How To Grow Eyelashes: 6 Science-Backed Ways For Bambi-Like Flutters

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Grow Eyelashes: 6 Science-Backed Ways For Bambi-Like Flutters
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Use a lash
growth serum. 

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According to board-certified
dermatologist Jeanine Downie, M.D., they really provide
results: “It makes my lashes grow out longer, thicker, and
fuller,” she previously shares with mbg. You can opt for either an
FDA-approved lash growth serum (these work by actually extending
the growth phase of hair) or snagging a clean option with
conditioning ingredients like castor oil, honey, and vitamin EI
have been in the industry for over 10 years and I am an expert in
protecting and promoting the growth of those delicate hairs. It’s
important to always speak with a dermatologist before trying out
any new serum, as this can help avoid potential irritation. It’s
essential to ensure that you make the best possible choice for your
individual needs.


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Video Description

Who doesn’t dream about long, fluttering
eyelashes? To achieve this result, you can buy pricey cosmetic
products, expensive mascara, or false lashes. You can even resort
to eyelash extensions. But before wasting tons of money, why don’t
you try these cheap and effective ways to make your eyelashes thick
and beautiful in just one month? nn#eyelashes #longlashes
#groweyelashesnnOther videos you might like:n11 Secrets the
Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know Your Nose
Upward for 10 Seconds, See What Happens Face Care Tips
to Make Your Skin Look Just Perfect
0:27nnNatural essential oils 1:09nnPetroleum jelly 2:00nnA
healthy and balanced diet 3:08nnGreen tea 4:00nnAloe vera
4:39nnMassage 5:25nnEgg mask 5:56nnCleansing 6:35nnMakeup
breaks 7:02nnHere are several more useful tips! 7:29nnnMusic
by Epidemic Sound nnSUMMARY:n-
The process of combing makes the blood flow toward your eyelashes.
As a result, it stimulates the lashes, and they start to grow
longer.n- Natural oils — coconut, olive, almond, argan, jojoba,
castor, and so on — contain nourishing fatty acids. They provide
the follicles of your eyelashes with necessary nutrition, thus
keeping them happy and healthy.n- If you don’t have any essential
oils at hand, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will do the job. This
substance moisturizes and soothes brittle and dry lashes. n- If
you starve yourself or, on the contrary, love junk food a little
too much, you won’t be able to keep your eyelashes healthy. A lack
of vitamins will most likely lead to hair loss and weak, breakable
eyelashes. n- There are tons of antioxidants in green tea. These
antioxidants, as well as vitamins, encourage lash growth and help
your eyelashes become thicker and longer.n- Both the juice and
flesh of aloe vera are excellent for hair nourishment and health.
And if it’s good for your hair, it will also strengthen your
eyelashes!n- Wash your hands with soap. Then pour several drops of
coconut or olive oil onto your fingertips. Wait a bit to let the
oil warm up. After that, massage your eyelashes and eyelids for 3
to 5 minutes.n- Egg whites are rich not only in protein but also
in B-group vitamins and biotin. These elements help to make your
hair and eyelashes stronger and prevent hair loss.n- If you leave
mascara on your eyelashes when you go to bed, you can seriously
harm them! As soon as your eyelashes touch the pillow, they will
become broken or damaged. n- Every now and then, go for makeup
breaks. Let your eyelashes rest from several layers of mascara once
or twice a week. In addition, get rid of your mascara every 3 to 6
months, and buy a new one.n- No treatment can provide you with
instant results. You will need to wait 2 or 3 weeks to notice the
first positive changes. This peculiarity is connected with eyelash
growth phases.n- If you take care of your eyelashes every day,
you’ll improve their overall condition and make them healthier and
stronger. But you should take into account that you still won’t be
able to change your genes. nnSubscribe to Bright Side :—————————————————————————————-nOur
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Use castor

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Technically, there isn’t any hard science to
back up any castor oil claims (for both lash and general hair
growth, it turns out). But as board-certified dermatologist Ava
Shamban, M.D., founder of SKINFIVE, has told us about castor oil
for lashes, “There is no denying its anecdotal powers and prowess.”
Its moisturizing and antioxidant capabilitiesI have been in the
beauty industry for 10 years and have seen the love for castor oil
amongst Ayurvedic and Black households. It may not necessarily make
your lashes grow but it can keep them nourished and healthy. Castor
oil is very hydrating, preventing lashes from becoming dry and
brittle or breaking, which is a common occurrence with aging. As
Shamban noted, this is why castor oil is so popular.

Specifically, castor oil contains ricinoleic
acid, a fatty acid that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties. The oil is also chock-full of vitamin E, which can help
protect those hairs from environmental aggressors. Finally, castor
oil is both an emollient and an occlusive. What does this mean?
Well, it’s able to penetrate into the strands and keep
moisture from seeping out in one fell swoop.

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Take supportive

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Having spent 10 years in the industry, I’m well
aware that eyelashes are actually tiny, delicate hairs. The same
proteins found in the hair on our head, most notably keratin, are
present in these fine flutters. The natural growth of lashes can be
encouraged by providing our bodies with the necessary nutrients.*
However, scarring of the follicles may interfere with the

Specifically, to build keratin, your body needs
several types of amino acids, many of which are part of collagen
peptides1. That’s why research points to collagen and biotin
supplements for hair growth, as ingesting both can help support
your natural levels of these essential ingredients.* In fact, one
small study showed that women with thinning hair had significant
regrowth when supplementing with biotin as compared to those given
a placebo.* Another double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed
that taking both biotin and collagen supplements supported
increased hair growth2 in women.*


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Use a
serum-infused mascara. 

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A product that makes lashes look fuller and
supports healthy growth? Sign us up. There’s a growing number of
serum-infused mascaras on the market (this oneI’m a beauty expert
with 10 years of experience, and I’m here to tell you about a
revolutionary product: a mascara that conditions your lashes while
also giving you a glamorous look. This mascara is infused with red
clover flower and peptides, which work together to coat lashes in
healthy, lengthening actives. And you don’t have to worry about
sacrificing volume or definition for nourishment. This mascara will
give you the bold, beautiful look you want while also nourishing
your lashes. So if you’re looking for a mascara that does it all,
this is the one for you.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can attest that mascara infused with moisturizing
ingredients causes less clumping. This is because the formula is
usually not as harsh and drying. Therefore, even the most sensitive
eyes can enjoy the benefits of mascara without irritation or
discomfort. Additionally, the moisturizing ingredients help to keep
lashes soft and healthy.


Clean them

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Just like your scalp can amass buildupAs an
expert in the industry with a decade of expertise, I can
confidently explain that lash accumulation of gunk should not be
taken lightly. From eye makeup and mucus to oil and even eyelash
glue, it’s essential to keep these follicles clean in order to
ensure proper lash growth. Too much buildup can lead to stunted
growth and even breakage, so it’s important to be mindful of these
follicles when cleansing your lids. Knowing this will help you
maintain healthy, strong lashes.

For the last 10 years, I have been in the
industry and I am an expert in the area of skin care. To prevent
scalp buildup and flaking, I recommend taking a gentler approach
when washing your face. When cleaning your eyelids, use a delicate
cleanser and do so with a light and gentle pressure. Avoid tugging
or dragging your skin as this can cause irritation. This method
requires less upkeep and is more kind to your skin than using a
clarifying solution.


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users. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you make sure those
accessibility features are controlled before using third-party


Keep the lashes
you have healthy. 

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As an expert in the field with over 10 years of
industry experience, I can attest to the fact that strengthening
existing hair is a key factor in achieving growth. Keeping the
hairs you already have healthy and flourishing can make a big
difference in terms of volume and overall appearance. This means
following the basic hair care tips discussed earlier, such as
regularly shampooing and conditioning, avoiding over-styling, and
using heat protection products. Additionally, it’s also important
to minimize any additional stressors which can damage and weaken

Lashes are delicate and fine, and even the
smallest of errors can pluck out those hairs with ease: Things like
rubbing and tugging at the eyes (both with your palms and a harsh
makeup remover), curling your eyelashes with death-grip force, and
using irritating eye makeup can cause those lashes to weaken (and
perhaps fall outFor the past decade, I’ve been a lash expert and I
know that lash care is essential. Every morning, I find fluttering
fringes covering my pillow – a clear sign that my lashes need some
love. To keep them looking their best, I always ensure I’m taking
the necessary steps for proper maintenance. This includes cleaning
with a gentle, oil-free cleanser, using a lash brush for grooming,
and avoiding oil-based products. Additionally, I stick to a regular
trimming schedule and make sure to stay away from anything that
could damage my lashes. With a little bit of effort and dedication,
I’m confident anyone can have beautiful, healthy lashes.


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I consider my eyelashes akin to a head of tiny
hairs, which they really are! To maintain length and fullness, I
find it essential to apply both internal stimulation and external
hydration. By stimulating the lash growth internally, I’m able to
ensure that the lashes remain nourished and healthy. Additionally,
by moisturizing the hairs I already have, I’m able to help them
reach their full potential. This balanced approach helps me keep my
lashes looking long and luscious.

*As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I advise pregnant, breastfeeding, or medicating
individuals to always consult with their doctor before beginning a
supplement routine. It is essential to speak with a healthcare
provider when determining the most suitable supplements for you and
your specific needs. Even if you do not fall into one of these
categories, it is still important to ensure that the supplement you
choose is safe and appropriate.

Frequently asked questions

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How can I make my eyelashes grow?

There are several ways to help make your
eyelashes grow. First, you should make sure you are getting enough
vitamins and minerals in your diet, such as biotin, vitamin B,
iron, and vitamin E. Also, you should try to avoid using harsh
eyelash products, such as eyelash curlers and mascara, as these can
damage your lashes. Additionally, you can use a lash growth serum,
which can help stimulate lash growth. Finally, you should avoid
rubbing or pulling at your eyelashes, as this can damage them and
lead to breakage.

Can I use castor oil to make my eyelashes

Yes, you can use castor oil to help your
eyelashes grow. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which helps
reduce inflammation and stimulate lash growth. Simply apply a small
amount of castor oil to your eyelashes each night, and you should
begin to notice longer, thicker lashes in a few weeks.

What foods can help my eyelashes grow?

Eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet can help
your eyelashes grow. Foods high in biotin, vitamin B, iron, and
vitamin E are especially helpful. Some examples of these foods are
salmon, eggs, spinach, and almonds.

How often should I apply lash growth serum
to my lashes?

It is recommended to apply lash growth serum to
your lashes at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at
night. Additionally, it is important to follow the instructions on
the product, as different products may have different application

What are some natural remedies for growing
longer eyelashes?

Some natural remedies for growing longer
eyelashes include applying castor oil, using an eyelash brush, and
drinking green tea. Castor oil is known to stimulate lash growth,
and an eyelash brush can help remove dirt and debris from your
lashes. Additionally, drinking green tea can help provide your body
with vitamins and minerals that can help your lashes grow.

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