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Fried Egg Sandwich Recipe | Claire Thomas | Food

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  1. Combine the ketchup and chipotle and
    spread on the inside of each piece of bread. Place the cheese
    between the bread at an angle so that the edges hangover the sides
    of the bread. Butter the outside of one bread slice with half the
    butter. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Press the sandwich on,
    buttered-side down. Press until the bread is golden brown and the
    cheese has started to melt. Butter the other side (which is facing
    up) with the remaining butter and flip. Cook until golden brown and
    the cheese is gooey, this should all take 3 to 4 minutes. Remove
    the sandwich from the heat and hold.
  2. I take a pan and place it over medium
    heat. I let the bacon cook for around 5 minutes, just until it’s
    barely crisp. I then flip the bacon, pushing the two pieces next to
    each other to form a square. I crack the egg on top, allowing it to
    cook into the bacon. I continue cooking until the egg is set, about
    5 minutes. I use a spoon to help pull apart the bread, sliding in
    the eggs and bacon. I then close up the sandwich, slice it and

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make an egg

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It usually takes about 10 minutes to make an egg

What ingredients do I need to make an egg

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You will need eggs, bread, butter, and any
additional ingredients you would like to include such as cheese,
vegetables, mayonnaise, etc.

What is the best way to cook the eggs for an
egg sandwich?

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The best way to cook the eggs for an egg
sandwich is to scramble them. You can also fry them if you

Is it better to use toasted or untoasted
bread for an egg sandwich?

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It is up to personal preference. Both toasted
and untoasted bread will work for an egg sandwich.

Can I make an egg sandwich without

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Yes, you can make an egg sandwich without
butter, however it may not taste as good as one with butter.

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