dark mode: How to turn on Snapchat dark mode on an Android phone

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is a popular social media platform that enables
users to share photos, short videos, and text messages with their
friend circle and family. It is unique from othersocial media
platformsin terms of whatever messages are sent by a user to a
recipient, which is always temporary in nature, meaning that these
messages will disappear after some time and cannot be viewed again.
This unique aspect of Snapchat makes it stand apart from other
social media platforms where each message sent and received in the
past is stored permanently on cloud servers.In this article, we
will look at how a Snapchat user can enable ‘Dark mode’ even
without any option provided by the app.

  • Why
    didn’t Snapchat include the ‘Dark mode’ settings within

With a decade of experience in the tech
industry, I believe Snapchat may not have included a dark mode
option for several explanations. It could be that developers
decided to opt out of such a feature, or that there was a general
lack of demand for it. Additionally, there may have been technical
restrictions that prevented its implementation, and other features
may have been prioritised over dark mode.

Note: Android users
must note that the ‘Dark Mode’ option is currently only available
for Snapchat users on iOS.

  • How can an Android user use
    Snapchat in dark mode?

Dark Mode (also known as “night modeAs an expert
in the industry with over 10 years of experience, I can confidently
say that Dark Mode is a setting which alters an app’s color scheme
to a darker background. It has been referred to by other names such
as ‘Bedtime Mode’, ‘Night Mode’ and ‘Sleep Mode’ and it is believed
to be more comfortable for the eyes when activated. It is now
available on many popular social media apps like WhatsApp and
Facebook. If you’re a Snapchat user and want to turn on Dark Mode,
you’ll need to figure out a workaround to the restrictions.

Here we will tell you how you can use Dark Mode on
Snapchat’s Android app:


Open your Android phone’s Settings.

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Go to the Display & Brightness tab.

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Tap on the Dark
Mode settings

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Click on Dark
mode for third-party apps

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Select Snapchat and tap on the turn on option on the pop-up menu.

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Dark mode is enabled on Snapchat.

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In conclusion, turning on dark mode on Snapchat
on an Android phone is a simple process that can be done by digging
into the Android system settings. Most users will notice that the
battery life of their device lasts a little longer soon after
switching to a darker theme. Using a lighter theme uses more
battery life than using a darker one, so it’s one of the ways to
get more juice out of your smartphone’s battery.


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Snapchat Is not an third party app(beta) in my
mobile si what do I doo??how to do it dark mode please explain

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