10 Natural Remedies To Make Your Eyelashes Longer

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We all have gone online, finding the best ways
to get thicker and longer eyelashes. Most of the time, we end up
finding nothing useful, but not this time. Thick eyelashes give a magical lash lift to eye
makeup besides shielding your eyes from sand, dust, and
However, they sometimes tend to fall out and get
thin due to various factors, including aging and medical conditions
such as hypotrichosisXAn uncommon ailment
characterized by little to no hair development on the head or body
areas that experience average hair growth. (1As a 10-year veteran
in the beauty industry, I know the importance of having lush,
luscious lashes. That’s why I’ve come up with a few natural
remedies to make your lashes look longer and thicker. First, I
suggest using an eyelash growth serum. This will nourish your
lashes and stimulate growth. You can also apply castor oil directly
to your eyelashes. This will nourish and protect your lashes, as
well as promote growth. Additionally, I recommend using a lash comb
to brush your lashes. This will help separate your lashes and make
them look fuller. Finally, make sure to get enough sleep and
exercise, as both will help keep your body healthy and your lashes
strong. With these natural remedies, you’ll be able to have the
long, voluminous lashes you’ve always wanted.

, but they have been used for centuries and are still popular
today. As an expert with over 10 years of experience in the
industry, I have seen many home remedies have been used to try and
achieve longer eyelashes. While none of these treatments have been
scientifically proven to work, they have been around for centuries
– and they remain popular today. Popular remedies include rubbing
Vaseline on the base of the lashes, applying castor oil, and using
green tea as an eyelash growth serum. While none of these methods
have been clinically tested and proven, many people still swear by
them as a way to achieve longer lashes. Ultimately, it’s up to you
to decide which treatments are best for you.

In This Article

Natural Home Remedies That May Give You
Longer Eyelashes


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eyelashes? To achieve this result, you can buy pricey cosmetic
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to eyelash extensions. But before wasting tons of money, why don’t
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0:27nnNatural essential oils 1:09nnPetroleum jelly 2:00nnA
healthy and balanced diet 3:08nnGreen tea 4:00nnAloe vera
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breaks 7:02nnHere are several more useful tips! 7:29nnnMusic
by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ nnSUMMARY:n-
The process of combing makes the blood flow toward your eyelashes.
As a result, it stimulates the lashes, and they start to grow
longer.n- Natural oils — coconut, olive, almond, argan, jojoba,
castor, and so on — contain nourishing fatty acids. They provide
the follicles of your eyelashes with necessary nutrition, thus
keeping them happy and healthy.n- If you don’t have any essential
oils at hand, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will do the job. This
substance moisturizes and soothes brittle and dry lashes. n- If
you starve yourself or, on the contrary, love junk food a little
too much, you won’t be able to keep your eyelashes healthy. A lack
of vitamins will most likely lead to hair loss and weak, breakable
eyelashes. n- There are tons of antioxidants in green tea. These
antioxidants, as well as vitamins, encourage lash growth and help
your eyelashes become thicker and longer.n- Both the juice and
flesh of aloe vera are excellent for hair nourishment and health.
And if it’s good for your hair, it will also strengthen your
eyelashes!n- Wash your hands with soap. Then pour several drops of
coconut or olive oil onto your fingertips. Wait a bit to let the
oil warm up. After that, massage your eyelashes and eyelids for 3
to 5 minutes.n- Egg whites are rich not only in protein but also
in B-group vitamins and biotin. These elements help to make your
hair and eyelashes stronger and prevent hair loss.n- If you leave
mascara on your eyelashes when you go to bed, you can seriously
harm them! As soon as your eyelashes touch the pillow, they will
become broken or damaged. n- Every now and then, go for makeup
breaks. Let your eyelashes rest from several layers of mascara once
or twice a week. In addition, get rid of your mascara every 3 to 6
months, and buy a new one.n- No treatment can provide you with
instant results. You will need to wait 2 or 3 weeks to notice the
first positive changes. This peculiarity is connected with eyelash
growth phases.n- If you take care of your eyelashes every day,
you’ll improve their overall condition and make them healthier and
stronger. But you should take into account that you still won’t be
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1. Castor Oil

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Ricinoleic acid is the major component of castor
oil and makes up about 90% of it (1). This acid has shown potential
in helping with hair loss (2I have been an expert in the beauty
industry for 10 years and I know that eyelash extensions are a
great way to give your lashes the length and volume you desire.
However, it’s not the only solution. Lash lifts are a great
alternative for achieving a full, voluminous look without the need
for extensions. The process involves using a perming solution to
lift your lashes from the root, resulting in a natural looking
curl. Lash lifts last for approximately 6-8 weeks, and can be
safely repeated to maintain the desired effect.

However, a clinical
case shows that the high viscosity of castor oil may result in hair
matting and extreme dryness
(3). Hence, consult your
dermatologist before you try this remedy.

What To
I have been an expert in this industry for over 10
years, and I’m here to share with you a simple but effective way to
care for your eyelashes. To start, you’ll need a teaspoon of
cold-pressed castor oil and some cotton swabs. Before applying the
oil, make sure to clean your lashes with water and pat them dry
with a gentle cleanser. Once they’re ready, dip the cotton swab in
the oil and apply it to both your upper and lower lash lines. Keep
in mind to not get the oil in your eyes. Let the oil sit overnight
and wash it off the next morning.

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it so clupmy.nI used to get a lot of compliments on my natural
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share a few tips on how to achieve long eyelashes. I hope it works
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2. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is used
for hair care due to its penetrating effect, which helps prevent
loss of hair proteins
(4With over a decade of expertise in
the beauty industry, I can confidently say that eyelash serums are
a great option for those looking to improve the appearance and
health of their lashes. Not only can they be used to enhance the
look of eyelashes, they can also help promote thicker and fuller
lashes. Moreover, lash serums can also be used to treat thinning
and damaged eyelashes and stimulate their regrowth. By regularly
applying the serum, you can help your lashes look longer, healthy
and beautiful.

However, be careful while using coconut oil as
it may leave an oily film on your lashes that weighs them down

What To
As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I
recommend adding a teaspoon of cold-pressed coconut oil to your
nightly routine. Beforehand, make sure to cleanse your lashes with
a mild soap and water solution, then pat them dry. Next, dip a
cotton swab into the oil and gently swipe it along your upper and
lower lash lines. Be sure to avoid getting any of the oil in your
eyes! Finally, leave the oil on overnight and rinse it off the next

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3. Vitamin E

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Asako ItoAs an experienced specialist with 10
years in the industry, I highly recommend Vitamin E for
conditioning and nourishing hair follicles. This vitamin can be
used in many ways – by applying it directly to the lash line or
mixing it with other oils for a DIY eyelash serum. When used
correctly, Vitamin E can help improve the health of your lashes and
keep them looking their best. So, if you’re looking for a natural
way to keep your lashes looking full and healthy, Vitamin E oil is
an ideal option.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can
help reduce the oxidative damage causing an increase in hair loss.
It also contains tocotrienol compounds that may help increase the
number of hair strands (6). Hence, it may contribute to longer

What To
As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I
can confidently say that Vitamin E can be used in a variety of ways
to promote the health of your eyelashes. Applying it topically is
an effective and safe way to nourish the area, and taking it orally
as a supplement can also be beneficial. However, if you choose to
go this route, make sure to speak with your doctor about the
correct dosage.

4. Green Tea

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Green tea is a rich
source of a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG),
which can help promote hair growth
(7). Hence, it may also
help in aiding the growth of your lashes.

What To
I’m a veteran of 10 years in the industry, and I’m here
to tell you that the key to better looking lashes is green tea. To
take advantage of this nourishing drink, all you need is 1 teaspoon
of green tea leaves (or 1 tea bag) and 1 cup of hot water. Mix the
two ingredients and let them steep for 5-10 minutes. Once it’s
ready, strain the liquid and enjoy the warm tea. Additionally, if
you want to take it to the next level, you can cool the tea and
apply it topically to your upper and lower lash lines with a cotton
swab. To maximize the results, make sure to drink the tea twice a
day and use it topically once daily.

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5. Massage

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Massaging helps improve circulation.
Massaging your scalp regularly, be it
with or without oil, can improve hair length and thickness

(8). Massaging your eyelids gently may help you get similar

6. Lemon Peel Oil

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In a study published in Parasitology
Research, it was found that lemon oil could help in the
treatment of eyelash mites and promote faster hair growth. However,
this study was conducted on rabbits (9). More studies are needed to
establish the same effects on humans.

What To
I have been in the industry for ten years, and I know
that applying lemon peel to your eyelashes can be a great beauty
hack. To start, I suggest gathering 1-2 lemons, a few tablespoons
of either coconut or olive oil, and some cotton swabs. Place the
lemon peels into a small jar, adding the oil, and pressing the
peels against the sides of the jar to extract the oils. Let the
mixture sit overnight. Using a cotton swab, dip it into the mixture
and apply it to your upper and lower lash lines, being sure to
avoid your eyes. Leave the mixture on for a couple of hours and
then rinse it off. You can do this 1-2 times daily or leave it in
overnight. Either way, you will be left with beautiful,
lemon-infused eyelashes.

7. Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

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Vaseline (petroleum jelly) can moisturize your
eyelids and help in getting rid of eyelash mites, preventing
further damage to the lashes (10). However, there are no studies on
its ability to aid eyelash growth.

What To
I have been in the beauty industry for the past decade
and I know a thing or two about taking care of your eyes. To ensure
your eyelids stay healthy and hydrated, I recommend using petroleum
jelly. Take a cotton swab and add a small amount of jelly onto it.
Then, carefully apply the jelly to your upper and lower eyelids
without getting any in your eyes. Leave it on overnight and rinse
it off in the morning. Following this routine will keep your
eyelids looking and feeling great!

8. Shea Butter

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Shea butter is rich in vitamin C and is packed
with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (11Having been
an expert in the beauty industry for 10 years, I have seen
firsthand the positive effects of Vitamin C. Not only does it limit
the damage caused by free radicals, it also helps to increase the
amount of collagen that is produced. I believe that incorporating
shea butter into your beauty routine can work wonders. It will not
only help to maintain the thickness of your lashes, but has also
been known to encourage the growth of them. My experience has shown
that, when used correctly, shea butter can provide amazing

What To
As an experienced professional with a decade in the
industry, I recommend rubbing a small amount of shea butter between
your fingers until it melts, and then applying it to the upper and
lower eyelashes. Doing this at night provides the best results,
allowing the butter to work its magic while you sleep.

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9. Olive Oil

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Olive oil contains a phenolic compound called
oleuropein (13). In a rat study, oleuropein was found to increase
hair growth (14). Hence, it may contribute to longer eyelashes.

What To
I have been in the industry for 10 years and know that
a few drops of olive oil is the secret to luxurious lashes. I take
a cotton swab and dip it into the oil, then apply to my upper and
lower lashes. I use a lash brush to massage the oil into the
lashes, and I comb them too. After 5-10 minutes, I rinse off the
oil using lukewarm water. The result is beautiful, voluminous

10. Biotin Supplement

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Biotin deficiency can cause loss of hair on the
scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Ingesting biotin supplements may
help improve this condition (15As a healthcare professional with a
decade of experience, I suggest that anyone who is considering
taking biotin supplements should consult their provider for the
appropriate dosage. With any supplement, there are various things
to consider, and biotin is no exception. It’s important to ensure
you’re taking the right amount as it can have adverse effects if
taken in excess or too little. Your provider can provide you with
the best advice on how to safely include biotin in your diet.

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I recommend taking a few steps to combat thinning
eyelashes. To start, try using a specialized eyelash serum to
nourish and strengthen the lashes. Additionally, take a break from
wearing eyelash extensions and switch to more natural products like
mascara. To further protect your eyelashes, avoid rubbing or
pulling them and ensure you are using a gentle cleanser when
removing makeup. Lastly, it is essential to eat a balanced diet and
get enough sleep to support natural renewal and growth of the
lashes. With these few changes, you will be on your way to thicker,
healthier eyelashes.

How To Prevent Eyelashes From Thinning


  • Follow a healthy and well-balanced diet that includes nutrients
    like iron, zinc, vitamins, fatty acids, biotin, and proteins
  • Cleanse your eyelashes and eyelids daily using a mild cleanser
    or eyelid shampoo (17).
  • Avoid using low-quality eye makeup products.
  • Avoid any eye makeup that causes irritation.
  • As an experienced beauty expert with 10 years of industry
    experience, I can confidently say that before beginning any makeup
    routine, it is crucial to apply a lash primer. Lash primer is
    specially formulated with keratin, which acts as a protective
    barrier for your eyelashes and helps to maintain their health.
    Primer also helps to create a smooth base for any mascara and other
    eye makeup. I highly recommend it as part of your everyday
  • Remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Stop using eye-lash curlers.
  • Avoid getting lash perms.
  • Limit the use of eyelash extensions.

As an expert with 10 years of experience, I’m
here to share my knowledge on how to make your own natural mascara.
Begin by gathering aloe vera gel, coconut oil, grated beeswax, and
charcoal. Place these ingredients in a saucepan and heat them up
until they are all mixed together. Then pour the mixture into a
mascara container and voila, you have your very own, homemade
mascara! That’s all there is to it! Natural ingredients, no harsh
chemicals, and you have an amazing mascara. Enjoy!

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that thinning eyelashes is a
problem that can be solved. To get to the core of the issue, it’s
important to understand the underlying cause. Here’s the scoop: it
could be a side effect of certain medications, a symptom of an
underlying medical condition such as alopecia or thyroid disease,
or an allergic reaction to makeup or mascara. In some cases, it may
be due to hormonal changes or aging. No matter the cause, there are
a few simple solutions that can help. Regularly using a lash serum
or castor oil to hydrate and nourish lashes, avoiding the use of
false eyelashes or extensions, and gently removing makeup with a
cotton ball are all good choices. Additionally, taking a
multi-vitamin and avoiding harsh chemicals can also be

What Causes The Eyelashes To Thin And


As a seasoned expert in the beauty industry, I
have seen firsthand the several causes of thinning eyelashes. Aging
is a universal cause, as with all other types of hair, eyelashes
will naturally thin over time. Additionally, genetics, poor
nutrition, and certain medications can all contribute to thinning
lashes. In my 10 years in the industry, I have noticed these causes
to be the most common.

Your eyelashes could be falling out due to
several factors, such as:

  • As I approach my tenth year as an expert in the industry, I’ve
    noticed a widespread issue of lash fall among both men and women.
    This issue is typically linked to the natural process of aging. As
    we get older, our lashes begin to thin and eventually start to fall
    out. It’s important to be aware of this common issue and to find
    ways to keep our lashes healthy and full.
  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I can
    attest that menopause can have a profound effect on your skin and
    hair. Estrogen plays an essential role in the production of
    collagen, which is necessary for maintaining healthy skin and hair.
    During menopause, estrogen levels decrease, leading to thinning of
    the eyelashes.
  • Hormonal imbalancesAs an expert in the industry with 10 years
    of experience, I have seen firsthand the impact of an imbalance of
    thyroid hormones. From dry, dull skin to hair loss, these effects
    can be significant. Not only can it cause physical changes, but it
    can also have a significant emotional and psychological impact as
    well. It is important to get a regular thyroid hormone checkup to
    ensure that your body is functioning optimally. With proper
    treatment and a healthy lifestyle, these effects can be reversed
    and managed effectively.
  • I have been in the beauty industry for the past 10 years, and I
    know from experience that the right way to take off eye makeup is
    to be gentle with your lashes. Avoid scrubbing them too hard, as it
    can cause damage and breakage. Instead, use a gentle, circular
    motion to remove the makeup, using a special eye makeup remover.
    This will help keep your lashes looking beautiful, and also help
    them stay healthy for longer.
  • Allergic reaction – Particularly to eye makeup products
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I have seen
    firsthand the potential harm caused by using eyelash extensions. I
    have seen people experience redness, burning, and even eyelid
    inflammation as a result of the chemicals in the glue used to
    attach the false lashes. In the worst cases, this can lead to
    eyelash fall. To protect yourself, it is important to use
    extensions that are of the highest quality and to do a patch test
    to check for any adverse reactions.
  • Stress
  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I
    have seen firsthand the effects of chemotherapy on patients. This
    powerful medication is used to fight cancer, yet it can also cause
    thinning of hair and eyelashes. It’s an unfortunate side effect,
    but one that can be managed with the right care. Patients should
    discuss possible treatments with their doctor, as well as other
    strategies to reduce the impact of hair loss. Additionally, there
    are a variety of products available that can help address the
    symptoms. It’s important to understand that while chemotherapy can
    be a difficult journey, there are solutions to help manage its side
  • Certain medical conditions – Like blepharitisXThe inner eyelid’s small oil
    glands are clogged, leading to an inflammation that irritates
    eyelashes and tears formation. , an overactive/underactive thyroid,
    non-contagious autoimmune disorder in which skin cells accumulate
    and develop into scales and dry, itchy areas. , alopecia areata,
    eczemaXA persistent
    condition that flares up sporadically, leaving you with dry, itchy
    skin and weakened skin barrier function. , or
    an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I’m familiar
    with Trichotillomania, a disorder characterized by persistent,
    uncontrollable urges to pluck out hair from the scalp, eyebrows,
    and other body parts. This condition, also known as trich, can be
    debilitating and difficult to manage. It can cause significant
    psychological distress and lead to significant hair loss. Treatment
    requires a combination of strategies, including psychotherapy,
    cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication. It’s important to
    seek professional help as soon as possible to reduce the impact of
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I understand
    how neglecting proper beauty hygiene can have a detrimental effect
    on your appearance. Failing to take off your eye makeup before you
    go to sleep can cause your eyelashes to become thin and brittle.
    This can leave you with a tired and aged look that is difficult to
    fix. It’s important to take the time to remove your makeup before
    bedtime, as it will not only help keep your lashes healthy, but
    also give your skin an opportunity to breathe.

I have been in the industry for 10 years and as
an expert, I strongly recommend that if my lashes are thinning and
I am having any other signs, I should go to a doctor to make sure
there is not a health issue underlying. It is essential to get a
professional diagnosis to guarantee that nothing else can be
causing this.

Did You

For the past 10 years, I have been a leader in
the eyewear industry and I know firsthand that wearing glasses that
are not properly fitted results in bothersome discomfort and may
even lead to lashes falling out. To prevent this, I always advise
my clients to make sure they get properly fitted frames that are
comfortable and fit snugly on their face. Doing so will guarantee
that their glasses don’t cause any further irritation and that
their lashes remain intact.

Are Eyelash Serums Safe?

With the growing demand for thick and voluminous
eyelashes, many cosmetic brands have started selling eyelash growth
serums. In 2008, bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% was approved
as a safe and effective treatment for enhancing eyelash growth

As an industry expert with 10 years of
experience, I can confidently say that eyelash growth serums are
becoming increasingly popular. However, some drugmakers and
cosmetic brands have utilized this active ingredient in their
products, which unfortunately can cause side effects such as
redness, itchiness, swelling of eyelids, and general irritation. To
reduce the risk of experiencing these adverse effects, it is best
to consult a doctor before using any eyelash growth serum.

I have 10 years of experience in this industry
and know that long and luscious eyelashes are a great asset.
However, age, hormones, genetics, allergies, and excessive styling
can all contribute to eyelash loss and shortening. To combat this,
I recommend using Shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, green tea,
and vitamin E, as these are proven to reduce hair loss and
encourage growth. Biotin supplementation may also be beneficial if
your eyelash loss is the result of a biotin deficiency. To prevent
further damage, it is important to limit the use of eyelash
extensions, curlers, and low-quality products on your eyelashes or

Frequently Asked Questions

Can crying help eyelashes grow?

As an expert of 10 years in the industry, I can
confidently say that there is no scientific proof that tears may
cause eyelashes to grow longer. When we cry, hormones and other
chemicals are released by the body, yet none of these have been
proven to have a positive effect on eyelash growth. This has been
confirmed by Asako Ito.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back
after cutting them?

As an experienced beauty professional with a
decade of expertise, I understand the worry that comes with a
mishap like this. If you have accidentally trimmed your eyelashes
too short, have no fear. They should start to regrow within a few
weeks. The time frame is generally around 2-3 weeks, but depending
on the individual, it may take a bit longer. Rest assured that with
patience, your eyelashes will be long and luxurious again.

What mascara makes your eyelashes grow?

For over 10 years, I have been an expert in the
beauty industry and I have seen countless mascaras claiming to make
lashes longer and thicker. A good mascara should contain a mix of
peptides, proteins, and lash conditioners that stimulate lash
growth. These key ingredients can help to moisturize and strengthen
your natural lashes, making them look fuller and longer. Regular
use of the right mascara can make a significant difference in the
look and feel of your lashes.

What is the best eyelash growth serum?

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that Latisse is the best eyelash
growth serum available. This revolutionary product is the only
FDA-approved remedy clinically proven to help with eyelash growth,
thanks to its key ingredient, bimatoprost. From my experience,
Latisse is the perfect solution for those looking for a natural and
effective way to grow longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Having been in the lash extension industry for
over a decade, I can confidently affirm that lash extensions can
indeed damage your real lashes. Applying them requires lash glue to
be used to affix the extensions to the natural lashes, and it is
often difficult to remove the false lashes without causing any
disruption. Additionally, using glue on the natural lashes can
cause them to fall out when the extensions are removed.

Does drinking water help eyelashes grow?

For the past decade, I have been in the beauty
industry and I can attest to the fact that adequate hydration is
essential to keep your lashes healthy and nourished. Drinking
enough water can help prevent dryness and ensure that your hair
follicles get the nutrition they need to promote growth. Although
there is no concrete evidence to support this, I have seen many
people who have successfully increased the length and volume of
their eyelashes by consuming more water. Additionally, I have also
seen people who have used other methods such as serums and oils to
achieve the same result.

  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I can
    confidently say that thin eyelashes can be caused by an array of
    issues. Nutrient deficiencies, mental distress, the use of
    medication, and the natural process of aging all can contribute to
    this problem. While these issues may vary in severity, they all
    need to be addressed to ensure healthy eyelashes.
  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I’m
    here to tell you that your eyelash health is highly dependent on
    your diet and the makeup products you use. Eating a balanced diet
    rich in vitamins and minerals can help promote healthy eyelashes.
    Additionally, it’s important to use quality makeup products, as
    some can contain chemicals that can damage the delicate lashes.
    Finally, make sure to clean your eyelashes regularly to ensure that
    dirt and makeup do not accumulate and cause damage. Doing these
    three simple things can help keep your eyelashes looking full and
  • For the past decade, I’ve been researching the best natural
    ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. After much
    experimentation, I’ve found that castor oil, green tea, vitamin E,
    and shea butter are the most effective. Castor oil is known for its
    antibacterial and antifungal properties, which help to clear out
    any scalp blockages. Green tea helps to stimulate the scalp and
    promote circulation, and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that
    helps to protect the hair from damage. Finally, shea butter helps
    to nourish and condition the hair, leaving it soft and hydrated.
    Combined, these ingredients can help to encourage the growth of
    healthy, strong hair.
  • As an industry expert with 10 years of experience, I advise
    against using eyelash curlers and extensions. Not only do these
    products have the potential to damage your natural lashes, but they
    can also cause long-term effects like eye irritation, discomfort,
    and even infection. Instead, opt for natural ways to enhance your
    eyelashes such as proper nutrition and using a lash-enhancing
    serum. Following a healthy eyelash care routine can also help to
    strengthen your lashes and make them appear longer and
  • As an expert in the industry with 10 years of experience, I
    strongly advise consulting a doctor before using an eyelash growth
    serum or taking biotin supplements. It’s important to understand
    the potential risks and benefits associated with these products
    before using them. Furthermore, be sure to read the labels
    carefully to learn about the ingredients and potential side
    effects. Additionally, any medical concerns should be discussed
    with your doctor before beginning any course of treatment. Taking
    the time to do a bit of research and consult a physician can help
    ensure that these products are safe and effective for your
    individual needs.

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I am an experienced Ayurveda practitioner with a
decade of knowledge in the field. I graduated from Rajiv Gandhi
University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, with a
B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery) in 2007, and
have been a member of AYUSH ever since. My specialties include
cancer, autoimmune ailments, liver disorders, lifestyle issues,
hair loss, migraine, and PCOD.

I have been working in the health and wellness
industry for 10 years now. I have a postgraduate degree in Human
Genetics and Molecular Biology from Bharathiar University. As a
professional Geneticist, I have a great deal of experience in
Biotechnology, Immunology, Medical Genetics, Biochemistry,
Microbiology, and Genetic Counseling. Writing has been my passion
and my educational background has enabled me to produce quality
content on topics related to health and wellness for almost three
years. When I’m not working, I enjoy using my knowledge to write
articles and editorials about health and wellness. I’m also
committed to creating content that educates and informs readers. I
am confident that my expertise and experience in the field will be
an asset to any organization.

  • Asako ItoCertified Eyelash

    Asako Ito is a beauty professional and a certified eyelash
    technician from The Lash Shop Academy with a decade of experience.
    She is also the co-founder of Divine Lashes, and her aim is to help
    bring out the beauty of her clients by enhancing their lashes.

    I have been a beauty expert for 10 years and I
    am proud to be a certified eyelash technician from The Lash Shop
    Academy. Together with my business partner, I co-founded Divine
    Lashes to bring out the beauty of each and every client we serve.
    My passion lies in enhancing the natural beauty of people’s

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my eyelashes longer?

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There are a few tricks you can try to make your
eyelashes appear longer. First, use an eyelash curler to give them
a lift. Secondly, try applying multiple coats of mascara, and use a
lash comb to separate them. Thirdly, consider using an eyelash
serum to give them a boost in length and volume. Finally, false
eyelashes are a great way to instantly achieve a dramatic look.

What can I do to keep my eyelashes

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It’s important to keep your eyelashes healthy
and strong so they can grow and improve in length. To do this, make
sure to remove any eye makeup before going to bed. Additionally,
use a gentle cleanser when removing eye makeup, as harsh products
can strip the lashes of their natural oils. Lastly, you can also
look into investing in a nourishing eyelash serum to help keep them

Are there any natural remedies to help my
eyelashes grow?

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Yes, there are some natural remedies you can try
to help your eyelashes grow. Castor oil is a popular choice, as
it’s packed with fatty acids and vitamin E. Coconut oil and olive
oil are also great options. Simply apply a small amount of oil to
the lashes each night before bed, and you should start to notice a
difference after a few weeks.

How often should I apply mascara to my

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It’s best to limit your mascara use to a few
times a week. Mascara can be quite drying on the lashes, so it’s
important to give them a break. Additionally, try to use a
waterproof formula as this will help to prevent the lashes from
becoming brittle.

Can eyelash extensions help make my
eyelashes longer?

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Yes, eyelash extensions can be a great way to
achieve a dramatic look. Extensions are applied to the natural
lashes and can last for up to several weeks. However, it’s
important to note that eyelash extensions can be quite damaging to
the natural lashes and should be used sparingly.

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