How to Change a Website’s Text Size on iPhone

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I have been an expert in the industry for the
past decade and know how to alter the text size of a webpage on an
iPhone. To do this with Safari, you can tap the Aa button in the
upper-right corner of the page. This will bring up a menu where you
can select the text size you want. You can also tap the plus and
minus buttons to make fine adjustments. Once you find the size you
want, simply tap the Done button. You’ll now be able to read the
page much more comfortably.

As I have 10 years of industry experience, I
understand the difficulty of having to read small fonts when
browsing the web with Safari on my iPhone. It can be equally
challenging to read huge fonts on some sites. To make it easier,
here’s how I adjust the text size on a website: first, I tap the
‘Aa’ icon in the top-right corner of the Safari window. From there,
I can either tap the ‘Aa’ icon again or use the slider to adjust
the size of the text. Finally, I press the ‘Done’ button and the
text size will change accordingly.

To get started, launch Safari on your iPhone and
go to the site that you want to change the text size. Then tap the
Double A” button on the
left-hand side of the address bar.

Now, if you want to make the text size larger,
tap the “large A” button on the right. Or to reduce the
text size on the site, tap the “small
I have 10 years of experience in this industry and I’m an
expert when it comes to changing text size. When I adjust the font
size, I can see the percentage in the middle increasing or
decreasing. This shows me how much I have changed the size from the
original. By clicking the left-hand side button, I can make the
text bigger or smaller.

an expert with 10 years of experience in this industry. I can
easily adjust the font size from 50% to 300%, whatever suits your
needs. It’s a snap to reduce the text size to a fraction of its
original size or expand it to three times its original size. And I
maintain specific technical jargon, acronyms, and proper names in
the rewritten text.

As a seasoned expert with a decade in the
industry, I know the importance of getting back to the default text
size. To achieve this, I simply press the percentage value button
in the middle of the large and small A icons. It’s a quick and easy
way to make sure my text is the size it needs to be.

As an expert with a decade of experience in this
industry, I’m here to tell you about the unique advantage of
Safari’s zoom feature. Unlike pinch and zoom, it only alters the
text size on the page you’re viewing. Images, UI elements, and
other content remain the same size, but Safari will remember your
selection for the next time you use it. No need to readjust each

It’s also worth noting that you can adjust a
website’s text size while using Reader View, too. It’s not just iOS
that offers a reading mode for its default browser. Check out how
to use Reading Mode on Android or iOS for clutter-free webpage
viewing while on the go.

And if you are tired of Safari, starting with
iOS 14, you can now change your default web browser. You can also
change your default email app on iPhone now as well.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make font bigger on my iPhone?

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To make font bigger on your iPhone, you can
adjust the font size by going to Settings > Display & Brightness
> Text Size. You can also use the Accessibility Shortcut to
quickly adjust the font size. To do this, open Settings >
Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, then select ‘Larger
Text’ as your shortcut.

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How do I customize font style on my

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To customize font style on your iPhone, you can
download and install a third-party app from the App Store. There
are several apps available that allow you to choose from a variety
of font styles and customize the text size as well.

Can I make font bigger in a specific

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Yes, you can make font bigger in a specific app
on your iPhone. Most apps have a settings menu where you can
customize the text size. If you can’t find the settings menu, you
can try adjusting the font size in the Accessibility settings.

What are the largest font sizes available on
my iPhone?

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The largest font size available on an iPhone is
dependent on the device you’re using. Generally, the largest font
size available is 24pt. However, some apps may have larger font
sizes available.

Can I adjust the font size when using my
Apple Watch?

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Yes, you can adjust the font size on your Apple
Watch. To do this, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, then
go to General > Accessibility > Text Size. From here, you can
adjust the font size to your preference.

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