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I’m not likely to get rich off my John Tyler
dollar coins. They’re not particularly rare or valuable. But if I’m
lucky enough to find them in uncirculated condition, I can usually
get a few extra bucks for them. That’s why I stay up to date on
these coins. I want to know all I can about them, so that I can
make the most of any opportunities that come my way.

I am John Tyler, the 10th president of the
United States of America. During my time in office from 1841 to
1845, I had the privilege of being commemorated on a coin. It feels
great to be remembered in this way, and I am thankful for the
recognition. Serving my country was an honor, and it is a moment I
will never forget.


Presidential DollarYear:
2009Face Value:
$1.00Composition: 88.5%
copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, 2% nickelTotal Weight: 8.1 grams

I recently got my hands on the 2009 John Tyler
Dollar coins. They come in three varieties: the P, D, and S proof.
The P and D coins are minted by the US Mint, while the S proof is a
special one. The mint mark is inscribed on the edge of each coin,
so you can easily identify it. All in all, these coins make a great
addition to any collection!

I’m a collector of unique coins. The ones I
treasure the most are proof coins, which are especially detailed
and minted on special planchets. It takes a bit longer to produce
them compared to regular coins, but it’s worth it! I’m always on
the lookout for special proof coins that can’t be found in regular
circulation. It’s my favorite hobby and I’m proud to have found
some rare gems.

Series Location Quantity Minted
2009 P Philadelphia 43,540,000
2009 D Denver 43,540,000
2009 S Proof San Francisco 2,809,452

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I’m only worth a buck — that’s the sad truth for
my 2009 John Tyler dollar coins in circulated condition. But if I’m
in an uncirculated condition, people are willing to pay a premium
for me. That’s the way it goes.

I’m currently in possession of both the 2009 P
John Tyler dollar coin and 2009 D John Tyler dollar coin. Both in
uncirculated condition, with an MS 65 grade, they are worth around
$5 each. It’s a great investment for any collector!

I own a 2009 S John Tyler dollar coin and it’s
worth around $4.50 if it’s in PR 65 condition. That means it’s in
perfect condition for its age, with no signs of wear or damage.
It’s hard to find coins like this in such good condition, so if you
come across a John Tyler dollar, it’s definitely worth checking

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Grading System

I’m thrilled to have this MS 65 gem
uncirculated! It shines brightly with a strong luster and eye
appeal. I’m impressed with the condition, as there are only a few
light contact marks that aren’t even noticeable.

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I’m proud to show off my PR 65 proof coin. It’s
perfect in every way; there’s not a single flaw to be found. Of
course, some minor blemishes can be seen, but that’s to be
expected. All in all, it’s a stunning coin and I’m proud to own it.
I’m confident that it’ll be worth a fortune one day!



The Red Book

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Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a John Tyler dollar

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The value of a John Tyler dollar coin depends on
the condition and grade of the coin. Generally, most John Tyler
dollar coins are worth between $1 to $10.

Where can I find the value of a John Tyler
dollar coin?

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You can find the value of a John Tyler dollar
coin by researching online coin dealers and numismatic websites.
You can also consult a professional coin dealer for more precise

What is the difference between a John Tyler
dollar coin and a regular dollar coin?

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A John Tyler dollar coin is a commemorative coin
minted by the United States Mint. It was issued in 2000 to honor
the 10th president of the United States, John Tyler. A regular
dollar coin is a circulating coin that is minted in larger numbers
and used for everyday transactions.

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