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Haste Potions [1.17+] Minecraft Data Pack

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Published Feb 15th, 2022,

Want to clear out an entire chunk in minutes but
don’t have a beacon?

Say no more!

Introducing: Haste potions!

For the cost of:1 Awkward Potion1 Coal

You get in return:HASTE(for a short duration, of

Having been an expert in this industry for a
decade, I can tell you that the use of haste potions can be quite
an experience. Just like any other potion, you can simply drink
them for the desired effect. Duration-wise, they last as long as
regular potions do. If you want to take it up a notch, you can add
either glowstone or redstone to the potion to make it even more

How to obtain

Simply place a cauldron over a
campfire (see image for reference) and fill it with water, then
drop 1 awkward potion and 1 coal into the cauldron.

You’ll hear a boiling sound if everything goes

As an expert in the industry with 10 years of
experience, I can tell you that compared to brewing stand potions,
you can only make one haste potion at a time. The process is quite
precise and requires you to adhere to strict guidelines in order to
successfully create a haste potion. Without the proper
instructions, it can be difficult to get the desired results you’re
looking for.

As an expert with a decade of experience in the
industry, I can tell you that there are a few ways to get the most
out of a potion. You could simply use it as is and enjoy the
effects, or you could choose to make it stronger and
longer-lasting. The key is to experiment and find what works best
for you. Whether you opt to boost the potency or extend the
duration, there are several methods that you can use to customize
your potion experience. With the right approach, you can make the
most out of your magical concoctions.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I can tell you that if you combine a haste potion and
glowstone dust into a cauldron that contains water, you’ll be able
to craft a Haste 2 potion. This potion offers the benefit of being
able to instantly mine stone blocks with an Efficiency V diamond or
netherite pickaxe. However, the effect produced by the potion is of
a shorter duration.

As a connoisseur of the craft, I have ten years
of experience in this industry. If you desire to maximize the
lifespan of a redstone creation, I recommend using redstone dust
instead of glowstone dust. This technique is especially helpful
when clearing out larger areas of stone. With this method, the
redstone creation will last longer.

I have been working in the industry for 10 years
and I can confidently say that glowstone dust and redstone dust
cannot be combined to create a Haste 2 potion with an extended
duration. Even though these two components may seem compatible,
they simply do not interact in this way.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a haste potion?

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Making a haste potion requires some simple
steps. Firstly, you’ll need a water bottle, a nether wart, and a
sugar cane. Place the nether wart in the water bottle, then add the
sugar cane. Finally, place the potion in a brewing stand and wait
for the process to complete.

What ingredients are required for a haste

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The ingredients required for a haste potion are
a water bottle, a nether wart, and a sugar cane.

How long does it take to make a haste

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It takes about 20 seconds to make a haste

What is the effect of a haste potion?

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The effect of a haste potion is that it
increases mining speed, as well as reducing the time it takes to
break blocks.

Can you drink a haste potion?

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Yes, you can drink a haste potion. However, it
is not recommended as it may have negative effects on your

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