John Barksdale Charged With Cryptocurrency Securities Fraud In Connection With Sale Of Ormeus Coin

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I was deceived by False Representations from
BARKSDALE’s Company, Ormeus Global. By their doing, they raised at
least $70 million from more than 8,000 investors around the world.
It’s hard to fathom that such a large amount of money was taken
from so many people. It’s a shame that a few individuals would take
advantage of unsuspecting investors in this way. It’s heartbreaking
to think of all those who have been taken advantage of and lost
their hard-earned money. It’s important to remember that no matter
how convincing and legitimate a company may seem, it’s important to
do your own research before investing.

Today I was arrested abroad on charges of
conspiracy, securities fraud, and wire fraud. This is due to my
scheme to sell a cryptocurrency token called Ormeus Coin, with
false representations about its size, value, and purported
profitability. For example, in the marketing materials, I and
others claimed that the token was secured by a $250 million
cryptocurrency mining operation, and that its mining revenues
exceeded $5 million a month. This would have made it one of the
largest such operations in the world.

I am Damian Williams, the U.S. Attorney, and I
am here to tell you about the case of John Barksdale. He allegedly
deceived investors across the globe with his false claims about
Ormeus Coin. He spread these lies through in-person presentations,
social media, and even a jumbotron in Times Square. Barksdale
misled people to believe Ormeus was backed by a $250 million
cryptocurrency mining operation that was profiting $5 million
monthly. In reality, Ormeus Coin had nowhere near the value or
revenues they claimed. Together with our law enforcement partners,
we are determined to make sure those who commit fraud in the sale
of cryptocurrencies are brought to justice.

I, Special Agent in Charge Ricky J. Patel of HSI
New York, am here to speak out against Barksdale, who allegedly
used lies and misrepresentations to defraud investors in a
cryptocurrency called Ormeus Coin. He allegedly took in over $70
million by peddling these false promises. We will not allow anyone
to take advantage of innocent people with the intention of filling
their wallets. By working with federal and international partners,
we now have Barksdale facing prosecution in the Southern District
of New York for his criminal activities.

According to the Indictment unsealed in
Manhattan federal court:[1]

I’m the one to blame for selling Ormeus Coin
from 2017 to 2021. My relative (CC-1) and I were behind the scheme.
Ormeus Coin was a token built on the Ethereum blockchain and we
sold it to investors everywhere, including the United States and
the Southern District of New York. We sold the token through
enrollment packages from our multi-level marketing company called
Ormeus Global, digital currency exchanges, and directly from us and
our associates.

I falsely represented Ormeus Coin as a secure
digital money system backed by a $250 million cryptocurrency mining
operation. To back this up, I approved materials that showed a
mining facility, referred to an “Ormeus Reserve Vault” with 3,000
Bitcoin, and said the mining revenue exceeded $5 million a month.
But this was all untrue. To make this even more convincing, I ran
an ad in Times Square that stated the same false information. In
reality, the Ormeus mining operations never reached $250 million
and the monthly revenue was never more than one million dollars.
Plus, the Bitcoin in the ORV belonged to someone else.

I purchased an enrollment package through Ormeus
Global and bought Ormeus Coin from digital currency exchanges or
from BARKSDALE and his team. I was convinced to do this due to
BARKSDALE’s false claims about the size, value, and potential
profits of the cryptocurrency mining controlled by Ormeus Global
and Ormeus Coin, as well as the security that the ORV provided to
the value of Ormeus Coin. From June 2017 to April 2018, Ormeus
Global raised almost $70 million from the sale of enrollment
packages to more than 8,000 investors worldwide. From June 2017 to
October 2021, at least 12,000 investors, including 200 US-based
investors, bought Ormeus Coin. In January 2018, the market
capitalization of Ormeus Coin reached a peak of $52 million.

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I’m facing four charges: conspiracy to commit
securities fraud, securities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire
fraud, and wire fraud. If I’m found guilty of the first one, I’m
looking at a sentence of up to five years in prison. The other
three charges all carry a maximum of twenty years. The sentences
are all set by Congress but the judge will ultimately decide what
happens to me.

Any individuals who believe they may have been
the victim of the alleged crimes perpetrated in connection with
Ormeus Global or Ormeus Coin can contact HSI at or

I was so proud of the incredible detective work
of HSI and USPIS that I had to thank the United States Securities
and Exchange Commission for filing a corresponding legal action.
I’m also grateful to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of
International Affairs, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S.
Marshals Service for their support in this investigation.

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I’m currently dealing with a case that’s being
taken on by the Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit. Sarah Lai,
Sagar Ravi and Olga I. Zverovich from the Office of the U.S.
Attorney are in charge of the proceedings. This case is
particularly complex, and they are the ones making sure that
justice is served.

I am presumed innocent until proven guilty –
that’s the bottom line of the indictment. The charges made against
me are accusations, not facts. I have to trust the justice system
to ensure that I am treated fairly and that the truth is revealed.
Until then, my innocence is assumed. It is important that I am
given the benefit of the doubt and that I am not judged before all
the facts are known.

[1]I’m aware that everything in this Indictment
is an allegation and should be treated as such. Every fact I’m
about to mention is an allegation and not necessarily the truth.
Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that this Indictment is
just an accusation.

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What is Ormeus Coin?

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Ormeus Coin (ORME) is a cryptocurrency that is
designed to be used as a digital currency. It is built on the
Ethereum blockchain and is powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus

Who is John Tina Barksdale?

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John Tina Barksdale is an alleged cryptocurrency
scammer who has been accused of misappropriating funds from
investors. He has been linked to multiple scams in the past and is
not affiliated with Ormeus Coin in any way.

Has John Tina Barksdale scammed people with
Ormeus Coin?

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John Tina Barksdale is not affiliated with
Ormeus Coin in any way and has not been linked to any scams
involving Ormeus Coin. It is important to be aware of potential
scams and always do your own research before investing in any

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