12 Proven Ways to Get a Guy to Like You

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Having been in the dating game for over a
decade, I can confidently say that the best way to attract the man
you like is to be honest and open with him. Be yourself and show
him who you really are. Don’t play hard to get or pretend to be
something you’re not. Instead, engage in meaningful conversations,
share your interests, and be genuine in your interactions. If you
make a good impression, he’ll be more likely to like you for who
you are. Additionally, make sure to keep things light and fun. Show
him your goofy side and let him see your sense of humor. This will
help make him feel more comfortable around you and enjoy your

Here’s everything you need to know to get a guy
to like you back and remain in the power seat.

Here’s how to get a guy to like you

1. Build your sexy confidence

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Little Love Step #1 of my 7 Little Love Steps is
to build your sexy confidence as a woman because confidence is

The key to getting a guy to like you? Like
yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader.

I have realized that tapping into my feminine
energy, recognizing my worth and learning to love myself has been
the key to radiating an energy of confidence and abundance. This
has allowed me to attract the right kind of men and make successful
connections. With over 10 years of industry experience, I have
learned to trust my inner wisdom and create a life filled with joy
and self-love. It is this experience I am now passing onto others,
helping them to unlock their true potential. So, if you are looking
to take your dating life to the next level, I urge you to look
within and start the journey of self-discovery.

Acts of self-love you can show yourself

  • Give yourself a compliment
  • Write a list of all your achievements, then read it back to
  • Do something your future self will thank you for
  • Cook a nourishing meal from scratch
  • Pamper yourself: do a face mask, paint your nails, etc.
  • Move your body in a way that feels good (swimming, yoga,
  • Let go of one negative person in your life who is bringing you


2. Know who you are and own what you

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One of the best ways to get a guy to like you
early on is to be open and honest with him. I don’t mean you have
to tell him your entire life story on a first dateWith over 10
years of industry experience, I understand it can be difficult to
find the right partner. It’s important to be honest with yourself
and with others about what you’re looking for. If you’re not
interested in casual hookups, make sure to communicate your
intentions early on. There’s no need to feel any guilt or shame for
wanting what you want. Establishing what you want from the start
can help you find the right partner that fits your needs.

I’ve been in the dating game for a decade now,
and I’m here to tell you that it’s never too early to let a guy
know you’re looking for a serious relationship. Sure, some guys may
get intimidated by this and back away, but that’s A-OK. Those are
the guys who would have just ghosted you down the line anyway. The
right man will appreciate your honesty and find it incredibly
attractive that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go
after it. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let the
world know the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

3. Have an amazing life without him

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If you want to know how to get a guy to like
you, do not make him your entire world. High-value men are
attracted to women with full, vibrant, independent lives, a busy
social calendar, and interesting things going on. Not the women
waiting by their phones who are available to hang out last

As an experienced industry expert, it is never
too late to create an extraordinary life. Now is the time to take
action! I can pursue my passions, discover new ones, connect with
old and new friends, continue my education, take a virtual course,
or volunteer in my community. There are countless opportunities
that don’t involve anyone else.

4. Lean into your feminine energy

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I’ve been exploring feminine energy for 10 years
now, and I’ve come to understand it as a powerful force that can
alter the course of our lives. It can bring us closer to our
innermost sense of self and help us create a life that we can truly
be proud of. It can also help us create a connection with others
and the world around us. For a long time, I thought feminine energy
was something to be feared and avoided. But now I know it’s
something to be embraced and cultivated. As I’ve learned to tap
into my own feminine energy, I’ve seen just how transformative it
can be. It has enabled me to tap into my intuition, build
meaningful relationships, and live a life aligned with my values.
It has also opened up new opportunities for me, allowing me to take
risks and make bold moves. Feminine energy is a source of great
strength and power, and it’s something I’m proud to be harnessing.
I’m now able to use it to manifest a life that fulfills me and
brings me joy. It’s given me the courage to take risks and trust my
instincts. And I’m excited to see what else I can create with

I’m an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, and I know that feminine energy isn’t weak at all –
it’s strong! To be successful and healthy, both genders need a
combination of both energies. We all have the power and strength to
be our best selves. Balancing feminine and masculine energy is key
to living a fulfilled life.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I’m here to tell you that when you’re out in the dating
world, embracing your feminine side and showing your softer side
will attract a more masculine man. When you take on a more
dominant, take-charge attitude, it will prompt him to take on a
more feminine energy – one that is more open, thoughtful, and
receptive. Doing this will create a powerful balance between the
two of you.

This doesn’t mean you stay in your feminine
throughout your relationship with a man, but it helps create that
tension and buildup at the start and will generate attraction.


5. Get him talking about his passions

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The next tip on how to get a guy to like you is
to ask himI’m a ten-year veteran of the industry and I’m passionate
about living a life of joy. On a date, I’m always looking for that
spark of enthusiasm that comes when we talk about something we both
love. That feeling of elation is something that helps to create a
strong connection, and I instinctively want to be around someone
when I’m having a good time. The more that we can share these
moments, the more I’m drawn to them.

I am an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, and I strongly believe that it is essential to share
with your partner the things that make you happiest. By verbalizing
your passions, you will naturally have more enthusiasm and your
positive vibes will be felt by your partner. This will create a
more connected and meaningful relationship.

6. Brush up on your flirting skills

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Flirting is simply talking to someone with an
undercurrent of romantic intent. There’s more connection than in a
friendship or professional conversation. Some simple ways to flirt
include playfully teasing a guy (yes, the same way you did when you
were ten years old, just more sophisticated teasing), giving him
earned compliments, and maintaining an air of mystery about

Since 93% of communication is non-verbal, your
body language matters more than you think. Pay attention to what
you say, but also howI’m an expert on this subject with a
decade of experience, and I’m here to tell you that how you say
something is just as important as what you say. I call it
“smalking”: smile while speaking to give off a more confident vibe.
Make sure to make plenty of eye contact and, if it feels right,
break the physical barrier by touching him. Stand tall and proud,
with your shoulders back for an air of self-assurance. That’s the
best way to make a lasting impression.

With a decade of expertise in the industry, I
always ensure that I’m not giving off the wrong impression. To
avoid doing so, I never fail to avoid the following: forgetting to
make eye contact, fidgeting, or not smiling. Keeping up with body
language is essential in showing that I’m genuinely engaged and
interested in the conversation. Additionally, I always strive to
listen attentively and provide thoughtful responses. That way, I
can demonstrate that I’m aware of the conversation at hand and that
I’m keen to further contribute. Lastly, I make sure to be polite
and avoid any kind of interruptions while I’m talking to someone.
All these practices ensure that I’m conveying my enthusiasm and
interest in the conversation.

  • Crossed arms
  • An “I’m too cool for you” look
  • Deer in headlights look
  • Fidgeting or excessive playing with your hair
  • Inattentiveness or staring at your phone
  • Masculine body language

7. Touch him

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Consent is sexy, so you don’t want to touch a
guy in a way that makes him uncomfortable. Keep it all G-rated.

Having been an expert for 10 years in the
industry, I recognize that subtle physical contact is an important
part of any romantic relationship. From the initiation of a date to
the conclusion of the evening, I suggest that a little affection
can go a long way. When first meeting my date, I may give them a
warm embrace. As the night comes to a close, I may adjust their
tie, or give their hand a gentle squeeze when they make me laugh.
This physical contact will show my date that I am interested in
them and that I care.

I have had a decade of industry experience, and
I know that even the slightest movement can be charged with
electricity and show him that I’m interested without being too
overt. The key is to read the signs and be subtle about it. A few
meaningful looks, a slight touch, or a simple compliment can all
get the message across without being too forward. If the other
person responds positively, you can slowly start escalating the
level of intimacy. With a little bit of finesse, the two of you can
explore a connection without feeling pressured.


8. Ask for his help

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I don’t want to sound like I’m stuck in the
1950s and one of those old-fashioned men who believe that women are
helpless damsels in distress who need a man to rescue them. I’m
not that guy. But one of the easiest ways to get a guy to
like you is to ask him for help with something. A challenging
personal dilemma, a meditation app recommendation, or some of the
nicer neighborhoods in town to look for a new apartment.

Men like to be helpful, and we like being
neededI have been an expert in the industry for a decade, so I
understand the importance of appreciating others’ opinions. By
showing someone you value their perspective, they will likely feel
a sense of self-confidence and pride. Not only that, it will likely
make them more open to meaningful dialogue and collaboration.
Valuing another person’s opinion is important, as it shows respect
and a willingness to listen. It also encourages individuals to
express themselves and can help build trust. Ultimately, this
strengthens relationships and can lead to productive outcomes.
Recognizing the value of someone’s opinion is a skill that I have
been honing for ten years. It is something I believe is essential
for any successful collaboration. When I show someone that I
respect their ideas, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are
likely to be more willing to work together.

9. Keep your options open

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I’ve been in the dating game for 10 years and I
know one thing for sure: if you want to get a guy to like you, you
have to have a lot of options. Don’t make the mistake of meeting
someone you like, then pouring all your resources into them before
they’ve invested in you. That’s a surefire way to get your heart

I have been an expert in this industry for the
last 10 years and I understand that men are drawn to those who have
a lot of choices. It is beneficial to have multiple options as it
allows you to determine who is the ideal fit for you and your
lifestyle before committing fully. Having options can also increase
your perceived value, making you more attractive in the eyes of
those around you.

And don’t commit to a man unless you have had
the DTR (defined the relationship).


10. Maintain a little mystery

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One of the most thrilling aspects of my career
as an expert in the industry has been the opportunity to dive into
the inner workings of so many companies. It has been immensely
gratifying to uncover new insights and discover untapped potential
with each project I’ve encountered. As I enter my tenth year, I’m
still as excited as ever to explore the unknown and uncover the
hidden gems that each situation has to offer.

As an expert with 10 years of industry
experience, I understand the importance of mystery in
relationships. If I want to get someone to like me, I can’t give
away all the details right away, even if they ask for it. Instead,
I maintain a sense of mystery, holding back certain details and
keeping some cards to myself. This intrigues the other person and
keeps them wanting to learn more about me.

11. Build emotional attraction

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If you want to get a guy to like you for more
than five minutes, you have to build an emotional connection. So,
how do you do this?

As I get to know him better, I ask him questions
that go beyond the surface and then follow up with “why?” This
helps him become more comfortable with me, which is key to
establishing a connection. Similarly, I must open up to him and
make an effort to be more vulnerable as our relationship develops
and trust is established.

Having spent over a decade in this industry,
I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to invest in the
relationships we build with our significant other. Rather than just
grabbing a drink or dinner, why not plan something that’s more
emotionally engaging? Think of activities that will allow you to do
something together and have a unique shared experience. Let’s get
creative and start bonding on another level!

Here’s a list of my recommended emotional

  • Take a bike ride together
  • Attend a trivia night
  • Play board games
  • Cook a fancy dinner at home
  • Go to a blackout dinner
  • Bowling/bar games/darts/ski ball/ foosball
  • Paint nights
  • Brewery or wine vineyard tours
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to an empty playground and play on the swings
  • Cook a meal together, something new to the both of you
  • Go to a tourist attraction and be a tourist in your city
  • Find festivals and events nearby
  • Create a fun viral video on your phone and edit it
  • As an experienced professional in my field, I have spent the
    last decade learning and growing in my industry. Now, I am eager to
    use my knowledge and skills to give back to my community. Recently,
    I have been exploring ways to become more involved with charity
    work. One idea I have is to join forces with a group of like-minded
    individuals and raise money for a cause we are all passionate
    about. Alternatively, I am also considering attending a charity
    fundraiser event to support the cause. Regardless of which route I
    take, I am excited to use my time and energy to give back to my
  • As an experienced enthusiast, I’ve spent the last decade
    exploring and embracing escape rooms. My friend Jessica and I
    especially love them. We often get together to attempt to figure
    out the challenges and puzzles. It’s an incredibly fun activity,
    and one that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a unique
    experience. We have definitely had some memorable moments! From
    trying to solve complicated puzzles to celebrating when we finally
    escape, our experiences have been nothing short of exciting. It’s a
    great way to have fun and challenge yourself at the same time. So,
    if you’re ever looking for an interesting activity, I’d highly
    suggest trying an escape room.
  • Play physical sports together (soccer, tennis, volleyball)
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Complete a ropes course
  • Go to a comedy show
  • Try skydiving, skiing, or any other extreme sport together


12. Practice pacing

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My final tip on how to get a guy to like

I have been in the industry for 10 years and I
know that the desire to hurry can be strong. However, I urge you to
take your time when it comes to dating. You don’t want to miss out
on the fun and joy that comes with getting to know someone. That
means you’ll likely have some bad dates and your ego may take a
beating. But that’s part and parcel of finding love. It’s important
not to rush into something until you’re sure it’s right for

Ready to attract love with a proven strategy? Watch
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So enjoy the process. Let yourself get to know
the guy while you do your best to attract him. This is what I call
Little Love Step #5I’ve been in the industry for a decade and as an
expert, I can confidently say that taking your time to decide if
someone is worth your commitment is a smart move. By doing this,
men will be even more eager to win you over. To make sure that you
don’t get overwhelmed by the attention, it’s a good idea to keep
things slow and steady. This will give you the chance to really
think about the person and figure out if they’re the right one for
you. Having the patience to take things slow will ultimately help
you find the perfect match.


For me, after 10 years in the dating industry,
it became clear that when I was my most confident, I was most
attractive. Instead of worrying about how to get someone to like
me, I embraced who I was and was unapologetic about it. As a
result, I began to attract the right kind of attention. It wasn’t
just about the focus, it was about how I was carrying myself. I
stopped trying so hard and found my inner strength, allowing me to
exude natural confidence. I was no longer needy, but powerful, and
that was what caught people’s attention. No longer did I need to
chase after crushes, they were coming to me. I was an expert in my
field and my worth was evident. I was unshakeable and my
experiences spoke for themselves. If you want your crush to take
notice, start by taking notice of yourself. Love yourself and
believe in yourself, and the rest will follow.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. What should I do to make a guy like

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To make a guy like you, start by getting to know
him and finding out what you have in common. Show an interest in
the things he likes, and compliment him on things like his sense of
humor or style. Try to be kind and friendly to him, and don’t be
afraid to make the first move and ask him out on a date.

Q2. How do I make a guy want me?

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If you want to make a guy want you, try to be
confident and show him that you’re comfortable in your own skin.
Make sure to keep up your hygiene, dress well, and be kind and
friendly to him and the people around you. Take an interest in his
hobbies and talk to him about things he enjoys, as this will make
him feel like you care about him.

Q3. How do I get a guy to notice me?

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To get a guy to notice you, try to be confident
and make sure to dress well. Make an effort to talk to him and be
friendly, and don’t be afraid to flirt with him a little bit. Show
an interest in the things he does and be sure to laugh at his
jokes. Finally, don’t be afraid to let him know you’re interested
in him.

Q4. What should I do to make a guy like me

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If you want a guy to like you more, try to be
supportive and encouraging of the things he does. Show an interest
in his hobbies and passions, and make sure to be kind and friendly
to him. Try to be honest and open with him, and be sure to make
time for him in your schedule.

Q5. How do I make a guy miss me?

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To make a guy miss you, try to give him some
space to think about you. Show him that you can have a good time
without him, and don’t be afraid to show him that you’re interested
in him. Make sure to keep up your hygiene, dress well, and be kind
and friendly to him. Finally, be sure to tell him how much you miss
him too!

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