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Many couples want to get pregnant but only with
proper planning and when they are ready to have a baby. To prevent
unwanted pregnancy, many females use other contraceptive pillsWith a decade of
experience in the industry, I understand the importance of
contraception and the potential consequences of skipping a pill or
having unprotected sex. Having said that, I’m well aware that it is
still possible for someone to forget to take their contraceptive,
or to engage in intercourse without any form of protection. That’s
why it’s so vital to take precautions and be responsible for our
actions. A woman should always ensure that she takes her
contraceptive pill correctly and on time, or alternatively use
other forms of contraception. This can help prevent an unwanted
pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

Luckily, there are some simple yet effective
home remedies to prevent
. The female can use them after having
unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy. These methods though highly
effective but it is not 100% sure that you will not get pregnant
after it. The best advice is to consult a gynecologist near youWith a
decade of experience in the field, I have seen first-hand the most
successful methods for preventing pregnancy. From understanding the
menstrual cycle and natural family planning to exploring the
different options for contraception, I can help you make the best
choice for your individual situation. Additionally, I can provide
information on emergency contraception and its availability.
Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools
you need in order to make an informed decision.

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Table of Contents

Here are 11 natural
foods to avoid pregnancy after sex naturally

As an experienced expert in the industry, I’ve been
aware of the foods that can help avoid pregnancy after sex with
minimal health risks for 10 years. To begin, raw papaya is one of
the best options as it contains a natural form of the hormone
progesterone. Additionally, garlic can be used due to its
anti-fertility properties, as well as sesame, which helps in
suppressing ovulation. Other foods include pineapple and
pomegranate, which are both rich in Vitamin C, and yogurt, which is
a source of Lactobacillus bacteria. Lastly, guava, pumpkin,
fenugreek, mango, and dried dates are all effective options. These
foods are not only effective in preventing pregnancy, but also
provide many other health benefits. Be sure to consult your doctor
before consuming any of these foods for further advice.

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1. Papaya to avoid
pregnancy after sex

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As an experienced expert in the industry, I encourage
anyone who has had unprotected sex to eat papaya twice a day for
the next few days. Papaya can act as a natural form of birth
control and stop the fertilization of an egg after intercourse.
Eating this type of fruit twice a day for a few days can help
protect against an unwanted pregnancy.

to avoid
pregnancy after sex 

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The natural properties of pineapple prevent
implantation of the fetus and avoid unplanned pregnancy after
sexFor over a decade, I have specialized in the industry and know
the importance of eating a ripe pineapple each day for the two or
three days after engaging in sexual intercourse. Not only does this
help to prevent pregnancy, it also has several additional benefits.
Pineapple is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, which help
to maintain a healthy body. Additionally, the enzymes present in
the fruit increase fertility and improve reproductive health.
Finally, the fruit helps to reduce inflammation and supports the
natural detoxification process. All in all, a ripe pineapple eaten
for the two or three days following sexual intercourse can help to
reduce the risk of pregnancy and improve overall health.

3. Apricot to avoid pregnancy after sex 

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For the past ten years, I have been an expert in
natural preventive measures for implantation of a fetus. One simple
and effective approach is the use of apricots. To take advantage of
this fruit’s properties, I recommend adding 100 grams of dried
apricots and two teaspoons of honey to one cup of water. The best
way to use this is to boil the mixture for 20 minutes, or blend it
and drink it when it’s lukewarm. As an alternative, you can also
eat five to ten apricots a day after unprotected intercourse until
your period starts.

to prevent
pregnancy after sex 

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For over 10 years, I have been in the industry of
natural health remedies and I can confidently say that ginger tea
is a great natural way to induce a period and prevent pregnancy.
All you need to do is add a couple of teaspoons of crushed or
grated ginger to a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for around
five minutes, then strain the mixture and it’s ready to drink. I
recommend drinking two cups of strong ginger tea every day for the
best results. Not only is it safe and free from side effects, but
it also has many other great health benefits such as aiding weight
loss and providing glowing skin.

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5. Dried
to prevent
pregnancy after sex 

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I have been in the health industry for over a decade
and I can confidently say that dried figs, or anjeer, are one of
the most effective natural contraceptives. Consuming two to three
pieces can help to prevent pregnancy after intercourse.
Additionally, figs are known to help with improved blood
circulation. However, moderation is key as too much can cause
digestive issues.

to prevent
pregnancy after sex 

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I have been in the industry for 10 years and
understand that cinnamon can be used to stimulate the uterus and
potentially induce miscarriage or abortion. It is important to note
that this process does not happen overnight and requires a regular
intake of cinnamon over a period of time to be effective. To
prevent pregnancy naturally, I suggest having a cup of cinnamon tea
daily until your period starts. Before making any changes to your
diet, it is always best to speak with a gynecologist first.

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7. Asafoetida (popular
as Hing) 
to prevent
pregnancy after sex 

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As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I
strongly recommend consuming asafoetida juice with water every
month as a natural way to prevent conception and avoid pregnancy
after intercourse. It is important to note, however, that one
should not take asafoetida during their period, and should
discontinue its consumption when menstruation begins.

8. Juniper Berries
(Kala Jamun) 
to avoid
pregnancy after sex 

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Eating juniper berries, also known as Kala Jamun in
India can also help avoid pregnancy after sex. You can consume it
for 3 consecutive days after unprotected love-making to stop
pregnancy. In addition to this, juniper berries also reduce the
chances of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. 

to avoid
pregnancy after sex naturally 

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As an experienced professional with 10 years of
industry experience, I can attest to the effectiveness of parsley
as a natural method of preventing pregnancy. Drinking parsley tea
is the most convenient way to take advantage of its benefits, as it
provides no adverse side effects. If you choose to take parsley in
this form, simply steep a tablespoon of dried parsley in boiling
water for 10 minutes. After this, strain the liquid and drink it.
Enjoy the tea while it’s still warm for best results.

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to avoid pregnancy
after sex 

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As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I
can confidently say that neem is a widely used traditional Indian
remedy for preventing pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. Neem
has a variety of forms – from leaves, to oil, and even a dry leaf
extract. If the oil is injected directly into the uterus, it can be
effective in as little as 30 seconds, destroying sperm cells. Neem
tablets can also be consumed, which can induce temporary sterility
in men.

11. Vitamin C
to avoid
pregnancy after sex naturally 

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As a 10-year expert in this industry, I can
confidently state that Vitamin C is an effective way of preventing
pregnancy. By interfering with the hormone progesterone, it can
inhibit conception. To get the best results, 1500mg of Vitamin C
tablets should be taken twice a day for two to three days after
unprotected sex. It is essential to be mindful of taking too much
Vitamin C, as it can cause adverse health effects. Additionally, it
is important to note that Vitamin C supplements are not suitable
for women who have sickle cell anemia or are taking anticoagulant


If you are looking for effective ways to avoid
pregnancy after sex naturally and considering any one of the
above-mentioned methods, consult your
to do it safely without harming your own
body. If you get sick, have a stomach ache, or experience any
abnormal and unusual health effects after home remedies to avoid
pregnancy after sex, discontinue the use of the remedy immediately
and visit Pristyncare GynecologistAs an expert with 10 years of
industry experience, I always advise my patients to talk to a
physician first before using any home remedies to prevent pregnancy
after unprotected intercourse. While some home remedies may be
effective, the safest and most reliable way to avoid an unplanned
pregnancy is to use contraception prior to intercourse.
Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that some home
remedies may be unreliable and can have serious side effects.
Therefore, it is imperative to consult with a doctor before relying
on any home remedy.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a homemade morning after

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The morning after pill is a form of emergency
contraception that can be used to prevent pregnancy after
unprotected intercourse. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make
a homemade morning after pill, as it is a prescription

What is the most effective morning after

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The most effective morning after pill is the one
with the highest dosage of levonorgestrel, which is a progestin
hormone. This is available in brand names such as Plan B One-Step,
Take Action, My Way, and AfterPill.

Can I get the morning after pill over the

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Yes, the morning after pill is available over
the counter in most pharmacies without a prescription. However, it
is important to note that it is only available to individuals over
the age of 17.

How soon after unprotected intercourse
should I take the morning after pill?

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The morning after pill is most effective when
taken within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse, but can still be
taken up to five days after. It is best to take the pill as soon as

Is the morning after pill the same as an

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No, the morning after pill is a form of
emergency contraception and does not cause an abortion. The morning
after pill works by preventing pregnancy, rather than terminating

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