How to Make a Tied Fleece No Sew Blanket

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Step 1:

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Lay the two pieces of fleece wrong sides

Step 2:

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With the fabric on top of each other, trim off
any ends as necessary to make them the same size.

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Video Description

Imagine a cloud of soft fleecy fabric enveloping
you in warmth as the trees bend in the wind outside and snow lies
thick on the ground. Whenever the chills set in the no-sew fleece
tie blanket, with four different ways of finishing the edging, will
be ready to haul and use. nWRITTEN TUTORIAL HERE: visuals and
step-by-step instructions will show you exactly how to make a tie
blanket with either the Double Looped Fringe, the Knotted Fringe,
and the Overhand Knotted Fringe. Should you prefer to finish your
DIY fleece tie blanket with a braided edge we have those
instructions too. The knotting can be completed while comfortably
seated in front of the TV, or chatting to family members. Have fun
making this no-sew fleece tie blanket.n#fleecetieblanket
#tieblanket #diytieblanket #nosewblanket #howto
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Step 3:

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Use a rotary cutter and cut right along the edge
of your ruler or straight-edge.

Step 4:

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Cut out a square about 3-4 inches from each
corner. This will prevent bunching of the material in the corners
and help to make tying easier.

Step 5:

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Make sure you cut out the square from all 4
corners of the fabric.

Step 6:

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Next cut out slits – almost like a fringe –
about 3 inches deep all the way around the fabric. Just make sure
you cut deep enough so that you can tie the pieces together. If the
slits are too short, you won’t be able to double knot them.

Step 7:

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I’m an experienced craftsman with over 10 years
of industry experience, and I’m here to demonstrate how to cut
slits through two pieces of fabric that are layered together. This
technique ensures that the slits are the same number around the
entire piece. As you can see in the picture, the two pieces should
be layered and then the slits cut through both layers at the same
time. This way, you can easily achieve the same number of slits all
the way around.

Step 8:

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I’ve been working in this industry for 10 years
and I’ve learned that it’s important to tie matching top and bottom
slits together into double knots. This helps the fabric to stay put
even after washing. To master this technique, simply take the two
pieces of fabric and hold them together. Then, tie a single knot.
Repeat the process for a second knot to secure the fabric. This
will ensure the fabric stays in place.

Step 9:

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I’ve been an expert in this field for 10 years
now, and I know that the key to creating a perfect blanket is to
tie every inch of fabric together. Starting at one end, I wrap the
thread around the fabric in a continuous loop, making sure to pull
it tightly for a secure fit. I continue until the entire blanket is
bound together, and then my project is ready to be admired!

Step 10:

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As an experienced industry expert with 10 years
of knowledge, I’m proud to be part of the Moms in Motion (MIMs)
group. Our mission is to donate books and blankets to school
children in inner city Victor, NY through a project called Buddies,
Bridges & Brains. To create these thoughtful gifts, I fold the
blanket and wrap it with a ribbon or a strip of material trimmed
from the blanket. Then, I add a book to complete the present. These
gifts bring smiles to the faces of the kids and warms my heart.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I make a fleece tie blanket?

To make a fleece tie blanket, you will need two
pieces of the same size of fleece fabric, scissors, and yarn or
ribbon. Begin by cutting the fabric into 6-inch strips along the
edges. Next, line up the two pieces of fleece with the cut edges
facing each other. Starting at one corner, tie a double knot with
the yarn or ribbon to secure the two pieces of fleece together.
Continue to tie double knots around the entire edge of the fleece,
spacing the knots about 6 inches apart. When you reach the end, tie
off the yarn or ribbon and trim any excess fabric. Your fleece tie
blanket is now finished!

What type of fabric should I use for a
fleece tie blanket?

Fleece is the ideal fabric to use for a tie
blanket. It is a soft, lightweight fabric that is easy to work
with. It is also easy to find and comes in a wide range of colors
and patterns, so you can customize your blanket to your taste.

What size should I make my fleece tie

The size of your fleece tie blanket will depend
on your personal preference. To make a small blanket, you can use
two pieces of fleece fabric measuring 1.5 yards by 1.5 yards each.
For a larger blanket, you can use two pieces that measure 2.5 yards
by 2.5 yards each.

How long does it take to make a fleece tie

The time it takes to make a fleece tie blanket
will depend on the size of the blanket and your personal speed. On
average, it takes about an hour to make a small blanket and two
hours for a larger blanket.

How do I wash a fleece tie blanket?

Fleece tie blankets are easy to care for. To
clean, machine wash the blanket in cold water on a gentle cycle. It
is important to avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as this can
damage the fabric. After washing, air dry the blanket. Do not put
the blanket in the dryer.

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