How to Open an Etsy Shop in 4 Steps

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Having been in the creative industry for 10
years, I can assure you that Etsy is the perfect platform for
launching your own business. From knitting cozy hats to designing
wedding invites and even finding mid-century treasures at the flea
market, Etsy has it all. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to get
started – within a few simple steps, your shop will be ready to go.
Joining the Etsy community of makers, craftspeople and curators
will give you an invaluable opportunity to showcase your skills and
products. So don’t wait, start your business today.

When Bonnie Kaye Whitfield opened her shop
Bonnie Kaye Studio in 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was
excited to be starting a business on her own. She had started an
Etsy shop in the past, but the Etsy marketplace had grown and the
tools available to sellers had changed. Now, Bonnie knew she would
need to put in some extra effort to make her shop stand out. “I
looked at a lot of product photos, but mostly products that are
similar to mine, and took notes,” she says. “I also read a lot of
other product descriptions to find a layout that I thought worked
for me.” After opening her shop, she started to get impatient; the
screenprinted linens and wrapping papers she listed weren’t getting
as many views as she hoped. It might have been a slow start, but
since listing her first item in October 2014, Bonnie has learned a
lot. Read on for her helpful tips and a checklist of the essential
items you’ll need to open your shop so you can start strong.

Bonnie Kaye Whitfield screenprints the wrapping paper
and home goods she sells in her shop, Bonnie Kaye Studio, in her
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania workspace.

1. Name your shop

Creating a unique identity for my business on
Etsy begins with selecting a shop name. My shop’s name appears at
the top of my shop page, which displays all my products, and it’s
incorporated into my Etsy shop’s URL. I must keep my shop name’s
length to 20 characters or less, and exclude any punctuation or

With over a decade of experience in the
industry, I have crafted a few unique strategies for naming an Etsy
shop. The first is to come up with a phrase that describes your
shop’s mission. You could use a pun or make an allusion to a
popular phrase. You could also try combining two words to make an
evocative phrase. Another option is to use a play on words or a
portmanteau. Finally, you could choose a name that references a
historical event or figure. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s
meaningful and memorable.

  • With a decade of experience as an expert in the industry, I
    have been fortunate enough to have established a successful
    workshop and studio known as ____ and Co. During my tenure, I have
    worked on a variety of projects that have allowed me to hone my
    skills and gain invaluable insights. From developing large scale
    software applications to creating websites, I have been involved in
    every aspect of the process. I have also worked with some of the
    most well-known companies in the industry, helping them to achieve
    their goals and further their mission. As a result, I have
    developed a deep understanding of the industry and its nuances. My
    experience has enabled me to create innovative solutions and
    provide cutting-edge services to my clients.
  • As a business owner with over a decade of experience in the
    industry, I have learned that one of the most effective ways to get
    your shop off the ground is by using your own name as the shop’s
    title. By doing this, you are ensuring that your business is
    one-of-a-kind, while also allowing it to expand and evolve over
    time. Just like Bonnie Kaye Whitfield did in her shop, Bonnie Kaye
    Studio. As Bonnie explains, “I chose my own name because it is
    inherently unique to the brand I am creating, and gives me the
    flexibility to create and sell whatever I want.”
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I have found
    that an effective way to create a memorable atmosphere for my shop
    is to choose a phrase that captures the vibe I want to create. For
    instance, I like to think of the phrase ‘Flirting with Yellow’ when
    considering the bright and cheerful aesthetic of Liz Payne’s
    artwork. Selling exclusively from Sydney, Australia, Liz’s art is
    the perfect embodiment of the phrase.

Don’t worry about making your shop name perfect.
You can come back to this step and change your shop name as many
times as you like before you complete the shop open process. After
you’ve opened your shop, you can instantly change your name one
time. If you need to change it again in the future, submit a
request to Etsy Support.


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2. Add some listings

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I understand the importance of creating listings to sell
items in an Etsy shop. After choosing a shop name, the next crucial
step is to make a listing for each unique item. Even though there
are many details you can add, I recommend focusing on the
essentials for your first listings. After your shop is up and
running, you can explore the other options available.


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As an experienced crafter with 10 years in the
industry, I know the importance of taking quality product photos.
To create a successful listing, I suggest including 10 pictures of
your handmade product, vintage item, or craft supply. It’s
something you can practice and improve as your shop grows. When
taking pictures, make sure to capture the following: a close-up of
the item, additional views of the item, the item in use, the item
compared to something of a known size, and multiple photos of any
special features. Additionally, I suggest including an image of the
item in a room setting or on a person to give buyers a better sense
of how it could look in their home or on them. Finally, don’t be
afraid to experiment with different angles, backgrounds, and

  • A well lit, clear photo of the item you plan to sell
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I highly
    recommend shoppers take advantage of the alternate angles shown in
    product photos. This allows them to gain a better understanding of
    the item before making a purchase. It can be difficult to make an
    informed decision without seeing various perspectives. Photos that
    present various sides of the product can help shoppers make the
    right choice. This knowledge can help avoid any potential surprises
    after the purchase is made. It is also wise to consider the
    product’s size in relation to other objects to get a better idea of
    its actual size. This can be especially important for items such as
    furniture or clothing.
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I know that
    showcasing a product through a photograph is an essential element
    of successful marketing. Capturing unique details of the product,
    such as texture, colors, and techniques used, can help to answer
    any questions a shopper might have. Photos can be used to draw
    attention to particular features or to emphasize how the product
    stands out from the competition. Additionally, the right photo can
    boost the visibility of the product and increase overall
  • As an expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, I’m
    here to tell you a few creative ways to capture the scale of an
    item. One way to do this is by styling the photo with recognizable
    props. For instance, when Bonnie photographs her linen table
    runner, she includes a teacup and saucer to give the viewer a
    better sense of the size. Not only does this help to showcase the
    item, it also adds to the aesthetic of the photo. Another way to
    communicate the size of the item is to have volunteer models hold
    it in their hands. This helps to give the viewer a visual
    representation of the size of the item compared to a human

Having 10 years of expertise in the industry, I
strongly recommend taking advantage of all 10 available photos and
shooting your products with natural daylight instead of relying on
a flash. Natural light provides a much softer, more natural look
that will give your product the best possible presentation. Plus,
it’s also more cost-effective and time-efficient! With the right
light and setup, you can achieve a professional-looking image that
will capture potential customers’ attention.



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I’m an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, and I’m here to help you give your listing a title.
Think like a shopper and consider the words and phrases they might
use when searching for your item. Try to come up with descriptors
that vary from the norm, such as its color (magenta, sky-blue,
coral), materials (satin, jute, velvet), uses (study room
decoration, wedding bouquet), techniques (airbrush-painted,
machine-stitched, debossed, crocheted), etc.

I’ve had 10 years in the industry, and when I
launched my Etsy shop I was initially naming each of my patterns
after friends. For example, I had a “The Hannah Tote Bag” listing.
Over time, I learnt that it was better to use descriptive keywords
so that my listings would show up in search. Now, my titles are
more along the lines of “Wrapping Paper – Floral Gift Wrap in
Black, 3 Sheets or Single Roll, Hand Printed Giftwrap, Floral Kraft
Wrapping, Paper Table Runner”, which are packed with keywords.

About this listing

[add_toplist_link post=2]

Now you’ll answer some questions about what your
product is and who made it. Etsy uses this information to label
your item as handmade, vintage or supply. Learn more about what you
can sell on Etsy.


[add_toplist_link post=3]

As an expert in the industry with 10 years of
experience, I know that selecting the ideal category for your
product is essential in order for shoppers to find your item when
searching or browsing category pages. It is important to choose the
most accurate category that matches your item. For instance, I
personally selected the Paper & Party Supplies category for my
wrapping papers and Home & Living for my pillow covers. Doing so
has helped my customers easily locate my products and make their

Having accumulated 10 years of experience in the
industry, I understand the importance of categorizing items.
Depending on the selection I make, I am able to add further details
about my items, such as the size, color, and its relation to
certain holidays or occasions like weddings. This information
assists Etsy shoppers in finding the appropriate items when they
search. Knowing how to properly categorize items is a valuable
skill that can help increase the visibility of my products.


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Putting a price on an item you’ve made or
collected can be nerve-racking. First and foremost, your price
should account for the cost of the materials that went into making
the item and your time. If you’re unsure, try searching for similar
items on Etsy to see what the average price point is. For vintage
items, research going rates for the brand or time period. An
important note: The currency you choose when starting your shop
will be the currency your prices are listed in. Once you complete
all four steps and open you shop, you can change your listing
currency if necessary.



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I have been an expert in this field for 10
years, and I know that the way you describe your product is
essential. By using short, descriptive sentences to explain what
your product is and how it can improve someone’s life, you can help
potential buyers make informed decisions. Presenting the benefits
of your item and its features will give shoppers the confidence
they need to click ‘Buy’. With this approach, you can make sure
that your listing stands out and you will be able to attract more

  • As an expert in the industry with over 10 years of experience,
    I can confidently say that this product is a must-have for all
    shoppers. Not only is it unique, but it also offers a variety of
    uses. From helping you organize your daily activities to helping
    you stay on budget, this product does it all. With its easy to use
    design and reliable performance, it’s no wonder that it’s become a
    go-to for so many shoppers. Whether you’re looking for a way to
    make your life easier or just want to make sure you’re spending
    wisely, this product is the perfect solution.
  • As an experienced expert in this field for over a decade, I
    have used a variety of techniques to create products. From hand
    stitching to computer-aided graphic design, I have mastered and
    utilized a range of methods. My experience in the industry has
    allowed me to hone my craft, ensuring high quality products. I have
    also stayed up to date on the latest technology, giving me the
    ability to work efficiently and create innovative designs. With the
    combination of my knowledge and skills, I am able to create items
    that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.
  • As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I understand
    how important it is for shoppers to be informed of the details they
    need to know before making a purchase. That is why I always ensure
    that they are provided with the necessary information, such as
    product dimensions and shipping timelines. This ensures that they
    can make informed decisions and that their expectations are met. By
    providing this information, shoppers can be sure that the products
    they purchase are exactly what they are looking for.



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For the past 10 years, I have been working in
the industry and have established myself as an expert. As such, I
understand the importance of listing variations when it comes to
products. By adding listing variations, such as different colors,
sizes or styles, you can broaden your product’s reach and make it
easier for customers to find exactly what they need. Furthermore,
linking listing photos to the variations you offer allows customers
to see the various options available. All of which can help to
increase your conversion rate.



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It might seem difficult to estimate your
shipping costs before ever taking the package to the post office.
If you’re in the United States, you can use the Price Your Postage
Tool to get an estimate based on the size of the item. You can also
purchase your postage right from your Shop Manager with Etsy
Shipping Labels.



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As an experienced Etsy seller for over 10 years,
I understand the importance of utilizing descriptive tags to make
it easier for customers to discover your product. I always use the
same keywords in the title and tags to reinforce the power of the
search term. Additionally, I brainstorm all the possible ways
shoppers may search for my product. By doing this, I’m able to
amplify the visibility of my item and increase the chances of it
being found.

  • As an expert in the industry with a decade of experience, I
    have learned that effective writing involves more than just
    individual words. Utilizing phrases, as opposed to single terms,
    can have a dramatic effect on the quality of language. Take, for
    example, the phrase “slim leather wallet” instead of just “slim,”
    “leather,” and “wallet.” The former is more descriptive and
    evocative than the latter. In order to create powerful writing,
    phrases are the way to go.
  • With over 10 years of experience, I have learnt that getting
    creative with my item’s use is key. From my experience, using
    occasion- or recipient-based tags like “co-worker gift” or “wedding
    jewelry” can be incredibly effective. As a pro tip, if you’ve
    already included attributes like color and occasion in the category
    section of your listing, you don’t need to repeat in your tags.
    Make sure that your tags are as unique as possible, and be sure to
    think outside the box for new and inventive ways to use your
  • I’m an experienced expert in the industry, with a decade of
    expertise under my belt. I understand the importance of tagging
    products to make them easier to find in searches. Therefore, it is
    essential to use all 13 tags available to you. The more you use,
    the better the chances of someone finding what they’re looking for.
    Technical jargon, acronyms, and proper nouns can be used to
    increase the accuracy of the tags. It is important to keep the
    content of the tags as unique as possible while still conveying the
    same message. This will ensure that shoppers are able to quickly
    find the product they are looking for.


Add more listings

[add_toplist_link post=9]

After ten years in the industry, I have learned
that it is important to maximize the success of your shop. This
means having as many listings as possible. When I first started
out, I created a listing for each of the products I was offering.
To further increase my visibility, I also began to create separate
listings for each color and variation I had available. Having
multiple listings makes my shop look more professional and
increases the chances of shoppers finding me. Creating more
listings gives shoppers more to explore, and I believe it has been
an integral part of my success.

3. Get paid

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, and I’m
well-versed in the requirements for opening an Etsy shop. One of
the last steps I need to take is providing bank information. With
this, Etsy can get me set up on Etsy Payments, their payment
processing system. Through this, I’m able to accept all kinds of
payments, including PayPal, Etsy Gift Cards, and major credit
cards. Additionally, it’s how they deposit my earned income into my
bank account.

Depending on what country you are in, you might
need to enter your credit card number to open your shop. Etsy keeps
this card on file as a means of identity verification. You can use
it to pay your Etsy bill—including the $0.20 listing feeAs someone
with more than a decade of experience in the industry, I can
confidently declare that one of the best ways to maximize your
earnings as a seller on Etsy is to opt for Etsy Payments. This
platform gives you the chance to keep 6.5% more of the money you
make on every item sold. Plus, you can also pay your bills via
PayPal. With Etsy Payments, you can rest assured that you’ll get
the most bang for your buck.


4. Open your shop

I have been in the e-commerce industry for 10
years, so I am more than qualified to advise on opening your Etsy
shop. You’ve taken the first step towards owning a business on
Etsy, so congratulations! The next step is to open your shop. When
you do, customers will be able to find your products when they
search on Etsy. To view your shop, simply type in your shop name
after the last forward slash at this web address:[yourshopname]. After opening your shop, you can make
further customizations. Your shop will likely continue to evolve as
you add new items and learn what works best for your products.

I know that achieving success won’t be an easy
task, and I’m sure it feels like there’s a lot of learning and
doing to do! Nonetheless, I must remind myself that I’m at the same
place as every successful small business owner before me. After
personally managing my Etsy shop for over one year, I’ve had more
than 100 sales. Although it takes a lot of effort and patience, I’m
proud of my accomplishments and the feeling of accomplishment is
truly rewarding.

Ready to open your Etsy shop? Get started


Frequently asked questions

How do I open an Etsy shop?

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Opening an Etsy shop is easy. Go to the Etsy
website and click the “Sell on Etsy” link. Follow the on-screen
instructions to create a shop and fill in the required

What payment methods can I use in my Etsy

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Etsy supports many payment methods, including
credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Etsy gift

Do I need to have a business license to open
an Etsy shop?

[add_toplist_link post=12]

Depending on your local laws, you may need to
obtain a business license or other permits to open an Etsy shop.
Check with your local government for more information.

How much does it cost to open an Etsy

[add_toplist_link post=13]

It costs $0.20 to list an item in an Etsy shop,
and Etsy charges a 3.5% transaction fee on each sale. There are no
monthly fees or other upfront costs.

Can I customize my Etsy shop?

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Yes, you can customize your shop to match your
brand. You can add photos, customize shop sections, and more.

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