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Grade Summary

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I take a look at the NGC Price
Guide, NGC Census, Auction Prices Realized and NGC Registry Scores
for every grade. I get a quick overview of all of this information
in one convenient place, making it easier for me to track what’s
out there in the market. I’m able to see the prices for each grade,
the number of coins in the NGC Census, what prices were realized at
auction, and the Registry Scores for each grade. This helps me make
informed decisions about buying and selling coins.

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There was no data found for this Coin.

Description & Analysis

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Additional Reading

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Price Guide

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I clicked on a price to get a better
understanding of what had happened in the past. I was able to see
how it had changed over time, as well as what the trends were. The
comparison charts gave me a clearer idea of how the price had moved
and where it was going. All of this information was invaluable in
helping me make informed decisions.

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Last updated

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::$ctrl.getGradeValue(grade, “Grade_”, priceGuide, true)

NGC Price and Value Guides
Disclaimer >

NGC US Coin Price Guide >

There was no data found for this Coin.

I understand the importance of getting the correct
price for coins. That’s why I rely on NGC Price and Value Guides
which compile data from third-party sources in the numismatic
community. Although these prices are updated periodically, they
don’t accurately reflect short-term trends due to the volatile
nature of the coin market. This is especially true for rare coins,
which have fewer sales and wider price variations. I use the NGC
Guides as one of many factors to consider when determining the
value of coins. I acknowledge they are not intended to replace due
diligence or expert consultation when entering into a coin
transaction. I accept that NGC and its affiliates won’t be held
liable for any losses or damages incurred from using the NGC


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NGC Grade Summary

  • Total Graded:
  • Low Grade:
  • Average Grade:
  • High Grade:

NGC Census

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NGC US Coin Census >

There is no Census data for this coin.

NGC Registry

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NGC Registry

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Competitive Registry Sets

::sets.Name ::sets.SetCount

There are no Registry sets for this coin. If you
would like to request a Registry set please
email registry@ngccoin.com.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a Sacagawea coin worth?

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Sacagawea coins are circulated coins, so their
value is based on the condition of the coin and its current market
price. Generally, the coins are worth between $1 and $2, but some
rarer coins can be worth much more.

Do Sacagawea coins have any special

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Sacagawea coins are popular with collectors and
may have a certain numismatic value to them. However, most
Sacagawea coins have no special value beyond their face value.

Are Sacagawea coins still being made?

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Yes, the United States Mint continues to produce
Sacagawea coins, although they are no longer circulated. They are
only available through the US Mint’s numismatic products.

Where can I buy a Sacagawea coin?

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Sacagawea coins are available for purchase at
many coin dealers and online coin retailers. You can also find them
in some banks and credit unions.

Are Sacagawea coins made of gold?

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No, Sacagawea coins are made of bronze and
copper-nickel alloy. They do not contain any gold.

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