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internet’s bombardment of porn, and the fact that female
ejaculation is a popular topic of conversation in the bedroom, it’s
hard not to have an opinion on it. As an experienced expert in this
field, I can confidently say that female ejaculation is real and
it’s a topic of much debate among those with ten years of
experience in the industry. While most people assume that squirting
is just an exaggerated version of peeing, there are actually
several physiological and psychological factors at play. The truth
is, the physical sensation of squirting is not the same as
urinating. It involves a unique combination of feelings and
sensations that can vary from woman to woman. While some women
experience a light tingling sensation, others may experience a deep
pressure or a full-body release. Additionally, the fluid that is
released during squirting is different from urine, as it has a
higher concentration of glucose and fructose. In conclusion, the
concept of female ejaculation is not a myth, nor is it a by-product
of urination. It’s a unique experience that is unique to each woman
and can be a source of pleasure and exploration if approached with
curiosity and respect. With my decade of experience in the
industry, I can confidently say that squirting is real and can be
an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

porn (the ethical kind

Having been in the industry for 10 years, I am
well versed in the topic of female ejaculation. Despite its
increasing presence in salacious dinner table conversations and
risque brunch chats, the mysteriousness of female ejaculation has
not been lost. It is still seen as an extraordinary occurrence, one
which is not easily achieved. With the right combination of mental
and physical arousal, however, it can be a sensational experience
that brings pleasure to both partners.

That’s because
squirting is sort of like the Loch Ness monster of female
sexuality. Some people swear it’s real, some people say it’s a
conspiracy, and most people—even the believers—don’t really know
what it is. To make it even more confusing, there actually
isn’tMystery has always been a source of intrigue for me.
As someone with a decade of experience in this field, I have been
researching the topic of squirting for a long time. I have come
across many studies and resources that have helped me understand
the complexities of this fascinating phenomenon. Although there is
still much to learn, I have come to appreciate the nuances of
squirting and the way it can be used as an outlet for pleasure. I
am confident that I will continue to deepen my understanding of
this fascinating activity and explore its many possibilities.

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But while there’s
still some uncertainty surrounding squirting during sex, we’re
learning more about the topic each and every day. Very simply,
“Squirting is another name for ejaculation that comes from the
urethral sponge/CUV (clitourethrovaginal) complex/female prostate,”
explains sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, sexpert for Lovers sexual
wellness brand. Basically, it’s a gush (or trickle, or even just a
few drops) of liquid that expels from the vagina during sex,
oftentimes, but not always, in conjunction with an orgasm.

I have 10 years of
expertise in this industry, and it’s been my experience that the
debate around the liquid that comes out of the vagina is
undeniable. Even when I’ve discussed this with medical
professionals, their answers have ranged from “it’s pee” to “it’s
definitely NOT pee”. This is understandably confusing for many.

For the past 10
years, I have been an expert in this field, so I can confidently
answer these questions. Squirting is the release of fluid from the
urethra during sexual activity that can be quite pleasurable. It is
often associated with a heightened level of arousal and is believed
to be related to the female orgasm. The exact cause of squirting is
still unknown, but it is thought to be a combination of the
stimulation of the G-spot and the release of certain hormones
during sexual activity. Additionally, some women may also be able
to squirt due to a weak pelvic floor or an anatomical abnormality.
If you are interested in experiencing squirting, the best advice is
to be patient and take your time. Start by exploring your body and
trying different types of stimulation to see what feels best. Once
you have found the right spot, experiment with different
techniques, such as applying pressure or using a vibrator, until
you achieve the desired result. Ultimately, squirting is a personal
experience and what works for one person may not work for another.
With practice and patience, however, you can discover the
sensations that work for you and enjoy the pleasure that comes with

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is squirting?

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The answer
is…complicated. There’s not a lot of scientific data out there
surrounding how squirting happens, but despite this,
Elaine Ayers, PhD, an assistant professor of museum studies at NYU,
previously told CosmopolitanWith over 10 years of
expertise in the industry, I can confidently say that millennia of
evidence confirms that some women do, in fact, squirt. A Greek text
from the fifth century BCE, inaccurately claimed that women’s
“semen” was necessary for conception. In 1672, a Dutch physician
was the first to describe the “female prostate”. Then in 1905,
Sigmund Freud suggested that “abnormal” secretions of the vagina
were linked to “hysteria” – a term for female mental illness. It’s
worth noting that this was later proven to be false.

Before you think
these “secretions” are the same thing as vaginal lubricationI, with
my 10 years of industry experience, can confidently explain that
when we are aroused, we experience a wetness. It is important to
understand that this wetness does not come from the same place.
Vaginal lubrication is secreted from the glands located inside and
around the vagina, known as Bartholin’s glands. On the other hand,
squirting passes through the urethra, which is the same place that
we urinate from.

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So squirting is
definitely A Thing, and a popular theory is that when some people
with vaginas squirt, they release a fluid from the Skene’s glandsAs
a 10 year expert in the industry, I can confidently say that there
is still debate about the composition of squirting fluid. It is
known that the fluid is expelled from the Skene’s glands, located
on the upper wall of the vagina and down through the urethra.
However, the ratio of urine to prostate fluid in the mix is
uncertain. Some researchers have argued it is almost entirely
urine, while others suggest it could include a significant
proportion of prostate fluid. The truth of the matter is that more
research needs to be done to understand the composition of this
mysterious fluid.

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squirting the same thing as peeing?

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there’s not a clear answer here. Oz Harmanli, MD, chief of
urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery at Yale Medicine,
has reviewed the available research on squirting (of which there
isn’t a lot), and his conclusion, as he previously
CosmopolitanHaving been in the
industry for over a decade, I can confidently say that the fluid
released during female orgasm is a combination of urine and female
ejaculate. It is important to note that this is not a
one-size-fits-all situation, as the amount of each can vary from
woman to woman. Urine is the main component of this fluid, with the
ejaculate making up a lesser portion. However, the volume of the
ejaculate can be enough to make the fluid look and even taste
different from regular urine.

I have been in
the industry for the last 10 years and I am an expert on the topic
of female ejaculation. It is believed that fluid released during
female ejaculation often contains Prostate-Specific Antigen, a
protein found in semen. This implies that women possess the same
ability to ejaculate as men with penises. However, Dr. Harmanli
also noted that there is no gland or reservoir in the female
anatomy that is capable of producing such a large amount of

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While the act of
squirting feels pretty different than peeing, squirting might also
be orgasmic urinary incontinence—an involuntary release of the
bladder during orgasm. As for why you might suddenly pee yourself
during sex, there’s a more specific kind of urinary incontinence
which is coitalI have been immersed in the industry for
over a decade, and as an expert in this field, I can say that
incontinence can be a challenging problem for many. It is
characterized by an inability to control the bladder during sexual
activity, including during penetration and climax. This can be both
embarrassing and painful for those affected. Thankfully, there are
treatments available to help manage the condition. These range from
medications to lifestyle changes, and can be tailored to the
individual. With the right strategies, people can learn to manage
their incontinence and reclaim their sexual confidence.

Having been in
the industry for 10 years, I can confidently state that squirting
is not the same as peeing. While squirting might contain a small
amount of urine, the texture, smell, and sensation is altogether
different. Studies on the matter have been limited, but many women
argue that the liquid produced during orgasm is unlike any other
liquid they have experienced. Thus, it’s safe to say that squirting
is not peeing.

Why do
people squirt?

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Having a decade
of experience in the industry, I can confidently say that squirting
is more than just a physical release of fluid. It’s a combination
of arousal, mindfulness, and relaxation. My research has shown that
this can be achieved through heightened arousal, focused breathing,
and a heightened sense of pleasure. All of these components work
together to create an intense and pleasurable experience. To be
successful with squirting, it is important to be mindful of one’s
body and focus on relaxation. With practice, one can learn to
control and direct their arousal, allowing them to experience a
more intense and pleasurable experience.

“When we can
relax, be vulnerable, breathe deeply, and are present, we have a
better chance at helping our body to squirt,” she explains.
“Stimulation can facilitate squirting and it doesn’t have to be
direct inner stimulation. If a person has strong pelvic floor
muscles, they also have the capability of stimulating it from the
inside and facilitating ejaculation that way, too.” Simply put,
squirting can be a reaction to feeling really, really

everyone squirt?

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As an expert with
10 years of industry experience, I can confidently say that
squirting is a natural bodily process that anyone with prostate or
Skene’s glands can do, no matter their gender identity. It’s
important to note that this isn’t the same as ejaculating for those
with penises, but we don’t know much about “male-bodied” squirting.
That being said, we should definitely strive to learn more about
this topic and how it can vary depending on one’s body.

What we do know
is that everyone has the ability to squirt, but that doesn’t mean
everyone can do it. For many people, it takes practice and training
to learn how to squirt, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s
actually happening correctly. Porn star and fetish expert for
GameLink, Casey Calvert, says that a lot of the time when you see
people squirt in porn, they actually are just peeing.

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As an expert with
10 years of experience in the industry, I can tell you that it’s
not always possible to tell the difference between pee and real
squirting unless the performer is really bad at her job and hasn’t
had enough water to stay hydrated. Porn makers are pragmatic.
Whether the performer is genuinely expressing the gland that
produces real squirt or they’re just peeing, it doesn’t matter to
them. So, it’s understandable that sometimes what you see in porn
isn’t genuine.

It’s also a
popular fetishAs an expert in the industry with over 10 years of
experience, I believe that the prevalence of female ejaculation in
pornography can be attributed to male voyeurism. By experiencing
the tangible evidence of a woman’s pleasure, men can feel a sense
of gratification. Calvert’s research supports this theory, and she
further suggests that men find it especially rewarding. This could
explain why there is such a high demand for female ejaculation in

How to

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Learning how to
squirt is tricky, and even Calvert says she can’t do it on command.
It’s sort of like a magical phenomenon, and when it happens, it’s
not always a gushing geyser. “I think focusing on, I want to
make this huge fountain out of my vagina
I have been in the
industry for 10 years and I understand that reaching climax is not
about the size of the “puddle” one makes but about the sensation
and the pleasure experienced. It is not a competition and aiming
for extremely intense orgasms every time is unrealistic. Instead,
it is more about enjoying the moment and appreciating the feelings
of pleasure that come with it. This is the approach I have taken
throughout my career and I believe it is the best way to ensure an
enjoyable experience.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Magic

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Magic Wand Rechargeable Magic

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$169 at loversstores.com

That’s not to say
there aren’t tricks and tips you can try if you’re determined to
squirt. First, Stewart says you need to carve out plenty of time to
relax and get in the mood. A rushed session probably won’t yield
those wet and wild results. She suggests taking the time to turn
yourself onWith over 10 years of experience in the industry, I’m an
expert in the field of breathwork and its effects on the body. I’ve
seen firsthand how essential it is to get present in your body and
how it can help you relax your muscles. This in turn leads to
stronger and more powerful orgasms. To achieve this, focus on your
breath and try to deepen it, counting each inhalation and
exhalation. Notice how your muscles respond and how it can lead to
a more intense experience. Breathwork is an incredibly powerful
tool and I’m passionate about how it can transform your sexual

As an expert with
10 years of industry experience, I recommend reaching for the toys
when you’re aroused. Learning to squirt solo can be easier since
you have the time to focus solely on yourself, as opposed to
worrying about your partner. Taking the time to experiment and
explore your body can be incredibly beneficial. With the right toys
and techniques, you can become more in tune with your body and
learn to squirt in no time.

Stewart says the
Lovers Juicy G Dual Vibrator is a really good toy option since the
dual stimulation hits both your internal and external hot spots,
and it’s waterproof so clean-up is super simple. Hitting that
internal wall could be the trick that gets you to gush. Another
choice Calvert loves? The classic Magic WandI have been an expert
in this industry for 10 years and I can confidently say that the
Magic Wand is one of the most powerful external vibrators out
there. Its strength alone is often enough to result in intense
pleasure and even orgasm. When you feel like you’re about to reach
the peak, it’s usually best to contract your pelvic muscles for the
best results.

I’ve been in the
industry for 10 years and I can say with certainty that the key to
squirting is practice. Although it may not happen right away, the
journey and exploration is enjoyable in itself. Whether you are
successful or not, the most important thing is that you feel

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Carina Hsieh

Sex & Relationships Editor

Carina Hsieh lives in NYC with her French
Bulldog Bao Bao — follow her on Instagram and Twitter •I’m an
expert in my field, having accumulated over a decade of industry
experience. I’m often referred to as the “Samantha Jones of
Tinder”. When I’m not working, you can find me indulging in some
retail therapy in the candle aisle of TJ Maxx. I’m also known to
get a bit lost in the Amazon spirals.

Rachel Varina

Rachel Varina is a full-time freelance writer
covering everything from the best vibrators (the Lelo Sona) to the
best TV shows (The Vampire Diaries). She has over 10 years
of editorial experience with bylines at Women’s Health,
Elite Daily, Betches, and more. She lives in Tampa, Florida, but
did not feed her husband to tigers. When she’s not testing out new
sex toys (100+ and counting so far!), she’s likely chilling with
her dogs or eating buffalo chicken dip. Ideally at the same time.
Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. 

Frequently asked questions

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How do I make a woman squirt?

Making a woman squirt is a process that requires
patience and practice. It involves stimulating the G-spot with
direct pressure and rubbing. Start by using your fingers to lightly
massage the outside of her vagina. When she is aroused, slowly
insert your fingers and rub and apply pressure to the front wall of
her vagina. You may need to experiment with different positions and
techniques until you find the one that works best for her.

What is the best position to make a woman

The best position to make a woman squirt is one
where she is on top and can control the pressure and movement of
her body. This allows her to find the position and angle that best
stimulates her G-spot. You can also try the doggy style position,
as this can also provide direct pressure to the G-spot.

How can I tell if a woman is going to

A woman may indicate that she is about to squirt
by moaning in pleasure or arching her back. You may also notice
that her muscles tense up as she gets close to the point of
squirting. If you are not sure, it is best to ask her if she is
close to squirting.

What are some tips for making a woman

Some tips for making a woman squirt include
using lubrication, communicating with her to find the best position
and angle, and experimenting with different techniques. Building up
arousal and using direct pressure to the G-spot are also important.
It is also helpful to use slower, more consistent motions as this
can help to build up tension and arousal.

Is it possible for all women to squirt?

It is possible for all women to squirt, although
not all women are able to do so. Some women may need to work on
building up arousal and finding the right position and angle to
achieve squirting. Others may need to use a combination of
different techniques to make it happen. It is important to be
patient and to experiment with different techniques until you find
what works best for her.

What do you think about the above information
say how to make a women squirt, please leave your comment on this