Shiba Inu price live today (04 Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is up by 0.22% today | ET Markets

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Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is up by 0.22% today | ET Markets,
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Key Metrics

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M cap

I’m getting familiar with the concept of market
capitalization in the cryptocurrency world. It’s similar to the
free-float capitalization of stocks in the stock market.
Essentially, it’s the total value of the cryptocurrency that’s in

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply


Circ. Supply

Circulating Supply

I’m aware of how many coins are available to the
public. It’s like the number of shares freely trading in the stock
market. It’s important to keep tabs on this number to stay
up-to-date on the market. This number can be affected by a variety
of things, like new coin offerings, but it’s the key to
understanding the current state of the market.

I’ve got all the coins that have been created,
minus any that were destroyed. It’s an impressive number, but with
coin burning, the amount is always changing. Coin burning is an
important process that helps to reduce the supply of a
cryptocurrency, which in turn helps to increase its value over
time. It’s a great way to give coins more worth and make sure
they’re not over-circulated.

(# Cr.)

M.Cap Rank

M.Cap Rank

I’m ranking a coin based on its market
capitalization (MCap). The more money a company has, the higher its
ranking will be. It’s a simple concept but it’s important to
recognize that market capitalization can be a great indicator of
coin success. The higher the market capitalization, the greater the
potential for growth and success. So if you’re looking for a coin
to invest in, look for one with a high market capitalization.


Max Supply

Max Supply

I’m the maximum number of coins that will ever
exist in the life of this cryptocurrency. It’s like the fully
diluted shares you’d find on the stock market. That means that the
total number of coins will never exceed this amount, no matter
what. It’s a set amount that won’t change, so if you want to get
some of those coins, you gotta get ’em now.



All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Price(₹) Market Cap(Cr.) Returns
1 Day 0.000711 41,895 0.22%
1 Week 0.000715 42,104 -2.35%
1 Month 0.00083 48,923 -12.68%
1 Year 0.000841 46,042 -15.78%
  • SHIB
  • AVAX
  • 1D
  • 1W
  • 1M
  • 1Y
Name 1D 1W 1M 1Y
Shiba> 0.22 -2.35 -12.68 -15.78
Avalanche> 0.70 -0.65 -13.32 -32.39

All values in %

  • SHIB
  • AVAX
Name M.Cap (Cr.) Circ. Supply (# Cr.) M.Cap Rank (#) Max Supply (Cr.)
Shiba> 41,895 5,89,34,047 16 N.A.
Avalanche> 41,530 34.42 17 72.00

All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Crypto insurer Evertas authorized to offer
largest single crypto insurance policy

I’m proud to announce that Evertas, a
cryptocurrency insurer, has been authorized by Arch Insurance
International to offer the highest coverage limit in the industry.
This limit is set at an impressive $420 million for security
policies in the event of theft of private crypto keys held by a
custodian. This comes after losses of $3.7 billion in 2022 and $400
million in Q1 2021. As a Lloyd’s of London coverholder, Evertas is
only contracted to provide insurance for custodians and the ability
to offer policies for physical cryptocurrency mining equipment of
up to $200 million. At present, only 2-3% of global cryptoassets
are insured.

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin above $27,000;
Litecoin, Tron rise over 2%

Crypto rues Bitcoin’s decoupling from AI-fueled
tech stock gains

Crypto here to stay, must be regulated: Hong
Kong treasury chief

Former Coinbase manager, brother agree to settle
SEC insider trading charges

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin slips at $27,800;
XRP, Solana climb up to 4%

Binance Australia customers seen selling bitcoin
at discount to rival exchanges

Binance names Teng as head of regional markets
outside US

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin rises above $27,900
amid optimism over US debt ceiling deal

Bitcoin jumps 3%, hits over two-week high on
relief over US debt ceiling


  • I’m seeing Shiba Inu on the rise today, up 0.22%.
    As of this morning at 11:35 AM, it was priced at Rs 0.000711. It’s
    definitely an exciting time to watch the prices fluctuate. I’ll be
    keeping an eye on it to see what comes next.

  • I’ve heard of people using paper tokens as a form
    of currency at the local paan shop. It got me thinking, what if
    this token could be digital? That’s cryptocurrency! It’s a virtual
    coin that’s secured with cryptography, making it hard to
    counterfeit. It has a store value and is used to buy things and
    services. The best part is that no one regulates it – it’s
    decentralised. It runs on blockchain technology, which makes all
    transactions transparent and traceable. Cryptocurrency is also
    inflation-proof and totally portable across borders. The downside
    is that it can be misused for illegal activities and its exchange
    rate can be volatile. Plus, the infrastructure behind it is

  • I’m using cryptocurrencies for online transactions
    and payments. Blockchain technology is the backbone of this process
    – it creates tokens that are valued just like other currencies,
    such as the US dollar or Indian rupee. Mining these crypto tokens
    is a difficult process that requires powerful computers to solve
    complicated mathematical problems. It’s time consuming, costly, and
    doesn’t always pay off in the end.

  • I understand blockchain as a shared, secure
    record-keeping system that makes it easier to manage assets and
    transactions in a business network. This system records data in
    blocks which are then chained together. This creates an immutable
    chain of records, meaning data can’t be changed once it’s been
    entered. So far, blockchain has mainly been used for tracking
    transactions. Cryptocurrencies use it in a decentralised way,
    meaning no single person or group has control – it’s all up to the
    collective. All transactions are recorded permanently and can be
    seen by anyone.

  • I’m interested in investing in cryptocurrency and
    I’m so glad it’s not a difficult process. Thanks to the internet
    and smartphones, investing in digital currencies is now incredibly
    easy. Before getting started though, I need to do some research to
    pick the right cryptocurrency and exchange. I can purchase these
    currencies using my own currency or US dollars from the exchange of
    my choice. Although, certain currencies only accept investment in
    Bitcoins or other cryptos.

  • I’ve been wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies for
    a while now. It’s actually pretty simple. All I need to do is take
    five crucial steps: first, I select a crypto exchange. Then, I
    create my account and verify it. Next, I deposit some funds and
    begin my investments. Then, I place an order to buy the desired
    cryptocurrency. Finally, I select a storage method. Beyond that,
    there are other options for investing in crypto, like crypto ETFs
    and stocks related to cryptocurrencies. These aren’t as popular
    yet, but they’re worth looking into.

  • cryptocurrency. I’m no expert when it comes to
    investing, but I do know that you don’t have to limit yourself when
    it comes to cryptocurrencies. Just like stocks, there’s no minimum
    limit to how much you can put in. The difference is that you don’t
    have to buy an entire cryptocurrency. You can buy smaller units of
    it. All you have to do is register, add money to your wallet, and
    then you’re good to go. Now you can place an order for the
    cryptocurrency of your choice.

  • I’m able to invest in cryptocurrencies with Indian
    currency, but I can’t use cash. I need a bank account connected to
    my crypto account to add and digitally pay money. Only users with
    KYC approval are allowed to make transactions this way. It’s
    important to be aware that exchanges charge fees when I invest and
    when I redeem. This fee can differ depending on the exchange and
    the currency I’m using.

  • I’m a big fan of cryptocurrencies and using them to
    make online purchases. Although there are plenty of shops and
    retailers that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, both
    the buyer and the seller have to agree to use the same currency. To
    help with this, there are several search engines that can help you
    find the products or services you need, that can be bought using
    cryptocurrencies. It’s definitely a great way to shop online!

  • I’m all in on cryptocurrency. In just 10 years,
    it’s produced exceptional returns. Some people use it to protect
    against inflation too. Even with its volatility and speculation,
    there’s good reason to believe it’s going to become mainstream
    soon. Cryptocurrency is the way to go for anyone who has faith in
    the technology behind it.

  • I’m not sure if I should invest in crypto in India.
    The government and central bank still seem unsure of what to do. In
    2018, the RBI outlawed it, but then in 2020 the Supreme Court
    overturned this. This was great news for crypto exchanges and
    investors. But then, banks started to block transactions with
    crypto exchanges. But the RBI said banks can’t use its 2018 ban
    anymore, which opened the door for crypto trading to keep

  • >


    ₹ 22,29,319-0.42%

  • >


    ₹ 1,56,059-0.43%

  • >

  • >


    ₹ 25,212-0.07%

  • >

    USD Coin

    ₹ 82.430.03%

  • >


    ₹ 43.03-0.65%

  • >

    Lido Staked Ether

    ₹ 1,55,977-0.16%

  • >


    ₹ 31.270.54%

  • >


    ₹ 5.99-0.08%

  • >


    ₹ 1,7550.99%

  • >


    ₹ 74.200.21%

  • >


    ₹ 6.72-2.82%

  • >


    ₹ 7,8250.20%

  • >


    ₹ 4401.32%

  • >

    Binance USD

    ₹ 82.420.01%

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Frequently asked questions

What is the current live price of Shiba Inu

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The current live price of Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)
is $0.000021 USD.

How often does the Shiba Inu Coin live price

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The Shiba Inu Coin live price updates every few

Where can I find reliable information about
the Shiba Inu Coin live price?

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You can find reliable information about the
Shiba Inu Coin live price on cryptocurrency price tracking websites
such as Coin Market Cap.

Does the Shiba Inu Coin live price

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Yes, the Shiba Inu Coin live price can fluctuate
significantly over short periods of time.

Is the Shiba Inu Coin live price affected by
market news?

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Yes, the Shiba Inu Coin live price can be
affected by news related to the cryptocurrency market in general,
as well as news specific to the SHIB coin.

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say shiba inu coin live price, please leave your comment on this