How do I clear my browser cache on a Mac?

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How do I clear the cache in Chrome?

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To clear the cache in Chrome, go to the browser
settings and select the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. You can
choose the time range to clear the cache and select the types of
data you want to delete, such as cached images and files, cookies,
and site data. Click ‘Clear Data’ to finish.

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Clear Cache in Google Chrome – Delete Browser Cache

Video Description

How to clear cache in Google Chrome browser? In
this tutorial, I show you how to clear or wipe Chrome cache and
cookies. This will delete the browser cache from Google Chrome and
can be useful if a website is not working properly. Let me know in
the comments if you have any questions while you clear Google
Chrome browser cache.nnMore Google Chrome Tutorials:
Google Tips u0026 Tutorials:
Tricks u0026 Tutorials:
the steps below to delete all Google Chrome browser history:n1.
Open the Google Chrome browser.n2. Open the Chrome settings by
first selecting the 3 dots icon in the top right of Chrome and then
selecting More tools in the menu.n3. In More tools, select Clear
browsing data.n4. Once the settings open to Clear browsing data,
select the Basic tab.n5. Select the time frame for clearing cache
in your Chrome browser. n6. Now ensure the following options are
checked: n • Cookies, and other site datan • Cached images and
filesn7. Select Clear Data to clear the cache in your Chrome
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How often should I clear my cache in

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It is recommended to clear your cache in Chrome
every few weeks or so to ensure that your browser is running
smoothly. You can also choose to clear the cache each time you
close the browser.


What type of data does Chrome store in its

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The Chrome cache stores various types of data,
including images, scripts, and other web page files. Cookies and
site data are also stored in the cache. This data helps pages load
faster and enhance your browsing experience.


What happens if I don’t clear my cache in

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If you don’t clear your cache in Chrome, it can
cause issues with your browser, such as slow load times, errors,
and freezing. It can also lead to outdated information being
displayed on websites.


Does clearing the cache delete my

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No, clearing the cache in Chrome will not delete
your passwords. However, if you choose to delete cookies and site
data, any stored login information may be removed.

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