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I’m not sure if my James Madison dollar coins
are rare or valuable, but I do know that they are worth more if
they are in uncirculated condition. I decided to do some research
to find out more about these coins.

I’m James Madison, the fourth President of the
United States from 1809 to 1817. As my image on the coin shows, I
had the honor of leading the country during this important era of
our history. Although my term was relatively short, it was a period
of great progress in many areas. We built upon the foundations of
our nation and made great strides in establishing our democracy. My
presidency was marked by successes, including the Bill of Rights,
the establishment of the federal judiciary, and the War of 1812. I
am proud of the legacy I left for future generations and for the
United States.


Presidential DollarYear:
2007Face Value:
$1.00Composition: 88.5%
copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, 2% nickelTotal Weight: 8.1 grams

I’m the proud owner of the 2007 P James Madison
dollar coin, the 2007 D James Madison dollar coin, and the 2007 S
proof James Madison dollar coin. All of these coins have the mint
mark on the edge of them. It’s really cool to have these limited
edition coins that I can collect and admire. Each coin is a little
piece of history and I’m proud to have them in my collection.

I’m an avid coin collector, so I’m familiar with
proof coins. These coins are amazing because they’re crafted with
such high detail. To make these coins, the mint uses special
planchets and the process takes longer than usual. Proof coins are
exclusively made for collectors, so you won’t find them in your
everyday pocket change. They’re a great way to show off your coin
collection and add something unique to it.

Series Location Quantity Minted
2007 P Philadelphia 84,560,000
2007 D Denver 87,780,000
2007 S Proof San Francisco 3,965,989

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I’m worth a whole dollar! That’s right, my 2007
James Madison dollar coins in circulated condition are only worth
their face value. Unfortunately, to get any more than that, they
need to be in uncirculated condition. Oh well, at least I’m still
getting my buck’s worth!

I recently discovered that my 2007 P and D James
Madison dollar coins are worth around $5 in uncirculated condition
when given an MS 65 grade. I was quite surprised to learn how much
these coins are worth! I’m sure glad I decided to hang onto them
and not get rid of them in some garage sale. It’s amazing what some
coins can be worth if they are kept in good condition.

I recently purchased a 2007 S proof James
Madison dollar coin in PR 65 condition. It cost me around $4.25. It
was a great deal, and I’m really happy with my purchase. This coin
is really special because it’s part of a series of US coins that
honor our country’s presidents. It’s also a great collector’s item,
and I’m sure it will appreciate in value over time. The 2007 S
proof James Madison dollar coin is definitely a great

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Grading System

I am proud to own this MS 65 gem uncirculated
coin. It boasts a stunning luster and captivating eye appeal.
Though there may be a few minor contact marks, they are barely
perceptible. It’s a great addition to my collection!

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I’m thrilled to have this coin in my collection!
It’s PR 65 proof, meaning there are no flaws whatsoever. There
might be a few superficial blemishes, but nothing that takes away
from its beauty. I’m proud to own this coin and am sure it will add
a special touch to my collection.



The Red Book

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the value of a James Madison
dollar coin?

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The value of a James Madison dollar coin depends
on the condition of the coin, the year it was minted, and the mint
mark. In general, James Madison dollar coins are worth between $1
and $2 in circulated condition.

2. How can I tell if my James Madison dollar
coin is authentic?

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James Madison dollar coins have a few features
that help to determine authenticity. These features include the
size, shape, weight, and edge of the coin. Additionally, the front
of the coin features a portrait of James Madison and the reverse
features an image of the Statue of Liberty.

3. Are James Madison dollar coins still
being minted?

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No, the James Madison dollar coin was only
minted between 2007 and 2011. The coins are no longer being

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