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Knowing how to make
your period end faster
feels like a superhero skill we’d
all be keen to master.

We get it, periods can be a pain.

Why do they always seem to arrive just before
major events?

That big beach holiday, sports match, or, um,
your own wedding day?

Yep, periods know no bounds.

While you can take part in and enjoy activities
when you’re on your period, if it’s making you feel uncomfortable,
you might wonder what your options are.

So here’s the lowdown:

When it comes to
how to make your period end faster once it’s started, there’s no
method that’s 100% reliable and safe.

That being said, there are some methods that can
give you some control over period planning.

The best option? Hormonal birth control.

Here’s how it works.

In this

  • How to make your period end fast with birth control
  • How to make your period end faster naturally

How to make your period end fast with birth

The best way to stop your period from time to
time is by using hormonal birth control.

Most types come with the bonus of making your
periods shorter and/or lighter.

Here are the different options and how they
might help:

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The monthly pill

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The pill works by affecting the hormones —
estrogen and progesterone — that handle ovulation.

(Ovulation is the process when an egg is
released from one of your ovaries. If an egg doesn’t meet up with
an awaiting sperm, your body sheds it — along with the other
pregnancy prep your body has been doing — through your period.)

Because hormonal birth control prevents you from
ovulating, it also changes other parts of your menstrual cycle. No
ovulation, means no egg being released, means no need to have a

But hold on, don’t you usually still have a
period when you’re on the pill?

Yep. Sort of. But it’s more of a scheduled
monthly bleed rather than a period period.

This is how it works:


Your monthly schedule of daily pills includes
some placebos.

These sugar pills don’t contain hormones in

Rather, they’re placeholders that help you keep
your month on track.

The “period” you have when you’re in the placebo
part of your monthly journey is actually withdrawal
, and a result of your body adjusting to lower hormone

Skipping these placebos means you skip the
withdrawal bleeding which means you skip your “period.”

Luckily, you shouldn’t suffer adverse effects by
skipping the placebos.

That period was fake anyway. Scientists say it’s
safe to go ahead.

The ring or patch

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The ring is a device that goes inside your
vagina. The patch sticks to your skin. Both release hormones into
your system.

Using the ring or patch to gain control over
your period works similarly to how you would use the monthly pill
for this purpose.

Both the ring and the patch are usually three
weeks on and one week off. Skip the week off and you skip your

(Note that with the pill, the ring, and the
patch, we don’t have 100% control. You may have some breakthrough
spotting anyway.)

Extended cycle contraceptives

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These pills work on a 90-day cycle. It’s only
after this extended cycle you take a break from the hormones.

When you do, you might get a “period” (which is
actually withdrawal bleeding.)

So this option means you’ll only have about four
bouts of bleeding a year.

Hormonal IUDs

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This form of hormonal birth control is inserted
into your uterus.

While you might have some cramping and spotting
in the first few months of getting an IUD, this usually doesn’t
last long.

After that, you’ll either have very light
periods or no period at all.

Note that non-hormonal IUDs (also known as a
copper coil) might have the opposite effect.

With a copper coil, you may experience longer
and more painful periods than you’re used to.

This is totally normal, but if it’s causing too
much discomfort, you may want to consider other contraception
options instead.

So that’s if you want to gain control ahead of
time. But what if your period has already started?

Well, that’s a little trickier and you may not
have as much control.

Bodies are not too keen on stopping a process
they’ve already started, so there are no guarantees when it comes
to making your period end faster once it’s already begun.

All birth control comes with the risk of some
unpleasant side effects.

Chat to your healthcare provider about the best
option for your needs.

Speaking to friends and our Peanut community
about their experiences can also help you make the right

How to make your period end faster

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to
gain control of your periods without using hormonal birth

But there are definitely methods you can try
that could make them shorter, lighter, or all-round more

Most of these are good for your reproductive and
overall health anyway, so even if they don’t lead to a shorter
period, implementing them may help you feel better throughout your

Get your heart rate up

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We know. You’re cramping, bloated and tired, and
may not want to hear this — but there’s evidence to suggest that
aerobic exercise can make menstrual symptoms more manageable.

Something to be aware of is that really intense
exercise can get in the way of your cycle in ways that may cause
health problems.

If you’re concerned, talk through it with a
healthcare professional.

Have sex

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Sex can help you end your period if it results
in pregnancy.

But there is some talk about other ways sex may

While it’s not a sure-fire way to end a period
quicker, there has been some early research to suggest a
relationship between the hormones released during sex and your
reproductive cycles.

Scientists are still getting to the bottom of
this one. In the meantime, have fun doing your own research.

Another option? Enjoy sex while on your

Try a herbal remedy

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There are no guarantees with herbal remedies,
but if you’re looking for some natural solutions, there are some to

Fennel’s anti-inflammatory properties mean it
could reduce pain and blood flow while you’re on your period.

And studies have shown that ginger could also
reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.

Drink water

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Staying hydrated is pretty important, anyway. A

It may influence the length of your period.

Being hydrated can also reduce bloating and
cramps, and may also make your period lighter.

Shoot for about eight glasses of water a

Get the right nutrients

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If you find yourself reaching for salty or
sugary snacks when it’s that time of the month, you’re not

But it’s important to get some nutrient-filled
foods in, too.

Foods that are rich in magnesium, like nuts,
seeds, greens, and fish, may ease the symptoms of long, painful

Vitamin B6 — which you’ll find in eggs, poultry,
or fish — has also been shown to affect period symptoms.

Before taking supplements, it’s a good idea to
speak to a medical practitioner to see if it’s right for you.

Choose different sanitary products

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OK, so there’s no scientific backing for this
one, but some people swear by using sanitary products that
encourage ‘free bleeding’ to shorten their periods.

Think pads or menstrual cups.

These products collect blood as it flows, rather
than absorbing it in the vaginal canal as a tampon would.

Switching products can at least make those last
few days of your period feel like they’re going by a little

Periods can be a little unpredictable at times,
and unfortunately can’t be tamed as much as we’d like them to.

Sometimes, you’re just going to have to accept
that your period is coming to a big event with you.

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