Shiba Inu price live today (04 Jun 2023) – Why Shiba Inu price is falling by 0.49% today | ET Markets

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Key Metrics

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M cap

I understand the market value of a cryptocurrency’s
circulating supply. It’s like the stock market’s free-float
capitalization. It’s like the stocks that are available to be
traded without any restriction. It’s the total value of all the
coins available in the market. This gives us a good indication of
the overall market sentiment and how much the coins are worth. It’s
a valuable metric to understand the strength of a

Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply


Circ. Supply

Circulating Supply

I’m the king of coins in the market and in the
hands of the public. It’s kind of like the number of stocks that
are flying around in the stock market. All these coins are always
at play, refusing to stay still for too long.

I have a collection of coins that I have acquired
over time. Some of these coins have been burned, meaning they are
no longer in circulation. But the ones I have left are still
available for me to use. I keep track of all the coins I have and
make sure I know which ones have been burned and which ones are
still available. This way, I know exactly how many coins I have and
what I can do with them.

(# Cr.)

M.Cap Rank

M.Cap Rank

I’m going to rank a coin based on its MCap, or
Market Capitalization. If the company has a higher market
capitalization, then I’m going to give it a higher rank. This
ranking system will let me know which coins are more valuable in
the market. By looking at the market capitalization, I can measure
the impact of the coin on the overall crypto market. It’s a great
way to evaluate a coin’s potential.


Max Supply

Max Supply

I’m aware of the maximum number of coins that will
ever exist within the lifespan of this cryptocurrency. It’s almost
like the maximum amount of shares that can be released in the stock
market. It’s a great concept that ensures the value of the coins
will remain high because of the limited supply.



All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Price(₹) Market Cap(Cr.) Returns
1 Day 0.000714 42,045 -0.49%
1 Week 0.000715 42,104 -2.16%
1 Month 0.00083 48,923 -12.17%
1 Year 0.000841 46,042 -15.51%
  • SHIB
  • AVAX
  • 1D
  • 1W
  • 1M
  • 1Y
Name 1D 1W 1M 1Y
Shiba> -0.49 -2.16 -12.17 -15.51
Avalanche> 1.38 1.01 -12.73 -32.42

All values in %

  • SHIB
  • AVAX
Name M.Cap (Cr.) Circ. Supply (# Cr.) M.Cap Rank (#) Max Supply (Cr.)
Shiba> 42,045 5,89,34,047 16 N.A.
Avalanche> 41,815 34.42 17 72.00

All values are in (₹) INR unless mentioned

Crypto insurer Evertas authorized to offer
largest single crypto insurance policy

I just heard the news that Arch Insurance
International gave Evertas the thumbs up to offer the biggest
insurance policy in the industry. They’re offering $420 million
coverage in case of theft of private crypto keys held by
custodians. It’s especially important now given the big losses we
saw in 2022 and 2021. Evertas, a Lloyd’s of London coverholder, is
only providing coverage to custodians and physical mining equipment
for up to $200 million. Right now only 2-3% of global cryptoassets
are insured. So this is a big deal.

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin above $27,000;
Litecoin, Tron rise over 2%

Crypto rues Bitcoin’s decoupling from AI-fueled
tech stock gains

Crypto here to stay, must be regulated: Hong
Kong treasury chief

Former Coinbase manager, brother agree to settle
SEC insider trading charges

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin slips at $27,800;
XRP, Solana climb up to 4%

Binance Australia customers seen selling bitcoin
at discount to rival exchanges

Binance names Teng as head of regional markets
outside US

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin rises above $27,900
amid optimism over US debt ceiling deal

Bitcoin jumps 3%, hits over two-week high on
relief over US debt ceiling


  • I’m seeing a slight decrease in Shiba Inu’s price.
    As of 5:27 PM on June 4th, 2023, I’m seeing it at 0.000714. That’s
    a 0.49% drop from the original amount. It’s important to keep an
    eye on the overall trend and not be alarmed by any small
    fluctuations. If it continues to decline, I may need to adjust my
    strategy accordingly.

  • I’ve been handed paper tokens from my local paan
    shop in exchange for small change, and that’s exactly what a
    cryptocurrency is – just digital. Unlike traditional currencies,
    cryptocurrencies don’t rely on a central issuer, and they are
    almost impossible to counterfeit. They store value and are used to
    buy goods and services, but they are unique because they are
    decentralised, so no one authority regulates them. Blockchain
    network technology is used to track every transaction and make the
    system secure. Cryptocurrencies are theoretically immune to
    government interference and inflation, plus they have the advantage
    of being portable, divisible and transparent. Unfortunately, they
    have been linked to illegal activity, exchange rate volatility and
    the vulnerability of their infrastructure.

  • I’m a cryptocurrency enthusiast so let me explain
    how this amazing technology works. Blockchain is the backbone of
    these digital tokens and they can be used to purchase various goods
    and services online. Much like the US dollar and the Indian rupee,
    cryptocurrencies also have their own value. But unlike other
    currencies, cryptocurrencies need to be mined. It’s a complex
    process that requires powerful computers to solve difficult
    mathematical equations. Mining is time consuming, expensive and
    often comes with unpredictable rewards.

  • I use blockchain as a secure way to track and trade
    assets. It’s a digital ledger that stores data in blocks that are
    linked together in chronological order. Blockchain’s most common
    use is as a ledger for transactions, like cryptocurrencies. With
    decentralized blockchain, no single person or group has control
    over it, and all users have collective control. The data is
    immutable, which means it’s irreversible. Transactions are recorded
    permanently and can be viewed by anyone. Blockchain is a great way
    to reduce risks and costs in business networks.

  • I’m interested in investing in cryptocurrency, and
    it’s pretty straightforward to get started. I mean, with the
    internet and smartphones, it’s so much easier to access crypto
    exchanges. Technology has made it so that potential investors can
    easily access digital currencies. Before you start, you just have
    to do a bit of research to select the right currency and exchange.
    Once you’ve done that, you can buy cryptocurrency with either your
    home currency or with US dollars. Some currencies only accept
    investment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, though.

  • I’m no cryptocurrency expert, but investing in it
    is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is follow five simple
    steps. First, select a crypto exchange. Then, create and verify
    your account. After that, deposit your funds and start investing.
    Next, buy the desired cryptocurrency. Lastly, decide how you want
    to store it. There are also other ways to invest in crypto, such as
    ETFs or stocks related to crypto. These options aren’t as common
    yet, but they’re worth looking into.

  • buying or selling cryptocurrency. I’m not limited
    to how much I can invest in cryptocurrencies, just like I’m not
    restricted to how little I can invest in stocks. But there is a
    slight difference. If I don’t want to buy the whole cryptocurrency,
    I can buy smaller units of it. After signing up, I can just add
    funds to my wallet and use it to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

  • I’m able to invest in cryptocurrencies using Indian
    currency, but not with cash. To add money and make a digital
    payment, I need to link a bank account to my crypto account. Only
    users approved by KYC are allowed to do so. It’s important to keep
    in mind that exchanges will charge fees when I’m investing or
    redeeming my money. The fees can differ between exchanges and

  • I’m using cryptocurrencies to make online
    purchases. Sure, there are hundreds of stores and retailers that
    accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but only if the buyer
    and seller agree to use it. I’m using search engines to find what I
    can buy with my crypto. It’s a great way to shop – but you have to
    make sure both parties are on the same page.

  • I’m all about cryptocurrencies if I’m an investor
    that believes in the technology behind it. Though it’s only been
    around for a decade, its returns have been off the charts. I’m
    looking to use these digital tokens to protect myself from
    inflation. Even with all the volatility and speculation, there are
    still plenty of reasons why they’ll become mainstream sooner rather
    than later.

  • I’m still trying to figure out if crypto trading is
    legal in India. It seems like the government and the central bank
    aren’t sure what to do with this new trend. In 2018, the Reserve
    Bank of India (RBI) banned it, but then in 2020 the Supreme Court
    overturned that decision. Crypto exchanges and investors were
    ecstatic. But then, Indian banks tried to stop transactions with
    crypto-exchanges, citing the RBI’s original 2018 ban. Later, the
    RBI clarified that banks can’t use the 2018 ban as an excuse since
    it was overturned by the Supreme Court. So, it looks like crypto
    trading is still a go in India.

  • >


    ₹ 22,42,6190.26%

  • >


    ₹ 1,56,9040.03%

  • >


    ₹ 82.420.02%

  • >


    ₹ 25,3150.30%

  • >

    USD Coin

    ₹ 82.35-0.05%

  • >


    ₹ 43.290.26%

  • >

    Lido Staked Ether

    ₹ 1,56,8610.24%

  • >


    ₹ 31.361.06%

  • >


    ₹ 6.000.30%

  • >


    ₹ 1,7832.22%

  • >


    ₹ 74.39-0.42%

  • >


    ₹ 6.75-3.62%

  • >


    ₹ 7,927-0.68%

  • >


    ₹ 4421.37%

  • >

    Binance USD

    ₹ 82.400.01%

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What is the current price of Shiba Inu

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As of May 2021, the price of Shiba Inu Coin is
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Where can I buy Shiba Inu Coin?

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You can purchase Shiba Inu Coin from a variety
of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Uniswap, and

How does Shiba Inu Coin compare to other

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Shiba Inu Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency
that aims to provide a secure, fast, and decentralized way to
transfer money. It is similar to other cryptocurrencies in its use
of blockchain technology to secure its transactions.

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