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I was born into politics as the son of John
Adams, the second president of the United States, and my mother
Abigail. Growing up, I witnessed the American Revolution and even
went to Europe with my father for his diplomatic posts. Following
in his footsteps, I became a diplomat in Europe and eventually
ended up as the sixth president of the United States.

I narrowly won the presidency in a highly
debatable election that was ultimately determined by the US House
of Representatives with a single ballot. It was an especially tight
contest, but in the end, I was chosen as the victor.

I’m the President, and I’m pushing for the
construction of roads and canals all across the country. This will
help create jobs and promote commerce. For example, during my term,
we extended the Cumberland road into Ohio, and started some major
canal projects. It’s a great way to stimulate the economy and make
life easier!

I was not re-elected after my term as president,
so I went on to work in the US House of Representatives for nine
terms. Believe it or not, I am the only former president to have
served in Congress after my presidency, along with Andrew Johnson,
the 17th president.

Coinage Legislation under President John
Quincy Adams

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Act of May 19, 1828 — This Act:

  • I’m so pleased that the United States Mint is staying in
    Philadelphia, where it has been since 1792. It has become an
    important part of our city’s history and culture, and I’m so glad
    that it will remain here indefinitely. This ensures that the Mint
    will continue to be a leader in the production of coins and
    currency and will help maintain the nation’s economic stability. It
    also ensures that one of the country’s most enduring institutions
    will continue to be a source of pride and prosperity in
  • establishes a standard weight for the Mint’s use;
  • As I bring silver bullion to the Mint for coinage, I am
    provided with payment for the testing. This payment ensures that
    the process is reliable and secure. With this payment, the Mint is
    able to check the bullion to determine its purity and value. This
    ensures I receive the correct amount of coins for my bullion. By
    providing payment, the Mint is guaranteeing a safe and secure
    coinage process.
  • authorizes employment of clerks at the Mint; and
  • I, as the Director of the Mint, have the authority to test the
    purity of bullion that isn’t meant to be used for coining money. I
    can also provide certificates of quality to the owners of the
    bullion for a fee. This is a service that I am able to provide to
    ensure that the bullion is up to standards.

United States Mint Directors appointed by
President Adams

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I have no involvement in the appointment of the
Director of the United States Mint. John Quincy Adams was the
President, but I didn’t pick the person for the position. There’s
no need for me to explain why the President didn’t choose a
Director of the United States Mint, but I will say that it wasn’t
my decision to make. I’m sure the President made an informed
decision based on the information he had.


Obverse Inscriptions

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  • 6TH PRESIDENT 1825-1829

Reverse Inscriptions

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  • $1

Incused (edge) Inscriptions

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  •  2008
  • mint mark (“P”, “D,” or “S”)

Mint and Mint Mark

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  • Denver
  • Philadelphia

Artist Information


  • Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a John Quincy Adams
dollar coin?

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The value of a John Quincy Adams dollar coin
depends on the year it was issued and its condition. Generally,
these coins are worth between $2 and $10.

What year was the John Quincy Adams dollar
coin released?

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The John Quincy Adams dollar coin was released
in 2018 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth.

What does the John Quincy Adams dollar coin
look like?

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The obverse of the John Quincy Adams dollar coin
features a portrait of the former president. The reverse features a
depiction of the Earth with the words “Peace, Commerce and Honest
Friendship” written around the edge.

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