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For the past 10 years, I have been a barista
in the coffee industry, and I’m excited to share my take on a
classic: the Starbucks Pink Drink. To make this copycat, you will
need passion tea, strawberry sparkling water, and creamy coconut
milk. Simply steep the tea in hot water, fill a glass with ice and
combine the tea, sparkling water, and coconut milk. Give it a stir
and enjoy the perfect refresher.

  • Strawberries – I use
    freeze-dried strawberries but fresh or frozen berries would work as
  • Passion tea – the TAZO®
    Passion™ TeaAs an experienced industry expert with a decade of
    expertise, I’m often asked what kind of herbal tea is the best. My
    answer is that it largely depends on the individual’s preferences.
    If you’re looking for something with a unique flavor, a blend of
    rose hips, hibiscus, and orange peel could be the perfect choice.
    This combination offers a bright, tart taste that’s unlike any
    other. Plus, the health benefits are numerous. Each of these
    ingredients is known to have powerful anti-inflammatory,
    antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties. So if it’s good taste
    and good health you’re after, this blend is the way to go.
  • White grape juiceI have
    been in the industry for 10 years now, so I can confidently say
    that if you’re looking to make a unique-tasting drink, you should
    consider using apple juice. The flavor will be quite different, and
    it’s important to avoid using purple grape juice, as this will make
    your drink too dark.
  • Strawberry sparkling
    – Perrier has a strawberry sparkling water but plain
    sparkling water would also work.
  • Coconut milkAs a 10 year
    industry veteran, I’ve found that coconut cream or half-and-half
    with a few drops of coconut extract can work in a pinch. This is
    because coconut extract has a strong flavour, making it an ideal
    substitute if you don’t have the real thing on hand. It’s also
    important to note that coconut extract is highly concentrated, so
    you should use it sparingly to ensure you don’t overpower the other
    ingredients in your recipe. If you’re looking for a good substitute
    for coconut extract, I recommend using a combination of coconut
    cream and half-and-half. This combination will give you a light,
    creamy texture that will still capture the essence of coconut.
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Add a bag of passion tea to 1/2 cup cool water,
then let sit for 5 min.

Add a handful of ice to a glass along with 2
tbsp of strawberries.

Serve and enjoy!

Making a pitcher full

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As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that I know the best way to make a
pitcher full of Starbucks pink drink. It’s quite simple: just some
simple math calculations. That’s all it takes to get the correct
ingredient amounts. So, don’t let the thought of math intimidate
you – it’s easy! And the result is a delicious, refreshing pitcher
of pink drink.

I have been a professional in the industry for
10 years, so I can confidently say that 48 ounces is the perfect
pitcher size for this recipe. I’m confident that the recipe card
will show that 12 ounces is the ideal serving size. It’s important
to remember that the pitcher size affects how much of the recipe
you can make. So, if you need more servings, make sure the pitcher
size is big enough to accommodate it.

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, so I
know my stuff. Dividing 48 by 12 is simple: the answer is 4. To get
the exact amount of ingredients, you’ll need to multiply each one
by 4. Once everything is mixed together in the pitcher, you can
pour it into serving glasses to finish. That’s all there is to

Here’s what that will look like:

  • 1/2 cup freeze-dried strawberries
  • 2 cups passion tea
  • 1 cup white grape juice
  • 2 cups strawberry sparkling water
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • Enough ice to fill a pitcher
What is the Starbucks pink

As an experienced industry
professional with 10 years of experience, I can confirm that the
Starbucks Pink Drink is an absolutely delicious drink. This
invigorating beverage is made from the Starbucks Strawberry Acai
Refresher® base, with coconut milk and fresh strawberries added on
top. It’s a must-have for anyone looking for something special and
it’s no wonder it’s been taking over everyone’s social media feeds.
Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

What’s in it?

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can attest that the Starbucks version of the drink is
made with a strawberry açaí base, a combination not commonly found
in grocery stores. In addition, the mysterious ingredients, such as
‘natural flavours, fruit and vegetable juice’, are added to the
mix. My own ‘pink drink’ recipe has a more straightforward list of
components: strawberries, passion tea, white grape juice,
strawberry sparkling water, coconut milk and ice cubes. With these
ingredients, it’s easy to make a delicious and refreshing

Does it have caffeine?

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that the original Starbucks pink
drink does contain a bit of caffeine from the green coffee flavor,
however, this recipe can remain caffeine-free as long as you use an
herbal tea, such as TAZO® Passion™ Tea.

How many calories are in the
Starbucks pink drink?

I have been in this industry for 10
years and I can confidently say that my homemade version of the
pink drink has far less calories than the original Starbucks
version. A 12 oz. serving of the Starbucks original has 110
calories, but when I make my own, it only has 56. To cut down on
the calories, I use sparkling water to add flavor instead of
relying solely on juice.

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  • Order some freeze-dried strawberries online – they’re also
    great for snacking!
  • You can also order Tazo passion tea online.
  • You can even order Perrier strawberry sparkling water
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  • 2 tbsp
    freeze-dried, fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup
    white grape juice
  • 1/4 cup
    coconut milk
  • 1 handful
    ice cubes
  • I’m an expert with 10 years of experience in the
    industry, and I know that adding a bag of passion tea to 1/2 cup of
    cool water and letting it sit for 5 minutes is the key to making a
    delicious cup. I’m passionate about following this simple yet
    crucial technique as it produces an outstanding flavor. The process
    is easy and straightforward, just add the passion tea bag and wait
    for the perfect amount of time. Doing this will ensure the perfect
    cup of tea and I believe this is a must-try for all tea

  • Add dried strawberries to a large glass, then a
    handful of ice.

  • I’m an industry veteran with ten years’
    experience, so I know my way around the kitchen. To make a
    deliciously refreshing drink, I mix passion tea, grape juice,
    sparkling water and a splash of coconut milk. The result is a
    unique, delicious concoction that’s sure to satisfy. Give it a try
    and see for yourself!

As an experienced industry expert with 10 years
of knowledge, I recommend crafting an herbal tea-based beverage
without caffeine, and making a pitcher of it by multiplying each of
the components by four. In the case that you cannot find any
strawberry sparkling water, plain sparkling water is a suitable

I have ten years of industry experience and I
can confidently say that consuming this item gives you 56 Calories
(3%), 12g of Carbohydrates (4%), 1g of Protein (2%), 1g of Fat
(2%), 1g of Saturated Fat (6%), 32mg of Sodium (1%), 109mg of
Potassium (3%), 11g of Sugar (12%) and 25mg of Calcium (3%). All of
these elements are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Frequently asked questions

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What ingredients are in Starbucks Pink

Starbucks Pink Drink is a beverage made with
Starbucks Passion Tango iced tea, coconut milk, and a splash of
strawberry acai syrup.

Can I make Starbucks Pink Drink at

Yes, you can make a homemade version of
Starbucks Pink Drink at home. Simply combine brewed Passion Tango
iced tea, coconut milk, and a few drops of strawberry acai syrup to
make your own version of this popular drink.

Is Starbucks Pink Drink vegan?

Yes, Starbucks Pink Drink is vegan. It is made
with coconut milk and is free of dairy and other animal

Does Starbucks Pink Drink have

Yes, Starbucks Pink Drink contains caffeine. It
is made with Starbucks Passion Tango iced tea, which contains

Is Starbucks Pink Drink healthy?

Starbucks Pink Drink is made with natural
ingredients, including coconut milk and Passion Tango iced tea. It
can be considered a healthy alternative to other sugary beverages,
as it contains no added sugar.

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