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There are several easy ways to capture your screen on Chrome

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Jeff Dunn|@deffjunn|March 23, 2023 11:00 AM

Chromebooks are designed to beAre you new to
Chrome OS and wondering how to take a screenshot? Don’t worry, it’s
easy! Whether you have a Chromebook or not, there are multiple ways
to capture your screen. Here’s a quick guide to show you how to do

The quickest way to capture a screenshot on a
Chromebook is to press the Control (Ctrl) and Show Windows keys at
the same time. This will grab a picture of the whole screen. The
Show Windows key, which is exclusive to Chromebooks, looks like a
rectangle with two lines beside it. It is usually situated where
the F5 key would be on a Windows computer.


By pressing the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift
+ Show Windows, you can open the Screen Capture toolbar. This menu
offers the possibility to capture the whole screen, a particular
section or a single open window. Moreover, you can also make a
video recording of part or all of your screen from this menu.

You can access your Chromebook’s tools through
Quick Settings. To do this, locate the clock in the bottom right
corner of the taskbar, and then click the Screen Capture icon that
appears in the menu.

Some Chromebooks are equipped with a special
Screenshot key, which is denoted by a camera icon. If you have
that, you can simply press the button instead of using one of the
shortcuts mentioned above.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

If you’re using an external keyboard that
doesn’t have a “Show Windows” or “Screenshot” button, you can press
Ctrl+F5 to take a full-screen capture, or Ctrl+Shift+F5 to open up
the Screen Capture menu and capture a partial screenshot. If you’re
using a Chrome OS device, the process is a bit
different.tabletTake a screenshot of your phone screen
with ease by pressing down the power and volume buttons

“Captures”. When you take a screenshot or
capture on Chrome OS, the image or recording will be automatically
copied to your clipboard. You’ll see a small window appear in the
bottom corner of the display, allowing you to edit or delete the
capture. Additionally, the “Captures” folder on your taskbar/shelf
will store the most recent screenshots.the ToteBy default, all of
your captures will be saved to the Downloads folder in the Files
app. If you would like to change the save location, press Shift +
Ctrl + Show Windows, then select the Settings gear icon and choose
Select Folder.

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