Creating a Second Gmail Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Formerly called G Suite, Google Workspace offers
a myriad of tools and apps to streamline productivity,
collaboration, and communication among team members. 

Google Meet, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Gmail,
Sheets, Chat are some of the most widely-used productivity tools by
small and large businesses. You can access all of these apps from
within Gmail. 

And, who’s to say that you must settle for
just one Gmail account? 

Whether you’re looking to set up a second Gmail
account for work or personal use, this brief yet all-encompassing
guide will help you get started and make the most out of it using
Drag – a Google Chrome extension that transforms your
inbox into a collaborative workspace (more on that

Here’s how you can go about creating a second Gmail account:

How to Create a
Second Gmail

According to CNBC, Gmail is the planet’s most
dominant email service with over a billion active users

Among these, over five million businesses are
using Google Workspace to stay productive. These include both small
businesses as well as big companies like Colgate-Palmolive and

Pretty much everyone has Gmail installed on
their tablets, smartphones, and desktops, which makes it one of the
most universal apps there is. 

Listed below are the steps for creating another Gmail account:

  1. Locate the Gmail app on your tablet
    or phone (the multicolored ‘M’ icon)
  2. Do you see your initials or profile
    picture in the top-right corner? Click on it
  3. Select ‘Add another account’ once you
    see the menu expand
  4. On your web browser window, a Google
    sign-in screen should appear
  5. Now, click ‘Create account’ in the
    subsequent step

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Creating a
Business Account

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Google will now prompt you to select whether
you’re creating a second Gmail
for personal use (‘For myself’ as the option) or
for business use (‘To manage my business’ as the second option). If
you choose the latter, you’ll be redirected to Google

This is where you’ll need to set up a Google
Workspace account (that starts at $6 a month per user).

Creating a
Personal Account

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You may choose to create a free Gmail account by
opting for a personal account instead. In this alternative, all you
need to do is enter your first name, surname, birthday, gender in
their respective fields.

Next, you can either choose one of the suggested
email addresses or create your own. Make sure you create a strong
password (and change it periodically). To ensure maximum security,
turn on two-factor authentication by verifying your phone

Can You Link Gmail addresses?

Follow the steps below or check our detailed
guide on how to merge multiple gmail accounts into one inbox:

Send email as secondary account

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  1. Open your primary Gmail account and
    navigate to Settings
  2. Click ‘See all settings’ and head
    over to the ‘Accounts and import’ tab
  3. Select ‘Import mail and
  4. Enter a name for the secondary
    account and it’s address
  5. Check the box “treat as an
    ” to send emails from your primary inbox using your
    secondary address 
  6. Under ‘Send mail as’, choose
    “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”
  7. Send the confirmation email to your
    secondary account
  8. On your secondary email account open
    the email and copy the verification code or click the link

Receive emails
on primary account

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  1. On your secondary gmail account click
    the gear icon and choose the tab “Forwarding and
  2. Find the section
    Forwarding” and click on “Add a forwarding
  3. On the popup type the primary inbox
    address  and click “Proceed
  4. Go to your primary account inbox and
    open the confirmation email and click the link
  5. Return to the secondary account
    settings, click the drop-down under “Forward a copy of incoming
    mail to…
    ” and select the desired option.

After these steps, you will be able to receive
and send emails from your secondary account on your primary

Why pay for
Google Workspace if Gmail is free

Why should I create another Gmail account for my
business when I can just as easily create a free personal

Well, there are many things that you don’t get
with Gmail that you can access with Google Workspace. For instance
an ad-free software that offers you 30 GB of storage (under
Business Starter plan) and 2 TB of storage (under Business Standard

Not to mention, professional looking
email addresses branded with your
site’s domain
, 24/7 support, data-driven insights, branded
interface, CRM compatibility, cloud search and more.

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