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is a Sandbox game that has survival elements. You need to eat food
to live, run or beat Mobs, & Heal by again eating Food if your
Character is Hungry. Food can be in many forms like Carrots, Apples, Bread, Steak, Pork Chops, Fish,
. Among these, Fish may be the easiest one gets a ton
of as all you have to do is sit and Fish near any Water Sorce. To do this, you will need a
Fishing Rod. You can get them
as Loot, Villager Trades, & Crafting. In this guide, I will show
how to make a fishing rod in

To make a Fishing
is pretty simple, all you will need is some
Sticks & String. In the
3×3 grid of the
Crafting Table, place
3 Sticks in a diagonal line
from the Bottom Left to the
Top Right. Under the
Top Right Stick, place
two Strings vertically
, one in each slot. This will make a Fishing Rod
in Minecraft. You can get String from
& Sticks from
. Now you can take your newly made Fishing Rod and
get all of the Fish that you want. Or you could make it more
useful. By attaching a Carrot
at the end of the Fishing Rod, you can make a Pig mobile. Put a Saddle on the Pig and hold the Fishing Rod with a Carrot in your hand. You
can do the same with the Striders but with a Warped Fungus.

Fishing Rods are pretty useful even without
their attachments. For instance, you can hook Mobs, Items‌(Java Edition Only), Some Entities, &
even Players
. The Entities that can be hooked are:

  • Any Falling Block
  • Armor Stands
  • Boats
  • Fireballs
  • Minecarts of any
  • Primed TNT
  • Shulker Bullets
  • Small Fireballs

This is pretty nifty but it comes at the cost of
durability. this was all about making the Fishing Rod in Minecraft.
Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our
other guides like How To Craft A
in Minecraft.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I craft a fishing rod in

Crafting a fishing rod in Minecraft is
relatively simple. All you need is three sticks and two strings.
Place them in the crafting table in this order: stick, string,
stick, string, stick.

What type of block can I use to fish?

You can fish from any type of water block,
including oceans, rivers, and lakes.

How many uses does a fishing rod have?

A fishing rod has between 25 to 35 uses before
it breaks.

What is the best way to increase my chances
of catching something?

The best way to increase your chances of
catching something is to use a lure, which can double your chances.
You can craft a lure by combining a fishing rod with a slime

What type of items can I catch when

When fishing, you can catch a variety of items,
such as raw fish, enchanted items, and even treasure maps. You may
even find rare items such as saddles and enchanted books.

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