25 Best Ways to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

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Do you want to know how to make a guy regret
ghosting you? In this relationship guide, you will learn about 25
different ways to deal with a guy when he ghosts you.

Ghosting someone is a disrespectful way of
ending a relationship. You can’t tell why someone you love will cut
you off without any explanation or warning. It can shake your
confidence and make you start blaming yourself for an offense you
aren’t even aware of.

“Could it be how I introduced him to my friends
last week?”

“Is it the hairstyle I made?”

“Why is he ghosting me?”

Probably my cooking was bad.”

These questions and many more begin to circulate
in your head.

However, you must understand that someone
ghosting you isn’t your fault. Quit the self-blame and focus on how
to get someone to stop ghosting you or what to do when a guy ghosts
you. So, do guys regret ghosting? Is being ghosted by a guy a bad

Before we dive deeper into the topic,
understanding the word ghosting someone might help. 

What is

Ghosting someone happens when you cut off all
means of communication without explanation or tangible reasons.
While many think ghosting someone only happens in romantic
relationships, it occurs across all types of relationships. For
instance, a lover suddenly stops talking to you, or a friend stops
communicating with you. 

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What to do when
a guy ghosts you?

When he ghosts you, your first reaction will be
self-doubt. You feel the act of being ghosted by a guy must have
been your fault. However, you only make matters worse this way.
Understand that when a guy ghosts you, it is more about him than

Even if you cause it, you deserve some
explanations or reasons. After all, suspected offenders are given a
chance to prove themselves in a court of law. As such, it’s normal
to seek what to do when a guy ghosts you. Others even go further on
how to make a ghoster regret.

Ghosting someone is immature behavior. It is
cowardice and irresponsible. Also, it shows that the ghoster lacks
communication skills. So, when he ghosts you, the best you can do
for yourself is to stay calm and don’t blame yourself. 

“Why is he ghosting me?” There is no justifiable
reason for ghosting anyone. If you have an issue with someone, you
relay it to them. You might not change your mind about leaving the
relationship, but the other person deserves some audience.

The best thing you can do when someone ghosts
you is to seek a solution. Start by asking yourself, “Do I want
this person back in my life?” “Is the relationship worth saving?”
“Should I give this person a taste of their own

If you intend to have a conversation, you should
know what to say to someone who ghosted you. Some people often seek
how to make a guy regret ghosting you. They strongly believe “two
can play the game.” Whatever decision you take, you should have a

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get his attention, he acts like he’s too busy for you. And slowly,
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way a guy can ghost a girl is when the girl shows a clear interest
in him, but the guy behaves like the girl doesn’t exist. The girl
tries to give all the signals, initiate contact, but the guy
pretends like he doesn’t see what’s happening. He refuses to
acknowledge or even talk about it. nnWhichever way it happens,
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Do guys come
back after ghosting you?

Do guys regret ghosting at all? The answer is
yes and no. People with the wrong intention from the beginning of
the relationship will generally not return after ghosting someone.
For example, a playboy might never look back after leaving you.

On the other hand, some men will eventually see
the fault in their behavior and try to come back into your life. Of
course, they won’t show up out of the blue and demand that you
continue the relationship. Instead, they will show signs like the

1. They are
active on your social media platforms

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One obvious sign that someone is trying to
wiggle their way back into a relationship is their presence on
social media. If they like and comment on your social posts
consistently, they might want to come back after ghosting you. For
example, their comments will often be written to elicit your

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2. They ask
about you from your mutual

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Do guys regret ghosting? Yes, if they have been
asking about you lately from friends. If a guy wants to know about
you without asking you directly, the most accessible place is from
your mutual. This is usually done casually, but you can tell they
have more to say. It’s now left for you to make him regret his
initial action or forgive him.

3. They send an
apology text

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After being ghosted by a guy, an apology text is
one tell-tale sign that he’s coming back. Apologizing also promotes
forgiveness and it comes after the guy has tried all means to reach
you. At this point, he has swallowed his pride and is ready to face
the consequences, even if it means admitting that he was a coward
for ghosting you.

4. They send a

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When he ghosts you, sending a gift is a
follow-up to an apology message. This action is to reassure you
that they aren’t ready to give up and are genuinely sorry. It’s
also a way to pacify you, especially if the gift is your

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25 best ways to
make a guy regret ghosting you

While many people will forgive a ghoster after a
few apology texts and gifts, others continue to seek how to make a
guy regret ghosting you or how to make a ghoster regret.
Thankfully, there are many ways to make a guy regret ghosting you
and what to say to someone who ghosted you. Learn more in the
following tips:

1. Don’t take
it personal

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How to get back at someone who ghosted you?
Don’t make a big deal out of it. Being ghosted by a guy you thought
was your world stings. And it’s normal to want to call him out and
let him know how much he hurts you. 

However, you only empower him more with your
frustration. To make him regret his action, act like it’s no big
deal by not posting how men are scums on your WhatsApp, writing
posts to insult him, or complaining daily to anyone who cares to

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2. Don’t
contact him

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What do you do when a guy ghosts you? Don’t make
any contact. Once you’ve established that someone is ghosting you,
try to stay as far away as possible. Stop yourself from texting him
or checking his social media feeds. He ghosted you because he
doesn’t want to talk. Reaching out to him after making it clear he
doesn’t want you will only make you desperate.

3. Ghost

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How to make a ghoster regret? Ghost him too. If
he can act like a child, you can surely reciprocate. If he blocked
you on WhatsApp, block him on Instagram, Facebook, and other social
platforms you use. The guy who ghosts you is probably waiting for
your call. Don’t give him that satisfaction. Instead, let him
wonder how his ghosting isn’t affecting you.

4. Check

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Again, being ghosted by a guy isn’t your fault,
but his. Nonetheless, it may help to do an honest self-evaluation.
Have you done something recently that could warrant such behavior?
Did he warn you about something, and you repeated it? People are
different, and someone ghosting you might be their best way of

5. Be kind to

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Self-loathe is easy to come by when a guy ghosts
you. It’s hard to see yourself as worthy when someone doesn’t
regard you enough to converse before taking off. However, you can’t
hold yourself responsible. Even if you made him ghost you, you are
human and are allowed to make mistakes.

6. Focus on

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When he ghosts you, it hurts. However, don’t
dwell on the matter for long. Anyone who ghosts you wants to wreck
you emotionally. You shouldn’t make it easy for them. Instead,
focus on your goals and aspirations. Whether it’s career or
financial goals, start working on them. Focus on getting better,
and you will be amazed at your transformation.

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7. Step

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how to make a guy regret ghosting you? Go out
more. Whatever you do when a guy ghosts you, don’t stay indoors.
Get some fresh air. Visit a restaurant nearby to relax or go to the
beach. If you don’t feel like going anywhere far, try taking a long
walk within your vicinity. This action will help you meditate and
get your thoughts in check.

8. Take care of

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One of the best ways to make someone regret
ghosting you is to improve your physical look. Pamper yourself by
making new hair and buying some new clothes. New clothes make you
feel confident and ready to face the world. It is also a way to
reassure yourself that you matter. Besides, improving your physical
attractiveness helps to boost your self-esteem and personality.

9. Act normally
when you see him

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If you want to know how to make a guy regret
ghosting you, act unbothered when you see each other. There are
chances that you will meet if you stay in the same town. To avoid
an awkward moment:

  1. Greet him like any other person around.
  2. If he avoids you, walk up to him and ask how he’s doing.
  3. Keep it moving.

10. Be fun on
social media

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When he ghosts you, the guy’s first reaction
will be to keep up with your social media feeds. Considering how he
left without explanation, social media is the best place to know
how you feel. Therefore, feed him by highlighting some of your best
moments on these channels, but don’t overdo it. This will make him
know you don’t care about his behavior.

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11. Don’t try
too hard

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Whatever you do to make him regret his action,
don’t try too hard. That means limiting your presence on social
media, posting minimal things to make him jealous, or not emptying
the bank to buy the latest clothes to make him jealous.

12. Get over

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It might sound impossible, but the best way to
make him regret ghosting you is to get over him. Indeed, he was
your soul mate or a potentially perfect partner. But since he left
without saying a word, you have to see it as a blessing in

Learn how to get over your ex in this video:

13. Move

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After getting over him, you must move on. That
means forgetting everything about him and the pain he caused you.
That may require focusing on a new hobby or anything that will make
you forget being in a relationship with a ghoster.

14. Meet new

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Breathe in some fresh air by meeting new people.
Attend community service, visit new places, or mingle with more
people at work. Be open to new opportunities by making yourself
available. That could be on the internet or in the real world.

15. Don’t rush
to date

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One of the mistakes many people make when
someone ghosts them is to rush into a new relationship. However,
this is a wrong move. Rushing into a relationship to make another
person jealous will only leave you miserable. Date only when you
are ready.

16. Don’t stop
having fun

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Go out with your friends or continue having your
weekend cinema experience. Being ghosted by a guy doesn’t mean you
should stop having fun; it’s the time to increase it.

17. Go on

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If someone ghosting you hurts that much, go on a
trip to a new place. It’s a way to get over your ex quickly, but to
him, you look unbothered. It will further infuriate him to see you
living your life when he just left you without any explanation.

Research also proves that a vacation is good for
your heart.

18. Give
another guy a chance

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how to make a guy regret ghosting you? Date
another person. It’s normal to stay clear of the dating pool and
ignore other guys. However, you shouldn’t make others pay for your
ex’s sin. Give yourself the chance to feel love again. You deserve

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19. Don’t text

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Do you know what to say to someone who ghosted
you? The answer is nothing. This is a way of giving your ghoster a
taste of their medicine. Probably they regretted their actions and
wanted to come back. Good for them, but don’t make it easy by

20. Don’t be

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Don’t make yourself available if he contacts you
and asks that you meet. Even if you are less busy, tell him you
have some things to do. This isn’t playing hard to get, but an
attempt to make him regret his action.

21. Talk to
your friends

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When he ghosts you, ensure you don’t transfer
aggression to others, especially your friends. Friends have a way
of lifting your spirit when you are emotionally down. So make use
of that opportunity to be with them.

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22. Be

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When someone ghosts you, it might affect your
self-confidence and self-esteem. As such, you begin to think you
aren’t worthy of love. Well, that’s a lie. There is someone better
than your ghoster, but you must believe it. Boost your confidence
by accepting you dodged a bullet.

23. Show off
your new lover

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When you eventually find someone who loves you
genuinely, show them off. While this is to make your ex-lover
regret their action, it is also a way to celebrate your newly-found

24. Tell him
how you feel

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Don’t hesitate to let him know your feelings if
you give him a chance to come back. State it precisely as it
happened without mincing words. If you want to flare up, you have a
right to do so. That will make him regret ghosting you.

25. Talk to a

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If you have tried everything to make a ghoster
regret his action and nothing works, it’s best to speak with a
professional. Relationship experts and coaches can give you
specific advice tailored to your current situation.

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In a

If you want to know how to make a guy regret
ghosting you, you must act strong and unbothered. Ghosting someone
is cowardice and childish, so if you decide to let them have a
taste of their own medicine, you aren’t breaking any rule. Notably,
you should focus on making yourself happy. Nobody is worth your
happiness and peace of mind.

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