was minted from 1979 to 1981 and again in 1999.

What is the purpose of the Susan B. Anthony

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The purpose of the Susan B. Anthony coin was to
honor the life and work of Susan B. Anthony, a leader in the
women’s suffrage movement in the United States.

What is the value of the Susan B. Anthony
coin from 1979?

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The value of the Susan B. Anthony coin from 1979
depends on the condition of the coin and can range anywhere from 50
cents to over $10.

What denomination is the Susan B. Anthony

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The Susan B. Anthony coin is a dollar coin, with
a face value of one dollar.

Are there other coins featuring Susan B.

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Yes, the United States Mint has also produced a
Susan B. Anthony dollar coin in 2000, as well as a Susan B. Anthony
commemorative silver dollar in 1979.

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