Super Bowl Coin 57 Toss Odds: Heads Or Tails Betting History

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The Super Bowl isn’t just a game, it’s one of
the biggest events on the planet. And it’s here. One of the best
parts of the Super Bowl event every year is the crazy number
of prop bets available.

You can bet on props like the national anthem
run time or what color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning
coach, or who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first in his speechAs
I’m watching the Super Bowl, I’m always captivated by the coin
toss. It’s such an intriguing event because there’s no real way to
predict a winner. The anticipation of the coin toss is almost as
intense as the actual game itself. It’s a classic example of chance
and luck, and I find that incredibly exciting. It’s always an
exciting start to the Super Bowl and a great way to kick things
off. Whether heads or tails, the coin toss is sure to get the crowd

Now that we know Super Bowl 57 will be a dual
between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City ChiefsI’m
standing there, feeling the anticipation as I hold that coin in my
hand. Is it heads or tails? That’s the big question. I take a deep
breath and flip the coin into the air. All eyes are on it as it
reaches the peak of the arc and then starts to descend. My heart is
pounding. Will it be heads or tails? I catch it in my palm and make
the call. Heads or tails?

What Are Coin Toss Odds For Super Bowl

Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Odds
Option Odds
Heads +100
Tails +100


I just flipped a coin and it came up tails.
Kansas City called it correctly and it was tails. This is the first
time that this result has happened in three years. Additionally,
this is the second time that Kansas City has won the coin toss in
the Super Bowl.

Result of Coin Toss Since Super Bowl 47
Super Bowl  Results
2013 – Super Bowl 47 Heads
2014 – Super Bowl 48  Tails
2015 – Super Bowl 49 Tails
2016 – Super Bowl 50 Tails
2017 – Super Bowl 51 Tails
2018 – Super Bowl 52 Heads
2019 – Super Bowl 53 Tails
2020 – Super Bowl 54 Tails
2021 – Super Bowl 55 Heads
2022 – Super Bowl 56 Heads
2023 – Super Bowl 57 Tails

For the past decade, I’ve been tossing a coin
and it’s come up tails six times. Everyone knows a coin flip is a
50/50 chance, so in the long run, the number of heads and tails
should even out to that mean. For now, though, heads has some work
to do to get back on track!

I’m wondering if this is the best approach for
the current year? It’s been a topic of discussion for the past two
years now. Could this finally be the year to make it happen? I’m
hopeful that this could be our opportunity to finally get it done.
We’re ready to take the risk and try something new. Let’s make it
happen and see what happens!

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting History

I’ve seen Super Bowls for 27 years now, and
heads has come up the most. My favorite streak was the four Super
Bowls in a row from ’90 to ’93 – that was really something special!
I remember the excitement I felt each time, wondering if heads
would come up again. Luckily, it did, and I was able to witness the
greatness of those games.

I’ve been keeping track of tails since the first
Super Bowl in 1967. The longest streak of tails in a row was four
Super Bowls – 1998 to 2001, 2003 to 2006, and 2014 to 2017. That’s
happened three times so far.

Does The Coin Toss Impact The Super

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I’m certainly not feeling lucky when it comes to
coin tosses and Super Bowls. In the last two Super Bowls, only two
teams have won the coin toss and gone on to win the championship.
The Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48 and the Kansas City Chiefs in
Super Bowl 57 were the only ones. It’s not a great track record,
but here’s hoping next time will be different!

Other Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Betting

I’m all set to make my Super Bowl 57 prediction!
There are so many coin-related bets I can place before the day of
the big game. From coin tosses to team color choices, the
possibilities are endless. I’m particularly excited about a certain
pick I have in mind – a wager that’s sure to bring in a significant
payout if I’m correct! With the anticipation of the Super Bowl
growing, I’m sure I’m not the only one ready to take some risks in
the hopes of coming out on top.

Correct Coin Toss Call Odds

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Will The Team That Calls The Coin Toss In Super Bowl
57 Be Correct?
Option Odds
Yes -105
No -105

Result: Yes

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I made the call and I chose tails – and it was
the correct choice! I was thrilled to see the coin land on tails
and the Chiefs to be the victors. This was a great moment for me,
and I was proud to have made the right decision. My team was able
to come out on top because of my choice, and it was a wonderful
feeling. I was so pleased that I had been able to make the right
call and for my team to benefit from it.

What Team Will Win The Coin Toss?

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What Team Will Win The Coin Toss?
Option Odds
Eagles -105
Chiefs -105

Result: Chiefs

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I called tails and I was right! I’m thrilled to
have backed the Chiefs to win the toss. Congratulations to all of
us who made the same decision!

Will The Team That wins the coin toss also
win the Super Bowl?

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Will The Chiefs Win Coin Toss and Super Bowl 57?
Option Odds
Yes +275
No -400


I’m so excited to be part of this historic
moment! After Super Bowl 48, the curse was broken when the Chiefs
won the coin toss and the game. It’s been a long time since a team
has made history like this, and I’m proud to have been there to
witness it. This is a victory that will be remembered and
celebrated for years to come. The Chiefs are now the champions and
it’s all thanks to their hard work and determination.
Congratulations to the Chiefs!

Will The Eagles Win Coin Toss and Super Bowl 57?
Option Odds
Yes +230
No -320

Result: Chiefs won
coin toss

I’m not too happy with the result of the coin
toss – the Eagles didn’t win so this bet didn’t pay off. My
apologies to all of you who had your hopes up.

All-Time super bowl coin toss results

Super Bowl # Scores Coin Toss CT Winner Game Winner
Super Bowl 1 Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10 Heads Packers Packers
Super Bowl 2 Green Bay 33, Oakland 14 Tails Raiders Packers
Super Bowl 3 NY Jets 16, Baltimore 7 Heads Jets Jets
Super Bowl 4 Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7 Tails Vikings Chiefs
Super Bowl 5 Baltimore 16, Dallas 13 Tails Cowboys Colts
Super Bowl 6 Dallas 24, Miami 3 Heads Dolphins Cowboys
Super Bowl 7 Miami 14, Washington 7 Heads Dolphins Dolphins
Super Bowl 8 Miami 24, Minnesota 7 Heads Dolphins Dolphins
Super Bowl 9 Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6 Tails Steelers Steelers
Super Bowl 10 Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17 Heads Cowboys Steelers
Super Bowl 11 Oakland 32, Minnesota 14 Tails Raiders Raiders
Super Bowl 12 Dallas 27, Denver 10 Heads Cowboys Cowboys
Super Bowl 13 Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31 Heads Cowboys Steelers
Super Bowl 14 Pittsburgh 31, LA Rams 19 Heads Rams Steelers
Super Bowl 15 Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10 Tails Eagles Raiders
Super Bowl 16 San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21 Tails 49ers 49ers
Super Bowl 17 Washington 27, Miami 17 Tails Dolphins Redskins
Super Bowl 18 LA Raiders 38, Washington 9 Heads Raiders Raiders
Super Bowl 19 San Francisco 38, Miami 16 Tails 49ers 49ers
Super Bowl 20 Chicago 46, New England 10 Tails Bears Bears
Super Bowl 21 NY Giants 39, Denver 20 Tails Broncos Giants
Super Bowl 22 Washington 42, Denver 10 Heads Redskins Redskins
Super Bowl 23 San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16 Tails 49ers 49ers
Super Bowl 24 San Francisco 55, Denver 10 Heads Broncos 49ers
Super Bowl 25 NY Giants 20, Buffalo 19 Heads Bills Giants
Super Bowl 26 Washington 37, Buffalo 24 Heads Redskins Redskins
Super Bowl 27 Dallas 52, Buffalo 17 Heads Bills Cowboys
Super Bowl 28 Dallas 30, Buffalo 13 Tails Cowboys Cowboys
Super Bowl 29 San Francisco 49, San Diego 26 Heads 49ers 49ers
Super Bowl 30 Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17 Tails Cowboys Cowboys
Super Bowl 31 Green Bay 35, New England 21 Heads Patriots Packers
Super Bowl 32 Denver 31, Green Bay 24 Tails Packers Broncos
Super Bowl 33 Denver 34, Atlanta 19 Tails Falcons Broncos
Super Bowl 34 St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16 Tails Rams Rams
Super Bowl 35 Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7 Tails Giants Ravens
Super Bowl 36 New England 20, St. Louis 17 Heads Rams Patriots
Super Bowl 37 Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21 Tails Buccaneers Buccaneers
Super Bowl 38 New England 32, Carolina 29 Tails Panthers Patriots
Super Bowl 39 New England 24, Philadelphia 21 Tails Eagles Patriots
Super Bowl 40 Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 Tails Seahawks Steelers
Super Bowl 41 Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17 Heads Bears Colts
Super Bowl 42 NY Giants 17, New England 14 Tails Giants Giants
Super Bowl 43 Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 Heads Cardinals Steelers
Super Bowl 44 New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17 Heads Saints Saints
Super Bowl 45 Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 17 Heads Packers Packers
Super Bowl 46 NY Giants 21, New England 17 Heads Patriots Giants
Super Bowl 47 Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31 Heads Ravens Ravens
Super Bowl 48 Seattle 43, Denver 8 Tails Seahawks Seahawks
Super Bowl 49 New England 28, Seattle 24 Tails Seahawks Patriots
Super Bowl 50 Denver 24, Carolina 10 Tails Panthers Broncos
Super Bowl 51 New England 34, Atlanta 28 (OT) Tails Falcons Patriots
Super Bowl 52 Philadelphia 41, New England 33   Heads Patriots Eagles
Super Bowl 53 New England 13,  LA Rams 3 Tails Rams Patriots
Super Bowl 54 Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20 Tails 49ers Chiefs
Super Bowl 55 Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9 Heads Chiefs Buccaneers
Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles 23, Cincinnati 20 Heads Bengals Rams

What Is A Coin Toss Prop Bet?

Short for a proposition, a prop is a bet that
doesn’t necessarily correlate with the final outcome of the game.
The coin flip is a perfect example of a fun or exotic
prop because it relies less on data and stats and more on

You don’t have to check ATS standings or betting
trendsI’m not sure if I should put my money on the coin toss when
it comes to the Super Bowl. Sure, it could be a safe bet, but it’s
not a guaranteed win. I mean, just last year, the Cincinnati
Bengals won the toss, but lost the game to the Los Angeles Rams.
So, if you’re looking to make some money off of the Super Bowl, it
might be better to focus on the money line bets or player

Frequently asked questions

What is the result of the Super Bowl coin

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The result of the Super Bowl coin toss is
determined by the team that wins the toss. The winning team can
choose either to receive the ball at the start of the game or to
kick it off. The losing team then makes the opposite choice.

Does the Super Bowl coin toss predict the
game’s winner?

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No, the result of the Super Bowl coin toss does
not predict the game’s winner. The coin toss simply determines
which team will have the choice to receive the ball or kick it off
at the start of the game.

When is the Super Bowl coin toss

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The Super Bowl coin toss is typically performed
just prior to the start of the game. It is usually conducted by a
referee or league representative.

What are the two sides of a coin used for
the Super Bowl coin toss?

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The two sides of a coin used for the Super Bowl
coin toss are typically heads and tails. The team that calls the
coin toss correctly will be the one that is awarded the choice to
receive or kick off at the start of the game.

Who participates in the Super Bowl coin

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The Super Bowl coin toss is typically conducted
by a referee or league representative. Captains from both teams are
also present for the coin toss.

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