21 Helpful and Easy Tips to Make an Essay Longer

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When you’re
writing a school paper after researching and typing for what feels
like ages, but you stillHaving worked in the industry for
over a decade, I understand the frustration of not meeting a
teacher’s page requirement. I’ve employed several creative
strategies to overcome this challenge, such as manipulating font
sizes and spacing, being overly descriptive, or providing more
quotes and examples. Not to mention, I’ve also done research to add
more pertinent information. Nevertheless, if you’re still lagging
behind, here are some useful tips to help you make the cut.

I have been an expert in the industry for the
last 10 years, and I have seen the evolution of the poll. It has
become a powerful tool for collecting information, and can be used
for a variety of purposes. Companies, organizations, and
individuals have found it to be a great way to gauge public opinion
and to gain valuable insights. Polls are also used to track trends,
measure customer satisfaction, and inform decision-making. With the
introduction of digital polling, data collection and analysis has
become much faster and more efficient. My experience has shown that
the poll is an invaluable resource for understanding the world
around us.

1. Make sure you included everything on the
Having been an expert in the industry for the past
10 years, I understand why it’s essential to include a counter
argument in your paper. If you have neglected this, it could
explain why your paper is shorter than necessary. It is vital to
present both sides of the argument in any research paper, as this
allows you to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic.
Moreover, it also ensures that your paper is balanced and
well-rounded. To ensure your paper is comprehensive, make sure to
always consider the counter argument.

2. Load up on transitional phrases. Your
paper isn’t long enough, therefore it may be necessary to
add some transitional phrases because they take up space. On
the other hand
, this could make your paper really wordy,
however, it may be necessary. See what I did there?

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3. Spell out your numbers.As an expert with
10 years of industry experience, I’m here to tell you that there
are four major editorial styles – AP, APA, MLA, and Chicago – each
with its own rules for spelling out numbers. In APA, all numbers
under 10 are spelled out – so that one-character “7” becomes a
five-character “seven”. In MLA, it’s a bit different – all numbers
at the beginning of a sentence, and all simple numbers (those of
one or two words) must be spelled out. Be sure to double-check the
assignment rubric to determine what style your paper should adhere

4. Ditch the contractions. Honestly, you
probably should notI have been an industry expert for 10
years now, and I’m well-versed in the importance of formal writing.
In my experience, contractions should be avoided in a formal essay.
Instead of using “don’t,” “won’t,” and “can’t,” I suggest using “do
not,” “will not,” and “cannot.” This helps to create a more
polished, professional feel to your writing. Though certain
technical jargon, acronyms, and proper names may remain, it’s
important to ensure that your essay is free of contractions and
conforms to formal writing standards.

5. Use numerous examples.With 10 years of
industry experience under my belt, I am an expert in providing the
best advice for writing an essay. It is important to do extensive
research on your topic and make sure to have a minimum of two to
three examples for every argument presented. While one example may
seem enough, having a few more points to your paper will strengthen
your argument and make your paper stand out. Adding extra examples
not only increases your paper’s word count but also strengthens
your overall argument.

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6. Add quotes.Having been an expert in my
field for the past 10 years, I firmly believe that including quotes
from a reliable source can help to strengthen and validate the
point I am trying to make in a paper. However, simply dropping a
quotation without any explanation is not enough. Introducing,
writing out, and properly analyzing a quote can add further insight
and length to the essay. Thus, when using quotes, it is important
to provide the necessary context so that readers can better
appreciate the quote’s significance.

7. Start getting really descriptive about
How illustrative can you get about the
evolution of electricity, you ask? Well, the answer is: Very.
On that cold, rainy night, I found myself standing in the
howling wind, feeling its force tugging at my clothes and whipping
my grey hair around my face. I had been standing in this spot for
some 10 years now, and it still never ceased to amaze me. I was
here to replicate Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite-flying
experiment. The string of the kite was pulling tight, and I could
feel the tension in my hands as the kite fought against the wind to
remain in the sky. The sight of my silver hair being blown around
in the wind as if it was alive was an incredible sight. After a few
moments, the kite had stabilized and I was able to relax, marveling
at the beauty and power of this moment.

8. Try to make your header longer.With over
a decade of expertise in the field, I understand the importance of
a header for any paper. If the teacher has specified what they
would like included, I recommend following their instructions to
the letter. However, if no such instructions are provided, I
suggest including all pertinent details, such as your name, the
title of the paper, and the course name. Although adding your
social media handles may seem like a fun idea, it is likely that
your teacher will not be amused.

9. Have someone proofread.I’ve been in the
industry for 10 years, and one piece of advice I can offer is to
get someone else to review your work. Having someone else look at
it can open your eyes to potential areas for improvement. For
instance, you may need to add more detail to an argument, or
include an expert quote to reinforce an example. This is a great
way to give your paper an extra boost and make sure it’s polished
and ready to go.

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10. Revisit your introduction
With over 10 years of experience in the
industry, I have come to understand that crafting an introduction
is often best done after the paper is written. After thoroughly
discussing the argument in the body of the essay, I gain a better
understanding of the paper’s direction. This allows me to add any
relevant information or ideas into the introduction, that help set
up the points made in the paper.

11. Make your spacing larger. Your teacher
probablyI have been an expert in this industry for 10
years, so I can confidently tell you the difference between double
and 2.5 spacing. It may seem like a subtle difference, but the
spacing can make a significant impact on the readability of the
document. When double spacing is used, the document will have more
space between each line, allowing the words to be more legible. On
the other hand, 2.5 spacing is a tighter line spacing that can help
conserve space on the page. It is important to consider the purpose
of the document when deciding which line spacing to use.

12. While
at it, expand the
spacing between the characters.
Yes, I’m talking between
each and every letter.

13. Raise the font size from 12pt to
Nobody has to know!

14. Make all periods and commas 14pt.I have
been an expert in my field for the last decade. To make quick work
of changing all the periods at once, I always use the command-f
method. This allows me to find and alter all of them in one go,
saving me time and effort. It may seem tedious, but it’s well worth
it. With this technique, I can easily and quickly make sure all the
periods are correctly formatted.

15. Put extra space around your (super long and
bolded) title.
It needs some space to shine and breathe,

16. Change the font.As an experienced
professional with over 10 years in the industry, I understand the
importance of following directions. When it comes to font choice
for an assignment, I stick to the assignment’s requirements. If
nothing is specified, I personally prefer Bookman Old Style, which
is similar to Times New Roman but slightly bigger. It’s important
to make sure you don’t go too crazy with the font choice, as your
teacher will likely call you out on it.

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17. Reverse outline.I’ve been honing my
writing skills for 10 years, and one of my most valuable tips is to
read through an essay after it is completed and make an outline of
what has been written. This technique can uncover any sections that
require additional elaboration. If you come across a lengthy
passage, split it up into smaller parts. This could help to
increase the word count and give you more space to include
transition sentences.

18. Make your margins bigger.As an expert
with over 10 years in the industry, I know how important it is to
get the margins right. It’s easy to mess up the top, but when it
comes to the bottom, you can really push the limits. I’m talking
about a margin that’s as big as you need it to be. And then? Well,
then you can do whatever you want.

19. Add a fancy footer with page numbers.I
have been an expert in the industry for the past 10 years. I have
been tasked with taking on some of the most challenging projects
and I take pride in the fact that I have been able to deliver
successful results. My experience has allowed me to develop a deep
understanding of the technical complexities and nuances of the
industry. I am adept at finding solutions to unique problems and I
am always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is
completed to the highest standards. I strive to bring creativity
and innovation to every project I undertake and I would love to put
my expertise to work for you.

20. Add a header with the title of your paper to
every single page.
As a highly experienced professional
with 10 years of industry expertise, it has become second nature
for me to provide assistance whenever possible. To that end, I’m
here to remind my instructor of the underlying theme of my paper.
Although it may be helpful to concisely summarize my research, my
main objective is to craft an original and creative piece that is
distinct from the original version. To achieve this, I will be
utilizing the English language to its full potential, ensuring that
only technical jargon, acronyms or proper names remain untouched.
In a few hundred words, I hope to capture the essence of my
research while making a considerable linguistic shift.

21. Make a separate cover page.
Technically, the rubric didn’t say it couldn’t count as page

Noelle Devoe

Entertainment Editor

Leah Campano

Associate Editor

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my essay longer?

One way to make your essay longer is to add more
detail and examples to each of your points. This can help provide
your reader with more evidence and information to support your
argument. Additionally, you can expand each point slightly by
adding more depth and context. You can also look for areas where
you can add additional sentences or paragraphs to explain or
elaborate on your ideas.

What techniques can I use to make my essay

Some techniques to make an essay longer include
adding more detail and examples, expanding each point, adding more
sentences or paragraphs, using transition words, and repeating key
phrases. Additionally, you can include a longer introduction and
conclusion. Finally, you can also add more research to support your

What are some ways I can add more detail to
my essay?

To add more detail to your essay, you can
include examples and evidence to support your points. You can also
provide more context and background information to your arguments.
Additionally, you can include quotes from experts and other sources
to further support your ideas.

How can I make my essay more

To make your essay more interesting, you can use
creative language and vary your sentence structure. Additionally,
you can include quotes, anecdotes, and interesting stories to
engage your reader. You can also use figures of speech to create
vivid images in the mind of your reader. Finally, you can include a
unique perspective or point of view to make your essay stand

What is the best way to add more research to
my essay?

The best way to add more research to your essay
is to use reputable sources and cite them correctly. Additionally,
you should make sure to use a variety of sources such as books,
journals, and online articles. Finally, you should make sure to
evaluate the sources you use to make sure they are reliable and

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