New Upcoming Coinbase Listings in 2023

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As one of the most recognizable crypto exchanges
out there, Coinbase is the biggest one in the US. Investing in
crypto projects that could be listed on Coinbase could be a great
way to get a good return. When Coinbase adds a new listing, it can
create a lot of hype around the crypto project, leading to
increased popularity and a surge in its token price. It’s best to
invest in new projects before they get listed on large exchanges
and appreciate in value.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering which crypto
coins are worth investing in for 2023. In this guide, I’m going to
recommend some of the most popular and promising projects of the
last year. These are the ones that have the potential to get listed
on Coinbase. So, if you’re looking for a good coin to invest in,
these are some of the best picks.

Potential New
Coinbase Listings in
June 2023

I recently did some digging to discover the best
coins coming to Coinbase. I also found some great coins that you
can already buy through Coinbase or Coinbase Wallet. Check out this
quick list of coins I put together – it’s got a few words about
each one. Then you can read the full reviews for more info.

  1. Wall Street Memes 
    New Memecoin with a Potential Coinbase Listing
  2. AiDoge – Excellent
    Memecoin Project With Meme-to-Earn Utility
  3. Copium – Memecoin
    Designed to Help Users “Cope” With Investment Regrets
  4. Launchpad XYZ – A Web 3
    Project Making Web 3 Ecosystem Inclusive
  5. yPredict – Platform
    Offering an AI Signals Marketplace
  6. DeeLanceI’m a freelancer
    and I’m excited to be using Web3, a platform that enables me to
    tokenize my work into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With this, I’m
    able to easily and securely store my digital assets and have
    complete control over how I use, share, and sell them. Plus, I’m
    able to track my sales and earnings in real time. This is a huge
    benefit for me as a freelancer, as I’m able to get paid for my work
    quickly and securely. It’s also a great way to build trust between
    clients and me, as they can easily verify the authenticity of my
    work. All in all, I’m really thankful to have this platform to help
    me monetize my work.
  7. Ecoterra – Recycle2Earn
    Platform that Rewards its Users with Crypto
  8. SpongeBob – Memecoin
    Likely To List on Coinbase Thanks to The Recent Surge
  9. Love Hate Inu
    Excellent Memecon Project With Great Upsides
  10. Dash 2 Trade –I recently
    had the incredible experience of being part of a highly successful
    presale for a crypto analytics platform. We proudly raised over $10
    million! It was an amazing success story and I felt proud to have
    been a part of it. I’m confident that the platform will continue to
    grow and be a leading source of data and analytics in the crypto
    space. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for this
    platform and what it will bring to the crypto industry as a
  11. RobotEra – Exciting
    Metaverse Game Based on Robot Avatars Represented as NFTs
  12. IMPT – Green
    Cryptocurrency with Real-life Solutions for Climate Change
  13. EGLD –I’m excited to
    announce that Coinbase has added a new programmable blockchain
    platform to their listings. It is secure, fast, and scalable so you
    can trust that your transactions are secure. With the platform, you
    can build powerful distributed applications easily and securely.
    It’s incredibly fast too, allowing you to send payments around the
    world in seconds. Plus, the platform is built to scale with your
    business, so you can trust that it will stay up and running even as
    your usage increases. All in all, it’s the perfect platform for
    your business.
  14. Aragon – Popular
    Blockchain Platform that Enables Building and Using DAOs 
  15. Tamadoge –I’m super into
    the Metaverse game because there’s so many rare and ultra rare
    Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections available. It’s become one of
    the most sought after games, and I’m definitely not the only one
    who’s obsessed with it. Everyone’s trying to get their hands on
    these rare and ultra rare tokens. It’s like a competition to see
    who can get the most. It’s definitely a game worth playing because
    you never know what you’re going to find. And, it’s just fun to
    collect all the different tokens. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky
    and score an ultra rare one!
  16. Litentry – Decentralized
    Identity Aggregator to Provide Simplified Entry to Web3

I’m here to give you an in-depth look at the new
Coinbase listings. I’ll explain the step-by-step process for how to
buy these coins and what advantages come with investing in them.
I’ll also give you a detailed review of each coin. Get ready to
make the most of your Coinbase experience!

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Top Upcoming
Coinbase Coin Listings Reviewed – Full Reviews

All of the coins included in our recommendation
lists are not only used for trading and benefiting from their price
changes but have utility cases within their ecosystems. They serve
different DeFi projectsI’m sure you’ve heard about the various
sections in the blockchain space. I’m here to give you a more
in-depth look into what each of them are and what makes them
special. From developers to miners, each plays an important role in
the blockchain ecosystem. Starting with developers, these are the
people responsible for creating blockchain projects from the ground
up. They create the smart contracts, protocols, and infrastructure
that are needed to get a project off the ground. Next, miners are
the ones who actually process transactions on the blockchain. They
provide the computing power needed to keep the blockchain running.
Without them, the network would be completely useless. Finally,
users are the ones who actually use the blockchain technology. They
interact with the projects, store and use their data, and benefit
from its unique features. So, now you know the different parts of
the blockchain industry and how they work together. It’s amazing to
think about all the possibilities and use cases that are enabled by
this technology.

Wall Street
Memes – New Memecoin with a Potential Coinbase

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Wall Street MemesI’m really excited about the
Wall Street Memes Initiative that was launched on May 25th. I’ve
heard it’s been doing really well so far – they’ve already raised
over $600k in their pre-sale! It’s been amazing to see the
community’s enthusiasm for the project, with over a thousand
followers already across social media platforms. This project
really has people talking and I’m really looking forward to seeing
where it goes next!

I’m totally obsessed with Wall Street memes!
They are hilarious and include images, videos, and puns that are
all about finance. It’s like a competition between regular people
and the big institutions. I’ve been following them on Twitter and
Instagram and the community is over a million strong! It’s so cool
to be a part of something like this and I’m so happy that Wall
Street memes exist!

I’ve got two billion tokens, and I’m putting one
billion of them up for pre-sale. It’s gonna go in thirty steps of
increasing prices, ending with a hard cap of $30,577,000 for the
WSM token. Wow, the first few hours brought in nearly a hundred
thousand bucks – and phase two’s coming to a close soon.

I’m a big believer in the power of Wall Street
Memes! Their WMS token is the perfect way to capture the “greed is
good” mindset. The pre-sale has been booming, and they’ve done a
great job of building up a strong social media presence and
fostering a passionate community. It’s no wonder why Wall Street
Memes is so widely trusted in the financial sector.

I’m excited to be part of Wall Street Memes’
$50,000 airdrop! It’s an amazing opportunity to get my hands on
$WSM tokens. After the project’s launch, I’m starting to see why
people are getting hyped up about it. It could become the next big
meme coin like Dogecoin and Pepe Coin – it’s clear that Wall Street
Memes has the potential to make a huge splash.

Visit Wall Street

AiDoge –
Excellent Memecoin Project With Meme-to-Earn Utility

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Memecoins hardly makes the cut of being one of
the preferred tokens to get on Coinbase coin listings, but
AiDogeI’m blown away by the potential of this technology. It
incorporates Artificial Intelligence to create a meme-earning
ecosystem that gives users the ability to craft their own memes
with just a few text prompts. It’s really cool, and it’s completely
revolutionizing the way we generate content. Not only can you make
your own memes, but you can also earn rewards for your efforts.
It’s an amazing way to express yourself and get rewarded for your

I’ve been looking for a reliable
content-generating tool for the crypto niche but nothing ever
seemed to offer what I needed. Then I discovered AiDoge, and it
changed the game. With just a few text prompts, I’m able to create
relatable and engaging memes that get the attention of social media
users. I’m so glad I found a platform that can give me the content
I need to make my crypto posts stand out.

I’m part of this community of meme-lovers called
AiDoge. We get to share our favorite memes with each other, and the
best ones are rewarded with AI tokens. That’s how we make money
through this meme token. We also get to turn the memes into
fractionalized NFTs at the end of the project roadmap. It’s a great
way to make some extra AI tokens while having fun.

I’m a proud holder of the platform’s native
token, AI. It’s an incredibly useful reward-asset that I use for a
number of tasks. AI is great for paying for goods and services, as
well as for rewarding contributors to the platform. It’s also a
great way to incentivize users to take part in the platform’s
growth. AI isn’t just about money, it’s also about helping the
platform reach its potential. The rewards I receive from using AI
go beyond money, and I’m proud to be part of the platform’s growth
and success.

  1. Buying credits to generate memes
  2. I love voting on the hottest memes and creating content that
    gets people talking. I’m always trying to come up with something
    new, something that will get people engaged and excited. It’s
    really satisfying when I’m able to create something that people are
    passionate about and that goes viral. I’m constantly researching
    and staying up to date with the latest trends and technology so I
    can craft content that stands out. It’s a thrill to see my work
    being shared and talked about, and I’m always looking for new ways
    to make an impact online.
  3. I’m staking my crypto to take advantage of the high APY and
    awesome bonuses. Not only does it give me juicy rewards, but I get
    access to exclusive tools like advanced meme-generation software,
    airdrops, and more. It’s a great way to increase my crypto holdings
    and get access to some incredibly useful stuff. All I have to do is
    stake my crypto, and the perks just keep on coming.

I’m truly impressed by these amazing tools! My
interest in the token has been piqued during its presale, and I’m
not the only one. At the time of writing, it’s already raised over
$1.1 million. Major exchanges, like Coinbase, are recognizing the
potential of the token and its strong fundamentals.


Copium –
Memecoin Designed to Help Users “Cope” With Investment

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Those who missed out on the gains made by PEPE,
Wojak, and more, now have a chance of a second run with CopiumI’m
really excited about the memecoin project because it lets me make
money even if I jump in at the top of the market. Copium has made a
huge splash recently, breathing new life into the meme token
industry after people thought it was all but dead. I’m looking
forward to seeing where this new token takes us!

I recently had the opportunity to invest in
Copium before it launched on Uniswap. I was thrilled when the price
of Copium skyrocketed by almost 1100%. To ensure that early
investors don’t dump their tokens, Copium has put in place a
special vesting period, meaning that only 10% of tokens are
available right away. The rest, a total of 90%, can be claimed over
the course of 18 months. It’s an innovative way to protect the
asset’s price.

I’m sure glad I invested in Copium within two
hours of its launch. Not only did I get an NFT and Airdrop, but
Copium has also done really well. Now it’s on five different crypto
exchanges, such as MEXC Global, Poloniex, and LBank. All these
exchanges provide great opportunities for me to trade and make
money. Plus, Copium’s Airdrop was an added bonus!

Visit Copium

Launchpad XYZ –
A Web 3 Project Making Web 3 Ecosystem Inclusive

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Inclusivity has become a buzzword in the Web 3
space, with many projects attempting to make decentralized
offerings of the third iteration of the Internet for all – but
failing at it. The reason for that is the current “fracture in the
Web 3 ecosystem” in which the platforms created to serve this
purpose are still too complicated. Launchpad XYZI’m making it
easier to find the best Web 3 projects with a platform that offers
a simple and personalized approach. With this platform, the process
of finding the right project is more streamlined and a lot less
stressful. It has a “human” touch that simplifies the task, so you
can focus on the projects that are best suited for you. Plus, this
platform eliminates the need to jump from one site to another, so
you can save time and get the information you need.

I’m excited to be a part of Launchpad XYZ, an
all-in-one project that covers all the components of Web 3. It
includes a blockchain, a cryptocurrency wallet, a secure messaging
platform and a marketplace. All of this is designed to provide
users with a safe and seamless experience. I’m looking forward to
exploring the amazing possibilities this technology has to

  1. NFTs
  2. Utility tokens
  3. Web 3 Wallets
  4. Crypto presales
  5. Trading terminals
  6. P2E Hubs
  7. Metaverse Libraries, and more.

I’m looking for the perfect blockchain
investment, and Launchpad XYZ is here to help. They provide a
scoring system that takes into account 400 indicators, both
technical and sentimental, to determine the risk-reward ratio of a
project. This helps me to make an informed decision so that I can
get the best return on my investment. By eliminating the current
obstacles of the Web 3 environment, Launchpad XYZ makes it easier
for me to find the right blockchain project.

I’m excited about this new score system that’s
been created – it’s designed to make it easier for people to decide
which projects are worth investing in. No longer do we need to
spend time searching through multiple websites to make the right
decision. This could really help speed up the adoption of Web 3

I’m pumped to have the LPX token powering my
platform! I’m currently in a 10-stage presale, and I’m proud to say
that I’ve already raised $171k. You can get in on the action and
invest in this asset at a discounted price of $0.035. It’s a great
opportunity so don’t miss out!

The platform has many of the same fundamentals
as Ethereum, albeit they are a bit more inclusive here. These
factors can potentially pump the LPX price enough to overtake ETH
in the near future.

Visit Launchpad

yPredict –
Platform Offering an AI Signals Marketplace

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I’m constantly struggling to know how to make
the most of the crypto market. It’s so different from other
markets, and it’s hard to figure out the right signals to watch.
That’s why I’m so excited about yPredict. It’s an AI project that
combines technical and sentimental indicators, so I don’t have to
waste time analyzing both of them separately. It’s like having a
crystal ball for the crypto market! Plus, it helps me make sense of
the volatility. I’m grateful to have a tool like this to help me
navigate the crypto market.

yPredictI’m all about using AI and financial
quants to my advantage, so I was excited to learn about this
prediction marketplace. It’s a place where developers and quants
can post their predictive models and AI signals for everyone to
access. And if you really like what you see, you can purchase a
subscription to use their services on an ongoing basis. It’s a
great way to make the most of AI and financial quants for any

I pay for services using the YPRED token. YPRED
is an ERC-20 token, which has some useful features. It enables me
to send and receive payments for services with just a few clicks.
It also provides a secure way to store the tokens. Additionally, it
allows me to track my transactions and payments easily. Lastly, it
gives me access to a variety of decentralized applications. All of
these features make YPRED an ideal currency for making

  1. Buying subscriptions for predictive models
  2. Using the research tools available on yPredict
  3. Staking
  4. Voting on yPredict DAO

I’m offering YPRED tokens in a presale, and so
far, we’ve raised almost half a million dollars! We’re currently in
stage 4 of the presale and you can get the token for a discounted
price of $0.05. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great


DeeLance – Web3
Platform that Allows Freelancers to Tokenize their Work into

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I recently discovered DeeLance, a new
freelancing and recruitment platform that uses Web3 technology. It
offers more options than the traditional freelancing marketplaces.
With DeeLance, employers and freelancers can interact in its
metaverse and employers can even set up their own virtual office
for interviews and more. It’s a great way to find the perfect
freelancer or job without leaving your home.

As a freelancer, I know the frustration of
paying huge commissions to freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and
Upwork – up to 20% in some cases. That’s why I’m so grateful for
DeeLance. They charge a very low commission for freelancers – just
10%. For buyers, it’s even better – only 2% fee. Another great
feature of this platform is that it decreases the chance of digital
theft drastically thanks to NFT features. With DeeLance,
freelancers can convert their work into NFTs and transfer them
securely with their full ownership and other rights once the buyer
has made the payment. It’s a game-changer!

I’m aware of how important it is to make a good
impression on potential employers when looking for work.
Integrating my work with NFTs shows that I’m up to date with the
latest technology, making my work more credible and increasing my
chances of being selected. In traditional marketplaces, freelancers
often have to wait 3-5 working days to get paid. With DeeLance,
however, I can get an instant payout in crypto, and I can withdraw
it with no extra fees. This makes it much easier to get paid
quickly and reliably.

I’m excited to be a part of the DeeLance
recruitment platform! This is the perfect place to find the best
candidates with the right skills and portfolios. Right now, the
$DLANCE native token is in the first stage of its presale. You can
purchase one for just $0.025 USDT. As the platform grows, the
token’s value will increase significantly. So don’t miss out on
this great opportunity to get in on the ground floor!


Ecoterra –
Recycle2Earn Platform that Rewards its Users with

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I’m all about making a difference and that’s why
I decided to join Ecoterra. It’s the latest and greatest blockchain
platform that rewards its users for recycling their waste. By doing
this, we’re helping to combat global warming and climate change.
Not only does Ecoterra spread awareness about the importance of
recycling products, but it also makes a huge impact on nature and
is a great green investment. It’s an amazing way to make a
significant contribution towards saving our planet and I’m proud to
be part of it.

Using Recycle2Earn, I’m able to make a
difference by incentivizing users to recycle. All I need to do is
scan the barcode of the product I’m going to recycle, locate the
nearest reverse vending machine, put in the recyclables, and get a
receipt. Once I’ve uploaded a photo of that receipt to the app, I’m
rewarded with ECOTERRA coins. It’s that simple!

I’m a big fan of Ecoterra. They make it easy for
big corporations to get the recycled materials they need, at prices
that won’t break the bank. Plus, they offer multiple payment
options including fiat currency, stablecoins, and ECOTERRA. If you
choose ECOTERRA, you’ll get even lower transaction fees. Plus,
Ecoterra’s carbon offset marketplace helps people and businesses
reach their short and long-term emission goals. It’s all part of
their commitment to making the planet a better place.

I am offering an opportunity to help individuals
and corporate entities to reduce their carbon footprint through my
marketplace. Right now, I am offering a presale of ECOTERRA tokens
at a discounted price of $0.004. These tokens will be available on
an exchange in the third quarter of this year. The presale has a
soft cap of $2 million and a hard cap of $6.7 million. Take this
opportunity to make a difference and join the green revolution!


Love Hate Inu
– Excellent Memecoin Project With Great Upsides

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Love Hate InuI’m an avid supporter of the
memecoin project, which strives to update the concept of memecoin,
yet still retain its funny origins. We’ve crafted tools and
services that are beneficial to different companies and
organizations who are looking to increase their social presence.
This project is a great way to stay connected to the comical roots
of memecoin while taking advantage of its useful features.

I’m introducing a new concept called
‘move-to-earn’. If you hold LHINU, the native cryptocurrency, you
can stake it to vote. The amount of time you stake and the number
of tokens you stake will be considered when voting. Plus, staking
your tokens means you can earn passive income in the form of APY.
So it’s a win-win situation!

I’m a huge fan of the Love Hate Inu project! It
has so many great benefits, like helping brands create polls that
are sponsored and engage with their audience in a positive and
rewarding way. It’s an amazing way to interact with your consumers,
encouraging meaningful conversations and creating a sense of
connection. Plus, it’s a great way to gain insights into what
people are thinking and feeling. Love Hate Inu truly delivers!

I’m really excited about the potential of Love
Hate Inu and I’m confident it will soon be listed on Coinbase. This
is a token that could really take off and I’m sure Coinbase will
recognize its potential. From my perspective, Love Hate Inu could
be the next big thing in the crypto world and I believe Coinbase
will be one of the first exchanges to list it. I’m keeping a close
eye on this token and am eager to find out when it will be
available on Coinbase.

I’m really feeling the impact of memes on the
crypto world right now. Love Hate has made a major splash recently,
raising ten million in just two months during its presale. On May
19th, the LHINU token was officially listed on OKX, one of the
biggest crypto exchanges around. Its 24-hour trading volume was an
impressive 760 million dollars! That’s proof of how influential
memes have become in the crypto world.

I’m excited about the potential of investing in
Love Hate Inu! I just found out that the meme coin was listed on
OKX DEX the very same day, which is an awesome decentralized
platform that runs on OKC blockchain. I’m sure this will bring some
awesome returns!

Buy Love Hate

Dash 2 Trade –
Crypto Analytics Platform with a Highly Successful Presale Raising

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Dash 2 TradeI’m excited about the buzz around
the decentralized platform for crypto analytics and trading tools.
The team has already secured the project with an initial investment
of over $18 million during four stages of its presale. Initially,
the project was planned to have nine stages of presale, but the
team opted to reduce the market cap and launch the coin earlier.
This has certainly gotten people’s attention!

I’m overjoyed to report that we’ve sold 73% of
our tokens for the fourth stage of Dash 2 Trade’s presale, meaning
we’ve hit $10 million out of the $13 million goal. This is the last
chance to get D2T tokens at the discounted rate, with only 70,000
left to purchase. The current value is 0.0553 per coin, so don’t
miss your chance to get in now!

I’m excited to announce that Dash 2 Trade will
soon be listed on two of the most popular crypto exchanges, Bitmart
and LBank! We’re also looking into applying for more exchanges, and
there’s a good chance Coinbase will be one of them. The Dash 2
Trade tokens are going to be huge!

I’m really excited to try out the tools and
platform Dash 2 Trade is launching in 2023! D2T is the native token
for this crypto analytics platform and it’ll give me access to
their features. It looks like there’s a lot of cool tools that’ll
help me keep up with the market and develop a strong trading
strategy. I can’t wait to try it out!

I’m super excited about Dash 2 Trade’s trading
tools! They make it easy to stay on top of the best buy and sell
signals, as well as the latest presales and new cryptocurrency
listings on centralized exchanges. Plus, the Social Sentiment and
On-chain Analyses feature is a great way to get access to on-chain
and social data. It’s like having your own personal assistant that
helps you make informed decisions!

I’m excited to introduce Dash 2 Trade’s
strategy-building tool. This helpful feature will let you
experiment with different strategies without putting your capital
at risk. Plus, there’s a great section for those looking to learn
to trade. With Learn to Trade, you’ll not only become familiar with
the nuances of crypto trading, but you’ll also be rewarded with D2T
tokens during the process.

I’m a part of the Dash 2 Trade team, a secure
cryptocurrency verified by SolidProof and certified by Coinsniper.
Our project is supported by a team of professionals with trading
experience, as well as Learn to Trade, a community of over 70,000
active traders. This ensures our platform is reliable and
trustworthy. With Dash 2 Trade, we’re committed to making crypto
trading easier and more accessible.

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

Visit Dash 2

RobotEra –
Exciting Metaverse Game Based on Robot Avatars Represented as

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RobotEraI’m exploring this new metaverse project
with its awesome play-to-earn and PVP features. It’s a blockchain
game where my avatar takes the form of a robot, and I’m exploring
the world of RobotEra to gain rewards and tokens. It’s a
fascinating story that explains why my avatar is a robot, and I’m
discovering mutants in the metaverse that could be a threat. It’s
an adventure that I’m excited to be a part of!

I’m playing this game set on the planet Taro.
This planet was once home to aborigines and robots that were in a
war, which the robots ultimately won. This victory ushered in a new
era – RobotEra – where robots are the masters. My game looks a lot
like the popular blockchain game Sandbox. In it, robots can
purchase plots of land and join in the build of a new world.

I just bought a plot of land and now I’m ready
to roll! With my robots, I can explore the world and find resources
on the land. Plus, I can buy accessories for my avatar and build
robot companions to help me out. All the items, like land, robots,
and accessories, are represented by NFTs so I can keep ownership of
my products. It’s going to be a great adventure!

I feel safe in Central City, the place where
robots are safe from mutants. Everywhere I look there’s something
new to explore. I can wander around the museums, ride the roller
coasters at the theme parks, and explore the attractions. It’s a
great place to hang out with my robot friends, and we can even
explore the virtual world together. It’s a great place to have a
good time and stay safe.

I’m all about the TARO token, the native token
of the RobotEra. With this token, I can buy in-game items, stake
it, and earn rewards for competing in quest challenges. It’s a
great way for my robots to make even more money. I can also get
rewarded for cultivating trees in the metaverse, entering airdrops,
or staking my tokens. It’s a great way to make sure my robots stay
on top!

I’m currently investing in RobotEra’s TARO token
presale, it’s currently priced at $0.02 but will increase to $0.025
in the next stage. The project has a roadmap to launch the coin
officially in the fourth quarter of 2022, and they have some great
partnerships with popular names in the crypto market. The website
says that TARO is safe and it’s been fully audited by SharkTeam and
CoinSniper has given it a KYW-verification. A surefire

See our full guide on how to buy RobotEra


SpongeBob –
Memecoin Likely To List on Coinbase Thanks to The Recent

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SpongeBobI was so excited when I heard about the new
meme coin, inspired by the popular SpongeBob Squarepants show! It
didn’t take long for it to gain a ton of attention and followers,
and it’s been living up to the same level of success as the show
itself. But its success isn’t just down to its connection with the
beloved cartoon – there’s something more to it.

I’ve been a part of the SpongeBob community since it
launched on Uniswap and I can definitely attest to its rapid
growth. Unlike many other crypto projects, SpongeBob didn’t need
any presale or big marketing campaigns to get going. Instead, they
took an innovative approach to marketing which has really paid off.
I’m excited to be a part of the SpongeBob family and watch it
continue to grow.

I’ve done my due diligence on this project and got
confirmation from DEXtools that it passed a thorough smart contract
audit. This means that everything is on the up and up, and there’s
no risk of any shady dealings.

I’m facing the same liquidity challenges with other
cryptocurrencies during market rallies. To tackle this, I’m using
SPONGE’s locked liquidity with Team Finance. This helps me ensure
stability and protect me from any possible issues.

I recently noticed that SPONGE’s market
capitalization skyrocketed to over $45 million within a few days,
along with an impressive 24-hour trading volume of $51.6 million.
With a limited supply of 40.40 billion SPONGE, there’s still plenty
of room for this growth to continue.

For now, investors can purchase the SPONGE on
Uniswap, Toobit, and CoinW. Interested participants can also become
a part of the mem contest hosted by the project on Twitter, where a
total of 50 winners will be awarded $100 each. The token has also
been listed on LBank, and more Tier-1 exchange listings are coming

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IMPT – Green
Cryptocurrency with Real-life Solutions for Climate

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The IMPTI recently heard about this new project
that’s shaking up the blockchain world – cryptocurrency. It’s
taking two of the latest trends – NFTs and carbon credits – and
combining them to create a greener cryptocurrency that’s focused on
tackling climate change and global warming. It’s actually pretty
cool: they’re using NFTs as incentives for carbon credits so that
people can buy and sell them quickly and easily. It’s a great way
to make a difference and help the environment.

I’m all about reducing my carbon footprint, so
I’m super excited about carbon credits! They’re a way for companies
and individuals to trade emissions related to fossil fuels. By
creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent these credits, the
whole process becomes even more transparent and prevents double
spending. It’s a great way to be more eco-friendly and I’m proud to
be part of it.

I can earn IMPT tokens to buy carbon credits by
obtaining Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). I can then make a profit by
selling them when the price increases or I can make a difference by
burning them and preventing them from entering Earth’s environment.
My contribution is rewarded with a unique NFT of an artwork and a
score. By doing so, I get to collect IMPT’s native token – simply
called IMPT.

I’m a big fan of what IMPT is doing by working
with well-known brands and retailers. When customers purchase from
these stores, they get rewarded with IMPT tokens. These tokens can
then be exchanged for carbon credits – it’s a great opportunity for
everyone involved. The shops and brands get recognition for
reducing carbon emissions, while customers get the chance to earn
extra money with their IMPT tokens. It’s a win-win!

As an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, I’m proud to
announce that I’ve achieved a total of 3 billion coins! After a
fantastic six weeks, I recently sold out all my tokens during the
pre-sale, raising a total of $20.5 million. In the last week alone,
I brought in an amazing $2.5 million!

On December 14th, I was over the moon when my
favorite crypto–IMPT–was available on Changelly, LBank and
Uniswap DEX. To make it even better, its 24 hour trading volume was
an impressive $1 million–which boded well for the possibility of
IMPT being the next big Coinbase listing.

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EGLD – New
Coinbase Listing, Programmable Blockchain Platform That’s Secure,
Fast, and Scalable

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EGLD is among the 50 largest cryptocurrencies by
market capitalization that serves the MultiversXI’m talking about a
project that started out as Elrond in 2020. It took over 2.5 years
to develop and it’s now an awesome blockchain platform that runs on
the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Developers can make all
sorts of decentralized apps on this platform. I’m really impressed
by how it’s been designed and I’m sure it’ll be a success.

In November 2022, I rebranded and renamed the
project to MetaversX. This blockchain platform is designed to be
highly scalable and secure. It’s also intended to solve one of the
most significant issues in the blockchain industry: scalability.
This means the blockchain is capable of running a large number of
transactions quickly. To ensure that this goal is reached,
MetaversX has adopted the latest technology and protocols. With
this, I’m confident that MetaversX will be a reliable solution for

I’m incredibly impressed with MultiversX’s
performance – they can run 15,000 transactions per second, which is
a lot higher than most of their competitors, including Ethereum.
Not only are the transactions lightning fast, but they also have
really low transaction fees at only $0.001. Plus, Elrond’s platform
can support even more decentralized apps. It’s no wonder why so
many people are using them.

I’m the proud owner of Electronic Gold, or EGLD
for short. It’s a stellar coin with plenty of uses. As a utility
token, EGLD is used for transactions in the MultiversX platform.
And as a governance token, it gives me voting power to help shape
the future of the project. With EGLD, I’m part of something bigger
and have a say in what happens. It’s a great way to be involved in
something I’m really passionate about.

I own some EGLD tokens, and I’m so glad that I
do! It’s a stackable asset, meaning that I can lock up my coins to
contribute to the network and earn even more rewards. It’s become
one of the top 50 coins by market capitalization, and its value has
skyrocketed since it was launched at $0.065. It even reached an
all-time high of $543 – what an amazing return!

Currently EGLD is traded at $43.9. The maximum
supply of the token is 31.5 million EGLD coins, 75% of which are
already circulating. The founder of the project, Beniamin Mincu has
recently announced on its Twitter page that EGLD is the latest new
Coinbase listing, which means that the coin is now available to buy
on Coinbase. Check out our latest EGLD price prediction.

Aragon –
Popular Blockchain Platform that Enables Building and Using

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AragonI have been in the crypto scene for a
while and have noticed that DAO Token isn’t exactly a new project.
It’s been around for a while and has been listed on some of the
most popular exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance, Bitrue, OKX, and
more. What makes DAO Token unique is its utility within the
decentralized industry. It aids a platform that allows users to
create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs.
It’s an amazing tool for anyone wanting to get involved in the
blockchain world.

I started looking into Aragon in 2016 when Luis
Ivan Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo created Aragon One. Their goal was
to provide a new way of running an organization – instead of a
central party, governance is managed through code and each member
is involved. It was a revolutionary project!

In 2017, I held an ICO to sell Aragon’s native
token, ANT. This ended up raising 275.000 ETH, which was worth $25
million at the time. After that, I launched Aragon on the Ethereum
blockchain in 2018. This gave users the chance to create their own
Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on Ethereum, by taking
advantage of its various components.

I’m a part of the Aragon project, an open-source
platform for creating and managing decentralized autonomous
organizations (DAOs). Aragon is made up of three main components:
the Aragon Client, the Aragon Network, and the Aragon Association.
The Aragon Client provides the toolkit for creating and maintaining
DAOs, while the Aragon Network enables the community of DAOs to
interact. The Aragon Association, meanwhile, controls and allocates
funds from the sale of the native ANT token. To build a
decentralized organization, developers use the AragonOS smart
contract framework.

I’m in charge of my own DAO and it’s made easier
with the help of Aragon. Finance, voting and token features are
built in, allowing me to handle all my financial transactions with
ease. I can keep an eye on my transactions, balances and payments
with no trouble. When it comes to settling disputes, Aragon Court
is there to help. ANT and ANJ tokens come into play too- I can
invest in these tradable assets to make a profit off of price

As a token-holder of Aragon, I have the right to
vote on important decisions that impact the project. There’s no
limit to the amount of ANT that can be created, and currently,
there are around 42 million tokens circulating. That gives ANT a
market capitalization of over $91 million, making it one of the top
200 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.

Tamadoge –
Extremely Popular Metaverse Game with Rare and Ultra Rare NFT

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TamadogeI’m one of the most talked-about new
coins that could soon be listed on Coinbase. TAMA is the native
token that comes with a unique utility that sets it apart from
competitors. With its play-to-earn features and metaverse
capabilities, this meme coin offers an exciting chance for users to
both have fun and make money – something you won’t find in other
meme coins.

Tamadoge has created excitement around its name
since its early stages of development. The project finished its
presale with tremendous success selling out all the tokens in less
than two months. After ending its presale, TAMA token had its
initial exchange offeringI’m sure you’ve heard about the success on
OKX! It all began with TAMA, where its price skyrocketed after it
was listed on the popular crypto exchange. It’s been an incredible
journey, and the TAMA price has now reached its all-time high of
$0.197 – an amazing 20x return for those who invested early on.

I’m loving Tamadoge! It’s been blowing up with
success lately, and I can see why. Not only is it great for DeFi
and gaming enthusiasts, but it’s perfect for everyone. They call it
the Tamaverse, and it’s where you get your own Tama pet. You can
use TAMA tokens to feed your pet, take them on walks and buy
accessories, cosmetics, and tools. It’s really fun and I’m loving
every second of it.

As I become more experienced in Tamadoge, I am
ready to take on other dogs in competitions. My battles determine
my place on the monthly leaderboard, with rewards from the pool
awaiting the winner. Tamadoge also offers an in-game marketplace
where I can buy and sell items as NFTs, giving me ownership over my
pet and the potential to make money.

I’m the proud owner of a Tama pet! It’s a unique
NFT that has its own strengths and weaknesses. Recently, Tamadoge
released a new update with 20,000 new pets – Common, Rare, and
Ultra Rare. They come with special features that help them collect
prizes quickly. Plus, the upcoming gaming platform and augmented
reality app should bring even more attention to the project and
increase demand for TAMA tokens.

I’m TAMA, the native token for utility cases
within the network. I’m also used to give out rewards and stake to
earn new tokens. There’s a maximum supply of 2 billion of me, but
my supply will get lower over time. That’s because 5% of me gets
burnt off whenever someone makes an in-platform transaction. It’s
called deflationary, and it’s how I help create scarcity and

See our full guide to buying Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge on

Litentry –
Decentralized Identity Agregeator to Provide Simplified Entry to

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Another sophisticated cryptocurrency project to
invest in for 2022 is Litentry which has been around since 2018,
and is certainly one of the most trending cryptocurrency tokensI’m
excited to be investing in LIT right now! It was listed on Binance
in 2021, and recently made a big breakthrough by being listed on
Coinbase. LIT is used within a network that provides a
decentralized cross-chain Identity Aggregator, allowing users to
securely link their identity across different networks. That’s why
I think LIT is a great crypto investment. It’s reliable, secure,
and provides users with an easier way to keep track of their
identity across different platforms. Plus, the team behind LIT is
constantly working to improve their product, so the future looks

I’m a part of the Litentry platform, and LIT is
my native token! It has two main functions: governance and utility.
All the services and transactions within the ecosystem are done
with LIT tokens. We’re completely decentralized, and we’re leading
the way for a new revolution in cross-chain privacy. It’s really
exciting to be a part of it!

I’m utilizing Litentry to link identities from
multiple blockchains together and use them as a basis for multiple
decentralized applications. A great benefit of this is that I’m not
being monitored due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain.
As a developer, I’m also able to create decentralized apps and
connect them to the network.

I’m all about the LIT token! Not only can it be
used for a variety of purposes, but it can also give me governance
access. That means I can have a say in the project and its
developments. Plus, I can stake it to become an Identity Registrar
– doing so will earn me more LIT tokens! It’s a great way to get
involved and have a voice, not to mention get rewarded.

I’m considering investing in LIT because of its
strong team and partners. Companies like Strong Protocol, iME, PAID
Network, and DeCredit have all put their trust in the
cryptocurrency. There is a total supply of 100 million LIT tokens
which are distributed among the Litentry team, investors, private
sales, and the Litentry foundation. The circulating supply is
currently around 40 million LIT tokens, with a market cap of
approximately $31 million.

What Are the
Benefits of Investing in Newly Listed Coins?

I’m still unsure if I should invest in newly
listed Coinbase coins. I need some convincing to make a decision.
From what I’ve heard, there are plenty of advantages to buying
these coins while they’re still in the early stages of development.
It seems like a great opportunity, but I’m still not sure.

Cheap and

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One of the main reasons to buy into possible
upcoming Coinbase listings is that before being listed on popular
exchanges such as Coinbase, cryptocurrencies will tend to be at a
low price point. So, it is the right time to buy them and wait
until they get listed, attract huge attention, and increase their
demand. Still, it does not mean that you need to purchase every
cheap cryptocurrencyI’m always cautious when it comes to investing
in coins. Before I commit, I make sure to do my due diligence and
research the coins that have the highest potential of gaining
interest in the future. Taking risks can be part of investing, but
I want to be sure that I’m making the right decision and not just
gambling away my money.

Have a Lot of
Room for Development

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I’m excited to be investing in coins that are
still early on in the development phase. These projects have
already drawn a lot of attention just from announcing the features,
platforms, and tools they plan to launch. This means they have
plenty of potential to grow in value if they can reach their goals.
It’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something

Coinbase is a
Leading Exchange 

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Finally, Coinbase is a leading and well-known
platformI’m always keeping an eye out for new coins that capture my
attention. Whenever something looks interesting enough, I know
Coinbase is likely to list it. It’s always exciting when I hear
news of a new listing, as it usually means the coin is gaining a
lot of attention. This increased attention often leads to a greater
demand, which in turn causes the coin’s value to rise. It’s a
win-win for everyone involved!

How to Buy
Newly Listed Coins on Coinbase – Step-by-Step Process

You can’t buy AiDogeI want to buy AiDoge tokens
before it’s officially launched. Since it’s not supported by
brokers, I have to turn to cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase is a
great option as it lets me purchase other tokens or newly listed
coins. Here’s a quick guide on how to buy coins on Coinbase and
exchange them with AI tokens. First, create a digital wallet. Then,
select the coin you want to buy and add it to your cart. Finally,
complete the purchase and exchange the coins for AI tokens. It’s
that simple!

Step 1: Create
a Coinbase Account

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I opened a Coinbase account recently, and it was
a quick and simple process. All I had to do was click the blue “Get
Started” button and fill in my name, email address, and password. I
also had to verify my email, add a phone number, and activate
2-factor authentication. It took me less than five minutes to get
everything set up, and then I was ready to start trading.

Step 2: Verify
Your Account

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I need to verify my identity on Coinbase, a
regulated financial company. To do so, I open the Coinbase mobile
app or visit the website’s verification page. I enter my personal
information and upload an ID that confirms my identity. It’s that

I’m required to verify my identity for certain
transactions and the documents accepted for this purpose differ
depending on where I’m located. For example, if I’m in the US, I
need a government-issued ID and a driver’s license. On the other
hand, if I’m outside the US, I can present a national identity
card, passport, or government-issued photo ID.

I chose which type of ID verification I wanted
to use, and now I’m going to follow the instructions. My next move
is to upload pictures of both sides of my ID to Coinbase and wait
for an email response. This email will let me know if my ID has
been verified.

Step 3: Add a
Payment Method and Deposit Funds

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I need some new coins on Coinbase, so I’m
looking to add funds to my exchange account. To do this, I clicked
on my username and visited the “Settings” page. In the “Payment
Method” section, I found all the options available to me for adding
money to my account. I picked the one I wanted and now I’m ready to

I have a Coinbase account and I can use a
variety of payment methods to put money into it. I can use my debit
or credit card, or send a bank transfer. I can even use Paypal. I
just need to give Coinbase the details of the payment method and
link it to my account. After that, I’m good to go!

Step 4: Buy
Coins and Exchange them with AI Tokens

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Finally, when you have a verified and funded
Coinbase account, you can buy newly listed coins. Type the coin’s
name (for example, Tamadoge) in the search area and click on the
“Buy” button. Fill in the number of tokens you want to purchase and
make the contract. If you want to use your tokens to buy presale
coins such as AiDoge, transfer them to your digital wallet and
visit AiDoge’s platform to link your wallet and buy AI

I need to be sure that I am keeping my Coinbase
account details secure and my KYC (know your customer) details up
to date. That way, I can keep accessing my account without any
hassles. Plus, I’ll be ready to purchase any new Coinbase listings
as soon as they are released. So, I’m taking the necessary steps to
make sure I’m totally prepared for launch day!

Readers may be interested in our comparison
between eToro and CoinbaseI’ve been hearing a lot lately about some
upcoming Coinbase listings that will be premiering on eToro first,
which is a lesser known cryptocurrency platform. I’m excited to
find out what these listings are and to have the opportunity to
invest in them early. I’m sure the listings are going to be great
and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. I’m sure
this will be the start of something big for the crypto world. I’m
sure many other investors are just as excited as I am for the new
opportunities that will be available.


In this guide, we have spoken about potential
upcoming Coinbase listings and recent new Coinbase listings on the
popular exchange. Much like new coins expected to be listed on
BinanceAs an investor, I’m always on the lookout for the next
crypto to skyrocket in 2023. I’ve done my research and identified a
list of coins with huge potential for growth. Some of these coins
are already available on Coinbase, while others are not yet listed.
This gives me the opportunity to buy them at a low price before the
price increases. I’m sure that if I make the right investments,
I’ll be rewarded in the long run.

I’m not sure if it has been officially declared
yet, but there’s a possibility that my coin could be listed on
Coinbase in the future. If that happens, it’ll be really great for
its value, as Coinbase listing brings a lot of attention and
acceptance in the market. As long as my coin is promising, it has a
chance of being listed.

I’m excited about the upcoming Coinbase listings
that my team and I have carefully picked out. Wall Street Memes is
our top recommendation. Right now, the project is in the middle of
its pre-sale and it’s got a great community behind it that makes it
a smart investment for the long haul.

Wall Street Memes – Next
Big Crypto


  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on BeInCrypto, Bitcoinist, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection – Wall St Bulls
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk


Why should I buy coins before they get
listed on Coinbase?

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I’m a huge fan of crypto and Coinbase is one of
the biggest exchanges in the world. It’s the go-to for millions of
investors, and when a new coin is listed on Coinbase, it creates a
buzz. People start investing in it in the hopes that the price will
soar, and they want to get in on the action before it’s too late.
It’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and benefit
from the price increase after listing.

What new coins are coming to Coinbase in

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I’m trying to figure out what projects Coinbase
will list in the next few months. However, I’m sure the coins I’ve
recommended are likely to be added to the platform. Wall Street
Memes is a popular one with a big fan base, so its value will
probably surge and Coinbase will take notice. Other exchanges could
also take an interest.

Where can I find new coin listings on

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I’m always keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency
market so I can stay up to date on which coins are accepted at
Coinbase. But if I want to get a jump on what’s about to be listed,
I can check out Coinbase’s announcement platform. Not every project
is listed there though, so it’s important to keep track of the ones
that are. That way, I can be in the know regarding any future

What is the best crypto coin to buy right
now that will likely be listed on Coinbase soon?

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I’m sure about the best crypto to invest in
right now – it’s AiDoge. It’s coming soon to the big name
cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase is definitely one of them. It’s
an exciting opportunity to get in early and get ahead of the game.
Plus, with a new coin on the market, it could be a great way to
diversify a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

What is the name of the new coin coming to

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The new coin coming to Coinbase is called Aave

When will Aave (AAVE) be available to
purchase on Coinbase?

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Aave (AAVE) will be available to purchase on
Coinbase on April 15th, 2021.

What type of cryptocurrency is Aave

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Aave (AAVE) is a decentralized cryptocurrency
built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Are there any fees associated with
purchasing Aave (AAVE)?

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Yes, Coinbase may charge a fee for the purchase
of Aave (AAVE). Please refer to Coinbase’s Fee Schedule for more

How much Aave (AAVE) can I purchase on

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The exact amount of Aave (AAVE) you can purchase
will depend on your Coinbase account limits. Please refer to
Coinbase’s Account Limits page for more information.

What do you think about the above information
say new coin coming to coinbase, please leave your comment on this