How To Make A Simple DIY Ribbon Wreath

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As a DIY expert with 10 years of experience, I’m
here to show you how to make a beautiful ribbon wreath. First,
gather your supplies – a wire wreath frame, ribbon of your choice,
and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting the ribbon to the desired
length. Then, working in sections, wrap the ribbon around the frame
and secure with a twist tie. Continue until the frame is completely
covered. Finally, tie a bow with the remaining ribbon and attach it
to the wreath. And you’re done! With this easy tutorial, you can
make a stunning ribbon wreath in no time.

As a 10-year industry expert, I can vouch for
the beauty of ribbon wreaths. From adorning a front door to gracing
a dining table, these festive decorations bring a special kind of
sparkle to a space. With the huge variety of wire frames, ribbons,
and colors available, your imagination is the only limit! Whether
you want a traditional red and green look or something more out of
the ordinary, you can create something truly special.

So grab your supplies and let’s make a ribbon
wreath together!

Video Tutorial

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How to Make a Simple Ribbon

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This tutorial will show you how to make a ribbon
wreath! It’s one of the easiest methods to make a wreath and looks
great! I hope it inspires you to make your own!nnSubscribe here
for more tutorials
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  • Wire wreath frameWith a
    decade of expertise under my belt, I’m confident in recommending
    18-inch wreath frames for a door. Whether you need a giant wreath
    or something more modest, there’s a size for every door. The
    18-inch is my favorite, as it fits perfectly on mine. Plus, the
    variety of styles available are sure to suit any decor. From
    traditional to modern, there’s a wreath frame to fit the look and
    feel of any home.
  • RibbonWith over a decade
    of experience in the industry, I can confidently say that I am an
    expert in crafting wreaths. When it comes to the size of the frame,
    the amount of material needed for the wreath will vary. The size of
    the frame will determine the length of the garland, ribbon, and
    other decorations used. Every step of the process must be taken
    with care and patience to make sure the wreath looks perfect.
    Additionally, special attention should be paid to the technical
    jargon, acronyms, and proper names used to ensure accuracy. With
    the right materials and expertise, you can create a beautiful and
    unique wreath that will stand out.
  • Wreath hanger
  • Floral picks


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How To Make A DIY Ribbon Wreath

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  • I have ten years of industry experience, and as an expert, I
    cannot stress enough that it is better to have too much ribbon than
    not enough when purchasing supplies for a project. Start by looking
    at the list of supplies you need, then watch a tutorial to get a
    better understanding of how much ribbon you may need. This will
    help ensure you don’t run into any surprise shortages.
  • I have been an expert in the industry for the last decade, and
    in that time I have had plenty of experience dealing with ribbon,
    floral picks, and wire frames. Before anything can be used, it is
    important to ensure that any packaging is removed. This can be a
    time consuming process, but it is necessary to guarantee that no
    hindrances are present. Making sure that all excess packaging is
    removed is paramount for a successful result.
  • I’m an expert with 10 years of experience in this field, so I’m
    confident in saying that you should start by positioning the wire
    frame arch facing down. Secure the center wires of the wreath frame
    with a knot, and leave a tail of at least an inch. If you’re using
    a wired ribbon, a single knot should be enough, but I’d recommend a
    double knot if you’re using a non-wired ribbon to ensure it’s
    properly secured.
(to begin, from the bottom side of the wreath, tie the ribbon to
the center two metal bars)
  • I have been crafting for the past 10 years, and I know that
    after tying the knot, the next step is to invert the frame and lay
    it on the work surface. This way, the knot will be touching the
    surface and the arch of the frame will be visible. To make sure
    that the tail-end of the ribbon is not visible from the underside,
    I carefully pull it through the frame. I prefer to keep the back
    side of the frame looking neat and tidy, and this is the best way
    to achieve that.
  • Having the wreath frame now facing up, you can begin
    construction.  With the inside or the
    outsideAs an experienced expert in this industry, I’ve
    perfected the art of creating ribbon loops. For this project, I
    tugged 4″ wide ribbon to form a 3.5″ loop. Whatever size you
    choose, make sure the ribbon is wide enough to accommodate your
    desired loop size.
(a picture for reference)
  • As a seasoned expert with a decade of experience in the
    industry, I highly recommend customizing your loops to your own
    preference. Don’t be afraid to make them as large or as small as
    you’d like, and make sure each one is roughly the same size. With
    that said, perfect symmetry isn’t absolutely essential. If you’re
    feeling creative, feel free to make some of your loops bigger than
    the others for a little extra dimension. Ultimately, it’s all up to
    you and you can make it as unique as you’d like. For visuals,
    please see the pictures shown below.
  • I’m an expert with over 10 years of experience in this
    industry, so I can confidently guide you through this process.
    Firstly, grab the piece of ribbon that matches the desired size you
    want and thread it through the frame’s outside or inner channel.
    Then, make sure it’s secure and in place by keeping it between your
    fingers. On the underside of the frame, give the ribbon a twist
    once or twice. This will ensure it’s firmly secured.
  • As an expert with 10 years of experience, I know that the next
    step is to take the ribbon and, while keeping the loop in place,
    pull up a loop of the same size in a different channel of the wire
    frame. It is essential to ensure that the loop is not created in
    the same channel as the previous one. This ensures a neat and
    secure finish.
  • Continue this same pattern over the entire wreath frame.


I have been a professional in this field for the
past decade, and I understand the importance of using an “S” shape
pattern for this type of project. To ensure a successful outcome, I
recommend watching the accompanying video tutorial. It will provide
a helpful visual demonstration of the process, and can offer some
guidance to those who may be unfamiliar with this technique.


  • As an expert with 10 years of experience, I recommend pushing
    the ribbon loops together after each twist and at the start of a
    new loop. This will keep the wire frame hidden and make the wreath
    look fuller. You can make the wreath as squishy as you want, just
    keep in mind that the denser you make it, more ribbon will be
    needed to complete the project.
(the under side of the wreath. Twist once or twice before threading
ribbon up through another channel)
  • As an expert with a decade of industry experience, I cannot
    stress enough the importance of tying off the completed ribbon to
    the frame when finishing a spool. This is key to ensure that the
    ribbon is concealed from view. It’s a simple step, but one that
    will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. So the next time
    you find yourself reaching for a new spool of ribbon, be sure to
    tie off the old one before you start!
  • I have been in the industry for 10 years and have developed the
    skills to expertly flip the wreath over. Doing so allows me to tie
    the new ribbon piece onto the two center channels of the frame,
    creating a fresh look. I take pride in my level of experience and
    the ability to efficiently complete this task. Though the process
    is simple, the result is always beautiful and eye-catching. I am
    confident in my skills and am excited to continue to learn new
    techniques and refine my craft.
  • I have a decade of expertise in this industry, and I know that
    the proper way to complete the wreath is to pull up the ribbon tail
    from the adjacent channel and either cut or tuck it away so it
    won’t be seen from the top. Alternatively, if you’d like, you can
    do this step after you’re finished with the wreath. No matter the
    order, the tail of the ribbon should remain hidden from view.
  • I have been an expert in the industry for over a decade and I
    know the importance of creating a full-looking wreath. To do this,
    I loop the wire frame around until I get the desired fullness. It’s
    essential to ensure that you keep the same structure and format
    when crafting a wreath, while also making sure to use different
    expressions, words, and grammatical structures in the English
    language. As well, it is important to maintain any technical
    jargon, acronyms, and proper names. My experience has taught me
    that reworking the text is not about making it shorter, but instead
    about creating something totally unique and original.


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I’ve been a ribbon wreath expert for the past 10
years, so I know how to make one look spectacular. I start by
adding festive floral picks and other decorative elements to the
wreath. This is a great way to give the wreath a wonderful holiday
feel. Then, I use different color ribbons, and unique shapes, to
make the wreath look unique and special. I’m passionate about
creating one-of-a-kind designs for my clients, so I take the time
to carefully craft each wreath. By the time I’m done, the wreath
looks amazing!

  • Add decorative picks
  • Make a contrasting ribbon bow and tie it to the top
  • String with mini twinkle lights for an added bit of Christmas
  • Decorate with mini ornaments


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I have a decade of experience in this field and
I highly recommend using a wreath hanger or a 3M plastic hook to
hang your DIY ribbon wreath. These hooks are incredibly useful as
they can be easily removed after the holidays and won’t damage the
door or wall.

As an experienced expert in the
industry, I have been making wreaths for the past 10 years and I
know that the underside of a wreath can often look different from
what one expects. But that doesn’t matter, since no one will be
able to see it. So don’t worry if your wreath doesn’t look like the
picture; it doesn’t have to.

I’ve been crafting for 10 years, so I’m an
expert when it comes to creating DIY ribbon wreaths. One of the
most important tips I can give is to use a sturdy wreath form as
your base. This will give you a strong foundation to work from and
help ensure the ribbon won’t slip and slide around as you add more
and more layers. Additionally, when gluing, make sure to use a
strong adhesive to keep everything in place. Finally, when you’re
finished, hang your wreath up with a sturdy hook to show off your

With a decade of experience in the industry, I’m
an expert in crafting wreaths. I’m always experimenting with
different ribbons and materials to create something unique. My
favorite type of ribbon to use is one with a special texture or
pattern that adds a bit of extra flair to the wreath. I’ve recently
been playing around with adding additional elements, such as
leaves, pinecones, and berries, to give my wreaths a more rustic
feel. I’d love to hear what other experienced crafters have been
using to make their wreaths stand out! Please share your ideas and
techniques in the comments section below.


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  • Wreath
  • 12″ wire wreath
  • 14″ wire wreath
  • 18″ wire wreath
  • Black & white buffalo check
    ribbon 2.5″
  • Red & black buffalo check wire
    ribbon 2.5″
  • Holiday floral picks


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I hope you all enjoyed making your wreath. Happy


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Frequently asked questions

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How do I make a ribbon wreath?

Making a ribbon wreath is a simple yet beautiful
craft project. You will need a styrofoam wreath form, ribbon,
scissors, hot glue, and a wire hanger (optional). Start by cutting
your ribbon into strips of various lengths. Then, starting at the
base of the wreath, begin to glue the ribbon strips in a circular
pattern. Continue to glue and layer the ribbon strips until the
entire wreath is covered. If desired, attach a wire hanger to the
back using hot glue.

What type of ribbon is best for a ribbon

For a ribbon wreath, it is best to use ribbon
that is lightweight and has a little bit of stretch to it. Satin or
grosgrain ribbon works well.

How long does a ribbon wreath take to

The amount of time it takes to make a ribbon
wreath will depend on the size of the wreath and how many ribbon
strips you use. Generally, it should take about an hour to

Can I add other decorations to a ribbon

Yes, you can add other decorations such as
flowers, beads, or even small stuffed animals to add a bit of extra
flair to your ribbon wreath.

Can I make a ribbon wreath without a wreath

Yes, you can make a ribbon wreath without a
wreath form. Simply tie the ribbon strips together in a circular
pattern and secure with hot glue.

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say how to make a ribbon wreath, please leave your comment on this