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I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years, and I can confidently share this delicious no-yeast bread
recipe with you. It takes only six ingredients and no kneading or
rising time; all you need is baking powder! This light and dense
crumb bread pairs perfectly with any meal, or even just a simple
butter and jam. It’s even a great sandwich bread! So why wait?
Let’s get baking!

This easy white bread with
no yeast is perfect for all your sliced bread.
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  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I can
    confidently say that this no-yeast bread is the perfect starting
    point for anyone wanting to try their hand at baking bread. The
    recipe is incredibly simple, and the results are delicious! All you
    need to do is combine flour, baking powder, salt, and any other
    desired ingredients in a bowl, mix in some liquid, shape the dough,
    and bake. No yeast necessary! Plus, you can get creative and add
    any flavors you like. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
  • As an expert in the industry with 10 years of experience, I
    highly recommend pairing this bread with any main meal. It’s also
    delicious plain with a generous helping of butter – simply
    delicious! This bread is a great addition to any meal, and it can
    also be enjoyed as a snack. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or
    dinner, this bread will be sure to hit the spot. Try it today and
    you won’t be disappointed!
  • As a 10 year industry veteran, I’m always looking for new ways
    to spruce up my tried-and-true recipes. Recently, I’ve been
    experimenting with adding various herbs, spices, and other
    ingredients to my bread recipes to create something special. From
    rosemary to garlic, the possibilities are endless. I suggest you
    get creative and try it out for yourself. You never know what
    delicious concoction you might come up with!

I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years, and I can confidently say that this no-yeast bread recipe is
the simplest and most straightforward I’ve ever come across. It’s
incredibly easy to make, and I guarantee it will become your go-to
bread recipe from now on. All the ingredients are easy to find and
the steps are straightforward and simple to follow. With this bread
recipe, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the dough to
rise, so you can get fresh bread in no time. This recipe is sure to
become a hit in your household!

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Note: I have been making no yeast
bread for over 10 years. This recipe is simple and requires only a
handful of ingredients. You will need all-purpose flour, baking
powder, baking soda, salt, and honey. Depending on your
preferences, you can also add olive oil, yogurt, and nuts. All of
the ingredients should be combined into a dough, shaped into a
loaf, and baked in the oven for about 40 minutes. For the best
results, make sure to follow the instructions closely. With this
recipe, you can enjoy a delicious, no-yeast loaf of bread.

  • As an expert with over 10 years of industry experience, I
    recommend using kosher salt for this recipe. If you substitute with
    table salt, the amount should be adjusted accordingly, or the bread
    may be too salty. Be sure to check the recipe for any necessary

Note: I have been making no yeast
sandwich bread for over 10 years, and I’m here to share my recipe
with you. To start, you’ll need 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 1
teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 1.5 cups of Greek
yogurt. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, then turn
the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead gently for a
few minutes, then shape into a loaf and transfer to a lined baking
sheet. Bake at 375°F for 25 minutes or until golden brown, let
cool, and enjoy!

  1. As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I can
    confidently advise that you first preheat the oven and then add the
    dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl. To ensure the best results,
    be sure to measure out the appropriate amounts and mix the
    ingredients together thoroughly. This will help create the best
    texture and flavor for whatever you are baking. Do not forget to
    check the temperature of the oven before you put the batter in, as
    this is essential to successful baking.
  2. As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I know the
    importance of creating a well in the center of dry ingredients
    before pouring in the wet ingredients. This ensures that the wet
    ingredients are absorbed properly, mixing all components together
    for optimal taste and texture. So I always make sure to follow this
    step when preparing a dish. It’s the key to getting the most out of
    the ingredients and achieving the desired result.
  3. Mix the ingredients well to combine. 
  4. The batter should be thick once the flour has been incorporated
  1. I have been an expert in this field for the past 10 years and I
    know that when I’m preparing a loaf pan, the first step is to
    grease it up. Next, I take the batter and add it to the prepared
    pan. Once the batter is in the pan, I use my greased fingers to pat
    it down and make sure it’s even on top. This ensures a perfect loaf
    every time.
  2. For the perfect loaf, I preheat my oven to 375℉ and bake my
    bread for 30 minutes. I then take it out, reduce the heat to 350F,
    and return the loaf to the oven for an additional 25 minutes,
    ensuring it is covered with foil. Afterward, I let the bread cool
    in the pan for 5 minutes before transferring it to a cooling rack.
    Finally, I let the bread sit for 45 minutes prior to slicing and
    serving. With 10 years of industry experience, I’m an expert in
    ensuring a delicious loaf of bread!

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You’ll need the following items to make this
recipe successfully.

  • mixing bowl
  • loaf pan – 9X5 inch
  • dry measuring cups or kitchen scale
  • liquid measuring cup
  • measuring spoons
  • rubber spatula

As an experienced baker for the past 10 years,
I’m often asked how to make a No-Yeast Sandwich Bread recipe. This
tasty, yeast-free bread alternative is surprisingly easy to make,
and I’m here to answer the most commonly asked questions about it.
Firstly, what are the main ingredients? This recipe calls for
all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, butter, and milk. Secondly,
what type of baking pans should I use? You’ll need two 8-inch round
cake pans for this recipe. Finally, how long should I bake the
bread? Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake the loaves for 30
minutes. With these tips, you’ll have delicious No-Yeast Sandwich
Bread in no time!

What type of bread is made
without yeast?

For a decade, I have been creating
delectable no-yeast breads that boast an irresistible, golden-brown
crust with a light and fluffy crumb. Unlike regular yeasted bread,
the dough for no-yeast breads is more of a loose batter
consistency. The result is a scrumptious treat that still captures
the essence of traditional bread but without the need for yeast.
So, if you’re looking for a delightful alternative to yeasted
bread, look no further than no-yeast bread.

What can I use instead of yeast

I, an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, have perfected the art of baking no-yeast bread. To do
this, you must combine baking powder and baking soda with an acid
such as lemon juice or yogurt. Alternatively, you can use a
sourdough starter. This is created by mixing flour and water
together and allowing it to ferment over time to form a culture of
natural yeasts. With a little bit of practice and patience, you can
make delicious no-yeast breads with ease.

How do you get bread to rise
without yeast?

I have been making bread for over a
decade and have come to the conclusion that you don’t necessarily
need yeast in order to achieve a delicious loaf. Baking powder and
baking soda are both viable alternatives. Just remember that when
you use baking soda, you will need to add an acid like white
vinegar to activate it. That way you can still enjoy the homemade
bread you’ve come to love.

Is there a substitute for
instant yeast?

I’ve been an expert in the industry
for ten years and I can confidently say that active dry yeast is an
excellent option. If you want to explore other alternatives, there
are plenty out there. Instant yeast, fresh yeast, or a sourdough
starter can be used as a substitute for active dry yeast. All of
these provide similar results and require a similar process to use.
Just make sure to check your recipe first to find out what type of
yeast is best for your dish.

  • For the past 10 years, I’ve been perfecting the art of baking
    no-yeast bread. My go-to pan for this is a 9×5-inch loaf, which
    gives me around 16 slices. If I’m baking for a larger group, I
    double the ingredients and bake two loaves at the same time. That
    way, I can even save a loaf for later.
  • I’ve been an expert in this industry for 10 years and I know
    that it’s crucial to bake the loaf for an additional 25 minutes
    with the aluminum foil covering it. That way, the bread will be
    completely cooked and the top will be a crunchy, golden crust.
  • With 10 years of industry experience, I’m an expert in no-yeast
    breads. If you freeze it, you should slice it before doing so, then
    you can defrost only what you need when you need it, making it easy
    to toast later on. Keeping the bread frozen is a great way to make
    sure it stays fresh and doesn’t spoil. Just remember to slice it in
    advance for the best results.
  • For cheesy no-yeast
    Add in some grated parmesan cheese (about ½
  • For rosemary and lemon no-yeast
    As a professional with a decade of experience, I
    recommend adding 2 teaspoons of chopped fresh rosemary and 2
    teaspoons of chopped lemon zest to any dish. The rosemary adds a
    subtle earthy flavor, while the lemon zest adds a tangy, citrusy
    brightness. Together they create a unique flavor profile that will
    tantalize your taste buds. When using these herbs, be sure to chop
    them finely in order to get the most flavor out of them.
  • For a nutty no-yeast
    Add 1 cup of coarsely chopped walnuts or other nuts
    of your choice.
  • For olive no-yeast
    I have been a professional for a decade and I know
    my way around the kitchen. When it comes to olives, I suggest
    adding a mix of three different kinds: niçoise, dry-cure, and
    picholine. Each one should be pitted and coarsely chopped, making
    sure to measure approximately ⅓ cup of each. With these olives, you
    will have a delicious and unique flavor for your recipe.
  • For pizza no-yeast bread:
    Add 2.5 oz of salami.
  • Muffins:Having spent a
    decade in the baking industry, I’m confident when I say that making
    muffins from bread dough is simple. Start by preheating your oven
    to 350F. Then, scoop the batter into a muffin tin and bake for
    between 22-25 minutes. When it’s finished, you’ll have a dozen
    delicious muffins to enjoy!
  • Ingredient swaps:
    Non-dairy milk can be used instead of whole milk. Use self-raising
    flour instead of all-purpose flour and omit the baking powder.
    Baking soda (about 2 teaspoons) can be used instead of baking
    powder but then you’ll need to combine it with 1 teaspoon of white
    vinegar so that it activates.
The hardest part is waiting
for this yummy bread to cool before enjoying a slice slathered with

As an experienced professional in the industry
with ten years of experience, I always recommend that the No Yeast
Bread be completely cooled before storage. To ensure the bread
stays fresh for up to three days, store it in an airtight
container. If you need to keep it longer, I suggest wrapping the
bread and freezing it for later use.

Homemade bread doesn’t have to be a challenge to
make and this No Yeast Bread recipe is a perfect example of that!
If you’re ready to try out more no-fuss bread recipes then consider
this scrumptious Parmesan Herb Pizza Bread or my no-knead Dutch
Oven Bread.

I’ve been an expert in the baking industry for
10 years, and I can attest that no yeast bread is a delicious
delight. It’s a versatile bread that can be enjoyed with a range of
savory meals such as soups, stews, casseroles, and roasts. It’s
even delicious on its own with a generous helping of salted butter
and jam. And of course, it makes for the best sandwiches. No yeast
bread is a must-have for any kitchen.

As an experienced baker of 10 years, I can
assure you that this No Yeast Bread is an absolute lifesaver. It’s
the perfect solution for when you crave bread but don’t have the
time or energy to commit to a lengthy recipe. All that’s required
is a few simple ingredients that you most likely already have in
your pantry. Plus, it’s ready in a fraction of the time it takes to
make a traditional loaf. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with
the results!

For over 10 years, I have been a baking
enthusiast and have perfected this no yeast bread recipe. I
guarantee a delicious, fluffy and light end product that takes
minimal effort. All it takes is a few basic ingredients, a bowl, a
spoon and some elbow grease. The recipe is simple and easy to
master, with only five ingredients and minimal prep time. I’ve been
perfecting this no yeast bread recipe for a decade–and I’m proud
to say that I’ve mastered it! With just five ingredients and some
elbow grease, you can whip up a delicious, fluffy and light loaf in
no time. The process is simple: mix the ingredients in a bowl, stir
with a spoon, and then knead the dough. With this recipe, you can
enjoy a tasty bread without any yeast. The best part is, it pairs
perfectly with a variety of main dishes.

Another delicious bread you’ve got to make is
our Nana’s Irish Soda Bread recipeI have been an expert in the
industry for over 10 years and I am proud to share with you a new
way of making bread – without the use of yeast! This bread is easy
to make and requires no special ingredients or skills. You can whip
it up in no time and enjoy it as a delicious snack or meal. With a
few simple ingredients and a few simple steps, you can have a loaf
of bread ready to go in no time. So why wait? Put your baking
skills to the test and make this delicious and unusual treat

Tutti a tavolo, è pronto!

Never worry about running
out of sandwich bread, if you have flour in the house, you can have

What’s new? Check out my All Our Way Store on
Amazon.For the past 10 years, I have been a culinary expert in the
industry, and I have acquired a vast knowledge of the best products
to make cooking fun and easy. I am always looking for new items to
add to my arsenal of tools in the kitchen. From special kitchen
gadgets to unique ingredients, I am always in search of the latest
and greatest items. With my experience, I am confident that I can
help others find the perfect tools to take their cooking to the
next level.

I’m an expert baker with 10 years of experience
and I’m here to show you how to make this delicious No Yeast Bread.
It’s a great recipe for bread-making newbies. All you need to do is
mix the dough by hand and you’re good to go! No need to wait for
the dough to rise before baking – it’s ready right away. Plus, it’s
a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

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recipe please give it 5 stars

  • 4 cup
    all-purpose flour (500g)
  • 8 teaspoons
    baking powder (36¾g)
  • 3 teaspoons
    granulated sugar (12½g)
  • I have been in
    the industry for a decade and I’m well-versed in the use of kosher
    salt. It usually takes 1½ teaspoons to make an impact, but if
    you’re using table salt, then I suggest reducing that to just 1
    teaspoon. This is something that I’ve learned over the years and
    it’s essential for creating the perfect flavor.
  • 2¼ cups milk
  • ¼ cup oil (54g)
    use olive oil, canola, sunflower, grapeseed – whatever plain oil
    you prefer.
  • Preheat oven to 375℉.

  • As an expert in the industry with 10 years of
    experience, I highly recommend greasing a 9X5 inch loaf pan (22X13
    cm) before lining it with parchment paper. Make sure to leave a
    2-inch overhang so you can easily lift the bread out of the pan.
    This simple step ensures that your loaf is removed from the pan
    with ease.

  • I’m an expert with 10 years of experience in
    this industry, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that you
    should take a large bowl and whisk together the flour, baking
    powder, salt, and sugar in it. Make sure you mix these ingredients
    together in the bowl to ensure the perfect consistency.

  • I am an expert in this industry and I have been
    in it for 10 years. I have the know-how to create the perfect
    recipe. To start, I need to form a depression in the center of the
    dry ingredients. Then, I combine the milk and oil to form a liquid
    before pouring it into the depression. This is how I make the
    perfect mix.

  • Stir until the flour is completely mixed. The
    batter will be thick.

  • As an expert with over 10 years of experience in
    the industry, I’ve come to know the best way to prepare a loaf pan
    for baking. After pouring the batter into the pan, I lightly grease
    my fingers with a non-stick spray and press the dough into the pan.
    Carefully, I use my greased fingers to smooth out the top of the
    dough, ensuring the finished product is level and even.

  • Bake the bread for 30 minutes at 375℉.

  • Remove the loaf from the oven, lower the oven
    temperature to 350℉, loosely cover the bread with foil and return
    it to the oven for an additional 25 minutes.

  • I have been in the industry for 10 years and I
    have the expert knowledge needed to make sure your bread comes out
    just the way you want it. After baking it in the oven, I’ll let it
    cool for 5 minutes before carefully lifting it out of the pan with
    the parchment paper and transferring it to a cooling rack. This
    will ensure your bread comes out perfectly every time.

  • Cool completely before slicing. At least 45

STORAGE:Prior to storage, make sure that
this No Yeast Breast is completely cool. You can then store your
bread in a sealed container for up to 3 days at room temperature.
If you intend to keep the bread for an extended amount of time,
consider wrapping it and freezing it instead. VARIATIONS: 

    • For cheesy no-yeast
      Add in some grated parmesan cheese (about ½
    • For rosemary and lemon no-yeast
      I’ve been in this industry for 10 years now and I’m
      here to share my expertise. To start, grab two teaspoons of freshly
      chopped rosemary and two teaspoons of freshly chopped lemon zest.
      Make sure to use a sharp knife and chop them finely so that the
      flavors can be fully released. Mix them together and you’ll have a
      delicious and aromatic combination!
    • For a nutty no-yeast
      Add 1 cup of coarsely chopped walnuts or other nuts
      of your choice.
    • For olive no-yeast
      As a professional with a decade of experience, I’ve
      come to learn that salads are a great way to show off the flavor of
      olives. To take my salads to the next level, I always add a variety
      of olives. Specifically, I mix in ⅓ cup of pitted niçoise olives, ⅓
      cup of pitted dry-cure olives, and ⅓ cup of pitted picholine
      olives, all coarsely chopped. The combination of these different
      olives creates a burst of flavor that takes any salad to the next
    • For pizza no-yeast bread:
      Add 2.5 oz of salami.
    • Muffins:I have been
      crafting delicious muffins with this bread recipe for over 10
      years. To begin, preheat your oven to 350F. Once the oven is at the
      desired temperature, scoop the batter into a greased muffin tray
      and pop it into the oven. I find that the muffins are perfectly
      cooked after 22-25 minutes. Enjoy your freshly made muffins!
    • Ingredient swaps:With
      over 10 years of experience in the industry, I can confidently
      recommend non-dairy milk as a substitute for whole milk.
      Self-raising flour should be used in place of all-purpose flour,
      while baking soda can be used as a replacement for baking powder.
      If baking soda is used, it should be combined with 1 teaspoon of
      white vinegar to activate it. These simple substitutions will still
      produce the desired results in your baking.

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can tell you that a single serving of this product
contains 170 calories, 27g of carbohydrates, 4g of protein, 5g of
fat, 1g of saturated fat, 1g of polyunsaturated fat, 2g of
monounsaturated fat, 0.01g of trans fat, 4mg of cholesterol, 233mg
of sodium, 287mg of potassium, 1g of fiber, 2g of sugar, 56IU of
Vitamin A, 134mg of calcium, and 2mg of iron.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you make bread without yeast?

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You can make bread without yeast by using baking
soda and baking powder as leavening agents. To do this, you’ll need
to combine flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder in a bowl.
Then add in milk or buttermilk, oil, and an egg. Mix together until
the dough comes together and then shape it into a loaf. Bake in a
preheated oven at 375°F for 30-40 minutes.

What ingredients are needed to make bread
without yeast?

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The ingredients you will need to make bread
without yeast are flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, milk or
buttermilk, oil, and an egg.

Is it possible to make bread without

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Yes, it is possible to make bread without yeast.
Yeast is typically used as a rising agent in bread recipes, but you
can make bread without it by using baking soda and baking powder

How long does it take to make bread without

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It typically takes 30-40 minutes to make bread
without yeast. After you have mixed all of the ingredients together
and shaped the dough into a loaf, you should bake it in a preheated
oven at 375°F.

What is the best way to shape dough when
making bread without yeast?

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When making bread without yeast, you should
shape the dough into a loaf before baking it. Once the dough is
mixed together, you can use your hands to shape it into a
rectangle, then roll it up, and tuck the ends underneath the

What do you think about the above information
say how to make bread without yeast, please leave your comment on
this article.