7 easy steps to make someone with a penis orgasm

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Want to improve
your orgasm-giving skills? (Which is totally OK FYI, if you’re a
sexual person, wanting your partner to enjoy it is all part of a
good relationship.) Sex and relationships expert for Lovehoney

Annabelle Knight

explains how to make a man or someone with a
penis orgasm.

“[You can make]
small tweaks [to your technique] which maximise pleasure and that
can make a big difference,” she says. We’re just talking about
little tricks with kissing and touching while giving a
hand job or blow job that can really make the whole experience even
more stimulating.”

everyone’s body is different and there are no hard and fast rules
with it comes to sex. As always, it comes down to great
communication (there’s nowt wrong with asking your partner, ‘Do you
like this?’ BTW), and a level of trust and respect.

really well

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Bad kissing
chemistry can be a real turn off. Many people think that if you
can’t kiss, chances are you’re going to struggle with the
subtleties of the other aspects of sex. But really, the key to
being a great kisser is to start slow and build up.

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Use your tongue
(sparingly at first), give gentle lip movement, vary the head
angles, and pull them into you. Remember to try and keep saliva to
a minimum when you are with a new partner. Some people love a
slobbery kiss, but it can be a bit much if you’re not expecting

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2.Plan a

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You can both play
on suspense and heighten excitement (and prolong your fun) with a
light role play. Trying erotic costumes or acting out a seduction
storyline. Perhaps you’re two strangers meeting in bar who hit it
off, or maybe your partner is hitchhiking in the road and you’re a
stranger who picks them up. It’s worth
coming up with a plot before you start
, as planning the
scenes is all part of the fun and will ensure there are no awkward
moments, as well as making sure you deliver on the parts of the
fantasy that are the biggest turn on.

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Prove you really
know your way around their body by focusing on some of their most
neglected nerve endings. And, surprisingly, one of the best places
you can start is the jaw. When you stroke someone’s jaw, you’re
subconsciously reinforcing to them that you find them very
attractive, which can be a real ego boost and therefore give your
partner confidence.


Then, move onto
their inner thighs. When you get a someone’s blood pumping in this
area, you’re automatically upping their arousal, which can lead to
harder erections and stronger orgasms, too. If you’re feeling extra
sensual, light a massage candle. This will allow you to drip some
warm wax on their body and pleasure away.

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4.Introduce some light bondage

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Introducing a
blindfold or tie that covers your partner’s eyes will mean they
have no idea just where that hot wax is going to drip. It also
heightens their other sensations, which adds to the suspense. You
could also use handcuffs, or just gently restrict their wrists with
a couple of ties if you want to improvise.

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5.Give a
great hand job

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Lube helps to
keep things slippery so your fingers slide smoothly over the penis
and other sensitive areas. Try concentrating your efforts on the
penis head rather than the whole shaft. People with foreskins often
find that a gentle repeated rolling up and down of the foreskin
over the penis head is the key to a phenomenal climax. If they’re
circumcised, the rolling movement should be just below the head –
just make sure you keep things extra-lubricated for comfort.

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If you want to
make the hand job even more extra, use a masturbation sleeve on
your partner. This is a tube-shaped sex toy filled with incredible
textures and stimulating lumps and bumps.

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6.And a
blow job

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All men and
people with penises are different. For some, oral sex is their
favourite sexual activity; others are less enthusiastic. If your
partner is on board, though, try concentrating your efforts on the
head – though licking up the shaft is
a nice way to lengthen play
and keep things varied. Add a
flavoured lube if you want to.

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Don’t forget that
oral sex is not just about your mouth – you can use your hands to
stimulate their shaft, balls, and perineum (the bit between their
balls and butt) for added pleasure.

7.Get the
climax just right

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By this point,
your partner should be feeling pretty damn good. If you want to
have penetrative sex, go for it. If you want them to finish in your
hand/mouth/somewhere on your body, that’s hotttt.

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