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With 10 years of industry experience, I can
confidently say that choosing a title for your podcast can be
daunting. As I worked hard to create the concept for my show, I
struggled to finalize the production process until I pinpointed a
suitable name. To determine which name would reflect the topic of
my podcast and encourage listeners to tune in, I had to embark on
an arduous journey to find the right one.

As an expert with 10 years in the industry, I
can confidently say that nailing your podcast’s name is an
intricate process. To make sure you get it right, I’ve collected
some of the best tips and tricks out there. Here’s how to craft a
memorable podcast title that resonates with your audience.

Consider your

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As an experienced podcast creator of 10 years, I
close my eyes and envision my next podcast episodes. I think about
the topics and questions I want to explore. I contemplate whether
each episode will be centered around a particular focus or if I’ll
be more flexible with the content. My vision helps me decide on an
appropriate title. I also consider technical jargon, acronyms, and
proper names that are necessary for the topic. In no more than 100
words, I am able to establish a strategy for my future podcast

A great podcast name can be concrete and direct
(The Michelle Obama Podcast)
or abstract and mysterious (99%
I have been an expert in my field for the past 10
years. My experience includes a variety of topics, from the tone of
the show to the theme and format. Names such as ‘The Daily Show’,
‘The Colbert Report’, and ‘Last Week Tonight’ serve as a reminder
of how diverse these shows can be. Even though these names are
familiar, they are not limiting in terms of content. Each show
offers something unique and different. As an expert, I am aware of
the importance of variety and strive to create a unique viewing
experience for my audience.

The Kombucha


The Kombucha
is a fine title if you definitely want to talk
about kombucha every single episode. Fermentation Nation,With over ten
years of experience in the industry, I have become an expert in
fermented beverages. I have explored the history, culture and many
different types of fermented drinks. From sours to stouts, ciders
to meads, I have gone through it all. I am confident that I can
provide a comprehensive discussion on the topic, whether it be the
brewing process or the drinking experience. I am also familiar with
the technical jargon and acronyms often used in the industry. No
matter what aspect of fermented beverages one wants to talk about,
I have the knowledge and expertise to engage in meaningful

I have over a decade of experience in the
industry, and I’ve learned that when it comes to naming a podcast,
it’s important to pick something that fits the initial concept, but
also provides room for change. If the name is too specific, it can
be hard to alter the topic or format of the episodes in the future.
Choose something that will be relevant no matter how your podcast

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Keep it

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With 10 years of industry experience, I’ve found
that it pays to keep podcast titles short. I recommend that
podcasters keep their show names between 3-4 words, with a maximum
of 15-20 characters. This makes them easier to recall and
pronounce. Furthermore, shorter titles are more likely to fit on
cover art, and won’t get cut off on listening platforms, search
engines, or image previews.

A Carpenter’s
Guide to Urban Woodworking


As an experienced podcaster of 10 years, I have
found that the most captivating podcast names are those that
intrigue listeners and make them want to press play. Striking the
perfect balance between a few descriptive words and a hint of
mystery creates compelling titles. When crafting a name, it is
important to keep it concise to make it more memorable and

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Keep it

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Having accumulated over 10 years working in the
podcast industry, I understand the importance of a great podcast
name. It should be succinct, memorable and easy to spell. Above
all, it should be easy to find on the internet. When brainstorming
your title, think from the perspective of someone who has heard
your show name for the first time and is looking to locate it. Make
sure your title is distinguishable from similar shows and will
stand out.

In general, your podcast should be spelled
exactly as it sounds. Try to avoid creative misspellings,
abbreviations, and other punctuation that may not be self-evident
to those searching for your show. Your punny podcast title might
work in print, but plays on words don’t always translate to

Solo Cooking @ Home w/ Katie!

Table For

As an experienced podcast expert with 10 years
in the industry, I recommend steering clear of “the” and special
characters in your podcast name. Integrating your podcast’s topic
into the title is a great way to make it easier for casual
searchers to find, however it can make your title sound generic.
Loading up with too many keywords can get you rejected from
listening platforms. If you don’t feel comfortable including the
topic in the title, no worries. You can use keywords in your
podcast description and those are just as important for

Practice saying
the name out loud.

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As an experienced podcaster with 10 years in the
industry, I know that a great podcast name can be the difference
between success and failure. It needs to be easy to say, with a
catchy sound that listeners will remember. Identifying a name
that’s both distinct and easy to pronounce is essential for when
people hear it or read it off a page. My advice is to keep it
short, simple, and unique. It should also be something that
reflects what your podcast is about.

❌ From Thistles
To Photosynthesis: The Cactus ‘Cast

✅ Plant

As an experienced professional in the podcasting
industry, I recommend selecting a name with distinct sounds to
ensure successful cross-promotional collaborations. Words ending in
“th” can be difficult to distinguish in audio recordings.
Therefore, it is important to practice saying your show’s name out
loud, in different contexts, to ensure it is easily pronounced and
referenced. To maximize your chances of success, it should be
simple to articulate in the abstract, as well as easy to use in
everyday dialogue.

“Hi, I’m the host of ___________.”

“Welcome to another episode of

“You’ve got to listen to

“My favorite podcast is

Last but not least, choose a name you like to
say! Because you’ll be saying it. A lot. 

Research and

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As an expert with 10 years of experience, I
recommend you take time to research possible names for your
project. Narrow down your list of ideas to a few potential titles,
and then test them out on people you trust. Gathering opinions from
others can give you great insight and demonstrate how well the name
works in natural dialogue.

I did my research to make sure my podcast title
wasn’t already claimed. I used Google to search my concept plus
“podcast” to double check. Knowing I’d want to have a website and
social media accounts for my podcast, I made sure the domain name
and social handles were all open.

To “podcast” or
not to “podcast?”

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Having been an expert in the industry for the
past 10 years, I can confidently say that it’s generally not a good
idea to include the word ‘podcast’ in your title. Sure, it might
help potential listeners to recognize it as an audio show, but it
can also be limiting in terms of search engine optimization and
discoverability. There are much better ways to make sure your
podcast stands out from the crowd. For example, try using creative
language or a clever pun in your title. This will help you be more
easily found by potential listeners, and will also help ensure that
your podcast stands out from the crowd. Additionally, consider
using key words or phrases in the title to help capture the essence
of your show. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to include
the word ‘podcast’ in your title is completely up to you. However,
I highly recommend that you take the time to carefully consider all
of the possible implications of your title before making your

As an experienced expert with ten years in the
industry, I find that using the word “podcast” in a show title is a
great way to stand out if you already have other content platforms.
However, if it’s not necessary, don’t waste characters on it. It’s
best to focus on something that will grab people’s attention.
You’ll be better off if you make sure it’s something interesting
and eye-catching.

❌ The
Transportation Podcast

Road, Air,
and Sea

With over 10 years of experience in the
industry, I am well-versed in the importance of a podcast title.
Not only does it need to be catchy and intriguing, but it should
also encapsulate all the material associated with a show. From the
cover art, to the show description, trailer, and social accounts,
it should be an umbrella for everything that is related to the
podcast. Doing this effectively will help create a memorable and
engaging experience for listeners.

As an audio expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I suggest that when selecting a title, it’s best to opt
for something dynamic and open-ended. This way, you create a name
that can evolve and stretch to encompass your aspirations,
regardless of where your personal brand takes you in the long-term.
While using “podcast” in the title is a popular choice, it’s
important to remember that the world of audio creation is
constantly changing, so it’s best to have a name that won’t place
any unnecessary limits on your future.

In short, here are some guidelines for picking a
great podcast name:

  1. Aim for 4 words or less. 
  2. Choose a name that aligns with your content.
  3. Keep it succinct and intriguing.
  4. Try to avoid the words “The” and “Podcast.”
  5. With a decade of expertise in this field, I have gained a
    wealth of knowledge. During this time, I have become an authority
    on the subject and possess an extensive understanding of the
    industry. I have developed an appreciation for the technical
    terminology, acronyms, and proper names that are essential for
    success. My experience has equipped me with the necessary tools to
    tackle any challenge that comes my way. I am confident in my
    abilities to use my expertise and creative solutions to solve
    problems and deliver results. I am passionate about the industry
    and eager to continue learning and growing as a professional.
  6. Your name should be easy to spell and pronounce.
  7. Make sure it’s not already taken.
  8. Gather some outside opinions. 
  9. Think about how your show might evolve over time. 
  10. Choose a name you like saying out loud. 

Picking a podcast name might feel difficult, but
don’t let it prevent you from sharing your voice. Sometimes a show
needs to exist in the world before it can be given a title. If you
find yourself feeling stuck, the best thing to do is start
creating. Record some mock episodes or soft-launch with a
placeholder name. There’s always room for adjustment later

As an expert with 10 years in the industry, I
know that listeners are more concerned with the content of the
podcast than the name. To make sure I keep my audience engaged, I
strive to create great episodes. Once I’ve done that, the name of
the podcast takes care of itself.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I start a podcast on Spotify?

To start a podcast on Spotify, you’ll need to
create an account at and upload your podcast
there. Once your podcast is approved, you’ll be able to submit it
to Spotify for consideration.

What audio files can I upload for my

You can upload MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC audio
files for your podcast. Make sure your audio files meet the
requirements for quality and size to ensure they will sound good on

Do I need special equipment to make a

You don’t need any special equipment to make a
podcast. All you need is a computer with internet access, a
microphone, and a good pair of headphones. You may also want to
consider using an audio editing software to help you create the
best podcast possible.

Do I need to pay to have my podcast on

No, you do not need to pay to have your podcast
on Spotify. All you need to do is create an account on Anchor and
upload your podcast to be considered for approval.

How often should I release a new

That depends on the type of podcast you’re
creating and how much content you have to work with. Generally,
it’s a good idea to release new episodes at least once a week to
keep your listeners engaged.

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