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As a passionate group of New York Shiba Inu
fans, we are asking Coinbase (and other applicable platforms) to
give us the chance to buy Shiba Inu coin through their app. We are
sure that these coins, with their unique characteristics, will make
a great addition to our portfolios. We are confident that this
addition will provide us with the opportunity to benefit from the
potential of Shiba Inu coin. We would be extremely grateful if
Coinbase (and other applicable platforms) were to take our request
into account.

I’m grateful for the hard work that goes into
ensuring financial services are properly regulated. It’s clear that
these safety measures are in place to protect my fellow citizens in
our wonderful state. I thank you for that. However, these same
regulations may have the unintended consequence of limiting the
income and wealth-building opportunities of our citizens in the
rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency.

I was so excited to learn that Shiba Inu coin
was available on Coinbase – it costs less than a penny, so what
could be better? But then I found out that people in New York
couldn’t buy it – what a bummer! After doing some research, I
figured out that Coinbase and Robinhood have the authority to make
it available to us here. So I’m asking them nicely to please make
Shiba Inu coin available to us in New York. Thanks for considering

Warmest Regards,

Residents of NYS that votes.

Frequently asked questions

How can I buy Shiba Inu Coin in New

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You can buy Shiba Inu Coin in New York through
various cryptocurrency exchanges. You can purchase Shiba Inu Coin
with US dollars or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Be sure to
research the exchange you’re using to make sure it’s reputable and

Which cryptocurrency exchange offers Shiba
Inu Coin in New York?

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There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that
offer Shiba Inu Coin in New York, including Binance, Coinbase, and
Kraken. Be sure to research each exchange to determine which one is
best for you.

What should I consider before buying Shiba
Inu Coin in New York?

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Before buying Shiba Inu Coin in New York, it’s
important to consider the fees associated with the exchange you’re
using, as well as the security measures in place. Additionally,
it’s important to do your research and read reviews to make sure
the exchange is reputable.

How do I store Shiba Inu Coin purchased in
New York?

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Shiba Inu Coin purchased in New York should be
stored in a secure cryptocurrency wallet. It’s important to choose
a wallet that is compatible with Shiba Inu Coin and offers the
security measures you need. You can choose a hardware wallet,
software wallet, or even a paper wallet.

Where can I find more information about
buying Shiba Inu Coin in New York?

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You can find more information about buying Shiba
Inu Coin in New York by researching cryptocurrency exchanges and
reading reviews. Additionally, you can find helpful information
from online forums and websites dedicated to cryptocurrency.

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