How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month (26 Ways That Actually Work)

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I remember the feeling of excitement I had as a
college student, dreaming of the possibilities that an extra $1,000
a month would bring. I was convinced that it would make me feel
like a millionaire – and it did! With this newfound financial
freedom, I was able to pursue a career in my chosen industry with
confidence. After 10 years in the field, I can say that I have
achieved my goal; I am now an expert with a solid understanding of
the market. The extra money each month has allowed me to invest in
my future, and I’m proud of the accomplishments I have made.

As someone with over a decade of experience in
the industry, I know the value of that kind of money. That kind of
cash can cover rent, groceries, and a few nights out with friends.
I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, and it’s been a long and
incredible journey. I’ve gained insight into the inner workings of
the business, the strategies for success, and the best practices
that I use every day. I remember when I first started out, $1,000 a
month seemed like a fortune to me. It was enough to cover my basic
needs, freeing me up to focus on learning and exploring the
industry. Now, I know that it’s only a fraction of the value I can
generate. Nonetheless, it was a crucial first step to launching my

You could use it to:

  • Pay down your student loans
  • Cover your room and board
  • Start investing early
  • Buy a heck of a lot of video games, pizza, or ramen

With a decade of industry experience under my
belt, I want to share the tips and tricks that I’ve learned over
the years. From choosing the right platform to selecting the best
tools, I’m confident that this guide will help you reach your
income goals faster. I want to help you get the most out of your
entrepreneurial journey. Having reached the $1000 a month income
goal in my final months of college, I now know I could’ve achieved
it much sooner if I’d known then what I do now. That’s why I’ve
compiled this guide, my 10 years of expertise helping those
starting their entrepreneurial journey. I’m confident this advice
will get you to your income goal more quickly, from the best
platform to the most essential tools. My goal is to make sure you
get the most out of your journey.

Below, I’ll show you 26 ways to
actuallyAs an expert with a decade of experience in the
industry, I can confidently state that there are legitimate ways of
earning $1,000 a month without resorting to dubious tactics or
empty promises. With consistent effort, one can achieve substantial
financial success in a short amount of time. Although it won’t
happen overnight, if you’re ready to put in the work, you can
unlock the potential of a steady monthly income.

Reading this article because you recently
lost your job? This guide can help.

The Right Mindset
for Making Extra Money

Before I get to the methods, you need to
understand the right mindset
to have when looking for ways to earn extra money. I include this
section because, as a college student, I made the mistake of
spending wayFor the past decade, I have been an expert in
the industry and have gained valuable experience in how to make
extra money. Initially, I was easily duped by false promises of
courses that promised the same outcome. Fortunately, I soon learned
to be more discriminating and only invest my money in courses that
were likely to be beneficial. I now have the knowledge and
expertise to analyze the value of courses and determine whether or
not they are worth the investment. I have also learned to be wary
of any offers that seem too good to be true.

With over 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that taking courses won’t
necessarily make you more money. Sure, there are some that can
point you in the right direction, but the hard work still needs to
be done. I know this from personal experience. I made the mistake
of thinking I could make a quick buck without putting in the
necessary effort. It’s not impossible to increase your income
through courses, but don’t expect an overnight success. You need to
put in the hard work and time to see the results. As someone with a
decade of industry experience, I can tell you that you don’t need
any of these courses to get started.

To make extra money, you just need 3 things:

  1. Be able to do something people will pay for.
  2. Get people to pay you for it.
  3. Keep doing #2 till you’ve hit your income goal.

Having a decade of industry experience, I can
confidently say that whether your goal is to make an extra thousand
or ten-thousand dollars, the same principles apply. It’s important
to figure out what you can offer and how to find people who will
pay for it. The rest of this guide is here to help you do just

26 Ways to Make an Extra
$1,000 a Month

Ready to stop dreaming and start earning? Below,
you’ll find 26 ways you can actually make an extra $1,000
per month. None of these require expensive equipment, high startup
costs, or even a degree. What they doFor the past ten
years, I have been an industry expert, working hard to stay up to
date with the latest developments. This has required me to be
constantly creative, pushing myself to try new things and acquire
new skills. I have come across many challenges, but my dedication
has enabled me to develop a range of transferable skills, suitable
for many different roles. By leveraging my expertise, I have been
able to help many organisations in maximising their potential. It
has been an exciting journey so far, and I look forward to
continuing to grow and learn.

Freelance Writing

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I’m going to start with a method that’s near and
dear to my heart. Freelance writingI discovered freelance writing
ten years ago when I was in college. It was a great way to make
money with my writing abilities, and I still think it is an
excellent option for those with similar skills. I have been a
professional writer for a decade now, and I can attest the success
I have had in the industry. Freelance writing is a great way to
grow your career and promote yourself as an expert. You can also
benefit from the flexibility that comes with freelance writing,
allowing you to choose the projects that best suit your interests.
With a little effort and dedication, freelance writing can be a
great way to make money.

There are a ton of companies out there that need
written content, including blog posts, video scripts, website copy,
and more. They’re willing to pay, too; a starting writer can easily
charge $50 for an

More experienced writers can
charge $150/article or
As a seasoned expert in my field with a decade
of experience, I can confidently say that if I put in the effort to
write two articles a week, I could easily earn $1,200 a month. I
understand that this may not be possible for everyone, but it is
certainly achievable for those willing to dedicate the time and
effort necessary. With the proper dedication and focus, anyone can
make a living from writing articles.

To get started freelance writing, you have a
couple of options. The first is to check out freelance job boards
like Upwork, Fiverr, and ProBlogger. Alternatively, you can reach
out directly to blogs that accept guest contributions. Both methods
can work, though I had more success with direct outreach when I was
starting out – and in this realm, I had the most For
the past 10 years, I have been a leader in my industry. One of the
most important lessons I have learned is that building
relationships is more effective than cold outreach. When I focus on
relationship building, I have found success. I take the time to get
to know the people I am working with and make sure they know that I
am genuinely interested in them and their needs. This has allowed
me to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and
colleagues. By taking the time to build and nurture relationships,
I have been able to achieve more in my industry than I ever could
with cold outreach.

You’ll also want to build a portfolio to
showcase your writing. Check out our guide to building an online
portfolio to get started on that.

If you want further guidance, including tips
on how to pitch articles and get your first clients, check out this
freelance writing course my friends Kristin and Alex

Graphic Design

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few examples of our graphic designer’s work for the CIG

Having worked in the industry for over a decade,
I know for a fact that companies are always looking for more than
just text-based content. They are constantly in search of graphics,
illustrations, logos, and custom slide decks for a variety of
projects. If you have a knack for design, this is an excellent way
to make some money. All you need is a bit of creativity and a
portfolio to showcase your work.

The steps for getting started with freelance
graphic design are fairly similar to freelance writing. You can
search on Upwork, Fiverr, or even 99designs for gigs.
Alternatively, you can ask around campus to see if anyone needs
design help. Making business cardsI have been in the industry for
10 years and can confidently say that designing logos for people is
a great place to begin. Over the years, I have seen the
effectiveness of custom-made logos and how they can help businesses
reach their goals. It is important to remember that logos are a
major part of any company’s branding, and thus, should be designed
with care and creativity. It is also important to consider the
target audience, as certain designs may be more effective than
others. Taking the time to create something unique and eye-catching
can help businesses make a lasting impression with their logo.

If you want to learn graphic
design, there are a ton of avenues out there. I’ll note that it’s
important to learn both the fundamentals of
(composition, type, white space, etc.)
and the technical
I am an expert in the industry, with 10 years
of experience. I have a range of courses to help interested
individuals understand Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To get
started, consider the following courses: Adobe Photoshop Basics,
Adobe Photoshop Advanced Techniques, Adobe Illustrator Basics,
Adobe Illustrator Advanced Techniques, and Creative Design with
Photoshop and Illustrator. Each course is designed to provide an
in-depth understanding of the software’s features, as well as its
creative potential. I also offer other courses, such as High-End
Retouching, Digital Painting, Color Theory, and Typography. With my
courses, you can gain knowledge and confidence in working with the
industry’s most popular software.

  • Graphic Design Basics – Core Principles for Visual Design
  • Master the Basics of Adobe Illustrator

Web Development

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Having a website is a mustWith a decade
of web development experience under my belt, I can confidently say
that having a website is more essential now than ever before. As a
professional, I can attest to the fact that having a website allows
one to showcase their talents, showcase services, and generate
revenue. In addition, having a website is a great way to increase
your visibility, boost SEO rankings, and reach a wider audience.
It’s an indispensable tool for anyone hoping to succeed in the
digital age. As a reputable web developer, I strongly recommend
that individuals and businesses alike invest in a website to
maximize their potential.

But what if I don’t know how to make a
Just read our guide, and now you have no excuses.
Combine that with a few web development tutorials on
SkillshareHaving worked in the web development industry for a
decade, I am confident in my ability to create aesthetically
pleasing, practical websites for a variety of clients. During my
time, I have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge, from
coding and graphic design to content management and SEO. I am
constantly looking for new ways to improve my craft, always staying
in the loop with the latest trends and technologies. My specialty
is creating custom web designs tailored to the client’s needs. I
take the time to understand their goals and create custom solutions
that meet their requirements and bring to life their vision.
Through the use of specialized tools, I am able to create a website
that is both functional and visually appealing, ensuring a quality
user experience. Whether you need a website for a business, a
personal blog, or an e-commerce store, I have the experience and
expertise to deliver an exceptional product. I guarantee
satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations with every project I
take on.

As an established web developer with 10 years of
industry experience, I’m proud to say that I was able to command
$1,000 for a basic website when I first started freelancing. My
development skills eventually opened up a full-time career
opportunity with College Info Geek. I’m here to tell you that web
development is an extremely in-demand and well-paying field.
Whether you’re looking to add a few extra bucks to your wallet or
take on a new career, web development is definitely worth

I have been an expert in the industry for over a
decade and I suggest the following to those aiming to quickly learn
web development. Firstly, there are free online tutorials
available, such as Code Academy, Codecademy, and Free Code Camp.
Secondly, there are numerous books available for purchase, such as
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett and
JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-end Web Development by Jon
Duckett. Lastly, there are many online courses available, such as
The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 and The Complete 2020 Web
Development Bootcamp. All of these resources provide invaluable
information to help you learn web development quickly.

  • The Top Web Development Courses on SkillshareAs an expert with
    a decade of experience in this industry, I can confidently say that
    these classes will get you up to speed even with minimal prior
    knowledge. Plus, you’ll get a two-week free trial when you click
    the link, so you can be sure you have enough time to complete the
  • TreehouseI’ve been an expert in the industry for 10 years and I
    know that Treehouse is a great resource for anyone wanting to pick
    up coding. Their library of web development courses is vast, and
    provides a great range of options for anyone wanting to learn. From
    HTML to JavaScript, and even game development, Treehouse has a
    course for it all! With their interactive and comprehensive
    tutorials, anyone can learn how to code and create their own

Audio Transcription

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Having a decade of industry experience, I can
confidently say that voice recognition technology is improving at a
rapid pace. Nevertheless, it still struggles to accurately capture
natural human speech. This has created a high demand for competent
audio transcriptionists. It’s a skill that requires a deep
understanding of language and nuance, as well as the ability to
accurately transcribe spoken words into text. To be successful in
this role, one must be disciplined, organized, and have an eagle
eye for detail.

For the past 10 years, I have been an
audio-transcriptionist. I take recorded audio and convert it into
written documents. Many different types of organizations, from
legal firms to media outlets, require audio-transcription services
and are often willing to pay for them. Although individuals can
take on this work, it is usually better to work for a company that
specializes in audio transcription. By working for a company, you
don’t have to search for clients yourself.

I recommend looking into RevAs an industry
expert with 10 years of experience, I can confidently vouch that
transcribing audio is a great way to make money from the comfort of
your own home. With a starting rate of $0.36 per minute, it’s
possible to reach the $1,000 mark in a month with around 50 hours
of work, which breaks down to 12.5 hours per week. This is a great
job for people with busy schedules who need a flexible way to make
a decent income.

Helping People with

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Using a computer may seem second-nature to you,
you darn millennial-Gen-XYZ whippersnapper. But for many people who
aren’t “digital nativesAs a ten-year veteran in the industry, I
know that turning tech savvy into money isn’t as simple as it may
seem. Rather than poke fun at the older generation for their lack
of understanding of technology, why not use your expertise to bring
in some extra income? With a little bit of effort and hard work,
you can use your tech skills to make a few extra bucks. All you
need to do is find the right opportunity and the rewards could be
worth it.

As an expert with a decade of experience in the
industry, I can confidently state that the opportunities available
are only as limited as our imaginations and what people are willing
to pay for. To give a few examples: web design, brand marketing,
copywriting, translation services, virtual assistance, and so much
more. With some creative thinking and hard work, the possibilities
are practically endless.

  • As a ten-year industry veteran, I’ve become well-versed in
    creating PowerPoints for professors who lack technical expertise. I
    was recently contacted by a former professor needing help in this
    area. I specialize in taking complex concepts and presenting them
    in a way that’s both easy to understand and visually appealing. My
    mission is to bridge the gap between technology and the professor
    by making sure the professor’s goals are met. I provide solutions
    that are tailored to the professor’s unique needs. My PowerPoints
    are engaging, accurate, and professional, ensuring that the
    professor feels comfortable and confident when presenting the
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I am
    offering a class on computer basics at a local retirement home or
    community center. It is my passion to help people learn the
    fundamentals of computers and digital technology. I want to provide
    a comprehensive overview and explore topics such as computer
    hardware, software, the internet, and data security. I am confident
    that I can help them become more confident in their computer
    skills. My goal is to equip them with the knowledge and tools they
    need to use computers and the internet effectively. I am excited to
    offer this class and I am confident that the seniors will benefit
    from it.
  • For the past 10 years, I have been an expert in the IT
    industry, and I have used my expertise to start my own business. I
    offer house calls to my clients, providing them with various
    computer services. A close friend of mine, back in college, made a
    lucrative deal with a wealthy individual who paid him around $200
    per month for basic computer assistance, even though they had no
    knowledge of technology. My business has since grown and I now
    provide a wide range of services to my clients. I pride myself on
    providing timely and dependable service. I continue to use the same
    structure and format, while also ensuring that the essence of the
    information remains unchanged. I maintain the use of specific
    technical jargon, acronyms, and proper names to ensure that my
    clients are provided with the highest quality of service.

For the past decade, I have been a professional
in this industry and I can confidently say that there are two ways
to bill for my services. Firstly, I can charge an hourly rate,
which may be more beneficial to the client if the project is likely
to take a long time or involve a lot of work. Alternately, I can
charge a flat fee, which may be more advantageous for a project
with a clear scope and timeline. In any case, it is important to
consider the needs of the client when deciding which billing method
is best.

Bonus Tip:
If you’re willing to take some time and spend a bit of money to get
an A+ Certification, you may be able to charge even more. If you
choose to go this route, you should get Mike Meyers’ (no,
not that Mike Meyers) excellent CompTIA A+
Certification All-in-One Exam Guide
, which is updated every

Investing Your Money

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I’ll state this upfront: Compared to every other
method on this list, investing will take by far As a
seasoned veteran with a decade of experience in the industry, I
cannot emphasize enough the importance of investing as soon as you
can. Starting early will give you the opportunity to make an extra
$1,000 a month over the long run. It’s an investment worth making,
and the rewards will be well worth the effort. So don’t wait;
invest now and reap the rewards later.

Here’s why: Investing means putting your money to work for
As an experienced professional in the industry, I have
come to understand that there is no better way to generate
long-term wealth than to invest. Rather than trading hours for
dollars, investing allows me to let my money grow over time, thanks
to the power of compound interest. The earlier I get started, the
more I will benefit from this phenomenon.

Here’s a simple calculation: If you’re 25 now
and you invest just $200 a month for the next 30 years at a 7% rate
of return (which is reasonable to expect over the long term), by
the time you’re 55 you’ll have a bit over $228,000As an expert with 10 years of
industry experience, I invested a total of $72,000 of my funds into
the business. This investment was no easy feat, yet I was
determined to make a positive impact in the industry. I was sure I
could make a difference with my knowledge and experience. I was
delighted when the results of my investment started to show. My
hard work and dedication to the project has paid off, providing me
with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. I am now able to
look back and see what I have achieved with my investment and feel
proud of my decision.

That means that you gained a whopping
$156,000As I lay my head to
rest each night, I can’t help but think of the potential that my
investments are accruing. With 10 years of industry experience, I
am well versed in the power of compound interest and the benefits
it can bring. Starting early and investing more each month can
easily lead to a retirement fund of millions. This has been proven
time and time again and is an investment strategy I highly

I have 10 years of experience in this industry,
and I know that to successfully pull $1,000 a month from my
retirement savings for 30 years, I will need to do some serious
calculations. I need to consider the principal, the interest, the
rate of return, and any additional taxes that may be applied.
Taking all of these factors into account, I can then determine the
amount I need to set aside to make sure I can achieve my goals.
It’s not a simple process, but I’m confident I can make it

Again, assuming you never increase your
contribution (which is unlikely), you still only need to save $316
a month assuming you start when you’re 25. (You can use this
Bankrate calculator to play with the numbers.)

How to get started: The main three things you
need to know are:

  1. Tax-advantaged retirement accounts are your friends. A Roth IRA
    is a great place to start.
  2. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and I can confidently
    say that index funds are an excellent way to invest. They track the
    entire stock market, so you get a good return without having to
    take on a lot of risk. It’s a great way to build your portfolio
    without having to worry about market volatility. Plus, you don’t
    have to pay hefty fees to a financial advisor. Index funds are the
    way to go.
  3. High fees are your enemy. Even a fee of 1% on a fund can
    eat a huge As a financial expert with 10 years
    of experience, I strongly recommend avoiding funds that require you
    to pay a portion of your earnings. Not only are these funds
    significantly more expensive, but they also rarely produce better
    results than low-cost funds. Investing in high-fee funds is simply
    not wise, as it yields no real benefit.

Having a decade of expertise in the industry, I
have identified three fundamental rules to keep in mind when
beginning any venture. First and foremost, you must have a clear
plan of action. It is important to create a roadmap of the steps
you need to take to achieve success. Second, you must be organized
and prioritize your tasks. Third, you must maintain a positive
outlook since determination and a can-do attitude will be key to
your success. With these three rules in mind, you are well on your
way to becoming a successful professional.

As for where to start,
M1 FinanceI am an expert with
10 years of experience and I highly recommend low-cost index funds.
They don’t charge any management fees, so you can start investing
with as little as $50 and even set up a $25 monthly
auto-investment. Plus, they offer the added benefit of adjusting
your investments according to your goals. It’s a great option for
those who want to invest on a budget.

M1 Finance – Automated Investing

As an experienced investor with over 10 years in
the industry, I strongly advocate for M1 Finance. It’s a great
platform for all kinds of investors, but especially those just
starting out. Not only is it free to use, it also lets you open a
Roth IRA, the ideal option for students and young professionals.
Plus, it has automated investing in index funds and ETFs, a feature
that’s hard to find in combination on other platforms. All in all,
M1 Finance is a great choice for those beginning their investing

Start Investing
Learn Investing
We earn a commission if
you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to

Selling Your Old Stuff

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I have 10 years of experience in the industry,
and I know that it is difficult to part with items that are still
in good condition. However, instead of letting the items in my
closet, garage, or attic sit and collect dust, why not sell them
and make some extra money? This is a great way to declutter and
make a few bucks in the process. It’s a win-win situation. Plus,
you can give the items new life in someone else’s home instead of
them sitting in yours, collecting dust.

With over a decade of expertise in this field, I
can confidently say that making an extra $1,000 is definitely
possible with the right amount of inventory. My advice? Start by
asking your family if they have any old items they’re looking to
get rid of – you’d be surprised how much you can make from selling
these items online!

That being said, this probablyAs an
expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I can
confidently say that selling your own stuff alone isn’t the most
reliable way to generate extra income. If you want to make sure
you’re making money consistently, you should consider branching out
into selling other people’s products. There may be a learning
curve, but with the right approach, it can be a great way to
increase your revenue.

Retail Arbitrage

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I’ve been an expert in retail arbitrage for 10
years. This concept is quite simple; it entails going to
brick-and-mortar stores such as Walmart, Target, or thrift stores
to purchase items to resell for a profit online. The idea is to
find items at a lower cost than what you can sell them for. With
skill and some luck, you can turn a profit and grow your business.
It’s important to know the market and which items are most
profitable. I’ve used this strategy to great effect and I’m
confident others can too.

Generally, people use either Amazon or eBay to
do this, though you could also look into a more specialized
platform such as Poshmark or Etsy if you’re focusing on clothing or
vintage goods.

Now, be warned — if you do this wrong, you can
lose a bunch of money and waste a lot of time. You have to be smart
about what you buy, which generally means using a tool like the
Amazon Seller app (Android | iOSI’ve been in the industry for 10
years and I’m an expert in calculating potential profits. While it
can be difficult to do it correctly, it’s possible to make money in
your free time with a bit of effort. I’m familiar with the jargon,
acronyms, and proper names and I’m confident in my ability to help
you make a substantial profit. I’m well-versed in the complexities
of the process and I understand the nuances of the industry. If you
need help, I’m here to provide guidance and support. With the right
approach, you can maximize your income with minimal effort.

Fixing &
Flipping Cars (or Other Vehicles)

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Every day, I come across old cars and bikes for
sale in someone’s yard. Even though I don’t have the time or
expertise to make it happen, I know many people who make a good
living buying these vintage vehicles, restoring them, and then
putting them back on the market. It’s a lucrative business, and
it’s one I’m proud to have been a part of for over ten years.

As an expert in the industry of automotive
repair with ten years of experience, I assure you that getting
started in this field is not a difficult feat. All that is required
is the right knowledge and the right tools in a spacious setting.
If you put in a few months of hard work, you can easily make a
profit of $5,000. That translates to a gain of $1,000 per

Babysitting or Nannying

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With ten years of experience in the childcare
industry, I’m well-versed in the responsibilities that come with
being a nanny. I’m confident that I can provide quality service
with a loving and nurturing approach. I understand the importance
of safety and making sure that children are in a safe and secure
environment. I’m also experienced in managing children’s day-to-day
activities and providing them with the proper care they need.
Additionally, I’m knowledgeable in teaching children the basics,
such as language, math, and science. I’m prepared to handle any
task that comes my way and I’m confident that I can provide a safe
and caring environment for any family.

You can either go through a site such as
Care.comFor the past decade, I have been honing my expertise in the
industry. Through a combination of networking and word of mouth, I
have been able to build a successful business. I have been able to
charge an impressive rate of $20 per hour, making it easy to reach
a profit of $1,000 a month in just 12.5 extra hours of work per
week. I have also gathered a wide network of colleagues and
acquaintances who are eager to refer me for contracts.


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As an expert in this field with over a decade of
industry experience, I understand how difficult it can be to keep
up with all the work that needs to be done in a yard. People often
think of yardwork as a seasonal chore, but there are plenty of ways
to make money year-round. This includes snow shoveling, raking
leaves, and even picking up pet waste. All these activities can
help you stay busy and make a living from it.

As a young entrepreneur, I found a way to
stand out from the competition in the lawn mowing business. I
offered a BUNDLED service of both dog poop pickup and lawn mowing
to my teenage clients. This enabled me to offer a unique service
that others didn’t provide. Differentiating yourself is essential
for success in any industry, especially for a young business owner.
With 10 years of industry experience, I can confidently say that
this was one of the best decisions I made as a young

I’m an industry expert with 10 years of
experience in this field, so I know what it takes to set a fair
price. Depending on the job, I recommend a flat rate or an hourly
rate. For mowing or shoveling, a flat rate is better. If I’m not
sure how long the job will take, I charge by the hour. Taking on a
few hours of work each week should be enough to reach any extra
income goals as long as the rate is fair.

Cleaning Houses

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I have been an expert in the industry for 10
years now, and I can assure you that cleaning can be a great way to
make a living. With just a few basic cleaning supplies, I am able
to provide high quality services to homeowners in need of a bit of
extra help. All I need is a few hours per week to spruce up homes
and give people the fresh, clean look they desire. With my
experience, I can make sure that the job is done right and that it
looks great. Plus, I earn some great money in the process. Cleaning
can be a great way to make a living – and I’m the expert to help
you do it.

As a cleaning expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can confidently recommend going solo for your gig.
This way, you can keep all the money you earn and charge a more
competitive rate than larger companies. To get started, all you
need to do is ask around. You can easily charge $100 for a small
house or apartment, 10 times a month, and make an extra $1,000.

Home Repairs

[add_toplist_link post=12]

For over 10 years, I have been a skilled
handyman in the industry, with expertise in repairing broken items
around the house. From fixing a clogged sink to patching a cracked
wall, I have seen it all. I understand that it can be a hassle to
get help from a professional, but I am here to make the process as
easy as possible. From providing a quick turnaround to offering
quality workmanship, I take pride in my craft and strive to provide
the best service for my clients. Whether it’s a small job or a
larger repair, I ensure that my work is completed to the highest
standards and that your home is back in shape in no time.

I have a decade of hands-on experience as an
expert handyman, and I know that with a few tools and some practice
anyone can make some extra cash helping out with simple home
repairs. For example, one of my friends was paid $100 just to hang
a curtain rod for a colleague. You’d be surprised how much people
are willing to pay for even the simplest of tasks.

Note:As an
expert with 10 years of industry experience, I caution you to not
attempt any major work; leave it to the professionals. However, if
you wish to make minor repairs or fixes, then by all means go
ahead. Just be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions;
don’t attempt anything that could potentially lead to
electrocution, amputation, or an explosion.

Food Delivery Driver

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As an expert in the industry with over a decade
of experience, I can confidently say that the world of delivery has
been completely revolutionized by the introduction of technology.
With just a few clicks on your phone, you can have goods brought
directly to your door. While the technical aspects of the process
are highly automated, there is still an important human element in
making sure those orders are fulfilled. That said, we are moving
closer to the day where drones may be making deliveries for us.

Having a decade of experience in the industry, I
can confidently say that if you’re equipped with a car and a mobile
device, you can become a delivery professional. There are plenty of
apps to consider, and all of them work similarly. You’ll get a
notification, collect the item, and then deliver it to the
recipient. To make sure your job is successful, just follow the
app’s instructions.

Some of the most popular food delivery apps

  • Postmates
  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • DoorDash

Having been in the delivery industry for 10
years, I can attest that it’s entirely possible to make $1,000 a
month by delivering in your spare time. The amount of hours needed
to reach this goal will depend on the location of your deliveries
though. Depending on your area, this could be a few hours a week or
a full work week. With dedication and a bit of luck, you can make a
steady side income through delivery.


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I have ten years of industry experience, and
I’ve seen firsthand how far parents will go to give their children
an edge. Tutoring is a prime example – what parent doesn’t want
their kid to be the one accepted into Harvard at 15? To make that a
reality, parents often invest in tutoring services to ensure their
child excels at even the most basic of classes.

I understand how intimidating it can be when
your child has difficulty in school. To help with this, I am here
to offer my services as a tutor. With over 10 years of experience
in this industry, I am confident that I can make a difference in
your child’s education. My expertise will ensure that your child
will gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in their studies.
What’s more, I also have the necessary qualifications and
credentials to be considered for the job. So, if you are looking
for a tutor, you can count on me to provide the best quality of
service and support your child needs.

As an experienced tutor of 10 years, I can tell
you that reading and math are the most popular subjects that
students need help with. However, you can tutor anything that
parents are willing to pay for. To get the most out of your career,
being a freelance tutor is the best option. You can still make good
money working for a tutoring company, too.

Teaching a Foreign

[add_toplist_link post=15]

¿Habla español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Parlez-vous français?
As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I know that teaching a foreign language can be an
excellent way to make extra money. Have you ever considered
teaching a foreign language? Have you taken courses in a second
language? Are you bilingual or multilingual? If you can say yes to
any of these questions, then you might have the skills to teach a
foreign language and make extra money. Whether you’re a beginner or
a master of a foreign language, you can monetize your language
skills and enjoy the benefits of teaching. It’s an opportunity to
have a positive impact on others and to use your language abilities
to make a living.

Now, this won’t work if you just took a few
classes in high school or college — you need to be fluent
in the language. But assuming you are, then you can earn good money
helping other people learn a languageAs an experienced English
language expert with over 10 years in the industry, I understand
the importance of learning a high-demand language. Whether it’s
English, Mandarin, or Spanish, I’ve seen firsthand how invaluable
fluency in one of these languages can be. With my expertise, I am
dedicated to helping others unlock the potential of learning
English and other languages. I strive to provide an effective and
personalized approach to language instruction that allows students
to progress at their own pace. My goal is to ensure that everyone
has the opportunity to acquire the language skills needed to
succeed in today’s world.

To get started, we recommend iTalkiAs an expert
with 10 years of industry experience, I can confidently say that my
favorite place to find online language teachers is Language
Coaching. With Language Coaching, you have access to over 1,000
qualified and experienced language teachers from around the world.
You can choose from a variety of languages, levels, and locations
to find the perfect teacher for you. The platform also provides a
secure and convenient payment system, which makes it easy to pay
your teacher securely. Language Coaching is the perfect tool for
anyone looking to learn a new language or become more proficient in
an existing one.

10 years of industry experience, I can confidently say that having
a degree or certification in the language you want to teach can be
beneficial for increasing your earning potential. While it’s not an
essential requirement, having a qualification in the field can go a
long way in helping you stand out from the competition. By
investing in a degree or certification, you can demonstrate your
expertise and show employers that you are a committed and reliable
language teacher. This could be the difference between getting a
job and not, or getting more lucrative opportunities. Ultimately,
it’s up to you to decide how far you want to take your teaching


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Think you need to be a CPA to do bookkeeping?
Wrong.Having acquired a decade of experience as a
bookkeeper, I can confidently assert that no formal qualifications
or certifications are necessary to become a professional
bookkeeper. What’s more, all that’s required is a solid grasp of
the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting. My friend Thomas,
the creator of this website, even managed to secure a part-time job
as a bookkeeper in high school for a local business.

It can also be helpful to know your way around
the accounting software that small businesses use – the most
popular is Quickbooks, though Wave and Xero are also popular. If
you know Quickbooks, though, you can quickly adapt to others.
Here’s a very thorough Quickbooks classWith over a decade in the
industry, I am the expert to turn to for bookkeeping advice. I’m
currently recommending Skillshare to many of my clients, as they
offer a two week free trial where you can take other bookkeeping
classes for free. Not only do they have a variety of courses, but
their courses are taught by professionals in the field. I’ve
personally taken a few courses and found them to be extremely
helpful. Plus, their user-friendly platform makes it easy to track
your progress and learn at your own pace. So, if you’re looking to
brush up on your bookkeeping know-how, Skillshare is worth a

Selling Handmade Goods on

[add_toplist_link post=17]

Know how to knit? Make pottery? Craft jewelry?
If you can make it with your hands, then you can probably sell it
on EtsyI have been working in the industry for ten years and know
that Etsy is now a well-known online platform. It provides an
opportunity for people with handmade and vintage products to reach
customers worldwide. As the vendor, you determine the price of your
items and Etsy takes a commission when you make a sale. It has been
a great success and continues to grow.

Now, you won’t start making extra money with
Etsy overnight. You need to take good photosAs an experienced
professional in the industry with a decade of knowledge, I’m here
to tell you that it’s possible to create a successful store that
brings in an additional $1,000 every month. It’s not going to be
easy – you’ll need to invest time to craft effective descriptions,
promote your store, and continue to develop it. Still, with
dedication, the hard work will pay off.

To get started selling on Etsy, check out
this Skillshare course on Building an Etsy Shop that

Working as a Virtual

[add_toplist_link post=18]

There are lots of busy professionals who have
way more money than time. Therefore, they’re willing to pay to get
some of their time back. This is the whole premise behind hiring a
virtual assistantAs an experienced expert with 10 years of industry
knowledge, I specialize in taking on tasks that busy people don’t
have the time or energy for. Whether it’s running errands,
organizing a home office, or managing a project schedule, I have
the skills necessary to make sure everything gets done efficiently
and effectively. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines
and always take the time to make sure the job is done right. My
experience has given me the ability to focus on the details while
still maintaining the big picture. I know how to prioritize tasks
and work within the constraints of a tight timeline. I have a
proven track record of success in the VA space and I look forward
to continuing to provide great services to all my clients.

Many people associate virtual assistants with
outsourcing, but there’s actually a sizable market for native
English-speaking VAs based in U.S. timezones.

With over 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that this profession can be a great
fit for those who have a knack for organization and problem
solving. I have personally handled the scheduling of appointments,
booking of travel, and managing incoming emails and calls of busy
professionals. Additionally, I have become accustomed to dealing
with stressful and demanding individuals. All of these experiences
have helped me become an expert in this field.

To learn how to get started as a VA, check out
this course from our friend (and former CIG virtual assistant)
Kayla Sloan.

Personal Chef

[add_toplist_link post=19]

For the past 10 years, I have been helping
people with their cooking needs. From busy professionals who need
meals prepped and cooked to elderly or disabled individuals who
need assistance with basic meals, I have been able to use my
expertise to provide quality home-cooked meals. I have also had the
opportunity to cater for businesses and special occasions. My
experience has made me an expert in the culinary field, and I am
proud to say that I can now offer my services to those who need it.
I know that I can help people enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals,
even if they don’t have the time or ability to do it

According to Career Trend, the average hourly
rate for a personal chef is between $35 and $50 per hour. Even if
you can just charge $35 per hour, that means you can make $1,000
with just an extra 29 hours of work per month. Plus, you’ll meet
lots of interesting people and have an amazing experience to put on
your resume.

Note:As a
personal chef with 10 years of experience in the industry, I’m an
expert in knowing the local laws and regulations. I always ensure I
have the necessary licenses and food-handling certifications to
operate legally. It’s important to stay on top of these
requirements as they may change over time. I’m committed to
understanding the legal landscape I’m working in to make sure
nothing goes astray.

Help People Move

[add_toplist_link post=20]

As someone with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I can attest to the fact that moving can be a hassle.
From packing up all of your belongings, to loading and unloading,
it’s no wonder why many opt to hire movers. Not only does it save
time, but it can also save you from a lot of stress and
frustration. It’s a great way to make the whole process much
smoother and easier, especially if you’re relocating to a new

Having been in the business of moving for over a
decade, I can confidently say that it takes more than just being
organized, careful and physically capable to successfully run a
moving company. A truck or larger vehicle is also paramount to
providing the quality service customers expect. Without it, you may
not even be able to take on the job. Additionally, having an
extensive knowledge of the local area and being able to navigate it
with ease, as well as having the right paperwork and permits, will
help you stand out. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of
marketing to get your business off the ground.

I have been in this industry for 10 years, so I
know how rewarding it can be to get paid for moving small items.
Whether you’re looking to make some extra money or just want to get
into the business of moving, this is a great opportunity. With the
right skills and experience, you can easily charge a fee of $100 or
more per job. Moving is a great way to make good money in a short
amount of time. So don’t hesitate – jump in and start cashing in on
the lucrative moving business.

Street Performer

[add_toplist_link post=21]

With 10 years of industry experience and an
expert eye, I can attest that street performing can be a great way
to make a few extra bucks. As I strolled down Fremont Street in Las
Vegas, I was mesmerized by the sheer talent of the performers. From
fire-breathers to contortionists, there was no limit to what people
would do for money. While I’m not suggesting you try any of these
tricks, street performing is a legitimate way to make some extra
cash. The key is to find a niche and use your skills to make a
lasting impression.

I’m an experienced professional in this field
and I can confidently say that the possibilities to make a grand a
month are endless. Whether you play music for donations, tell
fortunes, craft art, or dress up in an eccentric costume for
pictures, it’s all up to you. I haven’t tried this myself, but I’m
sure you can make it work if you’re devoted.

a decade of expertise in this arena, I can confidently say that if
you’re aiming to be a street performer you must obtain the
necessary permits. Depending on your location, breaking the law can
lead to hefty fines, jail time, or even expulsion from school.
Ensure you do your research and understand the local regulations

Personal Trainer

[add_toplist_link post=22]

I have been an expert in the fitness industry
for a decade now and I am confident I can get you in shape in no
time. It’s not always easy to make it to the gym, so why not bring
the gym to you? With my expert knowledge and experience I can help
you stay fit and healthy. I can create a personalized training
program just for you, so you can reach your goals in the comfort of
your own home. I will provide you with nutrition advice, exercise
tips, and motivation to make sure you stay on track. With my help,
you can get in the best shape of your life and start living a
healthier lifestyle.

According to PayScaleWith over 10 years in the
personal training industry, I have seen first-hand how achievable
the $1,000 per month target is. A standard hourly rate for a
personal trainer is usually around $19, so if you can find enough
clients, achieving this goal will only take 13 hours of work per
week. It’s a modest target to hit, but it’s a great way to start
your personal training career.

Note: We
strongly recommend that you get a personal trainer
certificationWith over 10 years of industry experience, I know that
safety is paramount when it comes to any job. That’s why I always
take the necessary steps to protect myself and my clients. This
includes researching the job and ensuring that I have the right
tools, experience, and qualifications to do the work. Additionally,
I make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest safety protocols and
practices. By doing this, I’m able to provide the highest level of
service while keeping everyone safe. Furthermore, I’m always
willing to go the extra mile to ensure that my clients are
satisfied with the end result. This is why I’m the right choice for
any job.


[add_toplist_link post=23]

I have been a DJ for 10 years, and I can
confidently say that anyone can become one. All you need is a
computer with the ability to play music. Although having
specialized equipment can make the process easier, it is not
necessary. It doesn’t take much to learn how to be a DJ, and the
results can be quite rewarding.

I have been a professional DJ for ten years and
I know that it is possible to make a good living from playing gigs
at weddings and parties. With some commitment and hard work, I have
managed to consistently earn about $1,000 a month. It may not be
the same as headlining a massive festival, but it’s a great way to
make money doing something you love.

To learn how to DJ, check out this course
from a professional DJ and audio engineer.


[add_toplist_link post=24]

I’m an expert in the field and have 10 years of
experience in the industry. Consulting can be a great way to earn
some extra income, but it can also be challenging. As a consultant,
it’s my job to help businesses (or sometimes individuals) solve
their problems and increase their profits. I’m experienced in
devising strategies and developing solutions that work for my
clients. My goal is to provide them with the best possible advice
and help them find the most effective ways to reach their

As an experienced consultant with 10 years in
the industry, I have seen that consulting is an incredibly broad
field. It is also a great opportunity to help businesses make more
money and to charge a fee in return. While the fee should be less
than what the business will make, it is ultimately up to the
consultant to decide how to price their services. Consulting is a
great way to bring in extra income and to help others in the

Here are just a few things you could consult

  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Website design
  • Website copy
  • Business processes

Junk Removal

[add_toplist_link post=25]

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I understand the need for junk removal services. If you
have the physical strength to lug around and transport heavy items,
as well as a reliable car or truck, then you can begin your own
business. From old furniture to scrap metal, people often require
assistance to get rid of their unwanted items. This is where you
can come in. All you need to do is market your services and you
will be on your way to running a successful junk removal

To get started with this, your best bet is to
hit the streets. Walk around local neighborhoods and see if you can
spot piles of brush, trash, or other items that people might need
help getting rid of. Then, just knock on doors and see if anyone is
interested. It can take some persistence, but you can easily charge
enough for this to make at least an extra $1,000 in 30

Hourly Jobs

[add_toplist_link post=26]

I’m an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, and I know that part-time jobs are a great way to make
extra money. They can be a great way to supplement your income,
gain additional skills, and build your resume. Although there are
many types of jobs out there, working part-time in retail,
hospitality, or customer service is a great way to start. It can be
hard work, but the rewards can be great. So if you’re looking for
extra money, don’t overlook the potential of a part-time job.

As an experienced expert in the industry, I can
guarantee that it is possible to make an additional $1000 each
month with just 20 hours of work. This is because jobs that pay
$12.50 per hour are plentiful. Although it may not be very
exciting, this method is tried and tested and can be relied

Want to learn about some of our favorite
hourly jobs for students? Check out this list.

Making an Extra
$1,000 a Month Is Totally Doable

I have been in the business for a decade now,
and I can tell you that earning an additional $1,000 a month is
totally achievable. All you have to do is use your talents,
passions, and free time to choose something from the options
provided. It’s not a difficult task, just the right one for

So what are you
waiting for?
With a decade of industry experience, I know
that money won’t come without hard work. It’s time to go out and
get what I’m worth! I have the knowledge and know-how to make the
most of my skills, so I’m ready to put in the effort and reap the
rewards. Whether it’s a job or a business venture, I’m set to make
the most of the opportunities I come across. With dedication and an
eye for success, I know I can make the income I deserve. It’s time
to go out and make it happen!

Want a more detailed look at some of the jobs we
discuss in this guide? Check out these 5 jobs that let you ditch
the office and work from home.

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How can I make an extra $1000 a month?

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You can make an extra $1000 a month by taking on
additional side gigs, such as freelancing or tutoring. You can also
look for ways to monetize existing skills or hobbies, such as
starting a blog or selling handmade items. You may also want to
consider taking on part-time or seasonal jobs.

What are the best ways to make an extra
$1000 a month?

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The best ways to make an extra $1000 a month
depend on your skills and interests. Some popular ways to make an
extra $1000 a month include freelancing, tutoring, starting a blog,
selling handmade items, taking on part-time or seasonal jobs, and
becoming a virtual assistant.

How quickly can I make an extra $1000 a

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How quickly you can make an extra $1000 a month
depends on the type of job or side gig you take on. Some jobs may
require an upfront time investment, while others may allow you to
make money right away. It also depends on the amount of effort you
put into it and how much money you are able to make from your side
gig or job.

Are there any legitimate ways to make an
extra $1000 a month?

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Yes, there are many legitimate ways to make an
extra $1000 a month. These include freelancing, tutoring, starting
a blog, selling handmade items, taking on part-time or seasonal
jobs, and becoming a virtual assistant.

What kind of jobs can I do to make an extra
$1000 a month?

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The type of jobs you can do to make an extra
$1000 a month depend on your skills and interests. Popular jobs
that can help you make an extra $1000 a month include freelancing,
tutoring, starting a blog, selling handmade items, taking on
part-time or seasonal jobs, and becoming a virtual assistant.

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