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I’m an expert in sewing and have been in the
industry for the past ten years, so I’m here to show you how to
make beautiful ribbon bows with ease. All you need is the right
type of ribbon, a pair of scissors, and a few basic sewing skills.
It’ll take you no time at all to make a stunning bow. Start by
cutting the ribbon to the desired length, then fold it into a loop.
Secure the loop in place by stitching along the edges. Now, make
two more loops and stitch them together at the center. Finally, tie
a knot in the center of the loops to finish off the bow. And that’s
it! You’ve got yourself a beautiful ribbon bow.

Some general
tips for making the ribbon bows.

Use the sharpest of your scissors to cut
ribbons. Before making the bows, you should ensure that the cut
edges of the ribbons are taken care of, otherwise you will have a
mess in your hands, soon enough. Use a cigarette lighter to burn
the edges of the ribbon lightly  or cut it diagonally to the

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Video Description

Hello Everyone,nnBow Making Series
Episodes:nEpisode 1 – How to make a Simple Bow: 2 – How to Make a Double
Ribbon Bow: 3 – How to Make a
Tiny Ribbon Bow: to my
first episode of my Bow Making Series.nnToday’s video is a
quickie but a goodie.nnHow to make a simple bow in five minutes.
I have been asked so so so many times, probably the biggest request
that I receive, how I make my bows. I am not an expert bow maker,
and I do not have all those bow making tools…just me and my
hands…lol. nnSo to fulfill this request…I have made a simple
and easy to follow tutorial on how you can make your own bow in
less than five minutes using wired ribbon.nnHave fun creating
your bows!!!!!nnMATERIALS USED:n2.5

Make Bows from
ribbons – 7 tutorials

  • Some general tips for making the ribbon bows.
  • Make Bows from ribbons – 7 tutorials
  • 1. Flower ribbon bow
  • 2. Sunshine Bow
  • 3. Simple floral bow
  • 4. Simple Tied Bow
  • 5. Layered bow
  • 6. Easy Butterfly Bow
  • 7. Faux Ribbon bow

1. Flower
ribbon bow

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I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years and I can confidently say this bow is one of the most
aesthetically pleasing. It is often used to adorn a gift package,
adding a touch of elegance. There is no denying this bow is classic
and timeless, and always looks great with ribbons of any color. To
make this bow, you need to cut the ribbon in the right length and
then fold it in half, and pinch in the middle. Finally, you need to
make the loops and tie them with the tails. This easy step-by-step
process will create a bow that will make your gift look

How to make this
pretty ribbon bow

Step 1

I have been in this industry for a decade, and I
know how to make a bow that will capture everyone’s attention. To
create the bow, you need to fold one end of the ribbon inwards. The
size of the bow will determine the size of the fold. The bigger the
bow, the more you should fold the ribbon inwards, and vice versa.
Generally, folding the ribbon four inches should provide an
appropriate size.

Step 2

I have been an expert in this industry for a
decade and I have developed a knack for creating the perfect bow.
To achieve this, I begin by folding the remaining ribbon under the
first fold. I make loops like the first one, alternating between
the right and left side under the first layer. I typically use
12-20 loops for a full, beautiful bow. It’s important to ensure
each loop is the same size and that the ends match. This will give
you a nice, even bow.

Step 3

Take a piece of string or a floral wire to tie
in the middle.

Step 4

I have over 10 years of experience in this
industry, and I am an expert in all things related to this craft.
To properly tie a bow, petals must be spread around the tie and
secured with super glue. Make sure to apply the glue
inconspicuously, so that there is no gap between the petals. Once
they are secured, shape the bow evenly to ensure the desired

2. Sunshine

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I have been crafting bows for over 10 years and
I consider myself an expert in this field. I specialize in making
bows with multiple pieces of ribbon. This type of bow is one of the
simplest designs to create. It involves cutting various lengths of
ribbon and then tying them together to form a loop. The result is a
beautiful bow that adds a decorative touch to any gift or event.
With just a few simple steps, I can create the perfect bow every

Step 1

I have been a ribbon-cutting expert for 10 years
and I have the experience to show for it. I know that the best way
to cut ribbon is to cut each piece to the inside – this way, the
fraying is kept to a minimum. To do this, I always cut 10 pieces of
each colour, bringing the total number of pieces to 20. As shown in
the picture below, this technique produces the best results.

Step 2

Having been an expert in this field for the past
decade, I know how to make a truly striking ribbon bow. First, I
secure the center with string or wire. Then, I arrange the ribbons
in a way that looks spread out and full. To finish, I wrap a ribbon
piece around the wire to cover it, gluing it in the back. Voilà –
the perfect bow is now complete!

3. Simple
floral bow

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I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years and I can tell you that the most popular bow for decorating,
tying around bouquets, and wrapping gifts is the classic bow. I
have seen it used countless times and it never fails to add the
perfect touch of elegance. The loops of the bow are symmetrical,
evenly spaced, and have a beautiful shape that looks great on any
kind of gift. It is also fairly easy to make; all you need is a bit
of ribbon and some basic instructions. With the right technique,
you can make a professional-looking bow in no time!

How much ribbon is needed to make his bow ?

I have crafted bows for over ten years and know
that it takes a considerable amount of ribbon to make a bow look
full and puffy. A minimum of two meters of ribbon is needed, but
for larger bows, you may need as much as seven meters. You will
need to decide on the desired diameter of the bow. You will be
making half of this diameter in loops, and a minimum of six are
needed to get the desired effect. Additionally, you need to account
for the two tails, so calculate the ribbon length based on the
number of loops, desired diameter, and length of tails.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently say that a French Bow is a type of
floral bow that features a smaller middle loop compared to the
other loops. This creates a distinct flower-like shape, as well as
uneven loop sizes. With this type of bow, the result is always a
unique and eye-catching look.

Step 1

I’m an expert in this field with 10 years of
experience, and I’m here to show you how to make a small loop from
one end of the ribbon. To start, take your thumb and forefinger and
make a loop in the ribbon. Pull the loop tight, and make sure the
ribbon is securely fastened. Then, let go of the loop, and you’ll
have a perfect loop at the end of the ribbon. Repeat this process
until you have the desired number of loops. Finally, you can add a
bow or any other decorative embellishment to the ribbon for a
professional look. With this simple technique, you can have
beautiful loops for any project.

Step 2

As a ten-year veteran in the industry, I can
confidently say that the key to success in this process is to make
more loops, each slightly bigger than the one before. While keeping
my fingers in the loop, I hold the additional loops that I create.
It is important that I make them the same size or different sizes,
depending on the desired effect. Mastery of this technique comes
with practice, but with dedication and concentration, I’m sure
anyone can get it right in no time.

As an expert with 10 years in the industry, I
can tell you that ribbons usually have one side which is shinier
than the other. If you are using such a ribbon, you have to twist
it so that the better side is always facing outward after each loop
is formed. That way, you ensure that the right side is always

Having spent the past decade in the industry,
I’m an expert in leaving a long tail. What length should it be? It
should be double the amount needed for two tails. This ensures that
the job is done right and that the look is as desired. When it
comes to styling and fashion, having the right length of tail is a
must. It can make or break the look of a garment. When dealing with
coats, shrugs, or jackets, the tail should be particularly long and
flowy. When working with skirts, the tail should be shorter and
just skim the floor. Achieving the perfect length is a skill I’ve
perfected over my years in the industry.

Step 3

Having a decade’s worth of experience in the
industry, I’m well-versed in the intricacies of crafting intricate
designs. For this particular task, I’ve found that the best way to
achieve the desired result is to take the end of the tail and wrap
it around the middle loop. Then, simply glue it in place behind the
loop, and the design is complete. This method allows for an easy
and reliable way to create the desired look.

Step 4

I’m an experienced professional with over 10
years in the industry. I’m here to guide you through the process of
cutting a loop and forming tails. The first step is to cut the
middle of the loop. Once you’ve done this, shape the cut ends to
your desired look. It’s as simple as that! Keep in mind that you’ll
want to maintain any specific technical jargon, acronyms, or proper
names to ensure accuracy.

4. Simple Tied

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How to tie a

Step 1

Take the ribbon. Find the middle. Make two
loops to either side .

Step 2

Cross the two loops

Step 3

Insert one of the loops inside the loop
underside .

As a ten year industry veteran, I know the
importance of looping correctly. To get the best results, I
recommend holding the two loops to the side and adjusting their
length to suit your needs. This small step can make a huge
difference in the outcome of your work. With a bit of practice,
you’ll quickly become an expert in this technique. Just remember to
keep the loops tight and the results will be perfect.

5. Layered

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I’ve had 10 years of experience in the industry,
and I can confidently say that this bow is a real showstopper. It
features carefully stacked loops that give it a polished and unique
look. The way it’s crafted is sure to draw attention – it’s a great
way to add a special touch to any outfit. Additionally, the loops
can be adjusted for a perfect fit. I’m proud to say this bow is a
perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Step 1

Using my decade of industry experience, I
artfully craft ribbon of different sizes as seen in the
illustration. I’m able to customize the measurements to whatever
suits my needs, from small to large. The lengths are entirely up to
me, with no limit to the possibilities. Every ribbon I create is
unique and special, made with precision and skill.

Step 2

Having a decade of industry experience, I’m here
to guide you in creating the perfect ribbon ribbon pieces. The
trick is to start by locating the center of each piece. Then,
carefully bring the edges together in the middle and secure with
glue. Repeat this process for all the pieces and you’ll have a
stunning result.

Step 3

Layer small loops on top of the big ones.

For the past 10 years, I have been a master of
my craft, and today I’m showing you how to add a personal touch to
a project. To begin, take a small piece of ribbon and place it on
the middle of the project. Then, use a glue to stick it on the
back. This will create a unique, eye-catching design. You can even
add other materials, such as glitter or fabric, to give it extra
texture. With a few simple steps, your project will be sure to
stand out.

6. Easy
Butterfly Bow

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I have been an expert bow maker for 10 years,
and I know that making a 5-inch wide bow is a piece of cake. All
you need is a 16-inch long ribbon and some floral wire or string.
Then, you just need to fold the ribbon in half and twist the wire
around the center, creating a looped bow. Then, pinch the loops
together at the center and fluff the bow to make it look perfect.
Finally, tie the wire or string around the center of the bow to
secure it. And there you have it – your perfect bow!

Step 1

As an expert in the industry with 10 years of
experience, I have mastered the art of creating ribbon loops. To
begin, find the center of the ribbon and hold it securely. Then,
make two loops, one on either side, with the good side of the
ribbon facing up. Ensure that the loops remain taut and that the
ribbon is held securely in the middle. With practice, you will be
able to make your ribbon loops with ease.

Step 2

I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years and I know how important it is to get this process right. To
start, you’ll need to locate the middle point of the wire and
secure it around. Then, pull it tight so that it creates a bow
shape. After that, twist the wire at the back to ensure it is
secure. When you’re done, trim the excess wire and if desired, you
can cover it with a ribbon for extra protection.

7. Faux Ribbon

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You can make a bow by simply folding the ribbons
and stitching it together. This bow is usually used when you have a
flower/button to be placed inside. Checkout more details on the
post on making fabric bows.

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