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I’ve identified the person responsible for
producing and distributing a “Challenge Coin” with the Maryland
State Police insignia and a graphic image of offensive language.
Maryland State Police officials have confirmed this.

I have identified the person who made and spread
around a “Challenge Coin” with Maryland State Police logo, as well
as some graphic images and inappropriate words. This was confirmed
by the Maryland State Police. The coin was not authorized by the
State Police and the person was found to be in violation of State
Police regulations. I’m sure this person will be held accountable
for their actions.

I discovered that a former member of the
Maryland State Police was responsible for the design and production
of the coin. This individual left the Department in 2012. My
investigation revealed this information on Wednesday.

I’m a big fan of collecting challenge coins.
They are a great way to remember special occasions and mark
membership in organizations. Most of the time, these coins have
some type of logo or symbol on them to show the organization that
they represent. I have a few coins from my law enforcement days
that I cherish as a reminder of those times. It’s also a fun way to
show off your pride in the organization. Who knows, maybe one day
I’ll have a huge collection of these coins!

Officials with Maryland State Police said they
have uncovered the identity of the individual who created and
distributed an offensive “Challenge Coin” among its ranks.
(Courtesy Maryland State Police)

I’m pretty shocked by this coin I just saw. It
showed the official police symbol, but there was a woman in a thong
with the words “I’m offended” printed on them. Above the woman, it
said “Generation Butt Hurt”. This is unbelievable to me – why would
someone create something like this? It’s not only inappropriate,
it’s downright disrespectful.

I have seen the coin, and it is clear to me that
this was a response to the accusations of racial discrimination
that have been made against MSP in recent years. It’s a direct
response to the hurt and outrage that people have been feeling. I
think it’s a step in the right direction, but there still needs to
be more done to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and
equally. We need to do more to ensure that all people, regardless
of their race, are respected and given the same opportunities.

I’m appalled that someone who was part of the
Maryland State Police would produce something that disrespects our
values and everything we stand for. Even though an active member of
our force was not responsible for this, it still doesn’t excuse the
offence. As Colonel Woodrow W. Jones III, superintendent of the
Maryland State Police, I will not tolerate any behaviour that goes
against our beliefs. We take pride in our mission and the trust the
public has in us and this kind of action will not be accepted.

I’m questioning what this coin says about the
culture of the agency I’m part of. As a member of the Coalition of
Black Maryland State Troopers, and also of the National Association
of Women Law Enforcement Executives, I’m asking if this coin is a
message to Black troopers who have been speaking up about racism.
Is the agency’s culture being represented in this coin? That’s what
I’m looking for answers to.

I recently heard from
troopers that the coin was seen as an attempt to minimize the
experiences of minority and women troopers, and the culture that
surrounds it might be having a negative impact on residents. As the
President of the NAACP Branch, this has concerned me deeply. It’s
unacceptable for people to be treated with disrespect in any form.
We must continue to fight for justice and equality.

I’m concerned about how
people of color and female officers are treated. If they don’t get
the respect they deserve, how can the average person expect to be
treated well? I’m asking this question because I want to make sure
everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

I, Anthony Alexander, said last week that the
coin demonstrated there needs to be greater transformation of the
agency’s culture. As the leader of the coalition, I am making it my
mission to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to create this
change. We must take proactive measures to create a culture that is
equal, inclusive, and respectful. I am dedicated to leading this
effort and fostering a better environment for everyone.

I regret that my behavior has caused disruption
to our attempts to create a better work environment and better
relationships with our community. It’s not something I’m proud of
and I apologize for my actions. I’m committed to doing all I can to
help promote a positive workplace and build strong relationships
with all those we serve.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Maryland State Police Challenge

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A Maryland State Police Challenge Coin is an
award presented by the Maryland State Police to recognize
outstanding performance.

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The Maryland State Police

Video Description

What does the Maryland State Police
Challenge Coin look like?

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The Maryland State Police Challenge Coin is
generally round and has a blue face with a gold trim and the
Maryland State Police logo in the center. The back of the coin has
the Maryland State Police motto, “To Serve and Protect.”

Who is eligible to receive a Maryland State
Police Challenge Coin?

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The Maryland State Police Challenge Coin is
presented to members of the Maryland State Police who have
demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to their mission. It
is also presented to members of the public who have made
significant contributions to the Maryland State Police.

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