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I was born on April 23, 1791, near Mercersburg,
Pa., and was the oldest of 11 children. I pursued a career in law
in 1812, and during the War of 1812 I helped to protect Baltimore.
I had a great talent for oratory and was elected to serve in the
state legislature and later the U.S. House of Representatives and
Senate. I was even appointed U.S. minister to Russia. In 1845, I
became President James K. Polk’s secretary of state, and later
served as U.S. minister to Great Britain. This shielded me from the
heated debates about slavery in the U.S. and helped me earn the
Democratic Party’s nomination for President in 1856. I served one
term, 1857-1861, but did not pursue re-election in 1860.

Just two days after I took office, the U.S.
Supreme Court released their spine-chilling Dred Scott decision,
legalizing slavery in all territories, and the nation was careening
towards civil war. To my credit, I succeeded in opening and
protecting ports on the West Coast to facilitate trade with Asia.
When Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election in December
1860, 11 southern states declared themselves the Confederate States
of America and seceded from the Union. I passed away on June 1,
1868 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Coinage Legislation under President James

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No coinage legislation was enacted during
President Buchanan’s term.

United States Mint Directors Appointed by
President James Buchanan

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No United States Mint Directors were appointed
by President Buchanan.


Obverse Inscriptions

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  • 15TH PRESIDENT 1857-1861

Reverse Inscriptions

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  • $1

Incused (edge) Inscriptions

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  • 2010
  • mint mark (“P”, “D,” or “S”)

Mint and Mint Mark

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  • Denver
  • Philadelphia

Artist Information


  • Phebe Hemphill, Medallic Artist


  • Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of a James Buchanan dollar

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The value of a James Buchanan dollar coin
depends on the coin’s condition and rarity. Generally, coins in
circulated condition have a value of $1-$2, while coins in
uncirculated condition can have a value of up to $20.

Where can I find more information about
James Buchanan dollar coins?

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The United States Mint website contains
information about the James Buchanan dollar coin, including its
design, composition, and mintage figures. The website also provides
information about the coin’s value and availability.

How can I tell if my James Buchanan dollar
coin is genuine?

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In order to determine whether your James
Buchanan dollar coin is genuine, it is best to have the coin
examined by a numismatist or a coin dealer. An expert can provide
an assessment of the coin’s authenticity and condition.

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