Shiba Inu price live today (04 Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is up by 0.52% today | ET Markets

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M cap

I’m familiar with the concept of market
capitalization when it comes to stocks. It’s basically the total
value of all of the stocks that are being publicly traded. But when
it comes to cryptocurrency, it’s not quite the same. The market
capitalization of a cryptocurrency is the total value of its
circulating supply. This is essentially the same thing as the
free-float capitalization in the stock market. It’s an important
metric for assessing the value of any given cryptocurrency.

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply


Circ. Supply

Circulating Supply

I’m holding a number of coins in my hands, similar
to stocks that are traded on the stock market. This is the amount
of coins that are available to the public and in circulation in the

I’m talking about coins that have already been
brought into existence, minus the ones that have been destroyed.
There are no more of them left. All that is left is what has
already been made. So, if you want more coins, you’ll have to
create them yourself. It’s like the saying goes, “you can’t squeeze
blood from a stone.”

(# Cr.)

M.Cap Rank

M.Cap Rank

I’m ranking a coin based on MCap or Market
Capitalization. The higher the market capitalization of a coin, the
higher its rank. This is because the more market capitalization a
coin has, the bigger and more successful it is, and the higher the
importance of it. Companies with higher market capitalization have
more influence in the market, and thus, it makes sense that they
rank higher.


Max Supply

Max Supply

I’m aware of the fact that there is a maximum
amount of coins that will ever exist within this cryptocurrency’s
lifetime. It’s similar to the fully diluted shares that are found
in the stock market. That being said, this figure is the highest
possible amount of coins that will ever be available and it’s not
likely to change.



All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Price(₹) Market Cap(Cr.) Returns
1 Day 0.000716 42,187 0.52%
1 Week 0.000715 42,104 -1.62%
1 Month 0.00083 48,923 -11.65%
1 Year 0.000841 46,042 -14.87%
  • SHIB
  • BUSD
  • 1D
  • 1W
  • 1M
  • 1Y
Name 1D 1W 1M 1Y
Shiba> 0.52 -1.62 -11.65 -14.87
Binance> N.A. -0.19 0.80 5.85

All values in %

  • SHIB
  • BUSD
Name M.Cap (Cr.) Circ. Supply (# Cr.) M.Cap Rank (#) Max Supply (Cr.)
Shiba> 42,187 5,89,34,047 16 N.A.
Binance> 42,430 515 15 N.A.

All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Crypto insurer Evertas authorized to offer
largest single crypto insurance policy

I just heard that Arch Insurance International
has given Evertas, the cryptocurrency insurer, the green light to
provide the highest coverage limit in the industry. That means
Evertas, a carrier with Lloyd’s of London, can offer up to $420
million in policies in the event of theft of private crypto keys
held by a custodian. This comes after some major losses of $3.7
billion last year and $400 million in the first quarter of 2021.
And Evertas is only contracted to offer insurance for custodians
and physical cryptocurrency mining equipment, with a limit of up to
$200 million. Right now, only 2-3% of global cryptoassets are
insured, so it looks like Evertas is making a big play in the

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin above $27,000;
Litecoin, Tron rise over 2%

Crypto rues Bitcoin’s decoupling from AI-fueled
tech stock gains

Crypto here to stay, must be regulated: Hong
Kong treasury chief

Former Coinbase manager, brother agree to settle
SEC insider trading charges

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin slips at $27,800;
XRP, Solana climb up to 4%

Binance Australia customers seen selling bitcoin
at discount to rival exchanges

Binance names Teng as head of regional markets
outside US

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin rises above $27,900
amid optimism over US debt ceiling deal

Bitcoin jumps 3%, hits over two-week high on
relief over US debt ceiling


  • I’m up 0.52% today! As of 4:23 PM on June 4th,
    2023, my price is Rs 0.000716. It’s always exciting to see how I’m
    trending and what the market thinks of me. It’s an incredible
    feeling to know that people around the world are trading me and
    monitoring my price movements. I’m sure my value will continue to
    increase, so watch this space!

  • I recently received a paper token from my local
    paan shop in exchange for some small change, which he said he would
    accept next time I visited. This is much like cryptocurrency, a
    digital or virtual coin secured by cryptography, which makes it
    almost impossible to counterfeit. Cryptocurrencies have their own
    store values and are used as a medium of exchange. They’re also
    decentralised, meaning no one regulates them, and are built on the
    blockchain network to ensure transparency. Cryptocurrencies are
    inflation-proof and can be sent and used internationally. However,
    there is the risk of misuse, exchange rate volatility, and
    vulnerabilities in the infrastructure.

  • I’m using cryptocurrencies, which are powered by a
    technology called blockchain. With these tokens, I can buy online
    goods and services. They have a stored value of their own, similar
    to the US dollar or the Indian rupee. Mining cryptocurrencies is a
    difficult and expensive process. Specialized computers are used to
    solve complicated mathematics problems. Although mining can be
    rewarding, it takes a lot of effort to get there.

  • I understand blockchain to be a secure, shared
    database that allows for the tracking and exchange of valuable
    goods and services. It differs from a regular digital database in
    that it stores data in “blocks” that are then linked together in a
    specific sequence. This system is great for recording transactions,
    especially for cryptocurrency, since it allows no single person or
    group to have control over it. The data stored is also immutable,
    meaning it is permanent and can be seen by everyone. Blockchain has
    been a key element in facilitating safe and secure

  • I’m finding investing in cryptocurrency to be a
    breeze thanks to the internet and smartphones! Technology has
    opened the door to digital currencies for those who want to invest.
    Before I get started, I do my research to decide which currency and
    exchange is right for me. I can use my own currency, or US dollars,
    to buy cryptocurrencies on my chosen exchange. Some currencies only
    accept investment in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, so I need
    to keep that in mind.

  • I’ve been curious about investing in
    cryptocurrencies lately, so I did some research and discovered that
    it is actually pretty straightforward. The process can be broken
    down into five basic steps. First, I chose a crypto exchange to
    use. Then, I created an account and verified it. After that, I made
    a deposit and began investing. Next, I placed an order to buy my
    desired cryptocurrency. Finally, I selected a storage method for my
    new investment. In addition to these steps, there are also other
    methods for investing in cryptocurrencies, such as crypto ETFs
    (similar to ETFs for gold and other assets) or investing in
    cryptocurrency-related stocks. These options are not as well known
    yet, but they are definitely worth considering.

  • cryptocurrency. I’m not limited to how much money I
    can invest in cryptocurrency, just like I’m not limited to how much
    I can invest in stocks. Although, there is a difference. If I don’t
    want to buy a whole cryptocurrency, I can buy smaller amounts of
    it. After registering, I can add money to my wallet and use that
    money to purchase some cryptocurrency.

  • I can invest in cryptocurrencies using Indian
    currency, but I have to use my bank account to do it. This requires
    me to be KYC-approved, and I also need to be aware of the fees
    certain exchanges may charge me when I add money and make digital
    payments. It’s important to note that these fees can differ from
    exchange to exchange and from currency to currency.

  • I am using cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange
    to pay for my online purchases. Though there are many retailers
    that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, I need to make
    sure that both the buyer and seller are on the same page about the
    type of cryptocurrency that is to be used. To make it easier, I use
    search engines to find what I’m looking for and see which digital
    currency is accepted.

  • I’m all about cryptocurrency if I’m an investor who
    believes in tech-driven digital currency. It’s only been around for
    10 years, but the returns have been out of this world! I’m looking
    to use these digitally-coded tokens as a hedge against inflation.
    The volatility and speculation can be a bit intimidating, but I’m
    hopeful that it will become more mainstream in the future.

  • I’m still a little confused about the legality of
    cryptocurrency in India. Is it allowed or not? In 2018, the Reserve
    Bank of India (RBI) essentially prohibited it. But then in 2020,
    the Supreme Court reversed the RBI’s decision. This was a huge
    relief for crypto users and investors all across the country.
    However, after that, Indian banks have tried to limit transactions
    with crypto-exchanges, citing the RBI’s 2018 ban. But recently the
    RBI clarified that banks cannot quote its 2018 ban to customers, as
    it has been overruled. So it looks like crypto trading is allowed
    in India, for now at least.

  • >


    ₹ 22,42,6540.21%

  • >


    ₹ 1,56,9660.01%

  • >


    ₹ 82.40-0.01%

  • >


    ₹ 25,3260.38%

  • >

    USD Coin

    ₹ 82.370.01%

  • >


    ₹ 43.310.25%

  • >

    Lido Staked Ether

    ₹ 1,56,8580.07%

  • >


    ₹ 31.401.06%

  • >


    ₹ 6.020.69%

  • >


    ₹ 1,7791.88%

  • >


    ₹ 74.590.29%

  • >


    ₹ 6.74-3.97%

  • >


    ₹ 7,939-0.68%

  • >


    ₹ 4421.32%

  • >

    Binance USD

    ₹ 82.40-0.03%

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Frequently asked questions

What is the current price of Shiba Inu

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The current price of Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) is
$0.000024, according to CoinMarketCap.

What is the market cap of Shiba Inu

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The market cap of Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) is
$14,890,409,425 USD.

Where can I buy Shiba Inu coin?

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You can buy Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) on a variety
of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, FTX, and Huobi

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