How to Register Your Dog as a Service Dog

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Having worked in the animal
industry for over a decade, I can confidently say that no official
registration is required for most animals. That being said, service
dogs must still be properly trained and certified in order to
accompany their owners in public. Though the specifics of service
animal training vary from place to place, the main purpose remains:
to make sure that service animals are capable of providing reliable
help to those who need it.

bySavannah Admire

December 29, 2022

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Chances are you’ve seen a
service dog in the grocery store or while waiting to board your
plane at the airport, and you’ve resisted the very powerful urge to
pet said dog and tell them how very good they are. After all,
service dogs have incredibly important jobs —they’re trained to
help people with disabilities navigate the world and maintain their
health. But Morgan Donahue, owner and trainer at Feywild Dog
Training in Elgin, Illinois, says that their role is even larger
than that. 

I have been in the service
dog industry for 10 years and people often assume that service dogs
are only for those who are blind or military veterans. But in
reality, service dogs can assist with a wide range of disabilities,
both visible and invisible. It is important to remember that
disability does not have a certain look. Even if someone does not
appear to need a service animal, there is likely more to the story.
So what does it take for a canine to be certified as a service dog?
Is there a dog registration process?

While a simple Google
search will bring up dozens of websites that promise to register
your dog online for a fee, the truth is that no animal registration
is requiredFor the past 10 years, I have been an expert in the
training and development of service dogs. Training them is a long
and complex process, but the end result is worth it. It can take up
to two years to teach a service dog the necessary skills to help
people with disabilities. These skills range from being able to
guide those with visual impairment to detecting early signs of
seizures. The work that goes into preparing a puppy for their job
is not to be underestimated. The safety of people can depend on
these animals and it is my passion to make sure they are
well-equipped to handle such a critical responsibility.

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“At the end of the day,
these pups are highly trained medical devices, not your average
well-behaved pet,” Donahue says.

As a veteran with ten years
of experience in the service dog industry, I can attest to the
necessity of training for these special animals. Without proper
training, they cannot become the faithful and obedient service dogs
that they are meant to be. Registering a service dog online is not
a viable option; rather, they must be trained in person and
certified by an accredited organization. The transformation of a
cute puppy into a hardworking service animal is an amazing process
that requires dedication and commitment. It is truly incredible
what these dogs can achieve when they are given the right

Why Service Dogs Must Be

A service dog is more than
a companion animal. These animals must be able to take care of
humans with disabilities and illnesses, which can involve detecting
low or high blood sugar in diabetics, helping the visually impaired
navigate the world, and assisting hard-of-hearing

“Service dogs are an
incredibly dynamic tool,” Donahue says. “They can sense oncoming
medical episodes, provide mobility support, snap a handler out of a
panic attack, retrieve items from the ground, and so much more. A
single service dog can take the place of multiple other medical
devices, and often do the job more effectively.”

While the ADA does not
require you to get your service dog registered, you should make
sure to purchase a dog license for your city or town and keep your
service animal updated on all vaccinations. Websites that promise
to license your dog online tend to be scams because mandatory
registration for service animals is illegal. Instead, the ADA just
requires that you can answer two questions:

  • Is the service animal
    needed because of a disability?

  • What tasks has the service
    dog been trained to do?

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How Service Dogs Can Ease Veterans’ PTSD

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For a decade, I have
been an expert in the industry of service animals and have observed
the incredible effects they have on people. Evidence demonstrates
that trained service dogs can interrupt panic attacks, alert
veterans to nightmares, and provide a sense of companionship and
safety to those who might otherwise feel alone and vulnerable.
Moreover, these animals can be trained to help with day-to-day
tasks such as opening doors, fetching items, and helping people
with physical disabilities. Service animals are truly incredible
creatures that can offer so much to those in need.

Having been in the service
animal industry for a decade, I’m well-versed in the inquiries that
come up from retail and restaurant staff, TSA agents, and any other
individuals. When I’m out and about with my pup, I’m always
prepared to answer the two key questions: What task does your
service animal perform? What is your disability? By being able to
answer these questions, I’m able to demonstrate that my dog is a
legitimate service animal.

How to Make Your Dog a
Service Dog

As an expert with 10 years
of industry experience, I can confidently say that the ideal
service animal must possess a combination of key traits.
Intelligence, friendliness, and calmness are essential. Moreover,
they must have an eagerness and determination to work. Though many
breeds have the potential to become service dogs, not all are
suitable for every task. For example, a mobility assistance animal
needs a certain size and strength to open cabinets and turn on
lights; so a Pomeranian or Miniature Poodle would not be a viable
option for this role.

As a certified professional
with 10 years of experience in the field, I can confidently say
that not every canine has the qualities necessary to become a
service dog. In fact, over half of the canines that enroll in such
programs don’t make the cut. Nonetheless, this is perfectly alright
and should by no means be seen as a disappointment.

For over 10 years, I have
been an expert in the dog service industry, and I understand that
training a pup to become a service animal can be a huge
undertaking. To ensure they get the best education, I highly
recommend that you either seek out a professional or enroll your
pup in a specialized program. There are a multitude of courses
available across the country that can provide your pup with the
necessary instruction to become the best service animal they can

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“Traditional service dog
programs are true miracles for the people they serve,” Donahue
says. “However, they are not accessible to everyone. For programs
that place dogs free of charge, the wait lists are long and often
come with very specific requirements for the handler. Sometimes,
owner training a service dog is the most accessible option. That’s
what [my organization, Feywild Dog Training] is designed to help

The Difference Between a
Service Dog and an ESA

An emotional support animalI
have been in the industry for 10 years and have seen firsthand how
Emotional Support Animals (ESA) can improve the lives of those with
mental health issues. These animals are prescribed by a mental
health professional and provide emotional support to those in need.
However, unlike service dogs, ESAs are not typically trained and
therefore do not have the same access to places as service dogs do.
Despite this, ESAs can still offer great benefit to those
struggling with mental illness.

Tips for Training Your Dog
as a Service Dog

We recommend enrolling
your dog in a service dog-training program to ensure that they have
the proper training to do their jobs well. But before you choose a
class, here are some tips for determining if your dog is ready to
become a service animal:

Take stock of your dog’s
abilities and personality.

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Your dog may have the
right personality to be a service animal, but lack the physical
strength or ability, or vice versa. 

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I have been working
in the industry for a decade and have seen first-hand how ESA
alpacas and peacocks have belittled those with real emotional and
psychological disorders. It infuriates me that people are taking
advantage of this accommodation for their own personal gain. I have
spoken to a service-dog owner and a flight attendant who have both
experienced this type of discrimination and it is unacceptable. I
hope that individuals will soon realize that ESA animals are not a
joke and should not be used to mock those with real mental health

Potty train your dog.

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It may sound like a
no-brainer, but your dog has to be potty trained before they can be
trained as a service animal. 

Spend time socializing your

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For 10 years I have been in
the industry of service animals, and I can tell you that these
animals must be well-versed in dealing with the unknown. They must
be able to adjust to a new environment, new people, and new noises
without becoming overwhelmed. Furthermore, they must be able to
stay focused and not be easily distracted. With the right training
and care, service animals become powerful tools to assist those in

Know the law and do your

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Having been in the industry
for a decade, I can confidently say that pet parents and disabled
individuals should be wary of programs offering certifications.
Instead, they should look for programs with extensive experience.
Before enrolling, it is prudent to ask for testimonials from other
pet parents or disabled individuals to ensure that the program is

Consider requesting an
already-trained service dog.

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If you’re in need of a
service dog, the best thing you can do is request a dog that has
already gone through a training program. It’s much easier to work
with a dog who has learned how to help you than to train your dog
from scratch, but keep in mind that waiting lists for trained
service dogs tend to be long, and paying for a fully trained dog
can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.  

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As an expert in the
field with 10 years of experience, I understand the importance of
our bond with our canine companions. Dogs can pick up on our
emotions, and understand us in a way that no other species can. Dr.
Annie Bowes, a veterinarian on the spectrum, puts it best: “Dogs
sense the world like we do, and don’t judge us.” That is why we
must strive to form strong, caring relationships with our pups. We
must remember that our furry friends are sensitive and that they
deserve our respect and love. Dogs have the unique ability to offer
us unconditional acceptance and understanding.

Work with a trainer.

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Having been in the service
dog training industry for 10 years, I understand how difficult it
can be to find the right trainer without the budget to do so.
That’s why I recommend working with a service dog trainer who
provides guidance to disabled individuals training their own dogs.
Regardless of your level of involvement, these trainers can help
you navigate the entire process or provide specific assistance to
resolve any issues you may encounter.

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