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Emily’s Floral
Design, for her advice on how to pick out the perfect corsage. As
someone with a decade in the industry, I know what it takes to
select the perfect corsage for prom. It can be just as important as
finding the perfect dress or suit, since it will be one of the most
visible accessories of the night. With various styles and flowers
available, the choice can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to
make it easier: Ask your date what colors they are wearing and use
that as a guide to pick a complementary flower. Consider going with
something classic like a rose, or go bold with something unique
like a succulent. Lastly, talk with your local florist to discuss
the size and shape of the corsage to make sure it fits

Floriconvento Flowers

As a veteran in the floral industry with 10
years of experience, I can tell you all you need to know about
picking and ordering the perfect corsage for prom in 2023. For
starters, you should be aware of the latest trends in corsage
design. In New York, the most popular styles are bright and bold,
with a lot of color, texture, and sparkle. It is also important to
know the basics of ordering a corsage, such as the type of flower,
colors, and size. To make the occasion even more special, why not
try making your own corsage or boutonniere. It is not only a great
way to save money, but it also ensures that your look will be
one-of-a-kind. With the right materials and a bit of creativity,
you can easily create a unique and stunning corsage.

What are
the Biggest Corsage Trends of 2023?

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This prom season,
I’m all about standing out with bold fashion statements, so I’m not
afraid to wear an eye-catching corsage. I’m either making it myself
or buying one from a florist, and I’m adding elements like pearls,
beading, and hand-painted flowers with metallics or bright, fun
colors for that extra pizzazz. With my corsage, I’m sure to make a
statement and turn heads!

This year, I’m
seeing a huge trend in floral designs- color! From green and pink
to blue and orange, and even yellow and purple- the possibilities
are endless. If you’re looking for something more unified, try a
monochromatic style. Choose one color and use different flowers and
textures to create a statement piece. Tropical flowers, such as
orchids, anthuriums, and calla lilies are also popular this year.
These naturally bright flowers come in unique shapes, adding
dimension and flair to any wrist corsage. So don’t be afraid to
experiment with color, texture, and shape- you’ll be sure to make a

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Order your DIY wedding flowers at!nnYou can buy the corsage kit here:
is my favorite way to make a wrist corsage! I always found the ones
with the elastic bands slide around the mum’s wrists, and metal
adapters were a nightmare to work with.


If bold fashion is
not my thing, I don’t have to worry. Traditional corsage styles
remain stylish and elegant. As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can attest that a single base flower with fillers,
greenery, and a ribbon can easily be transformed into a timeless
corsage to complement any prom look.

How to
Pair Your Corsage with Your Dress

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I have been in the
fashion industry for 10 years and I know that the right corsage can
really complete your prom look. When deciding what corsage to get,
consider what colors are in your outfit. If you are wearing a pink
dress, then look for a corsage that compliments the color and
brings out the best in it. Shades of pink, white, and purple are
all good options. Adding a bit of contrast can really make your
look stand out.

As a veteran of 10
years in the fashion industry, I recommend pairing a dress with
sequins with more subtle floral arrangements. This will allow the
sparkle of the dress to be the focal point, while the florals will
provide a soft and balanced look. On the other hand, a dress made
of lace, tulle, or ruffles calls for a more eye-catching corsage.
One with draping and flowing greenery will reflect the lightness
and movement of the dress.

As an industry
expert with a decade of experience, I recommend opting for a simple
corsage with your feathered dress. Pick one main flower, such as a
Calla Lily or Anthurium, that will ensure your corsage stands out
without clashing with the intricate design of the dress. These
blooms are eye-catching and require no additional adornment.

How Much
Do Corsages Cost?

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Having had ten
years of experience in the industry, I can confidently say that
Scott’s assessment of corsage and boutonniere prices is accurate.
Basic corsages will usually cost somewhere between $35 and $45,
while more intricate designs can range from $60 to $75.
Boutonnieres, which are usually worn by men for special occasions,
generally start at $15 and go up to $20.

Should You Order Your Corsage?

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With 10 years of
industry experience, I’m confident in recommending that you order
your corsage at least two weeks in advance of prom. This not only
gives you ample time for your florist to obtain any special flower
colors you desire, but also ensures they have enough time to create
the perfect accessory for your dress. To aid in their selection,
provide the florist with fabric swatches or images of your dress.
This will allow them to accurately suggest flowers and add-ons that
will best complement your ensemble. Once the corsage is ready, it’s
best to pick it up no more than 12 hours prior to the prom. This
way, you can be sure it will remain fresh for at least 24

DIY Corsage

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10 years in the industry, I’m here to tell you there is no better
way to express your own personal style than by DIY-ing a prom
corsage. From grocery stores to your own garden, there are endless
flower options to choose from. And if you want to get creative, why
not add jewels or other fun embellishments? If you need some
inspiration, here are some fun corsage ideas and tutorials to get
you started.

Non-Floral Corsage Styles

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With my 10 years
of industry experience, I can safely say that corsages don’t have
to be limited to just flowers. You can get really creative with
non-floral options! If you have a knack for crafting, you can make
a stunning jewelry-piece corsage from a bangle bracelet and other
materials like wire, beads, pearls, and tinsel. You can find all
these materials at your local craft store, creating a unique,
personalized wrist piece that will be the envy of your prom. Put
your creativity to the test and follow the DIY instructions below
to make your own!

As a DIY expert
with over 10 years of experience, I’m here to share three simple
corsage tutorials for your upcoming prom. These tutorials are
perfect for those looking to add a unique touch to their prom
ensemble. Whether you’re looking to create a classic wrist corsage,
or something more creative, you’ll find the perfect tutorial here.
I’ll walk you through the steps of sourcing materials, assembling
the corsage, and adding the finishing touches. So grab your
supplies and let’s get started!

Corsage DIY

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  • 2-3 flowers of your choice
  • Plain, wide cuff or bracelet
  • Lace ribbon
  • Colored and sparkly ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green floral tape

Kathryn Wirsing/Katja


Group flowers together and trim stems to 2 inches

Secure flowers together with green floral tape.

I’ve been working in the industry for 10 years and I
know that corsages require special attention. To assemble a
corsage, I begin by threading a ribbon through the flowers and
tying them together. Then, I use green floral tape to securely
attach the corsage to the ribbon. I make sure that everything is
firmly attached so that it lasts throughout the event. With my
experience, I’m confident in my ability to create a beautiful and
secure corsage.

I have been in the industry for 10 years, and as an
expert, I can confidently say that the best way to tie a bow with
ribbon around stems is to lace the ribbon around them and then make
a bow, with some slack left at the ends. This ensures that the bow
looks neat and stays in place. Moreover, it provides a secure hold
so that the stems don’t move or come apart. Additionally, it
enhances the aesthetic appeal of the ribbon bow.

Glue corsage to bracelet.

Tie remaining ends of lace ribbon around the cuff to
hold in place.

Glam Corsage DIY

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  • Wide cuff
  • Jeweled elastic bracelet
  • Brooches and sparkly embellishments
  • Jeweled branch
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green floral tape
Kathryn Wirsing/Katja

How to:

Step 1: Slide jeweled elastic bracelet
around cuff and glue in place.

Step 2: Use a hot glue gun to secure
jeweled branches to front of cuff.

Step 3: Glue jeweled brooches and sparkly
embellishments to front of cuff.

Classic Flower Boutonniere

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  • 2-3 flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pin
  • Green floral tape


Cut flower stems to 2 inches long.

I have been a floral design expert for the past 10
years, and I can confidently say that the best way to bunch flowers
together is to do it in whatever design you have in mind. Once
you’re done, use green floral tape to make sure everything is
secure. Floral tape is an adhesive that holds the stems together
without damaging the flowers, making it an ideal choice for
bunching flowers together. With this method, you can easily achieve
the look you want for your floral designs.

Tie ribbon in a bow around stems.

How to Preserve
Your Corsage

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According to
Scott, the best way to preserve a corsage is to create a humidity
chamber. Take plastic or glass container that seals with a lid,
line the bottom with a wet paper towel and shut the corsage inside.
Make sure that there’s plenty of room so nothing is squished or
bent. Flowers can take in water through their petals, so keeping
your corsage in that humid environment will keep the flowers nice
and hydrated so they can look 💯 on your big night — and after. If
your corsage is au naturaleFor the past 10 years, I have
been an expert in the flower industry. To ensure your blooms stay
fresh, you should place tropical flowers at room temperature and
refrigerate any buds such as roses. If you choose a corsage with
orchids or anthuriums, the fridge is not the best option. Instead,
put the container on your countertop until the event. To keep roses
refreshed, you can mist the petals with water while they are in the
humidity chamber. As an added bonus, you can also store the
container in the fridge for an extra layer of preservation. With
these tips, your flowers will look and feel as fresh as ever for
your big night!


Kathryn Wirsing

Design: Katja
Cho and Kevin Peralta

Styling and
Concept: Sarah Newell

Editor: Kristin

Briannah Rivera

Editorial Assistant

Frequently asked questions

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How do I make a wrist corsage?

Making a wrist corsage is a relatively easy
task. You will need flowers, a wristlet, ribbon, scissors, florist
wire, and scissors. First, take the flowers and trim the stems so
that they are the same length. Then, wrap the florist wire around
the stems to hold the flowers together. Next, cut a length of
ribbon, and tie it around the stems. Finally, use the wristlet to
secure the corsage to the wrist.

What types of flowers are best for a wrist

Roses, carnations, daisies, and baby’s breath
are all popular choices for wrist corsages. You can also use other
types of flowers, such as lilies, orchids, and freesia.

How long will a wrist corsage last?

A wrist corsage can last up to two weeks,
depending on how it is cared for. To extend its life, keep it away
from direct sunlight and heat, and mist it with water every few

Do I need to use a special adhesive to
attach the wristlet to the flowers?

No, you should not need to use an adhesive. The
ribbon should be tied tightly enough that the wristlet will stay in
place. If the wristlet does not stay put, you can use a small piece
of florist wire to secure it.

What other materials do I need to make a
wrist corsage?

In addition to the flowers, ribbon, and
wristlet, you will also need scissors and florist wire. You may
also want to use floral tape or glue to secure any loose

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