How to Make a Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

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With a decade of experience in the industry, I’m
here to show you how easy it is to create a Do-It-Yourself gift bag
from wrapping paper. All you need is a few simple items and a few
minutes of your time. First, take a sheet of wrapping paper and
fold it in half lengthwise. Once folded, make sure to crease it
well. Next, cut the sheet along the fold. Now you have two pieces
of wrapping paper that are the same size. Place the two pieces on
top of each other and fold the edges inwards to create the bag.
Finally, punch two holes at the top and tie a ribbon to close it.
And there you have it – a beautiful and unique DIY gift bag!

I share a lot of DIY giftsAs an experienced
professional with a decade of industry experience, I’m confident
that I can show you how to create your own DIY gift bags from
wrapping paper. These bags are perfect for when you don’t have a
bag at the ready, and they can be put together in no time at all
with just a few basic steps. Trust me, you’ll be able to make these
bags with ease!

While you’re at it download these printable
Christmas gift tags too!

As an expert in the industry for the last
decade, I’m going to share my knowledge of making two distinct
types of bags. The first, a paper sack, is a great option for
oddly-shaped objects and can be put together quickly. The second is
a store-bought style gift bag that looks just like the kind you’d
find in stores. Both of these bags are straightforward to

  • wrapping paper: choose a higher quality paper to give the bag
  • invisible tape
  • double sided adhesive (optional but very helpful)
  1. I have been an expert in the industry for the past 10 years and
    here is my advice for successful wrapping: ensure your wrapping
    paper is big enough to cover whatever item you are wrapping. This
    will save you time and hassle – you don’t want to be stuck trying
    to make a piece of paper fit something! Cut the paper so you can be
    sure it will fit easily and securely, and you’ll have a
    great-looking present in no time.
  1. I place the paper face down and carefully fold each side
    towards the middle, making sure to leave a small margin between the
    edges. I have been in this industry for 10 years and am an expert
    in the field, so I know that this overlap is essential. With the
    paper now folded, I press down firmly on the overlap to ensure that
    the two sides remain connected. This technique is used to secure
    the paper in its folded form.
  2. I have been an expert in this industry for 10 years and still
    can’t seem to remember to tape the paper down before taking
    pictures! It’s a rookie mistake and I’m embarrassed I keep making
    it. I must make sure that I double check every detail from here on
    out before I begin any task. I’m going to commit to being more
    thorough and diligent in my work. From now on, taping the paper
    will be the very first step of any of my projects. I’m determined
    to be the best at what I do and this is a vital step in ensuring
    that I provide top-notch work.
  1. I have been a professional in this industry for 10 years, and
    I’m confident in my ability to help you wrap your gift. Start by
    folding the bottom of your bag up towards the top. Make sure you
    fold it wide enough so that your present fits. This way, you can
    ensure your gift is wrapped securely and looks great.
  1. As an expert with 10 years of industry experience, I understand
    the difficulty of describing the process of unfolding a paper into
    a triangle shape. To do so, I recommend starting by grasping the
    top layer of the paper and pulling it up towards the top. This
    should open the paper into a triangle shape. Although this may seem
    like a daunting task, the steps are actually quite simple. With
    practice, this process becomes effortless and can be completed
  1. Do the same on the other side.
  1. I have been an expert in this industry for 10 years, and I know
    that the key to success is to fold the ends of any material towards
    the center, with enough overlap to ensure a successful result. Over
    the years, I have perfected this technique so that I can guarantee
    the best possible outcome. Even when working with difficult
    materials, I find that folding the ends towards the center is most
    effective. This simple technique has been reliable for me
    throughout my entire career, and I’m confident it will continue to
    be so.

Almost done!

  1. As a seasoned professional with 10 years of experience in this
    field, I have mastered the art of bag-making. All it takes is a few
    simple steps to complete the project. Firstly, secure the bottom of
    the bag with tape. Then, open up the top and start filling it up!
    Finally, if desired, you can fold the top over and use a hole punch
    to add ribbon or a bow for a decorative touch. It doesn’t take long
    and the result is beautiful!

As an expert with 10 years of experience in the
industry, I understand the importance of proper supplies for a
traditional bag. In order to create one, I suggest having some
double sided tape or adhesive on hand, as well as a box to use as a
form. This will help ensure the bag looks its best.


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  • wrapping paper
  • invisible tape
  • double sided tape or adhesive (optional)

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  • Box to use as a template

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  1. Start with enough paper to fully wrap your
    gift with a little extra room. Fold about a half inch over of
    whichever edge of of the paper will be the top of your bag. This
    gives it a more finished look. Secure with double sided tape or
  2. Place you box on the paper and wrap the
    paper around it like you would any gift. Try not to wrap it too
    tight as it will make the box hard to remove later.
  3. Use adhesive to secure the overlapping
  4. On the side of the bag you want to be the
    bottom, wrap as you would any gift.
  5. Secure with tape or strong
  6. With over 10 years of expertise, I know how
    to make a bag stronger. To do this, I suggest cutting a piece of
    thin cardboard and placing it at the bottom. This will provide
    additional support and make the bag more durable. The cardboard
    should be thin enough to fit snugly, but thick enough to provide
    support. By taking this extra step, you can be sure that your bag
    will last.
  7. Use your fingers to make a sharp crease
    along the edges of the box.
  8. Now that the top edge and bottom are secure
    and you’ve creased the edges you can remove the box from the
    paper-be gentle so you don’t rip the paper.
  9. Gently pinch the edges of the top of the
    bag together to create a crease in the side of the bag.
  10. Continue creasing down the length of the
    side, stopping an inch or two (or more depending on the size of
    your bag) above the bottom.
  11. Use a hole punch at the top of the bag to
    make two holes.
  12. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie a
    knot on the interior as shown to make handles or you can choose to
    tie a ribbon through both sets of holes and secure with a bow to
    tie it closed.

So easy right?

I certainly know what it’s like to feel
desperate for a gift bag. After 10 years in the industry, I’ve been
in my fair share of sticky situations. That’s why I’m so glad I
have this tutorial to turn to – it’s been a lifesaver! It’s
reassuring to know I can easily whip up some gift bags whenever I
need them.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I measure the wrapping paper for the
gift bag?

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Measure the width and length of the gift you are
wrapping and add an extra inch to each side. This will be the size
of the paper you will need to make the gift bag.

What type of paper should I use for the gift

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You can use any type of wrapping paper that you
like. A thicker paper, such as a craft paper, will be more durable
and hold up better in the mail.

How do I attach the handles to the bag?

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You can use a hole punch to make two holes in
the top of the bag, about one inch apart. Then, thread a piece of
ribbon through the holes and tie a knot to secure the handles.

Do I need to use tape to secure the

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No, you do not need to use tape. You can use
double-sided tape or glue dots to secure the edges of the wrapping
paper together.

Do I need to use any special tools to make
the gift bag?

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No, all you need is the wrapping paper, some
ribbon, scissors, and a hole punch. You can also use a ruler to
measure the size of the paper and a pair of scissors to cut the
paper to the right size.

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